Opinion: Why supposed Real Madrid target is not Saka replacement

The news outlets today have taken a run and a jump claiming that Arsenal are eyeing Sergio Reguilon as a possible replacement to Bukayo Saka, but I’m not buying it.

Our club is being linked with a move to sign Real Madrid’s defender, who has enjoyed a loan spell with Sevilla this term, but claims that he is touted as a replacement to Saka is a whole other story.

Firstly, Saka is not a left-back, despite being utilised heavily in the role this term, the youngster is a winger, but name-dropping Saka will no doubt gain more clicks than Sead Kolasinac.

Arsenal started the current campaign with Nacho Monreal, with Sead and Ainsley Maitland-Niles as back-up options, but after agreeing a deal to sign Tierney, the Spaniard opted to find a new club.

The Scottish defender’s injury issues escalated during the campaign, which led to Saka being utilised as a left-back, but I can guarantee you that while the 18 year-old is more than happy to be playing in any role given to him, he would still consider himself as a winger.

The fact that Saka’s emergence has come out of the blue somewhat, highlights the fact that while his future is up in the air at present, our reported interest in a new left-back would only come as good news for the Arsenal youngster, who would most likely relish a return up the field.

I refuse to accept that the wonderkid has his heart set on a move elsewhere just yet, simply because contract negotiations were not as simple as getting a deal done at the first sitting, and I’m sure that our club cherishes the importance of Saka’s new contract as much as us as fans do.

Does anyone realistically think Arsenal would consider Saka’s sale this summer? Why would he want to quit after all we have done to help him break through this year?


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  1. GoonerP- The remainer of this season, if it ever does get completed, and the next two or three are going to be a struggle for the majority of Clubs. More than ever, Youth Team players will be needed simply because the transfer funds will not be there. With Saka proving his undoubted quality, albeit mainly as a LB and not his natural wide attacking position, he simply MUST be kept at the Club. I just cannot see the Club allowing him to be sold, or even worst run his contract down for a number of reasons. Firstly, we will not have the funds to replace him. While his Agent will no doubt feel his client will be in the driving seat, there will still be far too many Clubs unable to pat the wages he will be demanding, let alone a transfer fee. The Club, I am sure, will offer him a vast increase on his current wages, but still affordable within our limited budgets. Secondly, and I feel this is an important issue, we MUST lose this tag of allowing our best players leave. Saka is an exceptionally talented young player, with massive potential for the future. I am sure Arteta will be insisting he stays, and will sell his vision of Arsenal as a Club that will improve Saka and match his own ambitions. Thirdly, by negotiating a deal to keep him at the Club, it sends a positive message to the other young players coming through that is quite simple. If your good enough, you will reap the rewards. Saka can be their motive for continuing to improve and progress. This is vital.
    In my opinion, we will have a transfer budget, but there will be out-goings that will fund this. Arteta needs a CB, we all recognise this. Sokritis, Mustafi and possibly Holding will be sold. Bellerin and Kolasinac are both vulnerable and that would free up over £200k a week in wages. Thar alone funds a RB and LB in wages, and they are both struggling to keep their place in the team We can improve on both, generate funds for their replacements, and reduce the amount of salaries being paid. We are desperate to sign a CDM, which I believe will be funded by the departure of Torreira. He just has not convinced successive managers. If Partey becomes our prime target then make this the priority. Find the fee, pay the wages and sign him. He will soon prove his worth. Our attacking options will all depend on what happens with Aubamayang and Lacazette. Whatever the outcome we have to deal with it. However good Martinelli is, he is too young and inexperienced to lead our attack so if one or both of our two main frontmen are sold, they will need replacing.
    And another important issue to consider is this. No matter how much Arsenal Football Club are affected by the huge financial losses we will no doubt be suffering, so will every other Club in this country. And many players across not just Europe but the whole world will recognise that their earnings will be higher in the EPL than at most other Clubs. There will be contracts cancelled, and high earners released simply because their clubs will not be able to pay them, This is where we must trust Raul and Edu to be linked into a market that may just be overloaded with top quality players available at a fraction of their true and current values in both fees and wages.
    Bit to get back to the question re Saka, just get this kid signed up, and let it be Arsenal that brings his undoubted qualitybthrough.

    1. I don’t get why you could not have just commented “my response to this is in an article” and then tidied your comment above up a little and sent it in, This would have made for a good article. I want interaction on the comments as much as possible but some of you do excellent long comments that are worthy of an article and this was one such comment. If I would have seen this earlier I may have pulled it and turned it into an article with your permission, too late now though. I do not agree with all you wrote but do recognise it is well thought out.

  2. I’m sorry to go OT… Colonel Tom Moore is 100 years young today!! Happy Birthday… what an inspiration to us all

  3. Fullbacks becoming wingers and wingers becomung fullbacks has happened in football and that could happen with Saka as well if he is to leave.
    The possible scenarios as i think would happen….
    When tierney and kola returns Saka may have a chance to show his ability as a winger but that position is overloaded with auba and gabi and auba must be present in every teamsheet so gabi or saka will not be playing regularly.
    Or laca and auba will be sold which will leave us with an inexperienced attack but if we can hold on to one of them we can give all the youngsters a chance while having a senior guy in the front line.

    And must mention sometimes i find sakas overconfidence gets over him and that results in mistakes and sometimes it gets the better out of him(the nutmeg assist vs newcastle💯).He is still a youngster and he will learn and i wish him all the best

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