Opinion: Who is really to blame for Xhaka’s abuse?

Fans are really in the wrong on Xhaka

Hello everyone, I know the articles towards Xhaka’s abuse has been more than covered, but I have a feeling that we are all looking at it the wrong way. First and foremost, I will start by saying that his actions were way out of order. It is totally unacceptable for a captain to show that. I will also be quick to confess that I am not his biggest supporter, in fact I am more hopeful of a good run of results in his absence. But all in all, we have to accept when facts are there in front of our eyes.

Now what do fans want from our Captain? He is our player, and if anything, we should be supporting him through it all, after all, we like to call out on our pride, culture and class, right? Yes, his performance has been consistently been overshadowed by his usual costly mistakes, almost two per game actually, On his current form, he shouldn’t be anywhere near our first XI. But does he select himself? Who is responsible for his selection? When he is selected, what do we want him to do? Refuse to play? Assume he refused to play, wouldn’t we be acting the same way or even worst? When he plays, with all his mistakes, he shows massive respect to the fans. You will say he is paid to perform, and to perform at his highest level, but do you want to tell me that he can actually take to the field with an intention to make a mistake? If the answer is yes, then I can only feel sorry for you.

Who is to blame?

I feel that the blame fully lies with the person in charge. Why does he perform well at the international level? because he works under different environment. Xhaka is not a DM, he never was and probably never will be. He performs better with a DM, I mean the biggest problem Arsenal have isn’t even the defence, the problem is in the midfield. We can moan about top class defenders in the world, we can even add two Van Dijk’s in this team, and we will still leak goals. Even Xhaka’s best performances came when he was playing with Torreira last season. But at Arsenal, he is usually asked to play out of position. We are then forced to judge him against the likes of Fernandinho, Rodrigo, Kante, Fabinho and the rest, while he isn’t them.

Why did Man City struggle when they didn’t have Fernandinho last season? Why did Pep go all in on Rodrigo? Emery is the problem, just like Arsene’s last months, Emery is becoming stubborn for no reason. Putting poor Xhaka in the firing line. STOP booing Xhaka, Its the manager. Whenever he is selected to play, he will have to play. He can’t say no. So, who is really to blame for Xhaka’s abuse?

Finally, to us fans, REALLY? I was watching AFTV and saw someone saying that Xhaka deserved everything he got. Well Okay, Xhaka is a well-paid Arsenal player and owes us a performance worth his salary every week, and if he doesn’t, he surely deserves criticism from us. But what did his wife do to deserve the threats and insults? “I wish your daughter gets cancer”. REALLY? Can you wish that even on our most hated betrayers? A little kid for heaven’s sake! That is total disgrace!! That’s stupidity of the highest order. Oh my I can’t even begin to imagine what I would do if it was my daughter. No matter how much you pay me, that is way out of line, and the person that said that should be ashamed of himself, and never call himself an Arsenal fan.

That’s it from me…

Muha Ankoanko


  1. Is there any proof that Xhaka performed well at the international level? I watched his performances in World Cup and he was mediocre there

    I can show Xhaka’s excellent forward pass and defending stats, but he is not a good playmaker nor is he a good DM. Mustafi also has great defending stats, but we all know he has made a lot of errors

    Regarding the criticisms, Xhaka deserved it because of his lack of contributions and Arsenal also deserve it because they didn’t want to sell Xhaka. The abuse is wrong, but all Gunners have to accept positive criticisms

    1. Xhaka never accepts criticism and I’m really surprised not more people have picked up on this. Shockingly arrogant player.

  2. Xhaka performed well at international level did you see his last game

    It’s a combination of xhaka and emery for who to blame

  3. To start I’ll correct you. On current form Xhaka has committed no error leading to goal. Unless current form encampuses last season.

    Secondly, let me maybe admit that I don’t know which one is a DM and which one is a CM and just use names. Granit Xhaka plays in the Gilberto /Nicky Butt /Busquets /Pirlo /Xabi Alonso /Jorghinho position. The deepest midfielder in the formation, with the role of cleaning up after the more hardworking partner who is in the Viera/Gattuso/Kante/Vidal position. I think the best solution would be to bring Torreira back into the fold. I can understand why the coach feels like Guendouzi is the best option, his ability to carry the ball at feet and progress, but his ball winning ability is lacking, hence exposing Xhaka too much.

