Opinion: What should Arsenal do if we cannot get Ceballos on loan again?

Arsenal is currently hoping to get Dani Ceballos back on loan next season after his impressive stint with them this season.

The Spaniard grew to become one of the most important parts of Mikel Arteta’s team as the campaign concluded with a FA Cup win.

He will be missed greatly if the Gunners cannot agree on a deal with Madrid to bring him back, but we will still have to move on.

At the moment, our options are limited and losing a player who has been an important part of our mini-resurgence will be a huge blow to our rebuilding.

We have been linked with a number of other midfielders, Thomas Partey is our main target.

Even if we land Partey, the void left behind by Ceballos will need to be filled because they are two different players.

Here are some things that I think we can do if we cannot land Ceballos.

The first and perhaps least expensive option will be to change our system and formation to accommodate the players available to us.

Secondly, I think that we will need to sign a new creative midfielder like Philippe Coutinho to help fill the void.

The Brazilian, in my opinion, will thrive under Arteta, and he knows the Premier League very well.

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  1. If he aint coming, arsenal should get a decent midfielder that will offer what Ceballos offered or that will even do better than him. In this case, arsenal shouldn’t sell AMN…

    1. AMN has pace but can’t dribble. Willock is not ready yet. He is still a work in progress. We need creativity in midfield. We have to integrate smith Rowe into the first team. Seems Athletico Madrid just want to make as much cash as possible from any club that would buy Partey. He would probably leave for 45m pounds or more. Especially now that Juventus is interested in him. our chances of getting Partey is very slim. We have to look at getting Nabil Fekir from Betis and Arturo Vida form Barcelona.
      Vida is old but very fit. A no nonsense defender who knows how to get dirty and tackles as well. He has the engine

        1. Hey Kstix!! Atletico lost!! Now come on AFC, no excuses, get on the blower (or the plane haha!) and get our man, Partey 👍

          1. Exactly right Sue, don’t muck about and just pay the €50 million.
            However as lme states Ceballos is an CAM, whereas Partey is a box to box midfielder. There are plenty of options out there, who unlike Ceballos would love the opportunity to play in the EPL with Arsenal. Coutinho has priced himself out of consideration. AMN and ESR could also be given opportunities.
            Finally and more importantly Arsenal needs a DM in the mold of Gilberto Silva. Decoure is available now Watford are relegated and is EPL proven, as is Marc Roca from relegated Espanyol or Amadou Diawara from Roma (potential swap for Torreira).

          2. A couple of players would do nicely, Ozzie! But we shall see… we’ve been here many times before and have seen how things plan out when needing a certain player!!

          3. Haha Sue. I was excited when they lost too. I hope this means we can wrap up Partey deal quickly so I can have some peace of mind.

  2. If they cant get Ceballos then they should get Thiago or Locatelli. Both would cost around 25-30m. Even though I wouldnt understand why Thiago would want to join us

    1. 👍 Locatelli is a good option too, thus plenty to choose from for Ceballos, but not so much choice for someone who offers the same as Partey.

  3. There are plenty of alternatives to Ceballos and for that matter Partey who seems to pricing himself out of our reach.Marc Roca,Amadou Diawara,Dennis Zakaria and the hugely talented Dominik Szoboszlai are but a few who would be very good acquisitions for Arsenal.Like Uzi I would like AMN to be given an opportunity to be a solution in midfield,for what he may lack in terms of technical skill he more than makes up for it with his pace, energy and his improving defensive ability.

    1. That’s the problem, Grandad. Thomas Partey is the tall physical commanding box to box midfielder, Arsenal hasn’t had since Patrick Viera left.
      It’s about time this Club spent money on quality instead of cheaper cast off’s. Also the Club has to address the deficiencies in player positions and team balance in midfield and defence, rather than buying the latest “new shiny” winger or forward, when Arsenal has young players deserving opportunity.
      The Club needs to concentrate on resolving the Aubameyang issue (sign or sell) and bringing in Partey or quality commanding box to box midfielder, a DM, a CB and a replacement for Ceballos if Arteta doesn’t deem AMN or ESR good enough to fill the role.
      I am sick and tired of teams bullying Arsenal’s midfield and waltzing through on goal. Now the goal keeping appears solid, it’s about time the rest of the spine was addressed:
      Partey, Decoure box to box
      Szoboszlai, Locatelli, Aouar CAM
      Roca, Zakaria, Diawara DM
      Gabriel, Sarr CB or similar.
      The existing squad has to be rationalised and sales made to help fund the transfers in. One out of each line and Arsenal has a chance of pushing for Champions League this coming season.
      Otherwise with all other clubs strengthening, any head coach, Arteta included, can only be expected to do so much.

