Opinion – Why I believe Arsenal will win well against Newcastle

Hello once again. When we play against Newcastle on Sunday, I predict we will win that game by 4 goals to 1. I hope a lot of Arsenal fans will agree with me? Well, if you agree with me, it is all good but if you don’t agree with me, maybe you should be patient enough to read why I feel so positive against Newcastle and I why I predicted such a high score for us.

Newcastle is a team we have always relished playing against. We have beaten them more than we have lost to them. They are one team Arsenal loves playing against and Arsenal love scoring lots of goals against them. They could be tough to play against but in most cases, we end up beating them. I remember one game that ended 4-4 between us. That game was a good advertisement for football and that is the type we stuff we see in games against Newcastle.

We have seen lots of potential in Arteta; we have seen him improve on our game but we have not seen him beat a team silly yet. If he truly learnt a lot from Guardiola, then we should be expecting to win a game with by a high margin very soon. Who says it can’t be against Newcastle?

With the players well rested after the winter break, we expect to see them roar against the Newcastle defence and devour them. We will disturb them with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli and even Saka or Pepe. All these players can relish an easy run against the Newcastle’s defence.

Defensively, Newcastle are no push over but they have also committed a lot of fouls this season and with our skillful and trick players, we are definitely going to commit them into fouling us and probably score goals from the set piece that the fouls will reward us with. Besides, we are playing at home and playing at home should always give us a big advantage, one that we have not enjoyed in a while and which I expect us to start enjoying, starting from today.

Against Newcastle, I predict a game whereby Arsenal will be on the attack right from the first blast of the referees’ whistle, up until the end of the game. We are going to play like we have never done this season. One thing that will surprise me though is if Lacazette does not score one or two goals out of the four goals we are bound to score against Newcastle. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. You sure are fired up Sylvester 😊 You know 4 seasons ago I would totally agree with you.
    With the attack we have we should as you say have hammered 6/7 teams silly by now. But the league has become so much tougher. Every team has a rich owner and can buy who they want.
    Teams feared playing at the Emirates. .. not much now…
    However I agree the 2 week holiday does seem like a chance for a brand new chapter in this season.
    True also Newcastle seem to go marshmellow against the Gunners l’ll go with the Sylvester train ride and predict 5-2 Arsenal 😁

  2. Hilarious Article attracts Hilarious comments.!🤗🤗
    Blushing ☺️ while Reading.

    I hope we win and play safe.

  3. First of all the game we drew 4-4, what good advert for football was us being 4-0 up in that game and the two teams we have the best record of any against, Everton and Burnley, we drew 0-0 and i might be wrong but we had beaten Burnley every game in the prem up until then. And wether you are right or wrong, the statement “we are bound to score against Newcastle” sounds pretty flimsy at this present moment in time. Yes i hope we beat Newcastle but at the moment i can honestly say, anything could happen but on form a draw is the favourite. 4-1 to Arsenal is my prediction but im being very very hopeful.

  4. Very simplistic view of things. No team is a pushover these days. I, too, believe we will win. I am a supporter and have no choice but to believe in the team. Bit with Lacazette? Not gonna be easy.

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