Opinion – Why Mikel Arteta should sell either Aubameyang or Lacazette

Arsenal will not be weaker if they sell one of their main strikers.

Arsenal has had some ups and downs this season. They have changed managers twice already and it still looks very likely that they will end their season outside the top four.

Mikel Arteta has tried his best to get their morale up, however, he will need to make specific changes to the side if he wants lasting success.

One change I feel is very important for Arteta to make is to sell off one of his two main attackers.

The Spaniard has used both attackers in his two games so far, but I believe he is getting that one wrong. Both players thrive when they play centre forward, yet both struggle when they play together.

Aubameyang is obviously the more lethal attacker Arsenal has, but shifting the Gabonese to the left to accommodate Lacazette is not the best idea.

Lacazette is also undoubtedly a good attacker and has to start games, but he can’t start at the same time with Aubameyang.

Keeping Lacazette on the bench may also cause unrest. I think the best option is to either cash in on Aubameyang and make Lacazette the main man or sell Lacazette and give Aubameyang a new deal.

In the event that one is sold it is not as if Arsenal are lacking in back up with Gabriel Martinelli ready to stake a claim upfront on a more regular basis.

Additionally, there is an abundance of other youth players, including Eddie Nketiah that will be trying to make breakthroughs into the first team.


  1. Bonne Année y’all….. Hoping we win today and see a remarkable surge in performance and results from here on in…. COYG!… onwards and upwards

    1. Lacazette should be sold. He hasn’t hit our top scorer position since he came. He hasn’t even challenged the top scorer in the club as well.
      He complains to the referees a lot. He lacks calmness in front of goal in most of his recent games. He is one of the players letting us down in attack. Aubameyang is more clinical.

    1. Come on Twiggy that is so stupid of you to state!
      Perisic – crap and old and no longer what he was 4 years ago
      Ndidi – destined for bigger things like Man City/PSG etc
      Chambers – snail pace wont cut it against teams like Liverpool, Man City etc
      Pepe – will be sold off in the summer, i have a feeling Lille will be sued for misdescription act 😂😂
      Auba – will leave the club for champions league (something we cannot offer anymore).

  2. In the beginning of this decade we as fans who saw the inevitable happen when Cesc was sold. Before we were upset at not having enough to win the league. We were with chances. The Birmingham away draw with the Gallas sulk was a day I remember that changed us alot. It wasnt a penalty which makes it hurt more but not as much as Eduardo injury.

    Them days we talk about another decade. After when cesc was sold it was 2011, maybe the saving long term grace from what happened next was when Arteta joined in that summer window.

    He played a different less attacking position but had that last threat. Whilst at everton he was more front foot and lead the charge for them.

    It might be that in his 5 years at Arsenal, achieving the club to FA Cup victories is something that would be appreciated years later, in this case in another decade. Achievements are achievements. Best felt when this suits the situation of the times and current affairs.

    I feel, as much as 99.9% of the fans out their agree that Silent Stan is not right for this football club. Its maybe Josh’s enjoyment and he is arsenal as much as a fan as owner, but he is not in charge.

    I do feel though some sense if any is coming out of moving on from AW. Signing has been more regular and with no bother to shy from big fees. Edu Ljungberg Mertisacker Bould are all still at arsenal, so we know it still is arsenal. And with that Arteta at the helm.

    I read the other day as captain under AW he was allowed to run training sessions. He set them up and he worked it.

    Straight after wenger you had to go with a name. PSG manager we would always take, top clubs make them type of appointments. But now, with an unknown there is questions.

    But it is unknown to others, not arsenal fans. We know our own.

    We have them we do not agree with, them we argue with, them we enjoy listening from and them we can see their views, but this new decade, this new chapter of our football club, let’s be in this for the long run, let’s be united and lets take on the new decade taking on a old rivalry and let’s hurt Man U. If we do or dont we are in this for the long run.

    So for now supporting arsenal isnt about worrying who is good enough compared to 20andwhocares04 but it is about just enjoying and supporting the current status.

    Let’s support ourselves back up to the top. Like we always do.

    Enjoy what is left of 2019 and have a great 2020…

  3. Personally I would sell both in the summer, they both clearly want out. No need in trying to persuade either to stay because if they did stay and things still don’t go our way in 12 months time they might still want out and the saga continues so best to get rid now and re-build. Plus Martinelli and Eddy are not ready to lead the line for Arsenal. Two replacement I would welcome Hwang Hee-chan and Richarlison as both are versatile and can play as wingers or CF and both have high work-rates.

