Opinion -Will the Kroenkes prove they have ambition by keeping Martinelli at Arsenal?

Are we as good as Man City? Most likely not.

Will the pressure of a title race prove too much for a young squad, like the push for top 4 last season did? Maybe.

Yet my support of Arsenal has never been as black and white as them having to win silverware for me to be content.

All I ever wanted is to watch my team and see those wearing the shirt proud to represent the badge, I wanted to enjoy watching us again (which I didn’t under Emery and for the majority of Arteta’s reign), I wanted us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Celebrating 8th, calling 5th progress, players jumping into the crowd to celebrate 2-2 draws at home to Palace, the Kroenke’s patted on the back in January for slashing the wage bill, I’ll always be ‘negative about that’.

I have always maintained it’s up to the Gunners to prove me wrong and if they do that, I’ll be more than happy to say I was wrong. Delighted even.

On Sunday Martinelli produced the kind of performance every Gooner can be proud of.

Where even if we hadn’t won you couldn’t take anything away from the effort, knowing every last ounce of energy had been left on the pitch.

Perhaps the best under the current regime?

Players with tactical understanding where they don’t stay in one position, talent comfortable with the ball in tight areas, with movement off the ball and resilience we haven’t seen for years.

In previous seasons twice throwing away a lead against Liverpool, we would have felt sorry for ourselves.

No Gunner summed this up more than Martinelli who produced his most electric performance yet.

I recall in the dark days under Emery when he was the only player brave enough to demand the ball, the only person who could get fans off their seats at the Emirates due to being fearless.

There was a period where our manager was questioned for not playing him more. In truth Arteta was teaching him to time when to use that burst of energy, and when to take a breath.

At full time on Sunday, the Brazilians from both Arsenal and Liverpool huddled.

Surely, they must be asking how was Martinelli not in their nations last squad?

When we are told to trust the process a lot will depend on what happens when a big offer comes in for our youngsters.

Will the Kroenkes cash in, or do they have the ambition to build something young talent want to be at.

It reminds me of when we had a young Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie in one squad and we just needed to wait for them to mature.

By the time they did they hit their peak elsewhere.

That’s the test for our owners, can we tie each young asset down to a fresh contract?

Enjoy Martinelli while you can.

Like a lot of South American’s he will have a desire to play for a Real Madrid or Barcelona.

He’s that good…

Dan Smith

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  1. This is a non topic in my opinion. We love fussing over nothing here at JA. He will 100% stay. We’ve not been a selling club since like forever and u talk about ambition? Have u not seen ambition enough from the owners with the money they’ve spent in recent seasons.? What more do they need to convince you.?

    1. Dan seems to have a vendetta against the Kroenkes.
      It might not actually be a vendetta, but if he doesn’t know it, that’s exactly what it looks like.
      Always and constantly dishing out articles to make the Kroenkes look bad.
      I don’t know what else he needs.
      Like you said, when last have we sold any of our important players? Or let go of vital players to our squad because of money?

  2. Kroenke has spent hundreds of millions to sign new players since he controlled Arsenal in 2018, so I don’t think he’d have a problem in spending a little more to keep his best players

      1. Arsenal took him from a relatively unknown club, patiently waiting for his long recovery and trained him to be one of the best LWs in EPL. There should’ve been some clauses that reward both parties for the long development

  3. They have already proved, they are ambitious.
    But Arsenal can’t pay, what bottomless pockets filled with oil money can pay.
    So if it is all about money, and say Man C or PSG want the likes of Martinelli, then we can’t keep up.
    Many footballers, even British, also have dream og playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona, which we can’t do much about at the moment.
    But we have now built an exciting and ambitious project, which can compete with what the likes of Liverpool and Man U seem to be offering.
    Well done, so far.- to all involved, also to the Kroenkes.

  4. Only one thing actually caught my mind Dan that you mentioned, and that I think is worth discussing.
    The rest of the article, I could only scoff and ask myself when will you give yourself and us a break regarding this Kroenke witch hunt?
    Anyway, this is it

    “There was a period where our manager was questioned for not playing him more. In truth Arteta was teaching him to time when to use that burst of energy, and when to take a breath.”

    It’s disturbing how our fanbase can make things up when it comes to their favorite players and would try to make the manager or other players look bad just cuz of their own favorites.