    Xhaka is not playing where Torreira did. He’s playing where he always did since joining arsenal. He’s position has never changed. Actually, his partners are the ones that keep changing. Looking at his stats, give him a proper ball winning partner and you have a solid midfield base.

    Contrary to popular opinion, I’d trust my forward line to fend for themselves with the occasional support of the full backs, then I’d play Xhaka, Guendouzi and Torreira in a flat 3 midfield. Barcelona did it, Liverpool is doing it, Man city has modified Silva and Debruyne to play as central mids, why can’t we?

    1. No error leading to goal?, does the PK he caused against Tottenham not count as that?…. just curious.
      Not in any way do I support booing our own players, but we can always assess their performances objectively after their game. And so far this season, Xhaka hasn’t done much to be praised for, I don’t know if that’s down to Emery’s tactics or something. But like I’ve said before, if he has the mental strength required to be a leader, he’s going to kick on from there, up his performances, and watch the fans switch to his side again.

  4. I’d really like to know what arsenal fans will consider a world class performance from Xhaka. Only when he sends a 30 yard screamer into the top corner? Do you guys watch the game? Do you see how many times he picks out a winger with a pinpoint pass?.

      1. Yes Joe can stay off the “ganga” but he’s entitled to his opinion. We have been picking on our players easily. Remember a certain Gnasbry? He was a con man to us and we forced Wenger to let him go. Fast forward. He’s above our class now.
        Please encourage our players.

        1. No one forced Wenger to let him go, Wenger repeatedly tried to give him a new contract but he didnt want to stay… wenger himself said this recently

    1. “Billy Bunter”, Ifeel sure you are far too young and also unaware of how racist the Billy Bunter stories were in tone, in colonialism and in retrograde human attitudes. It would be shrewd of you to discard this profile as you are, sensibly, anti racist yourself, Just a little advice to show you how profile names can give wrong impresions,and contradict the actual posts written under them. It is always wise to use ones own personal name and that shows courage to publicly stand for your own opinions in your own name. Your call though, obviously. I always feel that those who hide behind false named profiles are lacking in conviction about what they write. In short, they are afraid to reveal their own name. Others will differ, though some will agree with me.

  5. It’s Emery’s fault for starting him
    Also Wenger’s fault for buying him and starting him too

    I tentatively support Emery but this has been my main criticism of him. Xhaka simply isn’t good enough

  6. “When he plays, with all his mistakes, he shows massive respect to the fans.”

    Not really accurate. Xhaka is incredibly arrogant and lacks responsibility and accountability on the pitch. I’m really shocked not more people have picked up on this because it is precisely the reason why he has such a poor relationship with the fans.

    One of the reasons why he will never learn from his mistakes is the arrogant way in which he receives criticism. He has publicly said he will never change his style of play. That’s an incredibly disappointing response for such an underwhelming player.

    Against Tottenham, his poor judgement cost us 2 points but how did he reply to it being mentioned (as a recurring issue with him)? He threw all the strikers under the bus, refused to take responsibility and even offer some light apology just to put a lid on it.

    Against Watford he publicly admitted that “we were scared”. That’s embarassing to say the least especially coming from a Captain whose lack of leadership on the pitch is clear for everyone to see.

    Even during the incident, he made it worse by 1. Throwing the armband at Auba after realising his substitution was being cheered and 2. Acting un-Captain like when chasing the game – which escalated the situation and he made it worse by goading them, 3. His so called apology is him equating anonymous awful gutter trash written on social media to boos on a football pitch.

    Hell, one interview at the end of the season last, he was asked if he thought Arsenal had improved and if our season was a success in general. He said “he didn’t know but he met all his targets and he was happy with himself” (I’ll look for the direct quote) and I was incredibly shocked by how highly he thought of himself despite costing us at least +-5 points alone last season. He threw everyone under the bus including the manager. So that’s the kind of person he is and the fans have picked up on that.

