Opinion: You may not love him but losing Xhaka would be a blow to Arsenal

Granit Xhaka has been linked with a move away from Arsenal with AS Roma emerging as serious contenders for the Swiss midfielder’s signature.

The former Borussia Monchengladbach man has had a mixed time at Arsenal, but one cannot argue that he is an influential part of the squad.

This is one reason he was considered for their captaincy in the 2019/2020 season.

He remains one of Mikel Arteta’s most trusted men and showed that there is much more to his game when he filled in as a left-back in some games last season.

The midfielder is targeted by Jose Mourinho because the AS Roma manager has watched him in England and knows how good he is.

I have to admit that Xhaka can be a frustrating player to watch, especially when he is in the mood to take no risks and would play just simple passes instead.

However, when he puts in a good shift, we all feel his impact and this is a testament to his abilities as a player.

We could get a better player in the market if we sell Xhaka, but we’ve just lost David Luiz and losing two influential players in the same summer would be an enormous blow to the team.

Xhaka might not be the perfect player for us, but we would be mistaken to think we can allow him to leave and not face any consequences.

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  1. DaJuhi says:

    Losing Xhaka and Luiz are not losses at all. Almost everyone is replaceable.

    We urgently need CREATIVITY. Terms of big chances created we are below midtable.

    Can’t see Ödegaard coming and I pray its not Brandt we’re after.

    Rodrigo De Paul looks fantastic. He’s a creative CM so he could play along with ESR.

  2. Cruz Gunner says:

    Umm… no. Xhaka would never and should never start on a top 4 club. He’s slow, commits idiotic fouls, is not an offensive threat, and will not improve.

    He’s a poster boy for the club’s current mediocrity.

    Also he wants to leave and play for Mourinho. Enuff said!

    1. Vinnie2000 says:

      Thank you, Sir!!👍👍..
      Dats all I have to say to You..

    2. Lenohappy says:

      Cruz Gunner quick question, who is better Xhaka or Jordan Henderson.

      1. Cruz Gunner says:

        Answer: Liverpool are the better club right now and they would never sign Xhaka.

        1. Lenohappy says:

          Cruz Gunner that’s not the answer to my question, I asked you a straight forward answer, and I will appreciate it if you can give me straight forward answer. You said “Xhaka would never and should never start on a top 4 club”, so am asking again, between Xhaka and Henderson who do you think it’s the better player.

          1. Cruz Gunner says:

            I’m not interested in Jordan Henderson. I am interested in getting rid of Xhaka (been that way for a few seasons now).

        2. Lenohappy says:

          Then your argument is weak, you can hate Xhaka all you want, but don’t say he will not play in any of the “top4” teams. I can name at least 8 players starting for other “top4” teams that Xhaka is better than.

          1. Amanyire john says:

            Xhaka is a good player but was never liked by arsenal fans

    3. Amanyire john says:

      He should because he already wants to go

  3. JanV says:

    I agree that being happy we sell Xhaka without considering the whole picture is naive.

    Getting rid of Xhaka only makes sense if we replace him with a superior player. In our midfield, he is ahead of Elneney and Ceballos as partner for Partey. He also seems to bring some leadership skills that need to be replaced.

    We don’t have many leaders in the squad and selling them or letting them go without replacing them is not so smart.

    Leno is not much of a leader, Holding and Gabriel are not much of leaders, Partey is not a leader so in our spine the closest thing we have to a leader would be Laca who is respected by the young guys and an experienced player but he might not be around much longer and was not an automatic starter. Other than Thierney, who can lead in any way shape, or form when things get tough?

    1. Tas says:

      I think if Xhaka stopes hacking opposition players and we the fans show him a bit of love and care it will build his confidence to be a much better player, even as he is he would be difficult to replace atm

    2. Davi says:

      Xhaka is a poor leader. When things are going bad, I see Tierney busting a gut to make a difference and change the situation. What does Xhaka do? Moans a bit but doesn’t actually show anything himself. He’s clearly convinced some people that he’s got leadership qualities, but his style of leadership has done nothing to improve us.
      It’s true that he brings something in his passing that will need to be replaced – he does get us going in an attacking sense and we don’t have great alternatives in CM right now. However, this is a necessary sale that should have happened long ago.

