Opinion – Will it become easier to defend when football returns?

When football returns there will be a lot of changes, chief of which is the fact that players have to play without fans.

There have been talks of players not being allowed to share water bottles as well as coming to the games fully kitted from home.

However, I am more concerned about how the games would be played when it gets started.

I know that although players have been assured of their safety and they have been guaranteed that they would be playing against only opponents that have been tested and don’t have the virus, some would still have that at the back of their minds.

Because of the pandemic, I have a feeling that players will be more careful about how they tackle and also how much contact they make with people, especially when they are not on the ball.

Because of this I am wondering if it would become easier for defenders to take the ball away from their opponents.

The Bundesliga has shown that players aren’t afraid to make contact with each other and some goal celebrations have even seen players make contact with each other.

But the Premier League players have been the most concerned around the world and it would be interesting to see if the defenders would still be willing to get stuck in a tackle to get the ball, or if the attackers would make it easier for them by avoiding contact.

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  1. I dont there will be a scenario like this,in terms of gameplay i dont think anyone will see any difference at all maybe apart from fitness levels.

    Bundesliga is a good example

  2. Thx Shakir, u said it all

    Another irrelevant article. Maybe u are concern by our defense, wonder if it will be easier for Luiz.

    Well, only change u may see is if he cuts his hair. I hope my reply helps u see clearer, or u may need haircut too.

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