Opinion: Why does Arsenal want to keep Nketiah when he clearly isn’t good enough?

We reported some days back that Arsenal has offered a new deal to Eddie Nketiah and he has turned it down, which is hardly surprising considering that he is down the pecking order at the club.

The striker has been at Arsenal since he was nine and has developed into a member of our first-team squad.

His rise to the first team is a good romantic story likes those of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe because we pride ourselves in developing teenage stars.

The likes of Saka and Cesc Fabregas have proven to be the right players to develop and have been successful.

However, there have also been players who have failed to maintain a high calibre standard with the Gunners.

It might sound too early to judge, but I believe that Nketiah has shown that he isn’t good enough to play for us at this level.

The striker has had more than enough chances to stake a claim for a place in the Arsenal first team and has failed to do so.

Why then was he being offered a new deal at this time when we are focused on getting rid of average players and replacing them with better ones?

This says a lot about the decision making at our club and makes one wonder if Arteta and Edu know what they are doing.

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  1. You have a habit of blaming Arteta and Edu for just about everything they do, won’t do or haven’t done just yet

    I read time and time again that contracts are offered to improve the value for Arsenal on player resale. Perhaps this is what Arteta and Edu are dealing with behind the scenes

    1. Yes. The ITKs have explained that Arsenal want to increase Nketiah’s sale value, by increasing his contract length

      Their explanations make sense

      1. Hi GAI. We should sell Nketiah. There are reports that Sterling wants out of Man City. We should go all out to buy him. That will be the best decision we make this season. Buy Raheem Sterling and Aouar.
        Sterling is a proven goal scorer.

        1. Why would sterling want to leave a club like city for struggling arsenal. What can we offer him that city or Chelsea wouldn’t offer. Wake up man

          1. People can get fed up at a club Ada (I think the wages would be impossible though).
            Looking at the players we will hopefully bring in, I dont think we will struggle next season. And some people like to be in at the start of a new thing. But agree – no because of the wages. I really don’t want him anyway, so not upset.

          2. Why is it that if a player (sterling)have one ordinary season they say he or the coach wants him to go,city are winning side why would he want to leave, pep isn’t that fickle he knows how good sterling is

        2. Sterling has been playing well in Euro, but his arrival will limit the opportunities of Aubameyang, Martinelli, Willian and Nelson. We’ll need to sell some of our LWs if we want Sterling

  2. the reasoning as far im aware is to maximise his value, as hes in the final year of his contract, he obviously has no place.

  3. exactly , it does not take a very educated football knowledge to understand that if he only has a year on his contract his retail value will be less than if he had a 3 yr deal. i have to say that for my highlighted site on news now i have seen enough total drivel on here lately i wonder if it is staffed by daily star rejects. Please get back to understanding the readers are mostly adults with a fair knowledge of how things in football work

    1. Lol AFC I get you. But I think any of us can submit an article, so they aren’t exactly staff writers. It doesn’t stop it being annoying though as not only are some of the srticles naiive, but there are even more written with obvious agendas. I lot of forums use only regular staff writers, and they are markedly more cautious when commenting on all things concerning office politics. On the up side, we get more articles than them and more opinionated reads, so this site is somewhat frutier!

  4. There was a time last season when I wondered how in the heaven Willock is an Arsenal player. That was until he showed us what he is capable of at Newcastle.

    Since then I will not judge any Arsenal player until I see how they perform at another club if they leave us.

    Is Nketiah not good enough or is he not utilised properly? I would like to see him loaned out and see if he can pull a Willock.

    1. Maybe they offered him a loan and he refused HH. Eventually most players get fed up with it I imagine.
      Hear what you’re saying though. I don’t think he was great at Newcastle, but certainly Willock was way better than here. But the squad size rules make it tougher to keep too many over 21s in the hope they develop these days.

      1. If he refused the loan then I think it is better for him to move on. It seems the system does not suit him at Arsenal and with Bologun now in the mix the competition has increased. And with no European football he may not get chances he got last season.