      1. Tas says:

        We are desperate for a creative midfielder, left back, right back, all the funds we will have has to go towards replacing these three positions

        1. Davi says:

          I think we’re desperate to improve our CM (and CF). These central areas are our biggest weaknesses in the first team and upgrading there would transform this side imo.
          The rest is to improve squad depth, which I agree is necessary, but it’s the secondary issue imo.

  4. Vinnie2000 says:

    So sorry, I don’t think so!!..
    He Should ASAP!!
    Xhaka is actually supposed to be a Defensive midfielder like Matic of Man utd..
    But his poor tackling abilities meant he had lots of yellow cards, red card,etc as well letting players get past him to score against us..
    AW now played him as central midfielder with Coquelin behind.
    He still failed Bcos he is slow, languid n burly..
    Currently with Arteta, it’s d same. He plays there, with Thomas Partey behind..
    It is wat led us to be a very Poor side, in d concluded season..
    It affected Willian, Pepe, Auba, Laca, etc.greatly..
    He has TO GO for Arsenal to move ahead!!!

    1. Zert says:

      he is not and has never been a defensive midfielder. He is a deep lying play maker. He’s been asked to play defensive midfield for us because he simply refused to buy a proper DM (until partey ).

      Did you notice how well he played last season when he has Partey beside me?

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    I find it funny that we FINALLY decide to sell him, after his first ever quality season for us.

    No one knows for sure what’s gone on the behind the scenes, but I get the impression Xhaka wanted out earlier, but Arteta asked for another season from him. Xhaka has had a solid season, but we do need more mobility in central midfield. Would be very happy with Bousuma or Neves upgrades.

    1. GunneRay says:

      I agree with you, ThirdManJW about him being more solid this season but, he has still been a weakness in our attacking play. His mobility going forwards is almost no existent. Lots of sideways and backwards on the other hand he is fantastic. He’s also liable to miss tackle quite often!

    2. Zert says:

      Had always said if we could get a quality DM to play alongside him, we would see the best of Xhaka and thats what happened last season.

      We didnt see the best of him because we asked him to play a position he wasnt suited for. Imagine Toni Kross or Jorginho to play DM.

  6. Alanball08 says:

    Xhaka would make a good bench player bit not as a starter . We need to up scale
    If roma want to pay good money for him, get the deal done
    We would not to be punch drunk not to accept it

  7. Dan kit says:

    I don’t agree personally ,to me he’s the kind of player that holds teams back ,but the strange thing is every manager that as him seems to really fancy him as now we are seeing with Jose wanting him at Roma .
    Maybe as fans we have no idea what he brings to the team going by the experts that are payed millions to make these decisions.
    He does have a few good quality’s but that’s not enough for me anyway .

  8. Grandad says:

    With respect, the loss of David Luis and Xhaka cannot be considered a “major blow to the team” in my opinion.They have both had decent seasons at Arsenal, but the fact that they were considered first picks, highlights how far we have fallen in terms of challenging for the EPL.Would either of them have any chance of pla ying for any of the top four Clubs in the EPL?I think not.

  9. Stewart Macintosh says:

    Granit is the lightning rod for us it seems. He has flaws, is prone to a catastrophic failure here and there, but he adds. We have generally played better when he is in the line-up.

    If, and it is an if, we can replace with a better option (more speed on and off the ball) and get good money then it is a good deal.

    We will miss his leadership, he can provide coverage and he has not missed a lot of game time

    This may be a case of “careful what you wish for” depending on the replacement.

  10. 03 gooner says:

    Respect to him for his effort but he has run his course,been here 5 years and has failed to elevate us to the next level. For those who say keep him, he has 2 years left on his contract, so you either sell him now whilst he has some sort of value or you renew his contract, same applies for bellerin. For me it’s a no brainer sell both of them.