    Arteta was never gonna rush any of these players into anything.
    We had the stupid statements about how Arteta hated Martinelli, how he hates ESR, the kids and how Martinelli would leave cuz of Arteta.
    These fanboys that made these things up ignored Martinelli’s dad that came out and said they spoke with Arteta and Arteta has a plan for Martinelli and that they’re happy with how things were going while our fans were questioning and making these dumb claims that he hated the kid and all sorts of negative stuff.

    Arteta would later come out to say Nelli sometimes does it too much and he needs to know when to use his energy instead of running around headlessly. This season you’ve seen the growth in his gameplay, his decision making keeps growing, he’s scoring goals and he’s getting assists now.
    All trio of them, Nelli, Saka, and ESR already came out and said the manager’s helped them to improve a lot.
    Why do people make silly claims and dumb statements just because they want the manager out?
    Oh don’t even get me started on the whole “Arteta stumbled on ESR and tactics after our players got injured” when it was obvious the kid was battling setbacks and injuries, it’s all in record and Arteta wasn’t interested in rushing him into the team with his injuries.
    Up till this very moment, the kid is still the current most injury prone player we have.
    I believe after this operation he had, he’ll be more better and fit come next year.
    I just think our fans be dumb sometimes with the silly claims they make IMHO

    1. When will you quit labelling every article that says anything not entirely positive about Arsenal as “negative” and having an agenda against Arteta? Even if someone says that our stadium needs upgrade or our away kit doesn’t look good enough, you will say they are “Arteta out brigade”. I’ve noticed you severally on this site and it’s never been different with you, not even once. Put out a “positive” article and stop branding people’s writeups as “negative”. And while I don’t want Arteta out now cos of the results and the way our youngsters are playing, I also know that this is “Arsenal FC” and not “Arteta FC”. You also have no right to tell someone how to support his club. Your right begins and ends with sharing your opinion and not hunting anyone who doesn’t see things the way you do

      1. @dgr8xt.were you not aware that fans can no longer disagree,criticise or give their honest opinion on this site,if it goes against the grain, without being attacked??

      2. I don’t know you, and I don’t care about your opinions. Make your opinion and move, I ain’t attacking anyone.
        The article is called an opinion piece.
        Now I’m allowed to disagree, and voice my own opinion about things too.
        So yeah I’ll voice my opinion as much as I want, and you can do yours.
        Afterall nobody stopped y’all from your witch-hunt against Arteta when things were bad. Afterall y’all voiced your opinions when you wanted the manager out and called us who stood firm Arteta’s supporters not Arsenal supporters.
        So mate, I don’t care what your opinion is right now as I never cared about it back then.
        Allow me voice my support and opinions as I’ve always done from the start.
        Stick to yours too

        1. Unfortunately it’s become impossible to interact on A Dan smith Article because it gets hijacked by fans who seem to have a personal grudge against him ,which is evident from the poster above .

          Shame really because his articles always had a good turn out for conversations on the subject ,now it’s a what’s what and who’s who of personal abuse and “I told you I was right “ posts .

          1. Sure the “I told you so” herd will always show up, afterall we were told we were not supporters of there club and we were Arteta FC instead of Arsenal FC.
            We were called Arteta’s fanboys for supporting the manager and the team through the shít he went through.
            So pardon me if myself and others deem it proud to have stood our ground back then after being being proven right now

            1. If you wanted to there’s actually allot of positives in that article
              Admin chose title …..I merely mention last time we had a great young team we sold them
              Again there lots of positives

          2. Dan defends Dan is an apt description for your defence of Dan Smith . Well I believe the fans on here can be both rational and irrational at times. However Dan Smith evokes negative emotions because he has persistently been negative without justifiable cause. It defeats logic why Dan Smith always sees things in the negative. Is it the desire to appear unique, sophisticated or he is just a maverick by nature? Why has he never accepted that Arsenal has improved from what it was last year?

      3. You are right
        It is Arsenal FC
        Currently Arteta has made Arsenal FC what it is now and I am behind Eddie for his comments
        The Arteta out posts were exactly as described and had no basis in truth that those young players were not being handled correctly. People just jumped on the bandwagon expecting Arteta to wave a magic wand. They never thought that the club was in a poor place that couldn’t be rectified in a trice. Lego head, Pep’s water boy were all trotted out on a regular basis and the few of us that did just think there was some substance to Arteta were derided regularly.
        I had my own cut off point with Arteta not having sufficient about him and that was Christmas last year had he not upped the ante He had to be given a chance to show what he could bring to the club which so, so many were not prepared to do.

