Opinion – Why Arsenal will not attract a top-notch manager

Good day to all Gunners far and wide, and what a season this is!

There is no need to be mild, the reality is that we are total shambles from top to bottom and I believe that we have reached rock bottom.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, we still have Martinelli, Leno, Aubameyang and the Emirates stadium….lol, forgive my lame joke, just trying to look for some positives in what has been a terrible season so far, and talking of positives, we still have a MASSIVE chance of making the top Four!

You might not agree with that, but you would agree with me that the Arsenal community or (dare I say), the footballing world is anxiously waiting for who the next Arsenal manager, oh! It’s now ‘Head Coach’ (meaning you just to coach any player we have and improve their quality somehow, even if they are sh*t)

While we are waiting for who the next Head Coach would be, here are some of the reasons why I think it would be difficult for to get a top-notch coach:

The New Administration:

In the Wenger years, most of fans clamoured for a change in the way the club is run, as Wenger was allowed to make all major decisions without being checked or queried.

They wanted a structure like that of Manchester United, Liverpool etc where we have Director of Football and others whose roles would be to oversee and direct the coach on what to do.

Eventually, they got their wish and the structure was implemented at Arsenal but to a devastating effect.

We keep seeing changes here and there, and different opinions on how the club should be run, it in fact looks like these Administrators are not always synonymous in their beliefs, and this alone would hamper our success and may also put off any chance of getting a high calibre manager.

The top managers won’t like to be ordered around – not really having a say in the affairs of the team and the way the team is run. Would the Allegris, Klopps, or Peps of this world be willing to work under such conditions???

Yes, Klopp and Pep work under a board also but they have support and they don’t really dictate for the manager.

But in Arsenal, It feels like the manager does not really have a say, I could be wrong but that’s what I strongly believe.

For example Emery didn’t really get the players he wanted, he wanted Zaha, he got Pepe, he wanted N’zonzi and Banega, he got Torreira, he wanted Upamecano he got Luiz, who has made our bad defence even worse. I know getting all these players might not necessarily translate to success for him, but a manager should get everything that will helpe him succeed.

Which elite manager would want to work under such restrictions?

Differences In Opinion And/Or choices Among the Board:

We saw a little of this in the summer when Edu was first appointed as D.O.F. He wanted to bring in Everton and Martinelli, but he was only able to bring in Martinelli and am quite sure he was able to do that because Martinelli was very cheap, while he wanted Martinelli, another member of the board wanted Pepe, I suspect Sanllehi here.

Before Emery was sacked, there were rumours that some section of the board wanted him sacked after the loss to Sheffield, while others wanted him to be given time. The same has now begun in our search for a new coach, there is now a difference amongst them as to who the new manager should be, each member wants a manager he feels can do the job, hence the need for interviews.

This nonsense will continue to slow down the little progress we should be making in this transition period and I hope they get their acts together soon.

The Squad:

An elite manager would want to manage a team that stands a chance to compete with the best, to compete for the biggest trophies. They would want to build on their past achievements by winning more trophies thereby staying relevant and respected. But do we have a team that can offer these?
If we don’t have, are we ready to invest in the team?

These are the questions any elite manager would ask.

The Owner’s Ambition:

It is a known fact that Kroenke hardly invest in the squad, he has over the years failed to invest time and money into this club shielding himself with the “self-sustaining” policy.

No top manager would like to work under an owner like that. I mean just take a look at this team, in my opinion only 4 players are good enough for a team that wants to compete with the best. PEA, Lacazette, Leno, Martinelli, the jury is still on Pepe and Tierney of course.

This team needs massive investment, a total revamp of the back four and a midfield upgrade at the very least, but do we have that ambition? Emery got the job because he thought he could get the best out of the players without spending much.

If you are very observant, you would have noticed how Emery lost his passion from the beginning of the season, he clearly wasn’t happy, and it dawned on him that he can’t achieve what he wanted or thought he could achieve.

Any top manager would want solid assurances on how the club would support him financially. Are we ready to spend??

So, there you have it, The Arsenal brand is still an appealing one but the management structure and the ambition of the owner is a major turn off in my opinion, imagine Allegri, Pep or Mourinho working under this administration….

That’s why we keep seeing names like Arteta, (I like him though) and Marcelino keep coming up. I believe they want a coach they can “tame”, a yes-man that will always do their bidding.

Anyway, we just have to hope they get it sorted as soon as possible.


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  1. True, but our net spend in recent years has been higher than Liverpool or Chelsea, so the problems we have are still largely to do with Gazidis. The man caused more damage to this club than anybody in recent history.
    With Raul and Edu in charge, things are not looking promising.

    At least I hope we avoid Martinez and anyone who can’t speak English yet. Small hopes.

  2. Relegation is more of a realistic prospect than top 4.
    Would like to be more positive but there is no one at Arsenal that gives me any confidence that this could be true.
    Arsenal as a top club is pretty much over..

