Opinion: Will Arsenal’s youngsters be able to carry them to the Premier League title?

Mikel Arteta has continued Arsenal’s tradition of trusting youngsters to play for us since he became the club’s manager.

He has given chances to the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Joe Willock in the first team and he is set to continue doing that.

These youngsters have earned their places in the team with fine performances and I totally understand why he will continue using them.

However, we all know that experience is key in every team that has won the Premier League title.

Even though Arteta doesn’t quite agree, I do believe that we are one of the title favourites this season.

We have made a good start and a lot of our new players haven’t even blended in yet.

But I fear that if we lose our experienced players to injury or suspension, our youngsters will not be able to carry us.

Nketiah can score all the goals that he can now because he is not under the spotlight and Arteta is using him as a backup striker. If we place all our hopes on him, will he deliver?

Bukayo Saka is also thriving now because he hasn’t been made the club’s main creative force. If we have to rely on him alone, will he still be able to deliver?

I think we have the best youngsters in England, but I don’t think that they have matured enough to support our goals this season when we cannot call on our experienced heads.

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  1. I don’t think we have an earthly of winning the PL this season. I do believe if we manage to sign Aouar we could possibly get into the top four. If we don’t sign another midfield player we will be lucky to finish 6th.

  2. I like to be optimistic, i really do but why on earth are people writing articles about a title challenge?

    The gap last season was immense, we’re nowhere near that, yes we’re playing better but jeez, serious talk of a title push is VERY PREMATURE!

  3. I would very much like to know how Ime forms his opinion that we are “one of the title favourites”, thus much opposing all bookies, who make us rank outsiders.
    The facts are that bookies make their minds up dispassionately with sober minded, highly experienced people paid to set the initial odds.

    Ime however is a keen Gooner , much given to hype, from reading his many previous posts. I know which of those two camps I believe!

  4. I’m a Gooner through and through but we will have trouble getting top four let alone win the thing. Are we better than Liverpool, City and Chelsea? We will at best be battling Man U, spurs and Everton (who currently have 9 points from 3 games) for 4th place.

  5. I think Arteta should promote another youngster from the club’s PL2 team to the 1st team squad this summer.

    But who should have in him the qualities the 5 of Nketiah, Saka, Willock, Nelson and Emilie Smith-Rowe all have in them and better them individually and collectively in certain key position in the team.

    So that Arsenal will continue to evolve in top quality grade football youngsters production with some regularity to it from their Hale End without having to wait for any of the 5 top quality grade youngsters presently playing in the 1st team to exit the club before unearthed another Hale End top quality grade new youngster product for the 1st team which should reduce the club depending on the transfer window market to sign top quality players in almost every transfer window..

    On if Nketiah and Saka in particular out of the 4 youngster Gunners in the first team can pull Arsenal through during this current campaign in particular in the Premier League if something happen to some key senior team Gunners making them unavailable to play.

    I think if Nketiah and Saka remain in their current top form and did not suffer any injury setbacks, I think Arteta can call on them to step in to cover for the unavailables.

    But I think their still being youngsters will make them to have limitation as to how far they can go without stuttering that will cost Arsenal drop points during the season’s campaign in all competitions if they stuttered.

    As the 5 Arsenal youngsters in the first team not yet fully matured to become full fledged matured senior team Gunners has deemed it necessary for the club to sign 2 new top quality grade senior team players, one of a creative attacking midfielder and two a new top quality grade striker but if Lacazette is sold this summer.

    But according to media reports, Arsenal are said to prioritize the signings of a top quality grade holding midfielder and a top quality grade creative attacking midfielder above any other signings at the moment apart of the 4 top quality grade new players signing that they’ve already done this summer with 3 of them on permanent deals and one on a season long loan deal.

    I will take all these deals but if they pull the last 2 through that should see Arsenal top the table on or before the winter break this season and even to season end. More especially when they would have reinforce their squad by bringing in additional top quality grade new players during the winter window to sustain their offensive campaign to lead the PL table this season to the very end..

  6. Get a grip, we are nowhere near title contenders, we are outsiders for top 4, we have a massive gap to make up and our league form needs a massive improvement. We have some excellent youngsters but it may take two seasons for them to fully show their potential. STOP TALKING TITLE CONTENDERS!

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