          1. Excuse me Dan kit,
            perhaps you would like to comment on the post below addressed to Dan rather than try and discredit me.

            I wrote in support of Eddie’s views because I believe in them

            The same way that you write in support of Dan whose views I am sometimes at odds with.

            I was voicing my opinion which let me tell you, you are also very capable of doing and get quite stroppy if you don’t like the opinions of others, including mine.

            1. So you write a post 10 mins after reading my reply trying to look like a saint ,grow up sue ,oh and the self pity act is getting boring now .

              1. Is that what you think Dan kit? That I would construct a reply to Dan’s post to get at you?
                My word you have an ego bigger than Arteta’s
                I wouldn’t waste my time

                1. Ego bigger than Arteta’s 😂😂😂
                  SueP don’t you dare drag my manager and the club’s dictator into this

        1. Thank you SueP, thank you for being honest and not pretending.
          Am I supposed to act and pretend like none of that happened?
          Like we weren’t called Arteta’s fanboys because we stood by him and demanded patience?
          Oh I totally forgot about the Lego head comments, and come boy too.
          Did you hear what Moyes had to say when he phoned in on Talksport 2 days ago?
          Pundits, media never gave Arteta credit or patience, and half of our fanbase never did too.
          Cooked up all sorts of allegations about him hating the kids, hating Martinelli and all sorts of negative stuff.
          Yeah now that he’s proven right and is actually responsible for the culture and dressing we all love now, they expect all those stuff they said to be swept aside

          1. Eddie,
            I think in many cases those rude people have left the site, but it was a horrible time.

            There are still those who find it difficult to appreciate what Arteta is doing because they were so adamant they were right and that Arteta would fail.

            I remember reading your posts leading up to last Christmas when we were reaching a crunch point and I felt the same as you.
            He had to turn the corner as there is only so much time that a club like Arsenal can not be climbing back up.
            Mikel did do that and I am so pleased for him and also very pleased for all us Arsenal supporters.

            1. SueP, that’s the most funniest, those ones you say they’ve left. Make no mistake, they’re still here, they see everything happening, read articles and comments.
              You can barely see those posters on here commenting as they used to because they were so engulfed in their own negativity and and the venom they had for the manager that right now it’s hard for them to even celebrate openly about the team because of all the terrible things they’ve said in the past.
              Make no mistake, you’ll see their posts once again. The moment we stumble on the road to success, you will see them

          2. Eddie mate when did i ever call him.lego head
            I like Arteta
            I purely have said last few years were not good enough

  5. Dan please get this right, the kronkes does not in anyway own you anything, u made it ur choice to support Arsenal, they made it their choice to buy Arsenal. So whoever is not getting what they feel they are self entitled to can move on. Always writing negative articles does not show u love or want Arsenal to do better than those who chooses to always see the positive.
    You love writing and I adore you for that but always trying to pull people down cause of that makes it boring Sir.

    1. “Dan please get this right, the Kroenkes does not in any way own you anything, u made it ur choice to support Arsenal. So whoever is not getting what they feel they are self entitled to can move on”

      In all honesty, you have no business being a football fan, let alone an Arsenal FC supporter.

      I expect Admin Pat to delete this comment but I’ve said what I’ve said

      1. Why dont you delete the comment yourself ? Since you know who should be a football fan or not, and who’s an Arsenal fan and Arteta fan.
        Go on, Go on delete his comment.
        You expect Admin Pat to delete it?
        Yeah that’s the thing, we’re all just supporters of Arsenal FC but doesn’t mean the Kroenkes, Arteta or Admin Pat owes anyone of us anything when it comes to how they choose to run their business and blogs

        1. I was expecting Admin Pat to delete my own comment and not another person’s comment. You should read and understand before resorting to your usual keyboard warrior tactics like you always do

          1. @dgr8xt
            I’m confused why you thought i should delete any comment that does not abuse or insult another fan…

            Or am I looking at the wrong comment?

        2. Eddie, I have toCOMPLETELY disagree about them all (NOT Ad PAT OBVIOUSLY, BUT ALL THE OTHERS) not owing us anything! .