  4. Spend big on Grealish, use Niles, Chambers, Nelson or Holding to seal it. Xhaka Partey and Grealish would be an exciting yet solid combination.

  5. I honestly believe Real Madrid are playing a game right now. To claim they will not be allowing players to leave and that they will not buy any tells me they have no money. They may be in financial trouble?

    Typical Spanish style they will bluff and lie through various media channels to inflate interest and prices of their players. If the prices are not met they keep the players they have though. Cellabos is not necessarily needed but right now he may be needed should they fail to sell outright instead of loan? I feel they need cash, not loans.

    1. I agree with you GunneRay. That is it as far as spanish teams are concerned. Same goes with Barca. Real Madrid is broke. They have a lot of players who they would like to move on. And they would likely sell at a high fee. I won’t be surprised if they value Ceballos at 45m pounds especially after the season he had with us. I also have a feeling that Juventus will push more for Thomas Partey. I don’t understand why we have not signed him. We need alternatives. Arturo Vidal(steel in midfield) and Fekir(creativity).
      It makes no sense to sign Coutinho on loan for around 18m pounds. Nabil Fekir is young and skillful. He can dribble and can play on the flanks. He scores goals also. Full of tricks.
      Arturo Vidal is old but very strong. He is a tough tackler. He has played at the highest stage (Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus). If Athletico continues to play hard ball, we should get Arturo Vidal instead. We have to make our signings asap so the team can have a good pre season.
      I am tired of hearing news like
      1.Partey wants 200K per week before he can join Arsenal.
      2. Coutinho is yet to make up his mind about joining Arsenal.

      1. Unfortunately with Danny Ceballos, he wants to stay in Spain and play (preferably with Real Madrid) to impress the Spanish selectors. Arsenal has to avoid another Lucas Torreira and want players who want to be at the Club.

  6. We should’ve been after a new creative midfielder regardless of whether he was staying or not. So I say the plan is the same. Find a creative midfielder who can stay with us long term. Spain is full of players like Ceballos.

  7. Some of you have forgotten that players like Partey are still involved with their club in the UCL? He can’t be sold in the middle of all that. So chill, things will become clearer once the season has come to an end. Not everyone is a Werner or a Fraser.

    1. i agree.
      If we can’t get Dc back from madrid for next season Dominik Szoboszlai would be a welcomed
      Or we could do the unthinkable and actually coach and play ESR and AMN

      1. 👍 Good options for a like for like replacement for Ceballos, but Arsenal more importantly need a tall physical commanding box to box midfielder, like Thomas Partey and/or Abdoulaye Decoure (who can also play DM well) and a good DM like Roca or Diawara.

      1. 😂Great minds indeed Sue. For me, more like an anxious mind. I saw the game and when they equalised, I was like here goes Athletico going all the way to the semi’s. But bless you RB leipzig. I hope we don’t dilly dally and pay what Athletico is asking for him. It’s all up to us now.

  8. Federico Bernardeschi from Juventus,straight swap with Lacazette.A magician of the ball, in the mould of Gianfranco Zola.Plays as number 10 for Italy too.

    1. Now I’ve got someone who watches Serie A games.

      Only Bernadeschi is worth exchanging in Juve. The rest are expensive luxuries.

      We can as well go to Inter Milan because they have a whole host of young, supremely talented technical midfielders Barella, Sensi etc as well as relegated fodders like Brescia and get Sandro Tonali

    2. Bernadeschi is bang average. Some nice touches but awful decision making and no end product. This would be a train wreck of a swap.

