Opinion – Why Pochettino won’t join Arsenal

Why Would Poch Choose Arsenal?? By Dan Smith

There are many problems with Arsenal at the moment. We have all written at length about Unai Emery’s struggles, but as a fan base do we have to accept we are delusional? Part of finding any solution is admitting there is a problem. In other words, we have got to accept that we are not as good as we think we are.

Some gooners convinced themselves the grass would be greener as long as Arsene Wenger left, even though there was over a decade of evidence that the Kroenke family had zero ambition.

Some convinced themselves that they were happy with our choice of new manager, even though in reality no one had ever mentioned him as an option before he got the job.

We praised our transfer dealings even though it was obvious our defence was weaker, replacing Koscielny with David Luiz. We have a good crop of youngsters, but do we exaggerate how great they are?

Some have discarded the likes of Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka even though there was zero evidence we had better options.

We are at it yet again by discussing who should be our next boss. The pressure for our board to make a change has intensified by Spurs sacking someone who had been more successful and was certainly more popular.

The theory is we should act quick now, so we don’t miss out on getting Mauricio Pochettino. While it’s a nice thought that the greatest Spurs manager of the Prem era would jump ship, which would be on the scale of Sol Campbell’s defection in terms of the anger it would cause. It really is a fanciful thought.

Anyone who believes the Argentine would pick us ahead of a Bayern Munich or Manchester United is either arrogant, naive, or both. This is someone who got frustrated by Daniel Levy’s refusal to compete with his rivals in terms of transfer fees and wages. Who so wanted the chance to be more than just challenging for the top 4 he could no longer hide his disappointment?

Why would he swap one employer with no desire to be champions for another one who’s just as bad?
Why do you think our shortlist in the summer came down to Arteta before he was edged out by Unai Emery? Do you really think those two were viewed as the best possible options?

If Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc, were recruiting, would they have even considered Arteta or Emery?

The reality is any proven name would want to know it’s realistic to be champions and would therefore be put off the moment they heard what our transfer kitty was. That leaves you with a group of names so flattered to be getting such a job, they would accept such limitations.

Pochettino is not one of those names…

Don’t get me wrong, the Kroenke family could make Arsenal a vacancy everyone should be enticed by. If they wanted to, they could offer the highest salary, compete for the best talent, a chance to live in London, a beautiful stadium, training facilities, we should appeal to anyone!

In reality there probably is no plan B if Emery can’t turn around our fortunes. We will simply find the cheapest option, someone so grateful for such a job they will tolerate a lack of ambition.

Daniel Levy was willing to pay 12 million compensation and double the manager’s salary to get who he wanted.

Arsenal won’t do the same…

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    To take revenge on Tottenham

    1. Neil Fitt says:

      How is that revenge? They have just beaten us to upgrade with Mourinho!
      Annoyingly just what I wanted our dithery board to do.

  2. Viju Jacob says:

    Well said, Dan.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    We’re all clamoring for a big name, myself included, but I guess we have to accept Arsenal are a million miles away from the top clubs in Europe. So why would a big name join us?

    Spurs did manage to capture one of the biggest names out there, so why can’t we? We are a bigger club…aren’t we? Of course we are, but the two London clubs have been heading in opposite directions for years. Spurs have a much better squad, an ambitious owner, and Champions League football. Whilst our club is a complete mess, from top to bottom. Owner who doesn’t care, zero ambition, hardly any money, fractured fan-base, arguably our worst squad in over 30 years with our star players contracts almost up, Europa League football, and no one at the club seems to know what defending looks like.

    I keep calling for Simeone, but I wonder if I am just deluding myself. Arsenal is a broken club, and maybe the likes of Arteta is the best we can do.

    1. Loose Cannon says:

      We have Ozil, that is the difference, someone who created around 20 assists 5 years ago and sells jerseys! Is that not enough to draw a big name?

  4. Owen.G says:

    Why wouldn’t he join?when he is jobless at the moment..Who the hell couldv thought mourinho would eventully manage spurs

    1. 350oz says:

      I’m surprised too, spuds are too small of a club for Maurinho. PSG is more fitting for him.

  5. Le Coq Monster says:

    I like Mourinho`s answer when it was pointed out that he once said he would never manage Spuds because of his Chav connection, he was asked what changed ?…………..he replied….”I was sacked !”

    1. 350oz says:


  6. Mogunna says:

    That’s the best possible and most efficient answer, fits in one word : Revenge!

    Title was out of reach after 5 games, no CL (top 4) since 9th game lost against Sheffield! 13th game almost lost to last team in table confirms no EL next year!

    When they signed Emery, it showed the ambition: compete in EL and win it; just a new season, nothing has changed, lucky last season.

    This is now a clear vision of Arsenal reality since Wenger sacked; the values, spirit & football which made this idenity and great image for 2 decades are all gone.

    Arsenal ship has no more Captain who actually built it to such a huge one in football’s history!

    A legacy and a stadium paid for in a decade, hewas promised money when stadium paid for, mocked by everyone with his kids, he managed to reach CL final!

    Of course he had ambition, keep us on top with no money to pay for our new home, in order to write another beautiful page of trophies!

    Facts :

    Summer 2013: Emirates stadium fully paid for, Suarez wants to join; Kroenke ruins deal, offers 40M, instead to close it with 50M! Year later, Barca double our bet, 80M, win CL!

    Summer 2015: Everyone wants Kante after Leiecster EPL win, but his wished was to play for Wenger as every top players who joined.

    Once more Kroenke ruins it, can’t pay 35M fee and his wage of 5 to 7M. Chelsea does, Champion in Summer 2016!

    By then Reds past us already, City indeed on the rise, Spurs doing so as well; it is not a top 4 as of 2016 but a top 6 with 2 teams above 4 others now, City & Reds!

    CL effects explain difference between Spurs and Reds; one team full of energy and motivation, other still knocked out at season’s start. Took time to recover, they do now.

    As for as Arsenal, obviously Poch be much better choice than Emery who is lost, but as Sir Alex, Wenger can not be replaced, someone brought in with his blessings and him as boss and at Emirates as Sir Alex!

    Kroenke ruined our chances to succeed as of summer 2013 til, killing it as of 2015th! The new trophies run was perfectly managed by Wenger to start off! Kroenke ruined it and had him sacked of his home by his own children! All crying now and unaware we got tricked! What a block for our beloved and fidele Prof’! He still loves Arsenal the same, beyond and before Kroenke!

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