Ornstein: Arsenal are “close to agreement” on Havertz deal and crazy stat on his Chelsea history

So this looks like we approaching the “done deal” status of Kai Havertz’s move across London from Chelsea to Arsenal.

The ‘Arsenal oracle’ David Ornstein has just given us the lowdown on the latest news in a tweet just an hour ago…

And an interesting fact has been unveiled with the history records that Havertz has had a goal or assist against all of the Big 6 teams, apart from Arsenal – His next club!

Goals and assists against Arsenal? Kai Havertz has never done it. And hopefully, he’s about to sign for the only team he’s never managed to “hurt” since the Big 6, never registering a goal against them!

A “breather” from his move to Arsenal is rumored to be Kai Havertz, who has found everything with the “gunners” and Chelsea are expected to give the “green light” for 65 million for his move to the “Emirates ».

It is even rumored that the desire of the same footballer has played a pivotal role, with Havertz and Arsenal being connected in a… oxymoronic way. What do we mean by this?

Mikel Arteta’s team is the only one that is part of the Big 6 and has never seen the German participate in a goal against them. Either indirectly or directly. In fact, Havertz has not managed to score against Arsenal, a fact that is also confirmed by his final passes, and he has also never handed out an assist against them!

The same is of course not the case with the rest of the Big 6 teams. More than any other, Havertz has faced Manchester City, having scored twice without providing an assist.

He has scored one goal against Liverpool and Tottenham, also without registering a final pass, while in the three times he has faced Manchester United, he has one assist, last season, in the 1-1 draw between the two teams, in the 37th competition.

Therefore, Arsenal is the only Big 6 team that has not been “hurt” by him! Never. And this, completely coincidentally, is probably the next team of his career.






Manchester City











Manchester United




Dimitris Manakos


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  1. Based on those stats, some analyses and his role in his recent club/ international matches, it would be interesting to see if he plays in Xhaka’s position

    If he plays false-nine, he’d likely interchange his position with Saka and open the left wing space for Martinelli/ Jesus

  2. Dam that’s some pretty impressive stats .
    Can only hope he turns out to be another salah or KDB

    1. If he plays in Xhaka’s position it could be very well disastrous. Especially with Zinchenko’s defending abilities. We’ll be leaking goals on the left hand side. That’s probably where the opposition will exploit us. I think Smith Rowe would a better option than Havertz in that position. As a false 9, Havertz is not strong. He has some height, but can’t head a ball. His hold up play has a lot to be desired. He looks as though he’s been cloned from Vieira. Arteta must see something in him. Looks like we’re doing Chelsea a huge favour. If 65 million price tag is true, well that’s ridiculous. Obviously Kronkes has some money to burn🔥

      1. Beautiful analysis Pjennings…Though the defensive part of ESR’s play needs work too.. I believe that role should be his. Given the limited time he’s had over the last 2 seasons, ESR’s goal contributions have been tremendous. Much better than Kai’s i dare to say..

  3. I have faith in Arteta and I believe that it’s Arteta who has pushed for this move I hope that the fans can be like last season and really get behind the young German. Fans were terrific last season and it coincided with a great start to the season. It’s about turning Havertz’s super technical ability into him being a great team player and pushing him into having hunger a bit of fight in his game fans can help with that

  4. Sorry, was we supposed to loose our minds with these stats?

    29 appearances with 4 goals and 1 assist and plays as a 10 or 9 for the chavs?

    Well, that was underwhelming.

  5. To be clear, I don’t want another Chelsea reject near our club. But if he does come, I will support him with all I have. I just see this as a waste…maybe a Willian 2.0. And I dear for Smith Rowe

    1. Thankfully, our Manager will not be influenced by the derogatory rantings of fans who are unable to appreciate the undoubted talents of a young German international regardless of the Club he currently represents.

      1. It’s got nothing to do with who he plays for but everyone is waxing lyrical about his stats.

        The reality is that he has played 130 times for the Chavs, scored 31 and assisted 8 in all competitions since 2021.

        ESR has played 97 games, scored 18 and assisted in 9 with a lot less minutes than Havertz since 2018.