          I think those running football DO owe its loyal fans AND CUSTOMERS – you know customers, those folk who pay with their admission money and merchandise and TV sports packages for ALL those you mention to make a rich living in football .

          We are footballs life blood . Not the Kroenkes. Without US, there would be NO football, as it would not be VIABLE.


  6. Hi Dan,
    I do think the Kroenke family may, through circumstances, have moved on from their original ethos regarding club ownership. I think it was a case of Stan not being in it to win it, but rather have a successful enough club that didn’t hit the dizzy heights but still brought enough success to keep his financial plan in order.

    I don’t know if the failure of the super league had any bearing, but I don’t get the impression that Josh and his family will now just keep Arsenal bobbing along.

    There isn’t the money of an oil rich nation, or the billionaire who sees owning a football club as his plaything. I do now think of them as more responsible owners than I did previously, when I was very anti indeed.

    There will always be the lure of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Even after all the years now of ManU not delivering, they are still a destination club. It is down to Arteta and anyone who follows him to keep pressing for success and then hopefully the Martinelli’s and Saka’s will view the Arsenal as their own and believe we are worth playing for.

  7. Sitting out in the sun here in Mabella and thought I’d catch up on JA.

    Needless to say, there it was, Arsenal fans arguing with each other and claiming the moral high ground, as if it’s a competition to see who is the best fan of the club!!

    It seems that MA’s earlier times are being airwashed away – such as giving Aubameyang a reported £300,000 plus a week contract, despite the fall out from Ozil’s ludicrous copycat contract – or playing a certain Brazilian chelsea cast off, while ignoring Martinelli – or capitulation of the nigh on concrete CL spot to our noisy neighbours, with a disastrous five game run in to last season – or bringing Tierney and Partey back to early and then seeing both out for much longer periods than they should have been… just some of the reasons why a section of the fan base questioned him.
    But, for me, the most serious reason I felt he was failing, was his struggle to find any inconsistency.

    The summer signings – his ability to learn “on the job” – the backing of the owner – the team spirit he has developed this season, has changed all that for me.

    That doesn’t mean I was wrong to question him, if anything, it meant that I wasn’t blindly going to follow him no matter what.

    MA has NOW proven to me that he can take our club forward… after being in the job for three years and I am looking forward to going to watch the exciting football he is producing on a CONSTANT basis.

    Don’t forget, there were fans knocking Edu as well – that seems to have stopped, along with the incessant persecution of individual players by some of the fans who now cry out loud “I told you so” about MA!!

    The author of this article and I have disagreed on a few topics, but I don’t see him as being anything other than a loyal Arsenal supporter with an opinion… and one who is ready to give up his time to write an article about it.

    I would love to see some of those who criticise him, actually put pen to paper themselves and then be prepared to have their views dissected.

    Keep up the good work Dan – I always read them.

    1. Oh Ken Ken Ken, nobody has a personal grudge against Dan Smith.
      He knows I don’t, I’ve explained to him that it’s never been personal with him as I tend to be passionate with my response when it comes to the club.
      Now I’m going to ask you, I wrote article and I submit on JA too, I don’t fancy doing that all the time except when I have quality content to share.
      You talk about following Arteta blindly and trying to pretend he didn’t give Auba 300 grand, handled Ozil, brought William to the club.
      Yeah in one of my last articles when I explained fully he’s just a rookie manager who was gonna learn and gain experience as time goes. Did it matter to any of you?
      Did you guys perhaps ever thought about the fact that this was a 37 years old manager who just started his career?
      That the club was ready to give him time to learn on the job? So he was eventually going to make mistakes?
      Also it’s amazing how guys act like the UCL was bottled when in reality we had to play Spurs with Partey, Tierney, Tomiyasu and Ben White out.
      Played a fully fit Spurs with a team of Elneny Tavares, Holding and Cedric and you wonder why we didn’t maintain our top performance.
      Same as the Newcastle game even though the performance was more pathetic.
      Also, this same 37 years old rookie who is currently 40, wasted no time I’m correcting his error of bringing Willian, and getting rid of a underperforming Auba. Proved he was always gonna learn as he grew.
      Perhaps the issue was the fact that certain fans held him to the expectations Wenger and Emery were held to?
      The two top managers with decades of experience and the newbie who just got his first chance and always needed time to sort the mess the club was in.
      Perhaps you should listen to what David Moyes had to say about him.
      Of course the truth is we are all Arsenal supporters and all want to see the club win, but those of us who kept the faith and maintained the fact that he was always going to be given the time to learn and grow were called names weren’t we? Arteta fanboys, Arteta supporters not Arsenal supporters, saw the manager get called all sorts of names, Pep’s cone boy, Lego head, a dictator.. so sorry we ain’t sorry that we proud we stood behind the rookie manager and his team all through it all, and yeah I’ll be submitting my article soon

