Opinion: Why Arsenal and the Kroenke’s would never hire Mourinho

surely the craziest

There are managers and clubs who just don’t suit, and boy is Arsenal and the Portuguese one of them. His outlook on football contradicts everything we stand for. You think we lack identity now? This is a man who loves to win but he’s not a lover of football.

Even if you are someone who was happy Arsene Wenger left, I’m sure all gooners respect him. Having this man sit in his old seat will be a bulldozer to the Frenchmen’s whole legacy. The two clashed over their values all the time. Jose was the man happy to buy for today, mocking us for being happy to finish in the top 4 while waiting for our youth to become good.

Don’t get me wrong, if you said could Jose tactically mastermind us winning the Europa League, I would say ‘of course’. Yet it’s what comes with it.

For the sake of the odd cup, there’s press conferences where he talks about himself, how many trophies he’s won. I don’t want to hear from my own coach how he’s won more than us in the last however many years. I don’t want to read every day how he’s fallen out with our players.

Let’s be honest though, equally why would he choose us? He needs to get his next job right so why take the gamble on a club with zero ambition? History shows he only goes to places he believes he can win. In other words, he would want a massive budget. Why do you think our last recruitment drive came down to Emery or Arteta? Because the really top names would have laughed the moment they heard the summer kitty was 50 million. That’s the biggest reason the Kroenke’s would never hire Mourinho.

They have taken their time but now believe they have put a proper structure in place, in terms of who scouts players and who’s in charge of developing the youth. To hire Mourinho would be to rip that all up (he certainly wouldn’t be bothered about bringing through kids).

He would want lots of cash, and the moment he didn’t get the signing he wants in the position he wants he would hang the owners out to dry. Silent Stan is a billionaire for a reason, he isn’t going to surround himself with someone like Jose unless he really needs to. Why have the headache?

So, think of the last decade in football then ask yourself will any of these two things happen?

The Kroenke’s give Jose at least 150 million to spend?
Or Jose suddenly accept working with a limited budget?

Neither will ever happen…

Dan Smith


  1. Because he won’t improve Arsenal and we need someone who has Arsenal DNA. Viera with Freddy or Arteta will be perfect for us. There’s no guarantee of winning or getting better with a well known manager therefore it’s better to try someone new with a point to prove. Almost every Arsenal fan was dissing Brendon Rogers and look what he’s doing now. Look at Lampard. We just need someone who has a clear vision of how football should be played and is confident enough to stick with it. I for one will be over the moon is we get Arteta eventually. Of course a manager should have plan B or C but plan A should always be the same until it doesnt work. Not change plan every game. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

    1. I would say we need the exact opposite of Arsenal DNA. We haven’t been able to defend for over a decade now, and playing fair has been a big disadvantage. We’re absolutely desperate for a defensive coach/manager, with a strong mentality, who will do anything to win.

      I agree, we just need someone in charge with a clear vision, but he needs to be on the defensive side.

  2. My number one choice would be Brendan Rodgers shortly followed by Ten Hag.

    Ten Hag was great last season in the CL and lost his two best players to Juve and Barca, yet this season they look as good or better than last season and play the brand of football we like. Yesterday they were great and managed to draw 4-4 at Chelsea despite playing with 9 players. This is a club with a tiny budget compared to us and a club used to bring along young players.

    Ten Hag will likely go to Bayern but if there is a chance he comes to us we should take it.

    Brendan Rodgers has proven PL experience and seems to continue to develop as a manager with no ceiling to his ability insight yet. The question is would he leave Leicester mid-season or after one season? If we can convince him to join us we could even try to survive with Freddie as interim manager.

    Finally, the drawbacks of Mourinho are obvious and well laid out above, yet he might have the ability to learn from his mistakes and he would give us a much better chance than Emery for CL football.

  3. Good!
    Don’t want that big headed jerk.
    We can do better
    Kroenke spends but wouldn’t spend as much as Maureen wants. Maureen is a huge spender

  4. Yes Arteta Can Do better since he has played in epl and he knows th challenges so we neet him as an adivisor to the coach

  5. Arteta,Leungberg,Vierra,or Rodgers for me,defo not Maureen, I cant see the board going for him he is too outspoken and sulks if he doesn’t get his way.

  6. Let’s give José a chance. At least he could add some trophy to our already empty cabinet. He is a serial winner.

  7. Rodgers came at the right time for LC. They have no CL or EL matches to hinder their climb up the table as before when they lifted the cup. They’re gone stumble soon enough though.
    I’d still prefer Ten Haag, simply for his total football style of play.

  8. It is getting to be a long time since we have played with the good old Arsenal DNA with any degree of consistency. Depending on how harsh one wants to be, we have been okay for about 7-8 years now. Sure the FA cups are nice but the dropped points, the drubbings by top six, this isn’t a fad it is a trend now.

    I would like to win. I am not sure Jose is the right man, but we need to win if we are going to get the right man, the same points you make about Jose not wanting to come apply to other top managers. They all need cash. Maybe somebody coming in who can actually win at all costs sets the team up to recruit the way we need to, with the cash in hand (that assumes Kronke releases cash with Champions League).

    Gunners are in a really dangerous place right now – we could easily slip to the point where top four is the top of the mountain. Where the top six doesn’t include us. Leeds died (and I know that situation is a bit different).

  9. If the club is serious about preserving our DNA, then they should firstly acknowledge the Emery appointment was wrong. Be as it may, it would be wise to bring in Wenger till end of the season and hand over to Freddie after that. Henry & Viers haven’t been successful as managers even with small club’s, so it wouldn’t be wise to even consider them. Ten Haag seems to be the manager that we need, but it may be impossible to get him; last evening’s performance reiterated how good his approach is, even with 9 players.