        So 65 million buys you 13 more goals and one less assist?

        And people question Artedu transfer policy?

        1. Exactly NB
          Even Pepe stats we’re evenly matched with him ,and our own fans have labelled him a flop ,.

          1. I had to double check and they are not that far off but here is another sites stats. Just for you DK I have included NP Arsenal Career. (Also, I was curious)

            And this is why you never trust Stats

            Apps, Subs, Minutes, Goals, Assists, Yellow, Reds
            A S M G A Y R
            Havertz 102 37 9028 32 13 16 0
            Pepe 67 45 6598 27 21 5 1
            ESR 63 36 5717 18 12 3 0

      2. Grandad, is he more talented that Pepe we don’t want.? Does he do what many accused Pepe of not doing? Well if Arteta and are willing to pay 65m for him and can find a buyer who will pay such amount for Pepe.

        1. Adiva, when judging a player I rely on my eyes and brain and pay little attention to stats which seem to have become an obsession for armchair critics , and which can be very misleadng.As to the comparison between Havertz and Pepe, the German is superior in most aspects of the game which is why our Manager is keen to sign him.

      3. Totally agree with you Grandad, same was said about Odegaard and Ramsdale. The insults and negative thinking was enormous.
        I trust MA to prove them wrong again.

      4. 👏The “not near our club” mob are loving this. I see Piers Morgan has joined in, as I expected.

  6. He can’t be worse than William totally impossible there is a lot of talent in this player believe Arteta can get the best out of him by playing him in his best position!

  7. I for one, am excited by this. Arteta attacking the market early on and wasting no time. Hopefully all the oncomings are sorted before pre season commences and then we can focus on the outgoings.

  8. Wow, what a terrible fookin signing.

    So Chelsea bought him for 70 million pounds after he scored like 20 goals in the Bundesliga.

    He played 3 failed seasons in the PL where didn’t manage to score 10 goals in any of his seasons but somehow Edu thinks he’s worth 65 million pounds now?

    Does anyone here think we’ll get 60 million pounds for Nico Pepe? No? Because that’s the equivalent of whats happening right now.

    Edu is showing terrible eye for value once again. And this 65 million is off our already limited budget, no matter how Havertz will fare.

    Again, its not the player itself. Its the money paid and total ignorance of the players surroundings (contract, form, players history, Chelseas current state)

    1. I’m not surprised about it. I lost all faith in Edu when he paid 12m for jorginho. A player with less than 6months in his contract and had indicated he would leave Chelsea on free transfer. Considering we tore up our players’ contract in similar situations. Even go as far as paid some to leave.

  9. Source: ESPN

    James Olley, Senior Writer, ESPN FC
    Jun 21, 2023, 08:50 AM ET
    Arsenal have agreed a deal worth up to £67.5 million ($85.8m) to sign Chelsea forward Kai Havertz, sources have told ESPN.

    Talks progressed quickly on Wednesday on a deal which Chelsea have indicated is worth £62.5m ($79.4m) plus a further £5m ($6.3m) in performance-related add-ons.

  10. I will rather retain pepe than pay such exhortation crazy amount for Kai.

    Arteta wants to be like Gadiola, he will pay whatever amount for a player he wants. But arsenal is not a sugar daddy club.

  11. I’m quite excited about this, I liked him before he moved to Chelsea and I found it very funny they were playing him as a striker. I seen him as an AM/M which is where I see him playing for us. In a dire situation he maybe played as a striker, but I doubt that will be required. I can also see us play 4-1 up front with Jesus striker two AM’s of ode and havertz with sake and Marintelli on the flanks. With rice behind, essentially havertz playing xhaxa position but pushing slightly higher. Exciting!

    1. I think he’ll surprise a lot of the negative “don’t want him anywhere near my club”, “Chelsea reject” mob here on JA.

  12. I would imagine that Xhaka will leave immediately now that we have his replacement. Havertz’s Chelsea stats are not exciting, but he was their top PL scorer & highest chance creator, good at ball winning and is a serious aerial threat. I suppose he’ll share the role with ESR.
    Welcome Kai.