      1. Eddie, Arteta didn’t get rid of Willian… the player resigned!!
        Arteta agreed the Aubemeyang contract.

    2. @Ken
      Please take note of this sentence in Eddie’s comments:
      “Perhaps the issue was the fact that certain fans held him to the expectations Wenger and Emery were held to?”

      So many disagreements here stem from this, IMO.

      AW and was retained the first year after we dropped out of CL because of an expectation, he would quickly gets things “restored” to where they should be. When it didn’t happen, there was no longer enough confidence he could do it, so he was let go.
      Emery was then brought in to get us back into top 4 quickly. He didn’t do it in the first season, but he was close enough to be allowed another go. When it was clear, he couldn’øt do it either, I think it finally dawned on the owners, we needed a new comprehensive plan, as there was no “quick fix”.
      That plan is Arteta and the current project. And part of implementing this plan is/was patience to see it through.
      So many of the “anti Arteta” feelings comes from not understanding or not accepting the difference between the unsuccessful attempts at a quick fix and the longer term plan.
      Arteta is obviously employed to implement a long term plan, it makes no sense to demand him sacked for not delivering the quick fix.

      1. 100% AGREED ANDERS. Yours is a most important point , wilfully OR foolishly overlooked by many non perceptive Gooners
        It is foolish to judge everyone, no matter the individual circumstances, by EXACTLY the same standards.

        Yours is an important point which such critical fans miss, whether by wilful choice or by lack of perceptiveness.

    3. Thanks Ken lol.
      I’m.baffled …..I genuinely thought this positive
      I guess some people just look out for the bad

  8. Eddie and Anders – funny how two people I respect for their honesty AND articles that they have produced to excellent effect, are the first to reply.

    Eddie, I remember MA saying that he would not only have us back in the CL, but that we would have won it by then… his words, not mine.

    So, of course, that’s what he was judged by, just as AW and UE were judged by their comments.

    I also don’t remember Kronkie saying that he had hired a “rookie manager” to take us to the next level!!

    But that’s all in the past now, isn’t it?
    We should be judging MA in exactly the same way that AW and UE were judged – unless you think that, after three years of being backed to the hilt, that’s unfair?

    I’m as excited now, as I was when AW produced the wonderful attacking football that propelled the club to a world wide audience – but I don’t hide the fact that I questioned Mikel on many occasions.

    As for name calling, I have always left that to those who get a kick out of labelling others with childish nicknames, including Dan as negative.
    COYG s

    1. Ken
      When Arteta wasn’t sacked a few weeks into last season after finishing 8’th the season before and starting the new season in such horrible fashion results wise, it became obvious to me, Arteta wasn’t employed to bring us top 4 quickly. But rather as part of a long term plan.
      Personally, I think, he will have his job as long as he is judged to make progress with that plan.
      It is difficult to see how he can be judged to have made progress, if we don’t make top 4 this year.

      1. Anders, but, like me (and many others who conveniently forget they also questioned him) you remember being critical of MA.

        Nothing wrong about that, simply because he deserved criticism.

        Hiding behind the “rookie” description, doesn’t excuse the mistakes I mentioned above, especially Aubemeyang’s contract and the Willian debacle.

        I don’t see three years as being a short term fix and it was never presented as such.

        As I have maintained when discussing both AW and UE, there has never been a human being who has never made mistakes, including MA.

        Finally, I have never compared any of the three managers, but have JUDGED them on the same criteria.
        For example, Ozils crazy contract and Aubemeyang’s – failed signings such as Willian, Kalstrom and Lichstenier (excuse spelling!!) – square pegs in round holes – timing of substitutions…. that doesn’t make me anti or pro MA, AW or UE.

        Now, we have the dilemma of the new contracts for Martinelli, Saliba and Saka, after awarding Nketiah £100,000 a week, after all the criticism aimed at AW for his dealings with players contracts.

