Ornstein and the BBC confirms Arsenal deal for Chelsea stalwart

Everyone expects a few surprises on Deadline Day, but there are very few Arsenal fans that believed there was any truth in yesterday’s rumour that Mikel Arteta had made an offer to sign the 31 year-old Chelsea star Jorginho.

Considering Arsenal’s past dealings with Chelsea when they have bought older players that were surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge, there will be a lot of dissention in the ranks of the Arsenal fans, especially after the bebacle with Willian when Arteta first arrived.

As for defenders, the Gunners also signed David Luiz, who, although an able servant, was very prone to serious mistakes that ultimately cost us points.

So now, according to the Arsenal transfer guru David Ornstein, not to mention the BBC as well,we are closing in on yet another Brazilian in the form of Jorginho, who is without doubt a highly decorated and respected player, and I am assuming that Arteta thinks he will be good enough to do the job until he can get his real targets to come and join his project..

This does have a whiff of a panic buy to me though, what do you think?


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    1. Not my favourite but a no brainier and a very good backup player. His statistics is interesting.:

      Over the past year, the Chelsea maestro has attempted 71.83 passes per 90, placing in the 94th percentile compared to other midfielders, completing 88.3% of these. His defensive acumen has also been exhibited, ranking in the 88th percentile for tackles completed per 90.

  1. Has anyone heard any rumours about Sander Berge to Arsenal? Wouldn’t he be a better bet than this Chelsea pensioner?

    1. It baffles me when we buy chelsea players when theyr are past their best🥲 dnt mind me im just crying into my cornflakes😂

  2. Hard to say as I’ve not watched much of him – seems to be one of those that is seen as a genius by some, and a liability by others. He makes sense as a backup to partey – not as strong physically, but it’s definitely his position, and he should be able to slot in without too much issue. Could be what we need to get us through the season – I think it depends on his motivations for joining? Given our league position, I’d imagine he’d be up for winning something this year…

  3. Will need a change in the way we play when he is in the team as he will slow us down. But not a disaster, relatively cheap, short contract and he does bring some attributes, just not the ones we have shown in the team this season. Better than no one? Maybe.

  4. This is a well calculated move by Arsenal make no mistake about it. The priority now is the EPL, for me Jorginho ticks many boxes, highly experienced, proven winner and will not much time to adapt when needed. And mostly importantly it leaves Arsenal with time and money to invest in this position (for the future)in the summer (Rice preferably)

    1. Time will tell but I think our recruitment has brilliant for me. He’s not an upgrade, that’s not why Arteta brought him but a backup.

  5. A loan, yes but permanent signing??? Who is he an improvement on?Does this now mean we don’t need Caicedo/Onana/Douglas Luiz? This is a bad deal.

    1. It means we will buy a world class midfielder next summer. We have probably not been able to recruit our main targets and Jorginho is a no brainier. He’s a backup player for Partey and an upgrade for Lokonga. Lokonga needs to play and he will hopefully go on loan.

      1. Agree.
        I can see the idea. He doesn’t fit our long term profile, but he can be as good a back-up as anyone else being mentioned.
        In the summer, we can get the long term solution in the summer, if we haven’t wasted money on panic buys for 70-90m this window.

        1. Absolutely, we are getting a proven PL player and don’t risk anything. There are more eggs in the basket and we will get a world class midfielder next summer 😉

        2. Looks like a done deal for 12m on an 18 month contract. Huge upgrade on Elneny and Lokonga, doesn’t impact on long term prospects, recent Balin d’Or finaliat and Arteta rates him. Apart from being pissed off that he should have been sent off and then scored the winner against us a few years ago, what’s not to like?

          Got to say I’m surprised at the venom in some of the social media responses, even though I understand the disappointment in not getting Caicedo.