  13. We are in 2023 and people still go on about Stats? Any given stat out of context / in isolation always misleads.
    It’s the same as cut and put together YouTube video clips of any given player. They make any player look good the majority if the time due to biased positive spin the clip is made for..

    I am just underwhelmed by the figures we are being rumoured to be bid for players I class as “okay players”. But may be that’s why I am not a manager or DoF..

    But we will see..

    1. What are you on about !
      clubs use stats to scout players, Data analytics .
      Klopp as used this system to gather pressing stats for players to fit his system ,so yes it is 2023 and one of the worlds best managers uses stats .

  14. Totally underwhelming. I really dont get why we are WASTING £65 mil on him. Not getting my pulse waiting. I wonder WHO is pushing for this transfer and why?

  15. Bad news arsenal just agreed 65m + add on for Chelsea flop.

    Now, westham will not reduce a penny from their 100m asking price for average Rice.

  16. With his signing, it places question marks on the roles ESR and Trossard will be playing for Arsenal next season.

    1. Hardly. ESR is backup to ode, saka and also now Kai, trossard is a winger so no impact on Kai who will be a 8/9/10

      Be excited this is a central player who won’t be an out and out striker like he was at Chelsea we will use him totally differently

  17. Every professional Club uses stats to identify potential signings ,but rarely, if ever will they recruit a player without watching him in the flesh particularly when big bucks are at risk.Brighton who have proved to be highly efficient in terms of recruitment from South America and elsewhere have representatives who scrutinise all aspects of the player under review as part of an evaluation process which includes a recommendation after scouting has taken place.

  18. I hear he’s Xhaka’s replacement. Can he cover for Zinkenko.
    In whatever position you want this guy play, I assure you he will flop. He’s only good coming off the bench.

  19. I can see why Arteta wants him as he has very good pressing numbers and does the defensive side well ,but if your paying that much money for a attcking player that has very poor numbers and in a position that we have smith Rowe ,Trossard ,and Martinelli it doesn’t make much sense to me atleast ,I’ve seen him play a lot over his time at Chelsea and he’s very rarely stood out for me .
    Strange one but maybe the Arteta sees something special in him .

    1. If he is going to play striker, i am lost for words. If he isn’t, we need someone who can replace Jesus.

  20. OK so we need a striker but he is not that striker. He is not coming in to score goals but is coming in to assist. But his assist stats are nothing to write home about. Watched him play for Germany the other night and his performance was extremely average !!Chelsea must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  21. Just to point out the obvious…

    If he turns out to be a failure (another Pepe) at a cost of around £70m, there will be uproar and disgust among the fans. MA and Edu should be sacked.

    If he turns out to be the best signing MA and Edu have ever made, they should be congratulated and given some slack from the fans.

    Either way, it’s a massive gamble on someone who’s stats do not impress or boast of a star player. Are we as a club in a position to take such gambles after only just returning to CL football after so longbeing out owf it?

  22. Lol… as I said in one of my comments don’t believe the stats, but seeing this article shows stats then I assumed it was an article about Stats. Hence why I put in the stats.

    People can be so picky these days.

    Anyway, I’ve seen Havertz play on TV and in the flesh on many occasions so the accusations of being an armchair fan is quite unwarranted as I go home and away as well as to games where I am offered tickets that don’t include Arsenal.

    I have seen with my own eyes how underwhelming this signing is and if he is replacing Xhaka, then we all will be in for a nasty shock as he does not offer the application or work rate that Xhaka does.

    I think a message earlier today from many of my Chelski friends that can be published on this platform sums up this transfer.

    “What is it with you Gooners buying all our sh!t?”

    They appear more gutted to be losing Kovacic for 30 million than Havertz

    1. This is my worry NB ,as I’ve said a few times on here my old chap is a Chelsea supporter so Sunday dinners going around my parents place turns into having to watch Chelsea and having a few beers if they are playing on a Sunday ,not impressed with any game I’ve seen him play ,and as never stood out for me .
      Not sure where we have got to the point where he’s worth 65 million especially when we have smith Rowe who seems to have not got a chance ,but that seem par for the course regarding Arteta and players he has t signed

      1. Here is a stat.

        Pepe, record transfer… smashing it up in the French league.