  5. If arsenal could cajole Nketia, Guendozi and willock into signing an extension, that would be a great move. This guys are young players with potential and lots of rooms for improvement, their career might be on the low currently but any of them could turn the tables. I never believed Willock could go out to Newcastle and perform they way he did, that’s what all young players can do. You never know when they turn things around. We al lament about Gnabry and some others that left and playing well, this is how it start. Am sure their prices can’t fall lesser than it is now, why sell them now when we do not get tangible prices, why not wait a year or 2 more

    1. Hi Ada, hope you’re well. Nice idea in principle but lots of reasons against it.
      1) the wage bill of keeping too many players
      2) Eventually younger players get fed up with being loaned out and will refuse extensions
      3) The roster limit. You can’t clog up your squad with over 21 players who arent quite good enough or you have no slots for the ones who are. Thats why Nketiah, who is now 22, is an issue. The same is even more true of foreign players, who have a limit of 8. If you have too many some (as was Ozil) you have to pay but can’t play them.
      This is an English initiative designed to develop home footballers but can really screw up larger clubs with many foreign options. Obviously most players (EXCLUDING Ozil!) dont want to stay if they cant play in the EPL squad).We have too many of both – hence the scramble to sell off doubtful over 21 or foreign players – its not sensible to keep them unless they agree to be loaned out. Guendouzi, Willock and Nketiah have all reached 21 and may have said no to more loans.

    2. In a way I do agree to a certain point.
      Arsenal do need lots of great players but at the moment we are struggling with salaries, kronkes still around despite all the Spotify news. Arsenal have at present not bringing another new 1 or 2 good signing.If Arsenal in the past can give Wiilian n Pepe so many chances to play.

      Why can’t we do the same to Nke. He may not be great but can be better.
      Sometimes it takes time. Pepe took 2 yrs look at his cost n salary. Resign Nke up. Rotate or loan him to better teams let him play more. Give him 1 or 2 years then we judge again. If not we can always sell him

      England n Arsenal trained players should be given priority n more chances to play n rotate.

    3. Adajim, it is a good strategy provided the new contract wages aren’t such, that no interested club can match them and they just want to see out their contract at Arsenal!

  6. I dont think Nketiah is that good that anyone would pay more for him whatever we do. He aint no Mbappe, he is only worth 15 mil max whatever, i dont get trying to get him on a longer contract. Its Nketiah and he isn’t worth anymore.

  7. I think Eddie is a valued member of our current squad and will stay that way for the coming season unless other player circumstances change, I would understand if Arsenal want him to sign a new contract now and equally understand why Eddie’s agent would say wait a bit

    I have read in a few posts that he has had his chances and failed but I’m not convinced of that, strikers in particular need a consecutive run of a number of games to establish themselves and in a spotlight Club like ours that only really happens because of circumstances but I think he is good enough myself

    If Auba doesn’t recover fully from malaria, if Martinelli hasn’t yet recovered fully from his bad injury, if Laca gets sold, injured or fails to continue the same level of form he achieved last season (I hope that won’t be the case on all counts but all feasible) then Eddie might get that run

    All things being equal I believe that Balogun will go on loan so I’m not sure that will be a factor for Eddie for this coming season, however I reckon there’s a good chance we will sign a new out and out number 9 before the season starts and if so that might be

  8. Another player whom some of our fans consider ‘not good enough’. Sometimes I wonder what these fans want…just consider this, Xhaka, the archtypical ‘not good enough for aresenal’ player according to some fans, was named as the player of the match against France by the BBC.

    Maybe, just maybe, that our manager might not be as good as some think, and fails to make proper use of some very good players in our squad.

  9. On Xhaka, he had a good game last night, Mbappe had a stinker, given the choice though which one would we want playing for us next season?

    I’ve never got Xhaka personally, I don’t think he’s a bad player and I have certainly never rubbished him, I just don’t get him

    His CV for us in knockout football is pretty good, a couple of FA Cups, finalist in the League Cup and Europa Cup plus a couple of semi finals in the Europa as well and he is doing well now in tournament football for his country

    I just feel that over a League season he doesn’t do enough and will let himself and us down with a few silly costly mistakes and by picking up cheap cards, outside of that he can have some good games for us but also games that seem to pass him by, his goal scoring record for a midfielder isn’t particularly impressive

    He’s been a regular pick for three Arsenal Managers now and I believe there is evidence that Arteta has actually got more out of him than the other two, if he leaves now I think it would be more to do with him wanting to than the Club wanting to get rid but I do think we could do better

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