Opinion: Why I do NOT want Ivan Toney to join Arsenal this summer

Ivan Toney and why I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal

In the winter transfer window rumours started to fly around about Brentford’s Ivan Toney being a priority signing for Mikel Areta and Arsenal in the summer, but since then the rumours have started to die down a lot and Arsenal seem uninterested in the Englishman. Although Toney is a great footballer, I always had my doubts about him joining Arsenal and here’s a few reasons why.

First is an obvious one, the gambling situation. Yes, I understand he’s getting help for his addiction, and everyone makes mistakes, but it’s not a good look. Arsenal pride ourselves on being a club that hold high standards and expect our players to do the same and act appropriately and he would obviously come with a lot of baggage.

Secondly, although he is a great player, I just don’t think he’s good enough for what Mikel Arteta is trying to build. He’s a great out and out centre forward and clearly knows how to find the back of the net, even at a side like Brentford, and would probably thrive in a bigger team. But from where I’m sitting, Arteta likes to have a centre forward who can not only score goals and be a fox in the box but also drop back into play and help out more as a false nine at times. I just don’t think he would accommodate Arteta’s system that well.

He’s also reaching the older side of life and although he definitely got a few more good years in him, Brentford will be asking for a big fee, and if we’re going to spend a decent amount of money, why wouldn’t we do it on someone who’s younger and capable of progressing and building more as they grow. Yes, I think we might need someone who’s got experience, but I also would like to see a younger talent who will only get better as the years go on.

His ego also is pretty big and although he has a reason for this because he is a good player, I don’t think it would mesh well under Mikel Arteta who is clearly a tough but loving manager. Toney seems like the very outspoken type, and if things weren’t to go well I could see him coming out and saying things to the media that would make the club and the manager look bad. For me, I just don’t think Arteta would want that.

I can’t speak about all the reasons I wouldn’t want him without speaking about some of the reasons I would because that would be wrong, he’s obviously a great goal scorer and if he kept his ego in control he could be a great addition to the squad. He’s English and that’s always a plus for English clubs, but again, for me, he’s just not the right fit.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. I think he will be better suited to the ego personified HQ in Madrid, i mean Los Blancos. They do need a CF.

  2. I think Toney is a better all-round player than many give him credit for, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t anyone better. For a club with Arsenal’s aspirations they have to be targeting what they consider to be the very best in every way.

  3. I too wouldnt want him at Arsenal fundamentally for the reason he has been charged for gambling. This shows his character and although it could be deemed a mistake, it leaves a bad taste. There are much better strikers in the market and surely they would love to come to Arsenal. The other reason would be he wont suit the Arteta system as much because he doesnt track back much and Arteta would have his reservations about that.

  4. I disagree on the “false nine” point – Toney is a very well rounded centre forward that does far more than score goals. I do think he’d fit in nicely in terms of playing style.
    I’m not overly concerned about the gambling thing on it’s own, but I don’t know enough to comment about his character otherwise. Might be worth steering clear, if true

  5. I am certain Toney will not be of serious interest to MA and I feel certain therefore that he will NOT be coming to us!

    His older age and a likely high fee will mean we will pass on him.
    I see the gambling issue as not a factor at all,but I remain certain he will NOT come to Arsenal

  6. This is one of those transfer rumours that has been repeated & exaggerated so often that it has become “the truth”, not least here on JustArsenal.
    It won’t happen, thank the Sweet Lord.

  7. I think the rumours regarding Toney were just that, rumours and some fans ‘ wishful thinking. In hindsight especially after the recent goal rush signing Toney would have been a desperate gamble for Arsenal. An overated expensive player who would not always have been able to fit in with our more mobile forwards. Clearly too expensive to be a sometime starter.

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