  11. ja says:

    Sell xhaka buy much better players and there will be no consequences

  12. gotanidea says:

    We’ll miss him if we don’t get another player with similar or better abilities

    Wenger, Emery, Arteta, Switzerland manager and Mourinho rate him highly, yet some fans never appreciate him, insulted him and called the ones who rate him idiots. This shows how stupid some fans really are and their inabilities to assess a player

    1. Declan says:

      I agree with you GAI, we certainly played better when he was I the team.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Unfortunately, I think he’d like a new challenge. I also believe he’s been put off by Arsenal’s regression and the fans’ aggression towards him

        1. Cruz Gunner says:

          Xhaka IS Arsenal’s regression.

          Fans haven’t been in the stadium for the past year.

          Are you Xhaka’s mum?

          1. gotanidea says:

            He’s just a small part of it. The biggest factor of our regression is Kroenke’s bad decisions and uninvolvement

          2. Cruz Gunner says:

            Agree about Kroenke, but Xhaka is a symptom of the Kroenke disease. A proper owner/top 4 club would never let a medicore player like Xhaka stay this long.

    2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      Now that’s rich…talk about the pot calling the kettle black…as a tribute to both Xhaka and yourself, I typed this response using only my left hand

      1. gotanidea says:

        The last paragraph in my first comment above contains nothing but facts

        1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

          the one where you suggested that anyone who doesn’t agree with your misguided assessments are considered stupid…ironic namesake strikes again

      2. Gunner4life says:

        Xhaka was a poster boy bought by AW to be a future captain. His arrival coincided with our deterioration. He is not top 4 but I bet his attitude is. We are linked with Neves and have Azeez and Willock. I rate Neves and hope we also get or promote another young mobile clever midfielder. Xhaka should be a squad man for us to move forward. I can still recall when our midfield used to be filled with creativity and tenacity, happy days😊

    3. Tunde says:

      Thank you, that’s just what I wanted to say😍

    4. Kenny says:

      I remember Wenger never put him as first 11 after he joined. He always on the bench and I don’t understand why Wenger bought him at high price but never made him first 11. Only after a few months and under what circumstances (couldn’t recall), he became first 11 in Arsene’s team.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I think Wenger wanted him to adjust to the system first

  13. Nickerless Bender says:

    I like him. He brings the nastiness that most teams need. And it is evident with us when he isn’t playing.

    Shame that he has continuous brain farts but if he goes I wish him well.

    I for one will miss his soap operas.

  14. Liam says:

    The hate for Xhaka on here is unreal, let’s be honest hes been our best midfielder the last 3 seasons and has outperformed Partey all this one. Yes we need an upgrade to get back into the top 4 but AMN, Guendouzi, Torriera and Willock are massive downgrades same can be said about Rueben Neves. Ideally we sign Bissouma because I cant think of another upgrade who’s obtainable to us.

    1. Nickerless Bender says:

      I outperformed Partey this year and all I did was walk to the Tesco Metro.🤔

      1. alex says:

        I have a question for those deluded gunners that see Xhaka to be so good.
        How many sides inquired for Xhaka? – just one
        How many big side are bidding for Xhaka? – Non
        Is there a bidding war for Xhaka? – No
        For such a great player it is funny why Roma is reluctant to bring a meagre £20M.
        Our fans better get off their high horses and open their eyes to reality. Our midfield is shit poor and xhaka is a big part of it. He isn’t a good defensive midfielder and Not a good box to box so he was termed a deep lying playmaker. Only God knows what that means because I hardly see any play making about him. Many fans wants our squad to be overhauled but these same fans are scared of loosing one of Arsenal worse players. Such a shame. I think we deserve kroenke.

        1. Twinlights says:

          Agree with you 100% alex

        2. Goonster says:

          Can you remind me of the big sides that were bidding for Partey, Ozil, Auba, Laca, Pepe etc when we signed them.

          1. Bobs says:

            You can include Sanchez too
            Only Liverpool were after Sanchez and Liverpool have not tasted top 4 for 3-4years then.

            Now tell me which Big team was after
            De Bruyne
            Cesar Aspi
            Mendy(Chelsea keeper)
            And many more.

            You will hardly find 2 big clubs fighting for this players and yet they play for big teams.

            You don’t use that to qualify players.

  15. S.J says:

    A premier league club needs a fast and mobile Central midfielder to succeed.