          1. If Caicedo was at all for sale, we were looking at paying 80-90m for a player valued at 30m, because of the situation. Really bad deal.
            Now we have saved the money and we can possibly get Caicedo or another one in the summer for far less.
            Caicedo is probably a better prospect long term, but short term Jorginho seems at least just as good to me.

            1. Exactly. It’s Mudryk versus Trossard all over again. Long term no one is suggesting they’d rather have Jorginho and Trossard. Bit this window isn’t about long term. It’s about winning PL this year. Trossard and Jorginho are a better bet for that.

              1. Arteta and Edu have a different perspective than you, they haven’t a short time focus like you have. It seems like the guys running our club knows very well what they are doing. Frankly, they have been very clever, best in the league.

                1. Who cares of the cat is red or blue? As long as it can catch the mouse and win us the PL this season plus Europa.

                2. My post might not have been clear. What I was trying to say is that signing Jorginho doesn’t impact on the long term process but, given the process is above schedule, a slight divergence to help us get over the line this year is not crazy thinking.

                  In other words, if we weren’t in first place, I dont think Jorginho would be on the radar.

      2. Agree DP and SA, this is a very rational acquisition by Arteta for a very experienced, successful international midfielder with only a year left on his Chelsea contract. He is undertaking a medical and his age of 31 is only an issue for sell on value; it is ability to perform in the EPL which is important, not his age.
        Strengthens the squad and keeps money in the kitty for a summer transfer, when more players are available.

    2. Which starting 11 player will. Any of “ Caicedo/Onana/Douglas Luiz” replace?
      Our first choice starting 11 have collected 50 points half way.

      “ Who is he an improvement on?”. – Lokonga and injured Elneny.

    3. I dont see how Douglaz Luiz is any better than Jorgino or belongs in the same bracket as Caicedo or Onana….simple overrated. People lets understand that Jorgino is a short term back up this season and squad player thereafter, We tried big names but they wont want to come this season, Rice, Zubimendi, Caicedo, there are all available in the summer . Should we then stick with Lokonga as a CDM, wouldnt think so

  6. A nice piece of business from Arsenal when we can’t get our main priorities. Arsenal seems to be among the best clubs to require players at the moment. We can probably expect a world class midfielder next summer. COYG

    1. problem is we probably wont be in this position in the league next year, this is best chance we have of winning the league. they should have gone big and early in this window to get the players they will apparently get in the summer

      1. I don’t agree with you, I expect our young team of quality players to get better, they have not reached their peak yet. By the way the last day of January is still relatively young 😉

        1. but other teams will significantly improve over the summer, liverpool will, chelsea will, utd will.
          this is our best chance for the next few seasons imo and being cheap/divering in transfer market with murdyk and not focusing on cm will cost us

          1. Every year the same, I’m focusing on Arsenal and we have a young team with huge potential at the moment the best team in the league. We will improve and other clubs must try to close the gap. We should keep on doing what we have been doing last two years, it’s definitely good enough.

          2. I think you are right to conclude that this year is our best chance to win the league . I’m not sure that either Chelsea or Liverpool are in the betting for anything more than a top4 spot next year. Utd are on the rise as are Newcastle. I’d like to think we could cement a top4 place next season too and City have had stability and funds in combination to constantly regenerate.
            It actually makes a change that there is a bigger pool to choose from going forward.

            1. Yes, we haven’t a clue how next season is going to pan out but this season it is in our control to a certain extent. Grasp the metal!!!!!!!

        2. what you dont think this is our best opportunity? you dont think others will strengthen more than we will in summer? also, rumours of rice etc could drop significantly if we fall away again as what most people of expect of us.
          i am not suggesting we throw 80/90 mill at caicedo, my point is how do we not have alternatives and plans in place at the start of the window and yet again are running around with tail between our legs on transfer deadline day

    1. Well, he’s a backup player and his statistics is interesting.:

      Over the past year, the Chelsea maestro has attempted 71.83 passes per 90, placing in the 94th percentile compared to other midfielders, completing 88.3% of these. His defensive acumen has also been exhibited, ranking in the 88th percentile for tackles completed per 90.