    His arrogance is part of the reason why he has such a poor relationship with the fans. I wasn’t surprised at all by any of this because I expected it to happen the moment he was named captain. I think if he had a better sense of responsibility and accountability he’d probably be a better footballer and the fans would like him more. I’m sorry this happened to him and no one deserves such treatment.

  7. Ankoanko, did Xhaka complain to Emery he doesn’t want to play as DMF, despite that he met him at the club playing in that role when he took Arsenal’s head coach job? It is on record that Xhaka doesn’t want to play as DMF in the team but play beside the DMF? Because us have not heard or read anywhere that Xhaka is not happy playing as DMF for Arsenal ever since Arsene Wenger signed him and was playing him in the DMF position. Therefore, I am of the thinking Xhaka is happy to play as DMF at Arsenal because he has never been heard to have complained over it. So, should Emery be blamed? But he could change him from playing as DMF to another position in the team that he thinks is best suited for him to operate from and be productive in matches for Arsenal. But do us even know whether Emery has tried to deploy him to a different position in the team but he refused? For, us have known now how stubborn Xhaka can be with the recent ugly happening that happened between the Ems fans and himself on which he bluntly refused to apologise as directed but only made a statement.

  8. Wakey, Wakey. Xhaka is too slow in body and mind to play for us. How the heck do supporters week, after week, after wee, of Emery being deluded about Xhaka. If Emery would have been awake to Xhaka’s incompetence it would not have come to the supporters having had enough. Xhaka is empirically not good enough for Arsenal. It was bound to end up exploding if Xhaka was not dropped. C’est comme ca.

  9. Interesting comment from Pep Guardiola. Daily Mail quotes him for saying:

    “I’m pretty sure Xhaka gives absolutely everything to do his best for Arsenal and his teammates to get them winning games. He’s the captain because he has something special in the locker room.
    ‘It has happened, sometimes you lose control. It will be forgotten and move forward. Hopefully in the future the fans can forgive him and Xhaka can come back and show what an incredible player he is.”

    Doesn’t quite fit with the general picture here, does it???

    But who is Guardiola, anyway. He can’t know much about football 🙂

    1. Guadiola is obviously merely trying to pour oil on what he sees as troubled water. Anyone who has studied the human side of Pep knows full well that he is a wonderful human being and deeply cares for the welfare of all footballers and for the game itself. He, together with Klopp, set the standrd in human conduct, as well as team/ club managership that all other managers should attain to reach, hopeless though that task will be for almost all others. It is clear, by his own long successful football history, that Guardiola does not believe that Xhaka is a remotely good enough player but he is using TACT and kind words to try to take the sting out of what is an unfortunate,though avoidable situation.As such, I praise Guardiola for the fine person he undoubtedly is.

  10. Loads of sense and amazing to not all agree with this article, let me proprely reword it:

    1) Emery picks the team on damn pitch every freaking week end.

    2) Xhaka is no DM at all as Niles is no RB.

    3) The bastard, coward lil bitch who dared threat and wish a child and his family that way should be arrested for harrassement and death threats, put in jail or mental institute.

    Anyone should of course agree or get some help. This is beyond football,Arsenal and fans; no matter how much you get paid, no one has to be treated this way at a job, no one has no right to insult, harrass or threat a person and his family because he underperformed or any damn reason.

    Who da heck people think they are, come watch a fukin game, kids all over stadium, retarded goons adults cursing, their own team!

    We do pay ticket but we do not employ players, they must give it all in order to win, but do not owe us anything nor go out there to lose a game.

    Think we should be all ashamed today as the world is watching and we do look mighty laim enough in the League, now we look like shameful people, taking on our own team and their kids and family!

    Enough with this topic, let’s see how that idiot picks team, of course he causing all this but Kroenke hired him to do so, frustrate& sack Ozil to force him to leave, had to make Xhaka captain and therefore play him : OUT OF POSITION! Nuts!

