Opinion – Winning the Community Shield is important for one very important reason

Arsenal will take on Liverpool in the Community Shield at the end of this month and they will hope to earn the early bragging rights over their rivals.

Mikel Arteta has already earned one win over Jurgen Klopp’s side after his Arsenal team beat the Reds at the end of the just-concluded season.

The Gunners will now hope to get a second consecutive win over the Reds in this game, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Liverpool has returned to training earlier than Arsenal, but that shouldn’t be a reason why the Reds may beat us.

Liverpool played in the last Community Shield and they lost to Manchester City, I suspect that just like in that game, they will consider this game to be just another match to play in preparation for the new season.

However, that cannot be the case for Arsenal. This is because the Gunners just have to keep that winning mentality going.

We won the FA Cup even though we didn’t have the best of seasons and our very next game after that offers us the chance of winning another trophy, if we do win it, it will keep that winning feeling within our team and also motivate our players to make a good start to the season.

However, if we lose that game, I’m worried that our players will feel that they are not good enough to challenge for the league title again or the top four.

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  1. Win, lose or draw the players already know they aren’t good enough to challenge for the title and only have a slim chance of challenging for top 4. It’s only the fans who are delusional!

    1. We are in a process of rebuilding under a new coach and he is in the market at the moment.
      We know our team is not there yet and that the DM with CB positions must be improved. We will be able to see the picture clearly after closure of the transfer window when MA and Edu returns with whoever they were able to acquire, their usage and after some games into the season.
      Anyway, what benefits Arsenal fans if they be negative as you are vis-a-vis maintaining a positive attitude in this new era?

    1. Should have never been allowed to run his contract down, should have been shown he had a future and resigned earlier before his loan to West Bromwich Albion and ultimate sale to Werner Bremen for £5 million. Unfortunately Arsenal under Wenger didn’t give Gnabry enough opportunities. To be honest some of the players chosen ahead of him weren’t playing the house down.

      1. You will find he was injured for a big chunk of his time here so to say he wasn’t given enough opportunity’s is a lie because the time he did spend on the pitch he did not grab ,Arsenal offered him a good contract but he wanted to go back to his homeland .

        1. Dan, I don’t lie; if he didn’t play because of unavailability due to injury, I am mistaken. I don’t remember him being injury prone. Calling people liars, I thought would be beneath you.

  2. Our activities at d end of the transfer window will determine our strength, the number of players that leave n the quality will recruit. Watching coutinho playing quarter n semi final really gives me much love to have a quality player like him in our squad. Well, let see how it goes

  3. Obviously I want to win it, but it has no baring on the rest of the season. Look how many times we win it, then put in utter trash performances in the league!

  4. Arsenal are miles behind Liverpool both on and off the pitch. A win in the Community Shield might improve confidence it will be a tough ask to finish in the top four

  5. Liverpool lost this, then went on to win the league. So I’m worried a loss means anything. The boys know they can succeed because they have done it last season, and Arteta will be telling them they can succeed. Unless Livepool smack us 8-2, I wouldn’t worry able a loss of morale. But yes, winning can only be a good thing, and winning silverware, even if it is minor, is very nice. And it’s a step up from Spurs’ precious Audi Cup!

  6. Its not the be all and end all winning or losing this shield. Would i rather win this or the first game of the season if i had a wish. NO! the first game every time.

  7. Winning the community shield is a good start for all of us. I hope that MA has a plan to do so =)

    1. Exactly Ozzie. Getting accustomed to winning is a very important trait in team sports. Reminds me of Steve Waugh or MS Dhoni teams. They always prioritised winning however insignificant the trophy maybe.

  8. Nice waking up to this:
    Arsenal have completed the signing of Gabriel Magalhães according to the extremely reliable
    . Medical most likely tomorrow. #AFC

    Also, he said AMN no longer wants to leave, after discussions with MA – nice one 😉

    Great way to start the day!! Let’s hope the fixtures are just as good!!

    1. Sue, glad to know that AMN is not leaving. I hope we insert proper clauses if we do sell(though I hope not) Guendouzie.

    2. Is the AMN story soild????
      12/09 15:00 Fulham v Arsenal

      19/09 15:00 Arsenal v West Ham United

      26/09 15:00 Liverpool v Arsenal

      03/10 15:00 Arsenal v Sheffield United

      17/10 15:00 Manchester City v Arsenal

      24/10 15:00 Arsenal v Leicester City

      31/10 15:00 Manchester United v Arsenal

      07/11 15:00 Arsenal v Aston Villa

      21/11 15:00 Leeds United v Arsenal

      28/11 15:00 Arsenal v Wolves

      05/12 15:00 Tottenham v Arsenal

      12/12 15:00 Arsenal v Burnley

      15/12 19:45 Arsenal v Southampton

      19/12 15:00 Everton v Arsenal

      26/12 15:00 Arsenal v Chelsea

      28/12 15:00 Brighton v Arsenal

      02/01 15:00 West Brom v Arsenal

      12/01 19:45 Arsenal v Crystal Palace

      16/01 15:00 Arsenal v Newcastle United

      27/01 19:45 Southampton v Arsenal

      30/01 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester United

      02/02 19:45 Wolves v Arsenal

      06/02 15:00 Aston Villa v Arsenal

      13/02 15:00 Arsenal v Leeds United

      20/02 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester City

      27/02 15:00 Leicester City v Arsenal

      06/03 15:00 Burnley v Arsenal

      13/03 15:00 Arsenal v Tottenham

      20/03 15:00 West Ham United v Arsenal

      03/04 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool

      10/04 15:00 Sheffield United v Arsenal

      17/04 15:00 Arsenal v Fulham

      24/04 15:00 Arsenal v Everton

      01/05 15:00 Newcastle United v Arsenal

      08/05 15:00 Arsenal v West Brom

      12/05 19:45 Chelsea v Arsenal

      15/05 15:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal

      23/05 16:00 Arsenal v Brighton

  9. Can some of our fans ever overcome their negative attitude about our team? It is very annoying for some people to perenially denigrate our team on unjustified grounds. It is very offensive for people to persistently refer to our team as being miles behind Liverpool! Whereas Liverpool is currently the best team in England it is unfair to claim that Arsenal can never match their achievements. If Liverpool, which was some years back nicknamed loserpool, managed to reverse its decline, why should anyone think that Arsenal can’t do the same? Let us avoid being sensational when we discuss issues about our team. I am very optimistic about the coming season. If we get all our targets we shall be competitive again.

    1. Thanks for your submission. Some fans have become so toxic to this great club. Arsenal is now in safe hand.

    2. All clubs go through highs and lows, although the Arsenal has the distinction of having not being relegated since 1913.
      Look at clubs like Leeds United (now back), Nottingham Forest and Blackburn Rovers.

  10. Wow.. ok let me burst the bubble.. win or lose it doesn’t mean shit I will prefer we do a double on Liverpool because they have had our ass for a very long time now but it is a big ask.. right now we are a force to reckon with and football experts are saying it beating Liverpool is not as far off as it were 2-4 seasons ago the team is growing and I will hope the fans start being optimistic.. in football you win some you lose some what matters is how many you won and lost at the end of the season.. bring on the pool we are ready!!! Coyg.

    1. Crazy fixtures Sue. We have to prepare really well with our player acquisitions this transfer window. This will play a huge impact in how we perform next season. I hope the club knows how important Partey is for us. It’s almost as important as Aubameyang signing a new deal. Because for every goal he scores, we could concede 2 hence why we need a solid DM to protect the CBs.

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