      1. Please forget statistics and focus on the field of play!!
        While we are busy buying Jorghinho, Chelsea is completing a deal for Enzo(21yrs old) benfical guy who won young best player in world cup, they are also thinking of going for caicedo that who could not pay ( to some fans 80m is too expensive for a quality player like him at 21yrs).
        What make you guys think that we will sign Rice in the sum( what if his price is over 100m by then), what if Chelsea, utd, city or other rich clubs also come calling for him, will or can the Arsenal compete with them?
        That was how we missed Kante to Chelsea, Harzard and so on.
        We have not learn our lesson and most fans think that this season(where we are able to dominate from the start and other big clubs fall) will be like next season..
        Get all the quality players you need now and use them to win something big(EPL and Europa) instead of think of future that you don’t know what you will face or challenge in front because other rival clubs too are also thinking and planning about future(Chelsea, utd, liv, city Newcastle etc).
        Sincerely, I am not happy with this Jorghinho transfer and Arsenal will never learn about buying Chelsea over age player(s).

        1. How many players have Chelsea recruited last five years and still they are inconsistent. Now they have panic and buy players on very long contracts because of UEFA’s FFP. They have found a whole in the regulations which soon will be closed.

          To be honest, I don’t care about Chelsea one minute and last time I looked at the league table I couldn’t find them. Last time Chelsea robbed the bank to buy an expensive player it turned out to be a disaster (Lukaku)

    2. He’s definitely a deep lying playmaker, someone who sits in midfield and not a box to box player like xhaka has been for us this season. Partey is better, but i think jorginho is similar enough in playing style

  7. Arsenal is cheap. Either they find better scouts or they better have the money to pay for half baked players asking for the moon. We missed Mudryk and now Caicedo. Hopefully we have plans and enough resources to grind out the title. I wanted top 4, but no league title will not be good. It’s like a second best when we only need a few players to have a huge chance at winning the title. They should have paid the gazillion Brighton wanted. We got Trossard cheap and should throw the savings into the caicedo box. Arteta and hid team better win the title. Otherwise it will become almost there again. Not good.

    1. Fortunately, most fans and Arsenal themselves disagree with you. Every time you pay over the odds, you change the precedent and make the market more expensive for everyone, including yourself, in the long term.

      1. Totally agree with you, no need to be negative we are going game by game, and the last day of January is relatively young 😉

    2. Arsenal are very clever that’s why we are top of the league. Our recent transfer businesses is a big part of the story. COYG

    3. We didn’t miss Caisado, he wasn’t for sale, how many more times does this have to be repeated and now Mudryk is being labelled a racist for using the n word on tik tok !

    4. John, Arsenal can’t buy a player, if as in the case of Mudryk Chelsea offers more than you are preared to pay or the player’s current club Brighton refuses to sell in this window in the case of Caicedo..

  8. not a fan of this signing…as others have said, seems a back up for xhaka, which i feel lokonga could have done, neither jorginho or lokonga can cover parteys role imo so still severly lacking. partey gets injured and see us dropping points

      1. dont agree at all. thing with stats is totally ignores structure of how team plays. partey pretty much covers the whole midfield, jorginho wont be able to do that, which would mean a change of system, xhaka playing deeper which will affect us going forward

  9. We need bodies, he’s Arsenal type of player barring his age.

    Exactly what we need to finish this campaign , but there will be one final twist as this should not stop the Caicedo kid from coming.

    Nice mix with both kid and youth, let Lonkango go now to speed up his development

  10. Of all midfielders in this world, why Jorghinho, this must be a joke, not buying anybody will be far better than this guy…. Is this the surprise we have been waiting for? Haha, I can’t believe this!!!!!