    1. Yes, no need to keep want-away players. Lacazette is too slow for EPL before he reaches 30, let alone when he becomes older

      I don’t know about Hwang, but Richarlison’s work rate is not as high as before and he plays better on the wings

      The new striker should be the one who has different playing style, because we already have agile strikers in Martinelli, Nketiah and Pepe. Erling Haaland could be Ibrahimovic 2.0, but we must sell one of our 50+ M strikers first to get him

  4. Whatever happens, I would sell Laca. Always seems to have niggling injuries, and doesn’t score enough anyway. Keep Auba at all costs, and play him down the middle, if he resigns. I think it’s’ likely both won’t be here come next season, unless by some miracle we qualify for the CL.

  5. One of both will go… if they do not sign longer term.

    The problem in defense has to be addressed with proper talent. Not clear who that is going to be and I think we will be surprised.

    The team need more experience to survive the EPL or even have a chance to get to the top four. Wenger worked his magic on a low budget… but the fandom wanted us to win the league not content to win two FA Cups in Wenger’s last five years.

    Arteta has to start with a fresh back two at ease with Leno? That chemistry is important.

  6. But then who will be our backup striker?If we are selling one of them we need to bring eddie back or use martinelli as a CF,tough decision to make…..

  7. We can play 4-4-2
    With Midfield of Ozil and Torreira, Pepe and Martinelli on either wings and Lacazette and Aubameyang as CF
    Or we can change Ozil with Ceballos as well

  8. I have always rated Lacazette more than Auba and I still do for some reason. Auba scores goals but i have always thought that Laca was more naturally gifted and had a very good all round style of play. Hard working, good team player, scores goals, very good holdup play and link up etc. But he just seems to be quiet and sulky. He has been a complete disappointment this season. I don’t know what is going on with him. Low confidence at the moment or his head already elsewhere away from Arsenal?
    Talking about being quiet. Pepe, it looks to me like he is going to be worse than our messiah (The Shirt Selling Genius). Seems to be very week, lazy, very fragile personality etc..
    Imagine being in a relegation scrap with the like of;
    Pepe: £70 million
    Auba: £60 million
    Laca: £50 million
    Shirt Selling Genius: £43 million
    Wow 😲

  9. I would sell both if they don’t look like signing and sell them now while we can get a healthy return.
    I would then bring in a youngish hardworking striker like Jovic from Real Madrid, or Dembele from Lyon and another winger like Chuckwaze from Villarel.

    We already have Martinelli and Nketiah as back ups.

    We need a complete rebuild and to start a new culture

  10. It seems likely to me that Aubamayang will add his name to the many players who have left us in search of major trophies. This is not a bad thing IMO.

    What is important is that we get big money for him and sell him for more than we bought him for.

    We are a club without a budget so we have to assume we have to sell before we can buy it. It is time for us to start selling players for good money. I read we are thinking of selling Xhaka for 25 million, much less than we paid for him. This is our big weakness, managing transfers. We pay too much for the players we buy and receive too little for the players we sell.

    Given recent inflation in the market, Xhaka should fetch at least what we paid for him. His stats are not bad and he is not a Mustafi.

    Auba should also fetch more than we paid despite his age.

  11. It’s hard to see clearly, without inner prejudice and delusion about our beloved Arsenal. The truth is, with the back three of Mustafi, Luiz and Sokratis, and WB/FBs of AMN and Saka we have the singular worst defence in the Premier League.Our midfield is bog standard and as inexperienced as can be, with an added lack of real experience. We are ‘creatively challenged’ too. Relegation is a real time, factual possibility. When we let Ramsey go we lost our heart. Idiots. The reality now is that if the Crankies do not spend and buy lots of gooduns during this window the unthinkable may really happen. We will see if those Shysters do care about our club. Has Arteta been given a ‘poisoned chalice’….maybe. AMN and Saka cannot defend to save their lives. It’s painful watching a little boy like Saka being asked to do what he is physically unable to do. Time for Martinelli. We need some really good players or we will be in bigger trouble than many will be able to believe. We will see in the coming month whether the Shysters do care about Arsenal and put THEIR money into some quality players. At the moment with the Kroenkes it is the ‘blind leading the blind’. They can’t ‘see’ the truth about our team.

  12. Couldn’t agree more. Auba can’t score more than what our defence can leak through. Swap Auba for a top CB and a decent CB or a box-to-box mid and we’re back in Europa.

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