Optimistic pundit believes Arsenal man will remain at the club

Noel Whelan thinks Arsenal might be discussing a contract extension with Alexandre Lacazette while we all expect him to leave the club at the end of this season.

The Frenchman is in the final few months of his current Arsenal deal and can sign a pre-contract at another club next month.

It seems Arsenal is just waiting for him to run down his deal at the club so he can leave when this campaign ends.

However, he has become a prominent member of the club’s first team since Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been banished, and this could see Arsenal change their mind and keep him.

Former Leeds United man, Whelan suspects he is in contract talks with the club right now.

“I’m sure these conversations will be happening behind the scenes and it could be done soon,” he told Football Insider.

“The crucial thing for Lacazette is that he’s shown the right attitude. If you’re going to coach a team, the most important thing is their attitude, desire, and commitment.

“He’s not a bystander. It doesn’t matter to him that his contract is up at the end of the season, he’s really working hard for the team and manager – and that’s pleasing for everyone.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Lacazette is a good squad member and his experience might be needed in the Arsenal dressing room next season.

However, the only reason we should keep him at the club is if he would accept a one-year deal just to keep his presence in the dressing room.

If Aubameyang returns to the team and does well in the second half of the campaign, there would be no need to keep the former Lyon man.

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  1. Lacazette dis not turn out to be the CF we wanted but he does a job, and I would be fine if he got a one year extension.
    Salary should not increase though.

    I have always liked his work ethic and he seems to gel with the youngsters on the pitch.

    we need someone with those qualities but a better finisher.

  2. Even if Aubameyang returns to form and MA welcomes him back, Lacazette has proven to me that he is a player we should try and keep, on a rolling yearly contract.
    To think he would sign without a salary increase, is not achievable, especially with other clubs willing to offer him more (so it is reported).
    Lacs has never let the club down and has so much more to offer than Aubs in my opinion.

        1. You may well be right, he is one of our highest earners and the mistakes over the Ozil and Auba contacts may well mean we let Lacca go.

  3. I doubt he will accept a 1 year extension, he’s 30 and will be looking for a final deal to end his career. Being on a free from next June he holds all the cards and knows he can get a 3 year deal elsewhere with a signing on fee and increased salary and he can start negotiations in a few days.

    We don’t want to be drawn into an auction just offer a 1 year extension with a reasonable salary increase with an option for a further year if both parties agree. I think I know what his answer will be!!

  4. This Lacazette decision will be a tough call.
    He’s not good enough for either the 9 or 10 spot, so we should ideally look for an upgrade. But if he is able to serve as the glue for the young players, he probably deserves at least a two-year contract.
    And then there is the issue with his age and salary demands. And of course there is blowback from the crazy contracts we’ve offered in the past to the likes of Ozil, Auba and Willian.

    So here’s my best offer to Laca: take a year extension on your current salary and, if we get back into Europe, take another two years as an extension.

  5. Laca approves to be worth keeping after his leading qualities noted in the last few games. Our youngsters are enjoying working with and around him and he seems to be fitting well with MA attacking system.

    1. Sir, I remember when you were in charge, Ozil hoodwinked you into a new bumper deal. For Laca I prefer a one year rolling contract and be paid as per the benchmark for similar players.I also remember Laca went without an away goal for over a year.If we can find an upgrade like DCL or that lad from Brentford, we should hire them in the summer. However that being your opinion, what I stated is mine.No offenses Sir!

  6. If Arteta punished ill disciplined Auba, then he has to reward team player Laca. Otherwise , it will send a wrong message.

  7. Laca has never justified his previous deal, so the very notion of giving him a new deal at an even higher wage is utterly ridiculous…now if he would take a 1 year deal on a reduced wage, with an team-held option for a second year at a variable rate based on performance metrics, then that might make a little sense, but I highly doubt that would be an acceptable arrangement for him…just another case of recency bias, which is understandable considering what has transpired here in recent years…just keep in mind, if the Laca we’ve seen in more recent times was the Laca who’s been on display since arriving here, chances are he would have been re-upped long before now…what we should be contemplating is securing the services of a younger, more clinical version, so that we can take this project to the next logical level…in my opinion, if Laca is the answer, you’re asking the wrong questions

  8. Again just another example of very poor asset management…no-one can really turn around and point the finger at Kroenke if we don’t recoup funds for players.

    Laca-???? maybe nothing
    Auba-likely will have to subsidise
    Kola-likely nothing
    Eddie-likely nothing
    Bellerin- likely nothing

    MA may have the team playing well and credit where it’s due but himself and Edu have been horrific with contract management and loans/sales.

    A list of all players coming up to the 2 years left on contract at the end of this season should already be a focus point but I doubt it is.

  9. Arsenal should look for an upgrade. Lacazette is a good player but doesn’t score enough to be the ideal Striker. Let him run down his contract and hopefully if we make Europe, we can go for a very good Striker.

  10. Lacca has been pivotal in the development of ESR, Martinelli,Saka and to a lesser extent, Odegaard .These guys are blossoming from his ability to link with them, an area where Auba is basically mediocre.For these reasons, I would offer him a one year extension on the same salary on a take it or leave it basis.

  11. It’s kind of difficult getting a striker with Lacazette’s qualities, also adding speed, goals and quick feet, that kinda striker would cost a fortune,

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin
    ivan toney

    Can do Lacazette’s job with minimal coaching

    Saint maxima

    These guys would bring a different kinda attack to Arsenal, one with speed and a lot of shuffling just like man city and Liverpool,

    IMO, Arsenal should add a midfielder on loan(Pedro Goncalves/ Zakari) and buy another (Bruno Guimaeres/ Renato Sanches),

    They can persuade Lacazette to take a one year contract with a slight salary increase.

    1. Of those you list, Watkins is the best all round CF in my opinion.He is quick, runs the lines, links with others, and is decent in the air.He is also very rarely injured.3 seasons ago I strongly suggested signing him and Konsa from Brentford, but our recruitment team obviously did not share my opinion.Our loss has been a big gain for Villa, who I expect to finish in the top 8 by the end of the season.

  12. The only player I suppose can replace Lacazette in that Arsenal team is *Saint Maximin* of Newcastle, he definitely will cost a fortune. But he possesses Laca’s attributes. And I don’t think Newcastle will be willing to let go of him🤔


    I doubt he would accept such an offer and thus would let him go, IF he refuses it.
    Ultimately, as in different ways, Ramsey and Ozil proved and Auba is proving, letting players take a huge one sided contract when older, is foolish.
    We dodged the bullet with RAMSEY, shame about the other two though.


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