        Havertz, 10 million less than our record transfer. He can’t score, tackle or assist. Nobody knows what his strongest position is and where he will play and is obviously ill suited for the EPL?

        Rice, West Ham can demand more than the 100 million they wanted from us now if we are paying 65 million for the above, so there shouldnt be any complaints to match that if we are paying this.

        I hope MA has an ace up his sleeve on this one, because I thought Jorginho was bad and I am still not convinced as he hasn’t done anything except hit Martinez’s head.

        THIS COULD BE A VERY EXPENSIVE SQUAD PLAYER, and let’s face it… Money doesn’t grow on Arsenal trees.

  23. Leaving aside the matter of often VERY misleading stats, I have huge foreboding about this transfer that now look virtually completed, all but!
    This one is on MA and for the money Haverts costs this is IMO, a big gamble and so it had better prove succesful or else MA will come under great pressure .

    As a a well known supporter of MA as a coach, as a man manager and as someone who has given our club and team back badly missing direction and a set of important dressing room principles, I do NEVERTHELESS, state that his ins and outs , taken as a whole, are a CURATES EGG, meaning good in parts And good in parts means of course that some parts are bad; Viera, Tavares, Lokonga, re signing Elneny(a ridiculous mistake IMO) and NOW the massive risk on HAVERTZ, A PLAYER I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT TO BE REMOTELY ON OUR RADAR, til these rumours started.

    Its on MA now and he will prove we HAVERTZ doubters either right,OR , as I pray, very wrong indeed, Time alone will tell !

  24. Absolutely love it..him in Xhaka role guaranteed 18 goals…also height dimension is a plus

  25. I don’t think he’s a bad player at all, I just don’t see where he fits in our team – he’s not a great cf and he’s nothing like xhaka (and I can only imagine rice playing xhaka’s role, if he’s signed), and I can’t see us with 5 players who are much more talented in attack than in defence, as that seems too unbalanced.
    It’s also a big gamble, as others have said – a lot of money for a player who was very highly rated a couple of years ago, but has seen his reputation drop gradually since he joined Chelsea.
    At the same time, if arteta is as keen as it seems he is, there must be something behind it. It likely signals a major change in the way we will play next season.

  26. Let’s exercise patient to see how it will pan out when the new season begins. And Havertz starts to play for Arsenal.
    For, he could in the course of time during next season’s campaign turns out a great signing by Arteta’s coached Arsenal team. One thing that I think is certain of Havertz is he is not a Chelsea reject. As Arteta wants him and Edu pursued his signing for Arsenal to a successful conclusion for the club.
    My only reservation of his signing by Arsenal is the £65m plus which Arsenal reportedly paid Chelsea to acquire him. However, if he turns out to Justify that price tag with great performance for Arsenal next season that matched the huge £65m plus that Arsenal paid to sign him. And even surpass it with excellent performances in matches for Arsenal throughout next season. There won be any problem arising from his signing by Arsenal this summer.
    And hopefully, Arsenal will get all their 4 incoming targets this summer over the line. After having got Havertz deal done. It remains for them to also get that of Rice done over the line as well. So also are their deals to sign Lavia and Timber.

  27. Signing Havertz is a big call by the gaffer, but he has have me totally beaten with Ramsdale.
    He has look like a genius with the signing of the Citizens boys and it was a master stroke playing Xhaka further up the park.

    The gaffer has shown he will make a mistake or two with incomings like Vieira and Lonkango.

    But a mistake with Havertz at £65 mill and rising could jerk the dial massively,

  28. Havertz provides good aerial prowess in the front line. Combined with Ramsdale’s telegraphic long balls and Havertz’s first touch can lead to some interesting tactic changes during yge game. Also’ if Arsenal can get Rice, then with Havertz, Arsenal can mount effective aerial threats from set pieces too. So it could work.

  29. If Havertz is taking the role of Xhaka, it is understandable. Otherwise paying 65 million for a squad player doesnt make much sense. That said, welcome to the Arsenal, Havertz, hope you have lot of success here, on a personal level and on a team level.

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