    1. That’s really not fair, Wale. Jorghino is actually a very good player (as his stats prove). I admit he may not have been the ideal candidate but, as this is mid season and choices are few and far between with astronomical prices, it makes perfect sense. Simply put, we desperately need cover in this position and if we don’t get it out top of the league position is massively under threat. Jorghino is affordable (leaving money to spend in the summer), capable (EPL ready) and sensible (The best of a bad situation)!

  11. Just wow 😲 Really? They had a whole month and this is it. Once again talk about putting your eggs in one basket. Come May if this works, l will be the first swallow humble pie.

  12. Think back a few years when Arsenal were ahead and playing well at Xmas. Who did Wenger buy? An injured Kjallstrom who did not play for 2 or 3 months. So, Trossard and Jorghino are much better buys. Well done Arteta. Who knows, we might still buy Caicedo.

  13. I believe the deal is done. Lets trust Arteta, welcome to Arsenal, Jorginho. Unlike other ex Chelsea signings, Jorginho is a player who has won multiple titles with Chelsea, including the CL and the Euros with Italy. So he has a standing and hopefully he will do the job for Arsenal.

    1. At gunner for life, we have to be realistic here and say the truth even if its bitter, out of Caicedo and Jorghinho, who will I pick? Also, you said Jorghinho has won multiple titles for Chelsea compare to Luis and Willian, well Luiz won champions league for Chelsea, fa cup, league and league cup, willian also won multiple bar champions league for Chelsea and they came to Arsenal for what?,
      I don’t believe in stat bcs it can deceive a lot but the field of play, can you tell me how many assist or goals( bar penalties) open play Jorghinho has given to his club and country?
      We should act like big club and stop going for second fiddle( or even reject of some other clubs), in the days of Wenger( when we were having issues financially) some big clubs like utd, barca, bought our best players but now that we claim to have balance the book, we are still buying reject( we couldn’t afford a 22 yrs old Mudryk but went for a 28 yes Trossard and we are consoling our self that he is better than Mudryk, EPL experience bla bla bla, so Chelsea didn’t see Trossard before they pay that huge amount for a future star Mudryk).
      Sincerely, we have not learnt our lesson and this Jorghinho deal will backfire on is like David Luis and Willian deal.

      1. First, it seems like the guys running our club knows what they are doing. If your logic is right we should have bought Lukaku instead of Jesus, because he was more expensive and have bigger shoes 😉

        1. You are wrong mate because Jesus is younger and he is for future, but we bought a 28yrs old instead of 22 and a aging and reject 31 yrs old instead of a more energetic, strong and quality 21 yrs old.
          You don’t go for second best just for the sake of buying…

          1. They know very well what they are doing, and we don’t know anything about their motivations. Some of us even wanted to sack Arteta one year ago…

          2. The reject who came to displace Kante in the CDM under Sarri and proceeded to win the Europa league,. A guy that England failed to unlock and he proceeded to win Euro 2020about 18 months ago, the same guy who defeated city and won Champions league, how is he a reject anyway?

          3. If this deal goes through, we are buying a 31 year old very experienced and just as good a player right now, as the 21 year old Caicedo. We will be paying 12 m., and it is a a player to be used as a back up., because that is what we need right now.
            We don’t need to pay 80-90m for another player, who is also seen as primarily a back up, and who is valued at 30m.
            Now we save the money, get as good a player short term, and we have the summner to get the right long term solution. Win-win IMO

      2. Are you saying that we have to buy Caicedo to warm the bench for a ridiculous amount of 80m? Be sensible bro, we are buying a backup player.Age is just numbers and still, you can see players who are 30 plus flourishing across the European leagues. Jorghinho is here for a short term and trust the process.Arteta knows better than anyone.

  14. I hope this isn’t true unless it’s a very short-term arrangement. He would be better than nothing in the event of a long-term Partey injury, but a player well past his best and also unpopular with our match-going fans, not to mention some other Arsenal bloggers.

