Ornstein confirms that Arsenal’s clearout begins – new centre-back incoming?

Arsenal fans have been very happy to hear that the Gunners have completed the signings of Pepe, Saliba, Ceballos and Martinelli, with more arrivals promised imminently, but we can’t carry on bringing players in without seeing some of the current squad being moved out.

But now we are running out of time and the departures will need rushing through, and according to Ornstein our first two departures are likely to be centre-backs (or first three if we include Bielik joining Charlton) which surely must mean we are close to bring in a top centre-back replacement.

Of course we all knew that Koscielny simply has to go after his act of treason by refusing to go on our pre-season tour, and according to Ornstein talks have now begun in earnest to get him transferred to France, which is his wish anyway. Ornstein tweeted…..

I am sure that this is now inevitable, but Ornstein’s second predicted departure is Shkrodan Mustafi, which is the one that the fans really want, but the German doesn’t seem so keen to go…..

So if Bieik, Koscielny and Mustafi are all unloaded, then it is inevitable that Arsenal will desperately need a new centre-back, especially after our terrible glut of injuries and suspensions to our defenders last season. This is one arrival I am desperae to see happen…

Sam P


  1. Durand says:

    Mustafi has no future at Arsenal, even he has to know this. Wonder why he reportedly wants to stay, his wages?

    Glad to see the back of Kos too and his shameful behavior. Brought it all on himself and tarnished his legacy at Arsenal.

    Fingers crossed for new CB; haven’t seen much on who club is targeting other than Rugani.

    1. Pri says:

      Sanllehi is meeting with Barca management tomorrow during the game to discuss possibility of bringing Umtiti on loan with option to buy. Worries me because he is highly injury-prone.

      1. Mide says:

        I rate highly this tall CB at wolves. Cant recall his name but the guy is so calm on the ball and strong in the challenges too. May go for £40-50m.

        1. nikkogunners says:

          He is called Willy Boly, from France 27 years. But with the window about to shut wolves would demand an arm and a leg and play hard ball but if Boly came, He is one to rank with the likes of van Dijk. He could make us champions, even invincibles just like Sol Campbell did

    2. SensibleStan says:

      Anyone else see the post online comparing mustafi’s stats and Maguire?

      Now I’m expecting replies saying, stats arn’t anything to go by….thats why clubs these employ full time staticians, Of course fans know more then the people running the clubs right….

      1. Durand says:

        Then why bother with scouts if you believe stats tell the whole story? How about decision making? Situational awareness? Focus?

        Mhki had good stats in Bundesliga, but garbage with 2 PL teams. Xhaka had great stats too, plenty others to name. Stats have their place, but they aren’t the end all.

        Wenger always stressed the “eye test” I’d say he had a highly successful career.

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Got to say Stan, I go on what I see on the pitch and not what the computer tells me about statistics. Seriously, have you ever seen Mustafi play, how he stands with arms raised, rooted to the spot and lets the forward run behind him and then blames either the keeper or his fellow defenders when the forward scores. If I was you mate I’d drop the Sensible

      3. jon fox says:

        Sensible Stan, What truly “sensible” fans understand is that whilst stats have their place and can in some situations be useful, a far wider view of many other factors which stats cannot even begin to properly indicate are more important than just stats on their own. Otherwise why have scouts at all? Just buy players by studying stats! One example which shows the absurdity of being over reliant on stats alone, was the constant presence of snail Merts in the best PREM wide passing percentage stats,year after year. What those stats DON’T show is that most of his passes were short ones made to Kos or his fellow CB and well inside his own half, when under no opponent pressure at all. In other words a trained monkey could do just as well(and run faster too with even one leg tied behind it’s back!) To sum up then; stats have some use but only fools over rely on them! NOT “SENSIBLE” FANS!

      4. arsenal-steve says:

        Stats measure quantity but not quality.

        1. jon fox says:

          Nicely put!

  2. S.J says:

    Having a feeling we will be signing a block buster Central Defender out of the blue!

  3. gotanidea says:

    It was tweeted four days ago and there is an article about this already

    If both Koscielny and Mustafi leave, there should be a new CB. But the time is very short, so Arsenal have to move faster

    I hope the new CB is not a fringe player like Rugani, but a first team CB from EPL like Dunk, Keane or Tarkowski. Arsenal shouldn’t gamble on a CB from another league, because we have too many failed CBs already

  4. Lenohappy says:

    @gotanidea, this is one of your few comments that I agree with, we shouldn’t gamble on a foreign center back there are so many in the premier league that will really improve us.

    1. RSH says:

      I’m of the same opinion. Who was even the last successful foreign CB we’ve bought? Koscielny, who took time to adapt and bought from lower french league. Besides him, they’ve all ranged from average to poor. When it comes to CB’s I think you stick with EPL experienced ones for the easiest transitions. Maguire was a good buy from United. Problem with Arsenal is they always feel the need to buy foreign instead of domestic. I bet we are only looking abroad instead of in England.

      1. Crispen says:

        What did Kos do?? We should be treating our senior players better. What do the junior players think will happen to them when we dump both our 10 year players like they are the plague??

        1. RSH says:

          Is this a separate question? I wasn’t criticizing Kos. He’s been our best CB post-Invincible era. Though I don’t approve of his recent antics as they aren’t befitting of a club captain and long-time player. Also, Kos is the one forcing the exit. Arsenal aren’t dumping him. He’s dumping us.

          1. Our best CB during the period you have mentioned was Vermaelen…at least he was until Wenger decided he should cover for the incompetent Andre Santos and wrecked his confidence in the process. Koscielny has always been overrated. I will remember him for his worldclass f up that denied us the Carling Cup v Birmingham City.

