Opinion -VAR just makes watching Arsenal even more frustrating

VAR is an absolute liability! by Shenel

Now we know recent games that we have lost have been because of our stupidity, inability to score goals and keep clean sheets but more so it has been because of poor refereeing decisions and VAR.

As a football fan, and having been one for many many years and having seen so much, I thought VAR would have come in and helped the game develop in a positive way. However, the more that it goes on and is used, the more I can see that all VAR is doing is ruining the beautiful game.

VAR (and certain referees in particular) are taking the fun out of our beloved game, and in turn make it actually frustrating for fans to sit and watch. A goal scored cannot fully be celebrated until checked. Football is a contact sport yet players cannot touch each other. It is a miracle they are even allowed to breathe when on the pitch.

It is not just Arsenal that is affected by these decisions it is every team at some point or another in the season, some more than others though. If the rules were clear and the decisions consistent then maybe it wouldn’t be an issue, but up to now we have not seen clear rules or consistent decisions week in week out.

Coming from a person who has seen many games both live and on the TV and although VAR has given us some, not a lot, but some decisions in a positive manner, I think it is about time that VAR is removed from the game because it is utterly ridiculous, it kills the football spirit and makes me not even feel like watching the sport that I am ever so passionate about..

Gooners, would you like to see VAR scrapped?

Shenel Osman

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  1. PJ-SA says:

    I have no issue with VAR, I have an issue with the way it’s used.

    Dives – 10 minutes in the sin bin(like rugby) and a yellow

    Goal Line Tech – no problem there

    Offsides – I’d prefer if no line were used on the review, VAR official should have a quick pause and look along the line and make a call based on that alone.

    Penalty – any blatant foul should be called

    Handball – if a hand stops a shot on target(and the ball wouldn’t have hit a body afterwards) and it genuinely affects the outcome then give the penalty sure….if not then play on

    Referees should also have a rating system where they are held accountable for poor decisions. Possibly a points system that determines the level of games they could ref.

    Law makers should also have regular meetings in which to discuss laws. Former players should be heavily involved in this meeting so logic prevails.

  2. Wolfgang says:

    Agree with all the points. These guys shd be appraised just like all workers.
    If they fail to meet the required std, they shdnt be allowed to officiate.

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