Opinion: Will recent news rule Arsenal out of the running for coveted midfielder?

Ryan Fraser has refused attempts from his current club to extend his contract until the end of the season, and while this may sound like good news for potential suitors, I feel it will rule Arsenal out of a move.

The Scottish international was keen on a switch to the Emirates last summer, and allowed himself to get distracted from his football for much of the current campaign, and is now set to walk out on Bournemouth before the season is even over.

Arsenal and Tottenham have been linked with a move for the 26 year-old, but I feel the fact that his contract will now end in under two weeks time, that will rule us out of a move.

Our side’s finances are still very much in the air when it comes to the summer window, with the Coronavirus having reduced our income avenues significantly, and with much of the campaign still to run, we are yet to figure out if we will have Europa League or Champions League income to boost us going into the new season.

Mikel Arteta has previously intimated that the club are preparing for three scenarios this summer, believed to be with no European football, or with entry to the CL or EL, and we look likely not to be making any decisions on our playing squad until we are closer in the knowledge of our situation.

While I can understand that Fraser may be in fear of picking up an injury in the remainder of the campaign, especially given that there are fears over players staying fit playing later into the summer months, he may well be closing the door to certain options.

Am I wrong to suggest that Arsenal will not make any summer moves until the season is closer to completion? Do we think Fraser would have preferred a move to the Emirates over other options?


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  1. I never thought we would actually want Fraser when push came to shove and so am pleased to see that this supposedly “coveted” player will not be coming. He is very moderate at best and not as good as we have already. The same applies to Spurs to and so I do not see him going there either, though I hope he does and thus damages them. There will manyout of contract players who vastly overrate their own distinctly modest talents and who will find themselves either out of work or else forced to grovel to clubs inferior to where they are now and accept less wages than at present. MANY HAVE NOT YET TAKEN THIS OBVIOUS HAPPENING INTO THEIR EMPTY LITTLE HEADS. Pride and false pride comes before a fall, as our grannies used to say, correctly too.

    1. Another one were going to miss out on , when will we get some positive news. JustArsenal’s like listening to Paul Merson every day

  2. Do the board know what they are doing I am beginning to wonder. We have not changed are the way of transfers wait till everybody gets the cream in racing terms You can buy quality oats or buy the cheapest ones that have been through the horse first

    1. Exactly!!! Forgotten to turn the goal line technology on I reckon! Shocking… nearly as shocking as Michael Oliver’s hair πŸ˜‚

          1. πŸ˜‚
            If sheffield were to draw or lose that could be a turning point in their hopes for europe

          2. Controversy already!!! They just said ‘hawk eye’ is having an off day… just had bloody 3 months off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. The games only been back half an hour and controversy already. How’s the incompetent Michael Oliver missed that goal is outrageous . If he’s watching the ball he must see that it’s over the line and in the goal, regardless of what the technology is telling him. Straight away he must know there’s a problem with Hawkeye. Then you have the lines man who’s in the perfect position to give the goal. then you have VAR to overule Hawkeye. Disgraceful officiating, and who appoints these clowns, Mike Riley, but as we’ve seen for the last ten years when these mistakes are made, Riley is nowhere to be seen.

  4. Boring and predicable …. how many times do we a concede a goal with less than 2 minutes to go to half time?

  5. Complete shambles from top to bottom players who should be nowhere near the Arsenal team but the decline continues and unfortunately can never see this once great club challenge for any major honours ever again will be a mid table team that nobody fears or even talks about!!

  6. Arsenal’s defense structure has been in shambles for a very long time now & I have failed to understand the reason why it has been persistent. It’s not like we don’t bolster our defense, maybe not with the right people. Now, how can one player cost us two goals in an important game like this and we still think it’s a normal thing? It’s very dangerous to think that but then again we still have other games to play but if we cannot get points off title contenders then what are we doing? Man City are about to take six points from our two meetings this season and this doesn’t bode well for Arsenal FC. Are we trying to get back to champions league or are we just trying to remain in the premier league?

  7. Apart from Leno, collective mediocrity. We were totally dominated after the first 10-15 minutes and could have lost 6 – 0 but for Leno. Arteta now knows the huge task he has to build a competitive team without financial backing.

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