  15. For those that aren’t aware, a CM is not a DM.

    Jorginho is not a bad player and has a wealth of experience but he is extremely slow and cannot fill a DM slot at all. Average tackler and can’t recover once he’s been passed.

    I would say great cover if for Xhaka, very poor cover if for Partey.

    1. Agree PJ Jorghino is a DM but not in the Partey style DM. He is most definitely not a Partey replacement, which is what we need. Its a body on the bench and an experienced one but not what we need.

    2. When Partey isnt there, Arteta will go with a double pivot, Jorghino is a deep lying playmaker like Tony Kroos and his passes are progressive…..lets not panic, and had we got Rice, Caicedo, and Partey, what was going to be the long term impact to the dressing room…. Who was going to be in the starting 11, did we not see the reason why Oleks, Sterling, Jesus and Sane left City…..rotation and benchwarming. We cant spend 80mil for caicedo to come and be back up for Partey nor drop Partey because we have a new expensive boy from Brighton….

  16. OMG!! Have we not learned?

    18 month contract with an option for another year.

    I’d rather try and hijack the jonjo shelvy transfer than this. Smh

      1. This stinks of desperation.

        I cant believe that a potential incoming player has actually pissed me off?

        He can’t run, move, tackle or shoot for toffee. So God knows why we even consider this, let alone offer the chavs money for it, I wouldnt even offer 50p? This is pure nonsense and somebody needs to be reprimanded if this actually happens.

        If he does come he should be nowhere near the first team. Just retire him off for the sake of it.

        And we let torrera and guendozi go and 2 years later we replace them with a hop, skip and a penalty kick, little shite.

        There is no point reasoning with me on this one, what a complete and utter disgrace. Feck me.

        1. Wrong, the desperation is in the blue part of London. We had our part one year ago when some of our writers thought we had to sack Arteta 🙏

      1. Nah we should sack the albatross that is Edu Gaspar. Arteta has done his bit on the pitch! It’s the Instagram-addicted joker that is completely out of his depth

        1. @ Fifa is a joke, If I’m not mistaken this albatross is responsible for the signings of Partey,white,ramsdale,zinchenko,jesus,magalhaes,odegaard,tomiyasu,tierney,martinelli,saliba..basically the only players in the team that has given us the greatest start in our history whose deals he didn’t work on are xhaka and saka.. If that is out of depth, the thought of him eventually being competent is beyond euphoric.

  17. 12mil is a bit too much for an old player, over his best, with 5 months left on his contract IMO.

    18 months only which is good but does anyone know what the wages are? Can’t see it being low at all otherwise he wouldn’t have signed a short contract.

    1. How much do pay for loaning a decent player for 1,5 years? You don’t like the player fair enough, but £12 million isn’t much to upgrade our squad.

      1. You are missing a large part my friend, you are forgetting the wages…we are paying 12mil + his wages for 1.5 – 2.5 years. I can’t see a player that age signing a short term contract for a low or medium salary, can you?

        Where did I say I don’t like him?

        You are also forgetting the opportunity cost associated with this kind of signing, what are we not doing now that this signing is made.

        1. We have got a very good backup player with lots of experience in difficult moments with winning mentality. He’s reliable squad player, which is a good solution if we can’t get our main targets in this window.

          If we had used £100 million on a player in the middle of the season we wouldn’t get any success guarantee. To buy Jorginho is a no-brainer we are risking very little and his statistics is very good.

  18. With half a season to come we could do worse than sign SANDER BERGE. He is 24/25, 6’5″, Very quick for a big man. Real help in for set pieces at both ends. Plays for Norway with Odegaard. £25 mill. He’s still young.

    1. Facts! Also decent with the ball on his feet and can’t be bullied off the ball. Edu is a joke. He’s done a 360 on his own policy that he kept spouting a few months ago.

  19. Jorginho better than nothing, but not DM cover, he’s more cover for Xhaka. Would be better if it was 5 month loan and cover his wages rather than be saddled with him for 18 months.