        There is only one person from those who have commented on MA via Just Arsenal, who has not been critical at any given time about Mikel Arteta and that is Loose Cannon… FACT!!

        1. Ken
          As you say, I have also been of the opinion Arteta should be sacked. That was after the horrible start last season.
          I basically had no confidence he could get us back into contention for the PL title. I couldn’t see any signs of it, and I thought it would be best to start all over again.
          As I look back, that would have been a huge mistake. Because there is indeed a very promising plan. I just couldn’t see it until maybe
          November/December last year.
          Then I changed my mind, and I now see it as the most promising plan, if not the only plan, we have seen for at least 10-12 years to make us able to compete with the likes of Man C and others, who have more or less umlimited financial ressources.
          Basically, I am a fan of the plan, and as long as it is progressing, I think it would be a grave mistake to take out the most important piece in the plan; Arteta.
          I know, you feel strongly about whether this is unfair to AW, who was sacked after finishing 5’th and 6’th.
          I honestly, think that is neither here nor there.
          A manager has his job as long as those in power have confidence, he can achieve what is wanted. When Wenger was in charge, it was a quick fix back to top 4 is my guess. Same for Emery.
          Then it was realised, it is/was a more difficult probllem to do it, and instead of hiring a new manager to do it quickly, it was decided to build something more sustainable more or less from the bottom. Hence Arteta, and this project.
          Whether this is unfair to AW and Emery, who were sacked, for not doing it quickly, is really of no importance, as I see it. The important thing is, we actually seem to be very much on track to becoming title challengers again after at least 10 years without this perspective.

          1. Anders, I’m sorry, but I don’t see the point in comparing a manager who left the club four seasons ago with MA.

            I’m judging, not comparing, Mikel, using the same criteria that Arsene was judged by.

            Of course, one can look at the great attacking football this season and compare THAT with Arsene’s Invincibles, but that is totally different to judging said squads.

            I personally can’t see one of today’s squad ousting any Invincible… but that might easily change in the next few seasons as the likes of Martinelli continue to improve.

            That’s why the club must keep this squad together, in order for them to, hopefully, become the next Invincibles.

            I wouldn’t want to change MA for anyone else at present, but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I backed him 100% from the start… as some are now doing.

  9. Does anyone else, as I do, also have no idea WHY Dan Smith has chosen to pen this pointless piece about something that is not on the clubs agenda at all and seems to me to be simply about DAN turning into a Piers Morgan type and being a regular contoversial type self publicist?!

    1. Good or bad article JF
      I did at least try to respond to Dan’s article which precious few have bothered to do

    2. But Jon, while you fail to tell us what you think Martinelli should be offered salary wise in his new contract, how can you criticise Dan for posing the question regarding kronkie’s valuation of the player?

  10. All these young players should take things easy ! They are untop of the game cos the Club Owner Kronke, Manager Arteta and Edu believe in young talents ! They got the opportunity in Emirate which they might not see in any other Big team! Now Arsenal made you they need to take things easy If not they will flop anywhere they go! Right now This is Important project that none of the young players should messed up with ! For sure your salary will be Increase but don’t demand for much more than what you are now cos of fake club challenging to get you out there If not you will ruin your careers! Beware !!! A word is enough for the wise! Please the Management should do the needful ! That’s my opinion

  11. I think the owners must surely realise now the talent our youngsters possess and must retain our best players at all costs. They have to support Arteta and his project at this crucial juncture and must leave no stone unturned to extend the talented players contracts and meet their wage demands for the simple reason the players fully deserve that.

  12. Hopefully the agents of Saliba, Saka and Martinelli can agree deals with the club’s contracts manager, who is Richard Garlick, not Mikel Arteta. The new sponsorship deal with Adidas, £75m per year, should help.

  13. Been following your articles Dan Smith, and fairplay to you you have seen and acknowledged improvement. Even in this article:

    “Players with tactical understanding where they don’t stay in one position, talent comfortable with the ball in tight areas, with movement off the ball and RESILIENCE WE HAVEN’T SEEN FOR YEARS. In previous seasons twice throwing away a lead against Liverpool, we would have felt sorry for ourselves.”

    People will have differing opinions, some more cautious than others. This caution is understandable too, even if I would have wished you were you probably were more positive. But fairplay to you

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