  9. Regarding Ceballos, Liverpool don’t want another midfielder, yet Thiago Alcantara wants to play in Premier League…. so fill in the missing dots.

    Timoue Bakayoko (Chelsea/Milan) also excites me and he’s the one am advocating for.

    Also there are relegated teams with players that are technically gifted:

    1. Stansilas (Bournemouth)
    2. Sandro Tonali (Brescia)
    3. Doucoure (Watford)

  10. Hopefully as the media reports are saying that Willian will sign for Arsenal on Saturday this week, and if this happens to come to pass. Then Arsenal will of course switch their focus orthr incoming and outgoing transfer matters on the table at the club to continuing working on them in their negotiations with any interested club sides who want to buy players from Arsenal and who agree to sell their players to Arsenal that they want to buy from them. And I think Arsenal getting Aubameyang to agree to sign an extension to his current deal at club this summer has becom a priority pursuant for the club to get done over the line. So that when they do. It will give Arsenal rest of mind in this case that has become the most single paramount issue for them to deal with and actualise it. But not encountered any disappointments in their pursuant. But what are Arsenal going to do about Ozil this summer? Are they going to offload him this like Man Utd offloaded Alexis Sanchez first on loan to Internationals last season but later made permanent by Inter? Or they will still be keeping him at the club next season despite his continually showing his divisive habits and behaviours that are occasioned by Arsenal? Which he was at it doing so again this summer after having previously promoted the same unacceptable bad attitude and character behaviour of him at the Gunners that had before caused huge distractions in Arsenal. Of which he’s at it again of recent doing what looked to be his anti-Arsenal selfishly motivated behaviour outbursts talk that he had with the Athletic newspaper. Hmmm. But I think Arsenal should find a way to offload him this summer by all possible means. So that he’ll stop constituting a distraction to the club even if it comes to Arsenal will have to subsidized his wages to get transferred away from the club, let the club please do it. For, us Gooners who are wholeheartedly following Arsenal and evergreen supporting the club relentlessly and love the club are completely tired of Ozil. Whose football playing for the Gunners has seriously declined to the level of the none top League football but to the lower League football. And therefore for this reason that has made Ozil no longer at the level of Arsenal top quality football that us Gooners are a witness to it happening continuously every season campaign which Arsenal have had, Arsenal should equally become tired of keeping Ozil at the club but get rid of him completely this summer. On Cebbalos, I think Arsenal will sign him this summer on loan again or on a permanent deal this time around as Mikel Arteta in his plans has expressed his willingness and desire to have him again at Arsenal next season. But if Real Madrid and him Cebbalos too will stop playing hard balls in transfer fee payable, and Cebbalos talking that he must regularly be played or giving a starting role by RM next season before he will give his consent to remain with RM, but I think this singular statement made by Cebbalos could lead to Arsenal seeing RM offloading him again this summer. And if they do, the Gunners could profit from their doing so to resigning him again but if they actually want him at Arsenal next season.

    1. Isn’t it amazing that the powers that be at Arsenal don’t appear to be able to multi task and identify their deficient positions and optional additions/replacements, then negotiate with a number of players at once? Other clubs don’t seem to have a problem.

  11. I wish him all the best, he literally turned to become one of our most important players in short time. I hope that he can stay, yet I can’t see RM giving him the chance with all their players.

    If he is moving, Guandozi and Torerra then we are really in trouble. Kessie anyone?!

    1. After how he played for us, in what is known as the toughest league, I can see him getting in the Real side… especially after how they played against City, their midfield was awful!
      Which is a shame, as I wouldn’t have minded hanging on to him..

      1. Sue, unfortunately Ceballos wants to live in Spain, wants to be constantly viewed by Spanish selectors and his heart is at Real Madrid. Arsenal doesn’t need another Lucas Torreira, not happy being here.
        As well the chance for Arsenal to win his heart was lost by not proposing to buy, only to loan again. 🤔😕

  12. Firstly, TGIF…. and today’s the day Willian and Auba’s contract are announced…. right??!! 😄

  13. Arsenal cannot sign Party for £45m and pay him £200k a week for a start. His demand is dead on arrival. We will look elsewhere. At the end of the day, I believe we will sign Diawara.

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