    We have missed out on Buendia for the attacking midfield position.
    We should not miss out on Bissouma for any reason especially if Xhaka leaves.

  16. RW1 says:

    3 years too late … there’s a decent Green Day number that sums up my feelings about this footballing equivalent to Eddie the eagle

    1. Sue says:

      Good Riddance?

  17. O.T.S says:

    Many do not have any idea on how important xhaka is to arsenal. A player that is very much underrated. Remember the match against villareal where he played as a left back, I was so shocked after the match to have heard people say xhaka couldn’t stop chukwueze. A match that even chukwueze admitted Granit xhaka was the toughest player he encountered on the pitch. Apart from the first goal which arguably wasn’t his fault, can you provide me a video where he went past xhaka? Many of us don’t just like xhaka that is the real fact .

    1. Cruz Gunner says:

      I’m pretty sure Arsenal were ELIMINATED by Viilareal. (In the freaking EUROPA league!!!)

      So, that’s your measure of Xhaka’s “success”??

  18. Cruz Gunner says:

    To all Xhaka apologists: He’s a mediocre midfielder who has reached his ceiling on an 8TH PLACE TEAM.

    He’s also an “important piece” of the Swiss team which is also mediocre and going nowhere.

    He’s better suited to negative-ball Mourinho in Seria A, not the EPL.

    Sell him before he gets hurt/exposed in the Euros. Thx!!!

  19. Realjay says:

    U never knw what u have until u loose it. Xhaka is the best midfielder we have, upgrading on him wont be easy. Immagin he outperformed a certain 50mil player last season.

    1. Jaden says:

      Realjay 👍👍👍

  20. Lenohappy says:

    Hate or like him, you can’t deny the fact that we always plays better with him in the squad. I really don’t get why some fans always hate on some players but likes some that are also average, you see some fans on here hate on Xhaka but the same fans think Leno is one of the best in the league, to me Xhaka was one of our best players last season and he deserves some credit. I’m not against selling him but we shouldn’t make the same mistake we made with Martinez with him, if we must sell, let’s get at least 30 million for him. If Norwich can get 40 million for that buendia guy, then we should be able to get 30 million for Xhaka, he’s Switzerland captain, was Arsenal captain, he has played in both the euro and the world cup, he has played in the Europa League final and he’s still 28, so he has all the needed experience any club will need.

    1. Dan kit says:

      See in your post you are sticking up for Xhaka and berating fans for saying he isn’t good enough but at the same time then having a go at Leno and asking why fans stick up for him
      Do you see the irony in what you have just posted ?
      It’s called having a difference of opinions ,that buddy is a fact of life .

    2. Twinlights says:

      Bro, the fact is just that if we want to get to the next level as a team, Xhaka is not kind of player that will help in getting there. We need an upgrade.

    3. RSH says:

      Do we? He was fit during the early part of last year when we couldnt win a game to save the gunnersaurus. He’s an awful player and wont be missed.

  21. Kondwani Tyson says:

    All managers have played him but have we made a progress with him, i think no! So personally we have to sell him because he’s been here for over 4 yrs and yet he’s done nothing completely nothing and and I can’t even point what exactly has he really done here. Fans say we played better with him but I strongly disagree cause we even played better without him at man venue

  22. Skills1000 says:

    Arsenal should make 3 signings.

    Raheem Sterling
    Aaron Ramsey

    1. Dan kit says:

      Aaron Ramsey ?
      The other 2 maybe !
      Ramsey spent 10 years here and had 1 good season and even that one season he was pretending he was a striker .

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Hi Dan. I picked Aaron Ramsey because there is no way we can spend over 50m pounds on Sterling and another 50m pounds on Odegaard in the same window. I will rather we spend 50m on Sterling, 30m pounds on Bissouma and 5m pounds on Ramsey. Ramsey gets you goals from midfield. He is intelligent in the box. He should be able to rotate with ESR for the number 10 role. I will always welcome him back to the emirate. He is a utility player. Rather than spend 50m on Odegaard or 35m pounds on Buendia, I would rather spend big on a proven goal scorer like Sterling and spend little on Ramsey for squad depth.