    Quite deflating to be honest, Trossard and Kiwor, then finishing window with Jorginho.

    Has the air of a panic buy; we don’t land our targets and get Chelsea’s unwanted player for DM cover, but he’s not a DM.

    TBH rather see Kiwor have a shot at DM r than Jorginho. Hopefully not Willan 2.0, admit I think he doesn’t solve the DM concern, and am concerned about him defensively at the back.

  20. This stinks of desperation.

    I cant believe that a potential incoming player has actually pissed me off?

    He can’t run, move, tackle or shoot for toffee. So God knows why we even consider this, let alone offer the chavs money for it, I wouldnt even offer 50p? This is pure nonsense and somebody needs to be reprimanded if this actually happens.

    If he does come he should be nowhere near the first team. Just retire him off for the sake of it.

    And we let torrera and guendozi go and 2 years later we replace them with a hop, skip and a penalty kick, little shite.

    There is no point reasoning with me on this one, what a complete and utter disgrace. Feck me.

  21. He’s currently having his pre-signing medical, so still a chance that the deal won’t go through for a player that was not too long ago overtaken by the referee.

    1. Ha ha I saw that video and couldn’t stop laughing. He was literally outsprinted by a 50 yr old.

  22. Good bit of business imo. He’ll fill an important gap in the squad, comes with plenty of experience at the highest level and technically very sound. The squad has been strengthened for a relatively low fee, and the money can be used in the summer when prices are less mental. Fully support the move.

  23. I wonder if Scott McTominay is available seeing that Manure are apparently interested in Rice.

    This will just make my day.

  24. Im ashamed of this ,im absolutely outraged ,i dont get none of it ,we go from mudryk to caicedo to jorginho ,is edu working for chelsea ? I dont get it.and now we get a dud and help them with 12m to buy fernandez ,i wouldnt be surprised if the bigger plan of edu is caicedo ending up at chelsea after gifting them 12m ,theres so many apologists here trying to sweeten this deal as a good deal ,lesson learned with luiz who actualy costs us red cards and penalties or willian who just stolled around the pitch,im gobsmacked im outraged disgusted and cant believe this as an arsenal fan. Just pray partey or saka dont get injuried ,will be a repeat if last season.

  25. Looks like it is done. He is doing the photo shoot on Twitter.

    I don’t think I have ever felt so physically sick. 🤢🤮

    I have to switch my phone off… Chavs are texting me and absolutely loving this.

    1. Edu is stealing a living at Arsenal. Shocking how a grown man can be given a four-month project, backed by tech, cash, and network but still fail miserably.

  26. Anyone that thinks this is a good deal is either living in denial, ignorant, or you’re just used to mediocrity like what Edu has served us through this window. We had FOUR months to put our house in order analytics-wise, and another FULL month to officially pursue our targets and what do we do? Go against club policy by giving a 2 yr deal to an over-the-hill chav with well-documented severe physical limitations. Joginho gets slaughtered in 1v1 situations ’cause of immobility, also he’s easily beaten for pace and never recovers. This is another Chav we’ll have to babysit by tailoring our play to cover his weaknesses off the ball. Nothing good has ever come from Chelsea, Gallas, Ceck, Willian, Benayoun, Luiz, name them all. I hate people who never learn from their past mistakes. There’s tons of talent out there that if we only had a smart man as TD we wouldn’t be scrapping the Chelsea barrel for another retiree. So disgusting, Edu Gaspar (what a waste) should hang his head in shame.

  27. I’m surprised by this, it looked like a duff rumour when it surfaced yesterday, but a key thing is that it’s a 17-month contract (assuming “the summer” of 2024 means the usual 30th June end date).

    The other point to make here is that it’s the cover players that are struggling not the starter (assuming he’s cover for Partey).

    Elneny’s hardly played this term but he’s now on his second long-term injury of the season part-way into the transfer window. Lokonga hasn’t performed as hoped (and rumours of getting him to Palace sound like a good plan).
    So I don’t think we can blame the recruitment team here, they had two backups and they’ve both failed in one way or another.

