Opinion – Who has been Arsenal’s Player Of The Season so far?

Who is the Player of the Year So Far by AI

This season has mostly been a shambles. Apart from a few matches here and there like the home games against Manchester United, West Ham and Newcastle, almost all of which have been under Mikel Arteta, we have mostly been miserable on the field.

Despite that, one or two players still have their reputations intact and maybe even enhanced because of their performances on the pitch. In fact, without mincing words, there are only two such players at the club and they are Bernd Leno and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang.

Bernd Leno has been nothing short of sensational this season. His super reflexes have prevented the club from getting blown off into relegation places and kept the scoreline respectable in many matches. At one point under Unai Emery, Arsenal’s defense were leaking about 31 shots in a match against a mid-table team. It was ugly and ridiculous. Yet Bernd Leno put himself up to the task, temporarily leading the league in sheer saves statistics.

Some may like to argue that this is not completely a good stat for a top club (it is not, as the keeper shouldn’t have to be so busy), it must be counted up for the German goalie for standing up when kick came to shove. He simply refused to let us drown, dragging us above the icy depths of each match.

Then there is Aubameyang. Already one of the world’s premier strikers when he signed, Aubameyang’s transfer to Arsenal now has the feeling of a market steal on it. 65 goals in 90 games say it all. Most of them scored from out of his favourite central spot.

Aubameyang has not just been class: he’s world class. He has repeatedly pulled so many goals out for the club that it becomes a huge matter if he misses a chance. He’s not expected to miss one any more. Winner of the much coveted EPL golden boot award in his first season and currently one of the leading strikers in the league, the Gabonese is truly a sensational player.

Both of these guys have been extremely crucial to us not having slipped into the relegation positions. While Aubameyang was ripping open nets up there, Bernd Leno was busy keeping the balls out of ours. Both of then have been our best players and it is going to be difficult to make a choice out of both.

But that’s the decision that awaits us at the end of the season, no matter where we end up. And we might as well start voting for our Player of the Year now.

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  1. Both Auba and Leno are no doubt great but let us also not forget Saka. The kid has been sensational given his age and lesser experience.

  2. Aubameyang

    These are our best players so far. Shows that we still lack in midfield and defence.

    Get us one very skillful central midfielder and one strong good defender and we are good to go.

  3. This is the writer’s opinion which I don’t begrudge him but honestly there weren’t only two players worth mentioning. How about Martinelli and Saka? How about the greatly improved Xhaka, Mustafi and Luiz? When Arteta begins his full new season I am very optimistic we shall see a lot of improvement.

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