        1. Skills1000 says:

          We should use the 433 formation next season.
          Right back: Chambers/Cedric

          Left back: Tierney/AMN

          Central Defence: Saliba/ Holding/Mari/Gabriel/Mavropanus

          CM/DM: Partey/Elneny/Bissuoma/Willock


          LF: Sterling/Martinelli



          Sell: Xhaka, Guendouzi, Bellerin, Nketiah, Kolasinac, Willian.

          Loan Out: Reis Nelson and Balogun.

          Preferred Formation

          Chambers Gabriel Mari Tierney

          Bissouma Partey



          Saka and ESR have to be managed next season to avoid fatigue and injuries.
          I would rather we get Sterling and pay him like 250K. He will get you 20 goals a season.
          He has also worked with Arteta before. Arteta should move for him asap

        2. Goonster says:

          £50 million on Sterling?
          Ramsey has always been so overrated. He had a good purple patch 14-15 and that was that for his 10 years at Arsenal.

    2. Andrew Elder says:

      Sterling’s on £300k a week!!!

    3. Cruz Gunner says:

      Sterling is inconsistent and heading toward the end of his career. Ramsey is very 2010. Bissouma yes, but at the right price. He’s not polished yet.

      1. Val says:

        26 = nearing end of career? ok mate

  23. Sean Williams says:

    The quicker Mr Slow leaves the better. For a few years Arsenal have played the most laborious, slow football. Xhaka is one of those responsible. I want Arsenal’s foot ball to be exciting, mobile and keep me awake and interested. Players like Xhaka slow the game beyond the snore. I’ll be happy when he goes.

    1. Vinnie2000 says:

      Lol, Beyond d snore..🙂😄😄
      Really, we need Exciting players, who can run 90 minutes!!
      No team can become Successful currently in European football by Fielding Slow players..
      With David Luiz, Willian, Ceballos n Xhaka gone, The last 3 SlowLords re Auba, Laca n Pepe!!
      N dey re Attackers!!
      Real Madrid n Barcelona were Killed in d UCL simply Bcos their Attackers were SLOW..
      Asensio, Vasquez, Benzema, Griezmann, Braithwaite, etc..
      So Auba, Laca has to LEAVE too!!
      Let’s get Aggressive n Faster Strikers!!

  24. O.T.S says:

    *Cruz gunner* am overly disappointed by your comment. But as was said by one of the commenters some fans are also average. We are just too active when it comes to criticizing xhaka whereas we overlook other players. Bellerin one of the worst players AFC have got, still loitering at the club without any plan to offload him. What xhaka does defensively cannot be measured, I tell you. And I really hope we won’t end up regretting after selling him.

    1. Sue says:

      Bellerin is certainly not overlooked, he cops a lot of flak on here… actually I’d say most of our players do!!
      Without any plan to offload him?? You’re joking, right? He’ll be gone in the summer… times are changing!

    2. Cruz Gunner says:

      What Xhaka does defensively can be measured. That’s why he’s headed out of AFC and to an even slower league with lower ambitions.

  25. Reggie says:

    Xhaka is a Donkey and he has seen 3 managers sacked. He is not good enough for the prem and he has done nothing for us in his time here. Cant run, cant tackle, cant dribble and cant head a ball, apart from that he is ok! Sooner he leaves the better.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Do you know what I love about you Reggie
      You tell it how it is and stick to it ,that’s respect from me buddy 👍
      We’ve fallen out in the past but we are cut from the same cloth .

      1. Reggie says:

        Ha ha, it takes a lot to make me change my mind but i do sometimes. I do like to call a spade a spade, i know im a stubborn devil but when i believe something is what i is i do bang the drum a bit. But its all good in love and war. Lol

  26. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Okay! Going by the majority of the Gooners’ opinions on here as to IF Xhaka should Remain or Leave Arsenal this summer, I think the Leave are in the majority.

    Therefore, if the club will take action in line with the commenters who commented Leave and who are in the majority. The should sanction Xhaka leaving Arsenal on transfer this summer.

    Nevertheless, I hope the club’s transfer hierarchy bosses will replace him with a new better top quality midfielder signing this summer for the position which Xhaka’s has made vacant.

