Opinion: Wantaway Arsenal target only has himself to blame for failed move

Arsenal target Wilfried Zaha fears that he will not get his dream move this summer, with his club expected to slap a huge asking price on his head once again.

The Ivory Coast international has been keen to seal a switch to a bigger club for over a year now, having thoroughly impressed in a struggling Crystal Palace side, and it is no wonder why the Eagles would want to keep him.

Zaha has scored 30 Premier League goals over the past four seasons, as well as being credited with 31 assists over the same space in time according to Transfermarkt, highlighting just how crucial he has been for his side.

The 27 year-old has been a loyal servant to his club despite leaving to join Manchester United back in the summer of 2013, only to not be given any form of chance in the first-team, before returning to Crystal Palace a year later.

Arsenal have since been following his progress with the Selhurst Park club, but have so far been put off by the asking price, and that looks to be the same situation this summer.

Manager Unai Emery told Arsenal FC to bring Zaha to the club last summer, but they opted to land Nicolas Pepe instead after being put off by the fee requested by Palace, and SunSport claims that they will still demand as much as £70 Million once again should clubs attempt to sign him this summer, leaving the player to fear that he will end up without his desired move once again.

Zaha only has himself and his advisers to blame however. The winger signed a five-year contract in 2018, amidst strong interest from potential suitors, and without including any form of release clause in his contract, giving Palace the power to demand as much as they like until at least 2021.

The Guardian even claimed that the player handed in a transfer request last summer following his club turning down a whopping £70 Million bid from Everton, which included James McCarthy and Cenk Tosun going the other way, but his club still refused to part ways with their key asset.

Will Zaha ever get another chance to prove himself to a big club like Arsenal?


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  1. Zaha is a very good player but we dont need a winger and he is not worth the money they are asking for..

  2. Obviously he will not and when will this site stop ever cease trying to breathe life into this “Zaha to Arenal long dead corpse” !

    When articles are so irrelevant and obviously false as this one, thinking Gooners are much tempted to stop being on this fast regressing site.

    I do not wish to be rude, I really don’t and have tried, very hard, to advise the Admins but Patrick’s many and hardly answered articles do this site no good at all in terms of credibility with many of us on here.

    One of the few reasons I remain on here, despite all the frustrations of this site, are to wait for the decent quality articles from Dan Smith and an occasional one from certain older and more experienced Gooner fans who occasionally contribute.

    The constant rehashing of long dead and discussed to death topics are intensely tedious, boring and frustrating. I am trying, once again, to give honest feedback but expect it will once again , incorrectly , be regarded by Admins as abuse. Sigh!

    1. i have tried to point out to the blind tha zaha is not as good as pepe and he has played more games.

      1. And your pointing out has not been justified. Take pepe and Zaha and exchange the teams they play for, then you can tell me how your pointing out is going. Without pepe last season, we got more goals than this season.

    1. Thank you @Declan. This is Pepe’s first season in the league and he is also younger. Don’t understand what our fans are complaining about.

      1. Really…… I don’t either….. Zaha failed at Man U, I wonder why they keep clamouring for him, when Pepe has contributed more than he did. And it’s only Pepe’s first season…. they really should give the guy a break

        1. How the hell did he fail at man utd.? Do you guys even follow football news, there was a controversy with Ferguson that he had which made his spell short at man utd, it had nothing to do with the way that he played

      2. fans want big name big tag players

        they do not care about stats

        most do not even watch the game

    2. Lol compare the team Zaha and pepe have to play with too. Who is more likely to score from an assist, a benteke or an aubameyang. You lot just rake up crazy stats that don’t hold water. We watch the games and pepe is going to struggle really hard in the epl. Simply because he’s a one footed player, hardly gets past his man because he’s very predictable. His pace is nothing to write home about, if he’s on the ball in a counter attack, he stops half way rather than use his pace (this is where I prefer Nelson), aubameyang would also use his pace but pepe just stops half way tries to do a trick and fails 80% of the time giving the ball back to the opposition. After ceballos, saka is our next best dribbler. We need wingers that can get past their man 70% of the time, this is what Zaha does excellently Well. Added to his pace. He has really poor players at crystal Palace and this article makes sense to me in that he was not wise signing a 5 year deal with Palace in 2018 because they’ve stunted his output. If he played for arsenal with the likes of auba and laca, Zaha would not just rake in assists but goals as well way above pepe’s output. That is a fact

      1. Playing for a weaker team doesn’t really account for much when it comes to overall contribution. Most of Palace’s play would go through Zaha, meaning he gets the ball more often than the other attackers in his team. Lukaku while playing for Everton scored 20 in a season, same for Danny Ings at S’oton, and there’s that Bournemouth player (I forgot his name) that amassed a respectable number of assists a couple of years ago or so. Granted, Zaha is a better dribbler, but he’s experienced in the PL. The fact remains Pepe has contributed more to his team, than Zaha has done to his. Besides, Pepe is younger and is likely to improve. You guys should cut him some slack. And even IF he doesn’t up his game, he’s going to have a better resale value than Zaha would, don’t you think?.