    1. Viju, I am not sure that bringing Wenger back helps us now – granted, I think that he would give us a real lift, but I am not sure that it is a real fix (and don’t misunderstand – I REALLY like the guy and what he stands for).

      I have been thinking about the DNA comments and I like the sentiment, but we adapt and evolve over time.

      Are we okay with playing the right way and being mid-table (I’m not)? Salaries and increasing clout of players makes it harder to keep and retain the pieces unless you have a lot of oil money. We have tier 1a and 1b in Europe now and Arsenal is in 1b (maybe 2 depending on mgmt, although we continue to buy at least one expensive player a year) as far as resources go and that really impacts us.

      The “cost” from the new stadium was not a fantasy for Arsenal, credit to Wenger and co for managing pretty well through it. But that only goes so far…

      During Wenger’s last few years I thought that he needed to be more pragmatic, maybe play less of the “Arsenal Way” in order to get points on the road, settle for a tie against big six. He had a decent amount of cash, not top tier, but enough to make good signings. I think pragmatism would have gotten us extra silver.

      I really want to win – I like it better and I feel happier when we win or can hold a top six to a tie – maybe that is a problem for me to address 🙂 !!!

      Mourinho might be a scorched earth approach and too much, and increasingly the return on investment from him has slipped.

      I would take him over Emery right now though and “damn the torpedoes”.

      1. Hi Stewart, I’m convinced in my mind that this is the right caretaker approach, in the belief that Wenger will respond to an SoS. Emery just doesn’t cut it, and a new manager will add to the confusion, so falling back on a reliable person till the end of the season will steady our ship for Freddie to take over.

        1. My perspective is from the supporters all over the world, who will be re-energised with AW coming back.
          Emery just doesn’t cut it and watching today’s match is an agonising experience.

  10. As well as the reasons Admin quotes, the major reason for not wanting Mourinho is that Arsenal has always exhibited its “class”, of which Mourinho has very little. He is a narcissist; everything is always about him. Whatever one may think about Arsene Wenger he also was a gentleman and displayed “class”, even when he claimed he didn’t see things that were disadvantageous to his team. Having Mourinho at Arsenal would be a slap in the face for Wenger. Even if Mourinho achieved short term success, it would surely go sour with longer term ramifications for the reputation of the Arsenal.

  11. A great and well argued article Dan. Though at my age nothing now amazes me in life, the crazy notion that Scrooge Kroenke of all people would ever employ the arch spender and narcissist supreme known as Mourinho is, frankly, laughable. Mourinho is hawking his availability round to anyone who will hire him but relax folks, it won’t be us. Phew!
    That being said though, I am convinced Emery is days, POSSIBLY weeks but certainly NOT months away from the sack and I rejoice in that thought. I WOULD PREFER MINUTES AWAY, AS IN 2 MINUTES, ACTUALLY.

  12. Funny article, love the picture, I can highlight a great point; while you debate on Mourhino choice and kroenke, it is another one.

    Bayern choice is not Mourhino nor Allegri but seemed to be Wenger who is last choice for Kroenke, not even one!

    I guess, Bayern are looking for top coach, like Gardiola who couldnt achieved champions league trophy; they on Wenger; why? They know football and a huge club, he has the shoulders and charisma beside beying a winner!

    Mourhino mocked him with no money but a bunch of kids but failed to make it top 4 with a team as Many U with all the money in the world. No coach can achieve what Arsene done, with no money even more so!

    Bayern fans can’t wait for Wenger while Kroenke and Arsenal fans debate on morning and everyone but Wenger!

    I hope he gets the job because he will get it done, win CL, Bayern’s target they couldn’t reach with Gardiola! They want Wenger not Morihno nor Allegri and co.

    Wenger is a winner, what he achieved with kids on pitch reaching CL final with all team from our system is a win already! Look at the team he would have in Bayern! Of course he will win it all!

    He is a winner and get on the pitch to get all 3 points , nothing less, with style too! We always felt that way and positive for every games! I hope he gets the job, he is the best!

    1. Perfect man for perfect team, a total match,Bayern & Wenger!

      At least he won’t have to play his beloved club Arsenal in CL,but Spurs who Bayern beat 7-2!

      Wenger wins CL with Bayern against Liverpool or Barcelona with goals from Muller, couthino and gnarby! Haha. Can’t wait for our Prof he will always reflect Arsenal!

      1. wenger to win in eurpoe ?!, now theres a thought. that would be something else indeed.i cannot see that ever. he is an old man, he had his glory days with the arsenal, let him retire in peace.

  13. Play this formation against leicester and have a chance

    bellerin sokratis Luiz tierny

    Toreira Chambers


    Pepe lacazette Aubameyang

    Chambers sokratis Luiz tierny


    Ozil ceballos

    Pepe lacazette Aubameyang

    Any formation different from this we should forget the game already

    1. what about Holding at the back? Not ready?

      The combination of Sokratis and Luiz makes me very nervous all the time, and while Chambers works hard, he can be beaten and his crossing is not great (I would like to see him as a DM though – think he would do well).

      To be fair to S and L – they have been better of late, but that is sort of damning with faint praise – better does not equal good.

      Curious about Holding though?

  14. He wouldn’t be a bad manger for us, for at least a couple years. You guys saying Viera etc.. ain’t serious. They’re good face value but in truth, Arsenal need a manger with a back home & who isn’t a soft wet wipe. Jose would bring some much needed grit to arsenal. Club has gone soft, so have the players, staff & board.

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