    If Arsenal do this upgrade signing to Xhaka, there is no problem. So, let’s hope they’ll find one escucite attacking midfielder who ticks all the 4 boxes this summer to sign him and succeed to sign him

  27. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Okay! Going by the majority of the Gooners’ opinions on here as to IF Xhaka should Remain or Leave Arsenal this summer, I think the Leave are in the majority.

    Therefore, if the club will take action in line with the commenters who commented Leave and who are in the majority. The club should sanction Xhaka leaving Arsenal on transfer this summer.

    Nevertheless, I hope the club’s transfer hierarchy bosses will replace him with a new better top quality midfielder signing this summer for the position that Xhaka’s leaving has made vacant.

    If Arsenal do this upgrade signing to Xhaka, there is no problem. So, let’s hope they’ll find one escucite attacking midfielder who ticks all the 4 boxes this summer to sign him and succeed to sign him

  28. Sue says:

    20m… are we happy with that?

    1. Cruz Gunner says:

      20m? It’s not unreasonable. Do the Xhaka apologists realize no “big club” wants him anyway? He’s headed to Roma, it’s not like there’s a bidding war for him. Sell now and use the money to improve the squad.

      And also: Kroenke Out!!!

      1. O.T.S says:

        Selling xhaka without buying a better player in that pos. will surely cost Arsenal, come next season.

        1. O.T.S says:

          And reuben neves is not better than xhaka for me.

          1. RSH says:

            Neves is 100% better than Xhaka. I would take neither if I could though.

        2. Kiran says:

          Cost Arsenal with Xhaka in the team we havent finished top 4 once and for the last two seasons a disastrous 8th. Too many Arsenal fans are excepting mediocrity like Bellerin Luiz Holding Xhaka Elneny Cabellos and Nketiah. Just because they put on an Arsenal shirt doesnt mean they are any good

  29. jon fox says:

    So Ime, you say ” you cannot argue that he is an influentual part of the squad!” Very true in fact!

    But you can certainly argue- and I do – that he is NOT an influential part of the squad. In fact you can argue- and I do- that he is a rank poor player and so immobile, hot headed and slow that he has been holding us back for the whole time he has spent here.

    I cannot wait to see the back of him and mercifully it now looks likely to be imminent. Hurray!

    1. Skills1000 says:

      Yes Jon. the midfield needs fine tuning. maybe trying new players with different attributes can make us better as a team. we should realise we need more goals from midfield if we are to be a top team. Xhaka, Partey, Ceballos and Elneny all season did not get up to 10 goals in total. With Xhaka gone, we can have a change in formation. I would live to see Bissouma, Willock, Partey in midfield. I have a feeling that we will perform well next season. I will always support the club no matter what

    2. Reggie says:

      I do think Jon, we wont improve midfield or the way we play until he has departed.

      1. jon fox says:

        Reggie, You only “think”? I believe that , just like me , you do not merely think, but you KNOW!

  30. Joe. S says:

    No way. Arsenal would move on and find out how easy he is to replace. However we are stuck with Mark 2 in Elneny.who will probably be given a bigger role be Arteta. Wishing they will fill Xhaka out within the next year.

  31. ArseOverTit says:

    Xhaka has his strengths but playing football in an intelligent way with skill is not one of them. He is a competitor for sure so maybe he should go to UFC?

    Like someone else said, the thought that he will be missed only illustrates how low our standards have become.

    Good luck to him but better players exist in abundance…(not that we will sign any of them of course!;).

  32. Quantic Dream says:

    Xhaka should have been sold after his first season at this club. He’s just as bad a signing as Gervinho was.

  33. Tony says:

    I’ll comment when I realise his finally gone..

  34. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    He surely have to be replaced with a quality player. Xhaka in every season including the last one played regularly, over 30 games, last season, he was involved in 45 games.
    He has his qualities and drawbacks like any other player but he has definetly been a main/significant player in the squad.

    And in my opinion considering the pressure of minutes played he bas been very consistent. Managers overplayed him, supporters kept attacking him and that may have led to mistakes (besides that a player can do a mistake occasionally).