    Now, even without Ozil and Xhaka in the team that lunatic won’t put right team on today. I keep saying it for weeks, we need Chambers to play as a DM, then many options are available in middle and upfront upon game plan, Emery shows for 10games, with areduced or full squad, incapacity in picking 11 on pitch, same for subs. A catastrophy!

    To end on Xhaka, we all saw the cowardness of board from Emery reaction, condmaning Xhaka before he gets a chance to speak; Guilty bad shameful Xhaka who may never play and pay a fine too… Emery has kids and a wife? Lunatics!

  11. I have two separate and unconnected things to comment on the Xhaka situation. Firstly, I hope he soon recovers his equipoise and self esteem and sincerely wish him a fulfilling personal life. Secondly, I feel elation , tinged with sadness at the cause, that he is not in our squad today , as that gives us a far better chance of three points. There is no excuse whatever for personal abuse and threats and that should be dealt with by the law of the land , both criminal and civil, if he wishes to take civil action against the culprits who posted threats online. I hope he chooses to do so too.

    That being said, I have consistently all my adult life put the clubs andteams welfare above all indivuduals, NO MATTER WHOM, be that Henry, Adams, Bergkamp, Wenger, George Graham and even Davd Dein, who was the catalyst for bringing in Wenger and ensuring we became a major football force both in results and in style and worldwide admiration, until Wengers star faded, a decade or so into his time here. The success of the club and the team, which are of course linked but are not NECESSARILY the same concurrent things, ARE ALWAYS PARAMOUNT AND WAY ABOVE ANY ONE EMPLOYEE OF HE CLUB, NO MATTER WHOM!
    THUS I FEREVENTLY HOPE THAT XHAKA HAS PLAYED HIS FINAL GAME IN OUR SHIRT AND VERY MUCH HOPE THAT BOTH HE HIMSELF AND THE CLUB DECIDE TO AMICABLY PART WAYS IN JANUARY NEXT. I doubt that will happen though. Finally, I remind those minority of Gooners who cannot separate two contrasting and entirely separate thoughts, that I do not wish Xhaka to leave because of what haoppened this week but ENTIRELY because he is a sub Arsenal first team standard player. I thought this in his first season here and have said so consistently ever since, I also wish him and his family a happy, safe and fulfilling life elsewhere. ONLINE THREATS ARE ILLEGAL AND WRONG. BUT TO BOO A DEPARTING FROM THE FIELD OR STILL PLAYING PLAYER IS FREE OPINION, FREELY EXPRESSED, AS IS THE RIGHT OF EVERY FAN AND IS A LONG WELL ESTABLISHED PART OF THE GAME. IF THIS IS CONSIDERED TO BE BEYOND THE PALE, THEN WE FANS WILL HAVE LITTLE OTHER WAY TO SHOW THE REGIME, THE MANAGER AND THE PLAYER HIMSELF, OUR DISPLEASURE AT HIS PERFORMANCE. In essence we will then be voiceless and that is anti- democratic and dangerous for any would be free society.

  12. So Emery is to blame for Xhaka’s behaviour? You really need some perspectives, let this sink in:


    When the coach fielded him and he failed to perform, the blame is on him. He needs to keep his mouth shut, work hard in training, and come back stronger. Don’t blame others or act like a drama queen, just be a man.

    Some fans are quick to take moral high ground regarding this incident. They forget there are people scraping for money, work in less than ideal workplace, even some are having workplace injury. The abuse Xhaka gets pale in comparison. He is paid 2000 times more than ordinary people but he can’t handle social media? Come on, it’s just words, don’t mind them! He only needs to endure for another 4-5 years and retires in a perfectly comfortable financial position later on. If he is that worried about his family, he could hire a bodyguard. Is that really necessary? I bet they are just some brats with too much time, yet he made a fuss and played victim.

    1. 350oz, You sound like someone it would be wise to ever avoid meeting in person. What a nasty, spiteful, unthinking post, which says far more about YOU than about Xhaka.

      1. LOL like I want to meet you. You’re no better than me, spineless and hypocrite. When attacking me, at least back it up with some arguments.

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