  3. If I were any of you I’d pipe down on the Arteta rumors about last night.
    Arteta once made it clear he’d like to stay till end of the season at City.
    Now that is subject to change, other reasons could make him leave now.
    Arsenal wants him?
    Yes of cus I’ve been saying this, forget every rumor that was thrown and all that list BS.
    The club’s Top target were either of Arteta or Poch.
    Three weeks ago I said Poch already rejected the deal. He ain’t interested in managing Arsenal.
    Which leaves Arteta up for grabs, Now Poch turning Arsenal down meant they needed to speak to Allegri.
    Also he’s not interested for now, which everyone now knows.
    They might end up convincing Poch to take it but I doubt it.
    Arteta is the club’s first choice.
    Now regarding that picture, that ain’t Arteta’s house.
    That might be any place, I don’t know where, maybe yes it’s Arteta they were with but that ain’t Arteta’s mansion.
    It doesn’t mean Arteta might not take the job.
    Also, either Arteta, or whoever the club appoints, they intend to support him with a big signing Defender this Jan or Next Summer.
    Target is Upamecano.
    Ruben Dias is now another target they might look at.

    I also want this coach issue to be sorted out on time, Freddie can’t keep working without any proper backroom staff. If Arteta gets it soon, Good luck to him, he has my support, and I hope he brings along Pep’s strictness and hate for Average players, and players with big egos

  4. I’m glad we didn’t get Zaha, Nzonzi or Banega. Players with absolutely no resale value, we would be in even tighter palce financially than we are now. So props there for the board going against these insane signings.

    Fact is, our squad is not performing. The players are capable of doing better. Manager needs to fire them up. Those who slack, should be punished.

    There are far too many defenders in the squad who are capable of committing fatal errors: Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi, Chambers, Kolasinac.. This has to be fixed buy getting rid if them.

    1. At list you have made a point here, this was what i always tell people and it will go on untill we get read of these fringe players who only have their names to be praised for what they did long time ago.

  5. The managers might want to wait until the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka, Sokratis and Luiz are gone, before they consider the job seriously

    Unless the board are willing to give them 100+ M transfer budget

  6. Chickens are finally coming home to roost now that bleak reality is really beginning to dawn on many Gooners(though not all, as some ,ludicrously, still talk of top four! Cue horselaugh here! I and many others have been tellinh anyone who will bother to listen toreality that Kroenke is thre huge main cancerous tumour engulfing and killing our club. Some naive fans say why does it matter, as he doesn’t actively take money out of us(if you forget that £3 million “consultation” fee a few years back). A business owner needs to invest and look afte his busines; otherise he is doomed to failure as is clearly happening and has been in increasing stages ever since he first bought in to thr club. As 100% owner now he is totally responsible for setting thetone; for making responsible and competent choices of those who run day to day business Remember GAZIDIS? OF COURSE YOU ALL DO. NOW REMEMBER EXACTLY WHO APPOINTED HIM! Remember who allowed Wenger to hang around far too long. Again it was KROENKE.If a business owner is NOT 100% responsible for success or failure then who else can it possible be? Get real, those naive fans who do not blame Kroenke and for goodness sake see the plain truth that he is the CANCER CURRENTLY KILLING US. Force him out or perish by the death of a thousand cuts and apathy beyond control. And do not shoot the messenger either, if you are fair minded.

    1. Hear hear Jon and let me add……………….

      Lets look at the facts…………………..Sheikh Mansour has invested £1.3 Billion of his own money since taking over Man C in 2008.
      Abramovich has invested £1.17 Billion of his own money since taking over Chavs in 2003.

      Kreonke has invested £0 of his own money since taking over Arsenal and that is why we are up shit creek without a paddle!

      1. Dude, Abramovich has LENT Chelsea the money.
        When he sells, the new owner will have to repay him more than a billion in debt, meaning the club could get dissolved when he sells (it won’t because he’ll just have to sell for a below value price, but still).

        The Kroenkes’ faults are primarily the people they hired. We spent enough, but spent foolishly (Auba when we needed a winger and defenders, Sokratis instead of Soyuncu, giving Ozil a ridiculous salary, and let us not go back to the Xhakas and Mustafis and the like)…

        1. Not sure on that Diogenes.
          I thought it was an interest free loan and possibly just a way of getting around FFP, but hey, I`m not a financial wizard, just a van driver ! hahaha

          Can you explain the Man C £1.3B ?

      2. If he doe sent wake up we are going to give him the answer for being superglue on landing money for buying players or else he has to watch Arsenal games with his family and friends.

  7. Emery could not have the players the Board chose what players came to the Arsenal I have sympathy for Emery he sussed out OZIL very early and the fans now know he was right Ozil is a waster as for the rest of the team I would put 8 suitcases on the touchline with their names on and ship them out EMBARRAS them

  8. upamecano is a young centre back with zero epl experience, we should buy someone who is already playing in the epl, why not DUNK,he is strong, tall and a leader

    1. well said. Sounds like when people say Upamecano, they want the name more than the actual player. He’s 20/21? Zero EPL experience. Not what we need. Have Saliba coming next year already who will need to adjust. Same thing I said this summer an EPL experienced player… I mean Daivd Luiz counted, but it was freaking David Luiz!

  9. At list Arteta has the club at his heart but who knows if the admins will help him by his choices .

  10. As for Upamecano, he was up for grabs as was Soyuncu, now we see what he’s doing at Leicester unless we get rid of these fellows that are out to mess us up and walk away smiling then we are not ready for a change

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