Opinion: Would Arsenal fans worry about a backroom shuffle?

Arsenal have enjoyed a resurgence since the arrival of Mikel Arteta in December, but with Freddie Ljungberg being targeted by AIK Fotboll, should we be worried by a shuffle in our backroom?

The Swede took over temporarily when Unai Emery was removed from his post initially, but failed to make an immediate impact at the Emirates as head coach, but working alongside Arteta the pair have worked wonders.

The Spaniard is of course credited with the majority of the credit following our resurgence, but whether Ljungberg is a key cog in the workings of our club is unknown.

Freddie has been named as AIK’s first choice to take over as manager, according to SportBladet while Olof Melberg and Stuart Baxter are also on their shortlist.

The big question is whether our side will be worried about the possibility of losing one of our assistant managers, with Freddie having helped Unai Emery to reach the Europa League final 12 months ago, as well as playing a role in helping Arteta get our side back on track this term.

Our manager has only managed for eight months so far, and while he has already impressed in his limited time as boss, he is most definitely aided by his team of staff also.

Ljungberg’s departure would likely mean a new addition to the coaching team also, which while wouldn’t usually pose as an issue, could well distract us from the strides we have been making in 2020.

Would Arsenal fans be worried about the departure of one of Arteta’s staff, or more specifically Freddie Ljungberg?


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  1. I thought he had great potential to be our coach before MA came. However, I think we can do without him and that we should let him get 1st man experience for the future.

    We can add Dennis B. or anyone if needed.

    1. Is there any coach u can’t do without? After all he was a better player than Arteta. To me, Arteta was just lucky bcs he was never an Arsenal legend.

    2. I dont see any improvement from Emery but an qssistant coach, if he losed an assistqnt coach, whqt does that changes for us?

      We need to bring a top coach as Alegri and his team, gdt rid of this board and bring Wenger as president he should be 5 years ago and free Klopp as coach

  2. I wouldn’t worry or miss him,i think MA appointed him out of some sort of loyalty or something,i would be happy if he were to get a proper shout at being manager and it would allow MA to bring in someone better suited that he couldn’t before due to financial restrictions, win win situation!

  3. The man we should worry about is Arteta. That guy lacks managerial experience. Its difficult to start from the top. I hope we can get either Vieira or Bergkamp. Arteta is gonna sink the ship further

    1. How is Arteta sinking the ship further?… u had an experienced coach with Unai Emery, and how’d that work for you??… I now see how impatient some of us are, the man is just 8 months old and he inherited a club that’s 12th position on the table and he’s brought us to 8th position. Do u guys think this man will perform magic, given the squad he’s inherited?… He’s only bought 2 players which are defensive reinforcements and has made the team fighting again for every match. Ever since he came, he’s had to work more with academy boys and has been trying to revive players like Ceballos, xhaka, David Luiz, mustafi, maintland Niles and Co. Many of you want a coach that’ll come and spend money. It’s not money that makes a club big, but the love of the club by the players that makes the club big and that’s what Arteta is trying to bring. Could Unai emery or even Wenger beat this current crop of Liverpool and Manchester city players?… But Arteta has done that and he’s trying to show us what he’s about but some of us are just plain impatient. Allow the man to be. Let him do his job I know Arsenal will be terrifying next season… And I don’t want to hear you hail Arteta when the players hit the ground kicking.

      1. Totally agree. I am really enjoying watching this team. I know it is hard at the moment but I am enjoying the Journey. Let Arteta get on with his job and give him time.

      2. I love every word u said… football is about patience he will get he’s combination right just give him time, the love of the club means everything, just look at Kloop he didn’t hit the ground running but with patience he managed to get thing right

  4. If Eddie hopes yo be q heqd coach in a top league, he must take that chance and gain experience with no pressure as Ole and Lampard qnd anyone would beside desperate Arteta .

      1. Exactly, they went and learned elsewhere to experiment as Arteta does at Arsenal but in a lower league.

        People cant accept this even being 10th before last game, finish 8 and lose against Chelsea, they still wont get it but love & support him as our Captain.

        We beat City and Reds on a bad day but lose to Villa and almost to watford who deserved the win..

        Kroenke pulled a Pepe installement plan and i remember everyone hyped up, he pulled Arteta trick and it works.

        All that taln means nothing in the end; result and ranking.

        Im sorry but finish between 10th and 8th ahead one point above 10th spot and be in Cup final is nit better than Emery who finished 5th and in EL final. He was competing for CL. Arterta cant got us at midtable from moment he steped in til last game .

        Who cares of we beat city on a bad day if we cant beat Villa.

        Man U, spurs were behind us, that is real fact and our reality but Kroenke made sure you happy in love anyhow.

        Useless to even say anything or best to agree.

        I read comments saying we will destroy everyone next year with Arteta….why aint we in CL nor EL this year; we had chances to do so all season long, but finish 8th instead of 10th. Awsome!

        That’s precislly why Kroenke brought him, trick fans he looks as suckers.