        1. Who was the last Arsenal player to have a big resale value? For the past seasons, Zaha has been carrying crystal Palace on his back and has been consistent at it too. Do you see pepe doing that? Unless he ups his work rate and creativity, he’s an Ozil waiting to happen. Trust me.

        2. And playing for a weaker team accounts for a whole lot. Do you think Messi would have won balon d’or if he was playing for espanol or celta Vigo, do you think Ronaldo would have if he had stayed at sporting Lisbon? Now tell me again how playing for a weaker team doesn’t amount to much.

          1. If Messi was playing for a weaker team, a top team would’ve signed him, and he’d go on to win the balon d’Or with them, Ronaldo was playing for Lisbon before Man U signed him, and he won the balon d’Or with them, so, you get what I’m saying. If Zaha is as good as you all are making him out to be, he wouldn’t still be playing for Crystal Palace.

    3. That’s what I was looking for.

      So in conclusion, we have Pepe and we should consider buying a playmaker better than him to improve our team.

  3. I’d still take Wilf, all day long! 🙂

    Bloody hell, Mings has emerged as a target for the mancs!! 😱 Nooo!!

    1. We should have gone for mings to be honest. He’s a solid cb and able to organise the defence. Saw him against us and how vocal he was, orchestrating a very solid defence. we couldn’t even get a single shot on target. He’s probably gonna cost more than we can addord though. Our priority should be Partney before anyone or anything else. We must do whatever it takes to get him. Gattuso of napoli offered to take a salary pay cut just to get the record signing in lille’s Victor osimhen. Could our board take a cue from that?

      1. I wish we had, Kstix.. if Villa had gone down, I hoped we could get him (on the cheap!)… no chance now!
        Yes, Partey is a must…. will be so disappointed if we miss out on him.
        In theory, that would do nicely, but well in reality.. could you see that happening??
        The Coutinho rumours aren’t going away, getting stronger if anything. How do you feel about that?

        1. Sue and Kstix, can I come in here?

          Courtinho would be the next player for me, after Partey, if I was in Arteta’s shoes (the lucky so and so).

          It is becoming obvious that next season will be MO’s last, the way things are going and I don’t feel ESR is quite ready to fill that gap – he will be in time though.

          As for Zaha, whatever one feels about Pepe, the article is correct when stating that he should never have signed such a long term deal – I admire him wanting to not leave for nothing in reverance to the club and fans, but he knew bigger clubs were circling around him.

          We won”t/can’t invest in another winger, when we are struggling to get Partey on board and that one signing should, in my opinion, be the single, most important signature we go for.

          1. I’m with you, Ken.. I’d happily take Coutinho, only after Partey, of course!! If we secure Partey and tie Auba down, I’d be more than happy with that!
            I’ve just seen Ozil is in Turkey, so won’t be about tomorrow…
            As.for Zaha, that boat has sailed…

          2. Spot on Ken, agreed. I wish us success tomorrow as tomorrow’s outcome would be a major factor in how our transfer window goes. I don’t mind Coutinho sue but one has to thread lightly here. There must be a reason barca and bayern do not want him. Or maybe he’s just another hazard who would only have his best form in the epl, who knows? But Partey remains a priority and I would like us to do everything we can to get him. Having Partney, Coutinho and aubameyang signing a new deal will probably be one of our best transfer windows ever. I only wish chambers and mari would recover fast to shore up our defence. Also wish martinelli a speedy recovery as we need him too.

            Sue who do you think Partney would replace in the starting 11 should we sign him. Xhaka or ceballos? I’d prefer he replaces xhaka.

          3. Hey Kstix..I don’t buy all that just because Barca or Bayern don’t want him. I always liked him when he was with the car-jackers. Nearly every goal of his was a worldy! I even said back then, I’d take him! He’d certainly bring some finesse to our midfield!
            As far as I’m concerned Partey should definitely replace Xhaka! I just can’t see it happening though.. just what is it with Xhaka, hey?! Surely all our managers can’t be wrong!
            The trouble is I also really like Ceballos, been really impressed with him lately.. will we loan him again? A midfield of Partey, Ceballos and Coutinho??!! Spoilt for choice 😁

  4. I would choose Pepe over Zaha anyway, he’s younger and more versatile imo.

    I really rate Emile Smith-Rowe, he’s a talented, strong and mobile 6 footer (doesn’t look it does he) and has impressed on his loan to Huddersfield. Like Saka hopefully he will get a chance.

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