    Partey’s had his injury problems but the rumours are that he’ll be fit for Everton on Saturday and he *seems* (touch wood) to have recovered from that recurring injury he had a while ago. Apart from that his career injury record has been very good. So the main man is still going strong, just backups that need to be looked at.

    So let’s not panic here, we’re signing short-term cover and possibly letting a developing player go on loan. It may not be the greatest deal in the world, but it in the unforeseeable circumstances it may be in the category of “the worst deal apart from all the other deals that were available”.

    1. Nah. We had FOUR months to strategize and another full month to execute our strategy but ended up with a panic buy that Boehly was more than willing to cash in. Gosh, can such incompetence be tolerated at our normal places of work? Edu must be the luckiest man alive.

      1. Nah. I’m not sure you’re listening with an open mind. As I said…

        We did “strategise” as you call it. The plan was that we had *two* backups – and they’ve both failed for different reasons.

        Elneny has been reported as having a season-ending knee injury requiring surgery and this is his Transfermarkt injury history for this season:

        22/23 Knee Injury Jan 14, 2023
        22/23 Thigh Problems Aug 27, 2022 to Nov 1, 2022 66 days

        So he’s been out for 91/2 weeks already then pops up with another major issue *two weeks* before the end of the transfer window. Two weeks! And this is a *backup* who hardly plays!!!

        How many backups for one position do you want in a squad of 25 players???

        I don’t think this is anything but unlucky. Arsenal is serially unlucky with this position over many seasons (since Diaby?) but knee-jerk (excuse the pun) blaming of the recruitment guys isn’t justified here in my humble opinion.

      2. It is not a bad signing. He has experience. One thing is sure. Arteta and Edu would have looked at the pros and cons. The guy can dictate the tempo of a game. Let us support Arteta.

  28. Some fans want us to pay 90m pounds for Caicedo. Arsenal are still open to buying Caicedo. Jorginho is a backup in case the Caicedo deal falls through. Let us be calm.
    Perhaps, Brighton may lower the price. And if they are not willing to lower the price, we move on.

  29. 95 posts at the time of writing which is an amazing number and like so many things Arsenal related, there is a very animated discussion on the merits or otherwise of this potential signing.

    The contract is short term, he has tons of experience and although £12m is a lot to me, in football terms, it isn’t. I’d be worried if Jorghino was a first team pick, but he isn’t.

  30. t’s not impossible that Brighton didn’t want to sell, but succession planning says they should have 2 or 3 other targets. Jorgino cannot run and cannot tackle. Arsenal in first and sign Jorginho Chelsea signing Fernandez. Kronke did famously say he didn’t buy Arsenal to win trophies so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. I am sure there are better players than this Chelsea reject Arsenal could have gotten, but Edu and co are useless!!!!

  31. OK, let’s be clear, Arsenal 1st major target, murdryk, was hijacked by our neighbour who are on a reckless spending spree hence, we can’t financially compete with them(fact)
    Our second target, caicedo, its considered untouchable by his owner, its not like we didn’t meet their demand but they’re demanding for nothing….. HOW DO YOU DO BUSINESS WITH SOMEONE THAT IS NOT INTERESTED?unless they change their stance….
    So in both cases we can’t fault edu&co…. As for the second option…. they’re the one’s we’ve signed!!!…… First options are long-term second options are short-term……. AND BOTH ARE GOOD OPTIONS IMOO…..

  32. Brilliant signing. Certain he was always on the radar, depending on how other targets panned out. He will do a great job of allowing Partey and Xhaka to rest. Don’t personally like him, nor have I rated him much in the past but for what we need this season and maybe even next, he’s an unbelievable fit – for us. Chavs are letting him go because he doesn’t fit Potter’s model and they can shift his wages.
    Love it !!!

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