  5. Why should Freddie Ljundberg not move on to pursue his career elsewhere? Why should he stay with this bunch of incompetents, who want to haggle over a £43 million buyout for a £70-80 million value player in Thomas Partey. Ljundberg and his predecessor Liam Brady are the reason Arsenal has such a good Academy.
    Raul and Ravi have forced Sven Mislantat out of this Club and got rid of most of Arsenal’s scouting regime to replace with reliance on Super agents. What are they trying to do; destroy this Club from within?
    Stan and Joel intervene quickly before your Arsenal asset is destroyed.

    1. ozziegunner, perfectly put.

      This new regime is becoming an old boys club and it will only get worse if MA is not supported 100%

      1. Ken, irony is that Arteta added two more old cast off boys (Luiz & Cedric) to our old boys club as you say. He was interested in Willian, and who knows how many more old boys will he want.

        Ozziegunner, Wenger laid the foundation for destroying the playing team (in a previous article I mentioned all the dross he hired, do not want to repeat all that again), the current bigwigs are destroying the talent spotting and development division of the club.

        Before we become the next West Ham or Aston Villa, need to change of ownership and boardroom staff.

  6. In 48h we rejected Barca proposal +45M + Gendouzi for Couthino

    And we proposed 25M + unamed player for Partey; rejectedby Ahetico expecting 45M, deal made at 40M.

    Shows we have no money as usual, nor Laca swap who was unwanted 4 games ago; swapped by Arteta with no pb then.

    I guess he realized how key player he is in a team. He is experimenting….

    If we wany partey, we offer Gendouzi or Laca in a swap. Call it a day.

    Gendouzi now has also Barca option, obviously his first now.

    We just dont know whdre we gokng; upon Srydta guessing.

    Who knows, with Bqrca on Gdndouzi Aryeta may now wants to extend his hair as Luiz!


  7. Freddie has done extremely well with the under 23 team and brought all the young prospects through but if he does leave we can hopefully recruit DB.

  8. Mr good ebening just signed for Villarreal some minutes ago.No one wanted Wenger as a manager the whole of Europe after he left Arsenal just a contrast because Wenger was simply finished and left us in a mess .The case for Arsenal is so hopeless that it is beyond redemption and incurable by just change in management. Our situation is so hopeless that it’s uncontentious that Even a word class manager would not improve the performances until we remove the cancer that is kreonke the Trump supporter.He spends money for his teams in America using his foreign investment (AFC) as a donor program. If you see how city,utd and Chelsea are planning to spend you would think there’s pandemic, only at Arsenal club paycuts are mandatory to maintain the cash flow for the absentee landlord.

    1. If you think a top team did not want Wenger when he left Arsenal then I’m lost for words .
      Maybe it was to do with the fact he had given 20 years to Arsenal and is age ment he probably did not want to start a new project.
      I bet 10 plus teams alone in the premiership would have snapped him up in a second if they thought it was possible.
      But here you are comparing Emery to Arsene ,I’m honestly lost for words when it comes to some Arsenal fans .

      1. Let’s wait and see how Villarreal perform under Unai Emery, when he can communicate in his second language Spanish.

  9. Pattyx, stop running down Unai Emery he took ou to a European Final and before you say anything the BOARD bought the players Emery did not want like Pepe £72 million I would not at this present time give you £7 million

    1. Tony 254, but the board didn’t train and coach the players, that was UE and he took us to within six points of a relegation spot – UE probably wanted a lot of players, but he knew the score when he took the job.

      1. Ken, he was a poor choice by the Board, because of his poor English communication skills. He was then thrown to the Wolves by the Board and senior executive as stated by towney 254, by the lack of support in the transfer market to get the players he wanted.
        To quote Ken, what you often argue, how do you, me or anyone apart from those involved, know what promises and undertakings were given to Emery when he took the job?

    2. Yes, he did lead us to a final yes, so is Arteta and he didn’t start the season with us. We were already on a down spiral when he came in. For me personally I think Arteta is way better than unai emery as he has the ability to not only coach this squad, but to develop and work with his players. Unai emery was complaining about Nicolas Pepe, but Arteta has tried to improve him you can see how better pepe is now.

      1. Don’t kid yourself into thinking the Europa league and FA Cup finals are the same thing. You couldn’t be more wrong. And with all of the complaints, do you think Arteta would have beaten valencia and napoli both home and away? He couldn’t even beat olympiacos at home. The main reason emery flopped was because of the dressing room divisiveness which ozil was a leading perpetrator of and a lack of support from the board. Imagine what would have happened if he had gotten players he wanted and booted ozil out of the club.

          1. Fa cup is obviously as a lot harder teams in it so I would say it’s harder to win ,less matches but your talking about top top teams ,as soon as we reached the final we got battered against you guessed it an English team ,Napoli was not the team they were from 2 seasons back ,and not sure beating Valencia was a great achievement,all I say is 1 point needed from our last 4 games ,says it all .

  10. Arteta was just a bad decision from the board. Playing his favourite players like Xhaka and Mustafi, does anyone think that we will finish better than this season on the log

    1. More worse is signing of Luiz and Cedric, Marri another 2 or 3 game wonder, rumors of AMN and Guendozi leaving, suddenly Gabi gets injured for so many months (Leave aside Ozil, I’m done with him till he starts performing again), poor coaching in defense and useless back/side passing, and the list goes on and on.

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