  35. Arsenull says:

    If Arsenal manages to Arsenal things up, they won’t even manage to find a replacement. Neves will not come, not in a million years. At 40 million, he’s out of reach simply because Xhaka’s replacement will have to cost as much as Xhaka was sold for.

    Brace yourselves for a top 15 finish next season.

  36. deji says:

    I just cnt under how xhaka ,bellerin,willian, willock,Nelson,niles, kolasinic,nketiah are still at arsenal this guys bring nothing to the table yet they earn big buck.i cnt understand partey criticism at all.pairing partey with elneny and you want him to perform magic.arsenal always patch team that’s arsenal biggest problem.the club goes into the window needing five players .they would only get two.until that changes nothing changes at arsenal.does club spending millions of pounds are not stupid quality cost money any where in world pls stop mention willock he has been at arsenal for five years no improvement.he is a donkey who would never become a horse like iwobi.we need players top ones else we ain’t going nowhere.

  37. Whamio says:

    Meh, I’m of the opinion that there are no such things as good or bad players, they are all professionals, They are following the instructions set by their managers
    Alan Shearer had a goal streak record of…7 games in a row at Newcastle, he retired..what 2006? That is 13 years ago…
    Willock broke that record in half a season this season…you are telling me that in 13 years…The next best player at Newcastle was willock?? No way!
    Willock just so happened to fit how steve bruce wanted to play.. in regards with his box to box style…
    Why would a manager choose a player who fails or cannot follow his instructions?
    Having said all that…Every manager who had Xhaka played him which shows to me that he followed exactly what they wanted him to do…

    Football games are like chess matches where the opponent is looking for weaknesses to exploit…
    Arsenal have been exploited tactically under all managers many times…the ONE player who kept consistently trying to make that last ditch save in the match…is usually Xhaka
    Since we like our scapegoats we were quick to blame the loss on him..just like how we blamed how Stingy Arsenal was on Wenger…
    Having said all that I agree that Xhaka’s style of play does not seem to fit with what Arteta is trying to do….
    Mad respect for Xhaka though…football is a team game…and we keep blaming him as if he is the reason we win or lose, Man is mentally strong…he might be missed, but its part of the process…there is no player bigger than the club..if we can follow this creed we will probably struggle in the short term but long term it’ll be worth it ( I hope!)
    It seems like Arteta is slowing breaking the old guard to fit what he wants to do…hopefully whatever he wants to do…it gets us a better position than 8th place!

    1. Zert says:

      What exactly is Arteta trying to do ( well apart from sideway passing and boring football).

      1. Akin says:

        Arteta is no a coach for Arsenal, he is too pragmatic and slow, and in them Emery mourinho Allegri) we need an Ancelotti or less-Pep type of manager. manager that gives players freedom to be themselves on the pitch, not give them 1001 instructions on how to go to the toilet to take-a-dump

    2. Bobs says:

      The best comment on JA
      Nice and precise.

  38. RSH says:

    This is delusional and embarrasing honestly. We have finished 8th two seasons in a row with Xhaka as our starter. He is NOT on the level we want and he never has been. In fact our midfield started to take a turn for the WORST when he came to the club. It’s shocking that people rate him. You only have to take a look at the clubs Xhaka has been linked with since he’s come to Arsenal. Hertha Berlin and Roma. Wake up folks, let him go and dont look back!

    1. Akin says:

      lest the stadium turns to a heap of salt.

  39. Joe.S says:

    Too true RSH, I think even GAI will be saying “Granit Who?” by September. But as Tony posted, We shpould wait unti he’s finally gone before breathing a sigh of relief that could srtetch across continents.

  40. Kiran says:

    Xhaka is a car crash football. The thirteen year olds who support this poor Arsenal team need to get some DVDs of Vieira Petit and Gilberto to see what a great DM looks like to think we bought Xhaka instead of Kante thanks Wenger.

  41. Akin says:

    NOOOOO. I DISAGREE. losing xhaka is the best this news so far.

  42. Akin says:

    we have saliba and hopefully Mavro coming back. that sorts the defence. WE SHOULD JUST GET BOTH BISSOUMA AND NEVEZ ( a fast hard-tackler and a DLplaymaker)

Comments are closed

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