          2. RSH says:

            I think Verm was pretty overrated myself. Koscienly has turned up in bigger moments and games.

        2. Welbeck says:

          Some people might not agree with Kos because of recent events but what about Ramsey? Giroud was a loyal servant and got used as a makeweight, he never wanted Chelsea. Actually who are the longest serving players at Arsenal now??

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Ramsey and Giroud weren’t good enough for Arsenal. Simple fact.

      2. Mohsan says:

        Problem is English players are over hyped and over priced. The reason we go out of epl and do our shopping is because you can find better value for money. Dun is not world class but an ok defender would you pay £40 million for him. That is the sort of money they will ask for specially when they know we are short on that defensive front plus he is not a ball playing defender so does not fit in with our style of play. You want to become a joke like man u who payed 80 million for avg defender like Maguire lol!

        1. RSH says:

          And yet Maguire will make their defense 10x better than it is. So will Wan Bissaka. Rio Ferdinand money was also seen as crazy. Stones money was seen as crazy (he hasn’t lived up but not a bad buy at all and he’s winning). Sterling was more than worth it. Walker was worth it as well. You laugh at the prices paid yet most of the time they actually turn out quite well. And far better than our decade of scowering fringe foreign clubs for no-names like we like to do.

          1. Mohsan says:

            Let’s see Vidic was way cheaper than Ferdinand n way better so which was the better deal, stone is struggling at city, Walker is good going forward but weak in defense. If you are saying english players have been more success then how about all the foreigner players all these teams bought for half the price of English talent…Henry, Ronaldo, Suarez, Fernando torres..list goes on and on. Well man United payed a lot for luke shaw did he turned their defence out standing. Meet me after the season ends and let’s see who is proved wrong with regards to Maguire remember if I pay 80million for a player then I expect performance on the level of world class player so if he does what Van dyke did for liverpool I will class his transfer as success anything less is a failure. So dont give me excuses when he fails.

          2. RSH says:

            I really dont care whether he succeeds or fails. But the basis of your argument is that English players are overhyped and overpriced. I’m not arguing about the overpriced, which the majority of players are nowadays, but none of the recent big money English transfers have been flops.Your Rio point doesn’t hold. Even if Vidic is considered better, they formed one of the best CB partnerships in EPL, possibly Europe. Walker just won EPL and was a starter. That is called being worth the money. Same with Stones. When you win silverware, the cost of your team becomes irrelevant because you achieved your goal. If United get top 4, they won’t give a hoot how much Maguire cost. You pay what you need to. Pepe also isn’t worth 80mill himself, but if he gets us top 4, his price will never be mentioned again. Point is, you pay the money you need to pay if the player improves your squad. Arsenal’s strategy with CB’s has been horrendous and they rarely try EPL experienced ones. Maybe do that for a change.

      3. Cooptharipper says:

        If you buy English then it’s 80 million pounds when it should’ve Ben 65.

      4. ozziegunner says:

        Maguire at £80 million “a good buy”?

    2. Adeyes says:

      You’ve to consider the outrageous price tag that comes from the EPL. Arsenal cannot do that kind of deals for a CB.

  5. Toby says:

    Holding + Chambers 1 game
    Mavropanos + Sokratis next game

    Perfect, settled. Promote Zech Medley

    during emergency put elneny + xhaka at the back

    1. Topgun86 says:


    2. Chu Ahorlu says:

      Elneny and Xhaka. What u on blood?

    3. jay says:

      fella whatever your on keep it away from me

    4. ACE says:


      Holding is still recovering from his
      ACL tear and will miss the beginning
      of the EPL season.

      Chambers had a fantastic seaon on
      loan @ Fulham playing primarily as a
      DM. Still dont think he is the
      answer @ CB

      Mavro has talent but spends WAY 2
      much time on the treatment table.
      Needs a year out on loan playing
      every week before he can be trusted
      to feature.

      Socratis and Mustafi are essentially
      the same player, both serviceable but
      not good enough to consistently

      I rate Medley but he isnt close to
      being ready to seriously feature 4
      AFC this year. Needs at least a year
      playing on loan in the Championship
      or in Europe.

      El Neny and Xhaka SHOULD NEVER be
      anywhere near the back line. Lol

      Arsenal still need 2 quality CB’s

      1. gooner4life says:

        They should never be anywhere near the Emerites!!!!

      2. Cheadle says:

        ACE You’re the boss man

        Great analysis

        Quality CBs will give us the foundation for a successful season.

        The front-line seems top notch (good for at least 2 seasons)but it wouldn’t hurt to add Zaha then teams would really not relish facing us…. that’s how you load up the points.

        Midfield still short but the defence needs the most urgent repairs for stability.

        Right now the way to minimize conceding is to keep the ball flowing midfield to attack channels but you cant keep that up for 90mins not even City.

        We need top notch defenders to save us points in difficult games.

      3. ozziegunner says:


    5. RSH says:

      Mavropanos needs to be loaned, not starting. Holding and Chambers as starting CB’s gives me low confidence. Sokratis+ Holding would be a better pair. Medley, definitely not ready yet. Mustafi= joke.

  6. KAY Boss says:

    Old news.

  7. Werner says:

    Arsenal must try and get Umtiti on loan from Barcelona. Good business so far. But our defence is the biggest problem

  8. Innit says:

    Coutinho on loan???

  9. Deez says:

    Let’s just get Toby Alderweirld. Or try test Chelsea with a bit for Kurt Zouma. Mustafi has to go, and sokratis got too many fouls in he’s game.

    1. Chris says:

      I’m sure we’re gonna realise in 2/3 years time that letting Bielik go was as bad a mistake as not keeping hold of Aaron Ramsey.

      Cornwall gooner

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Chris, Bielik was heading into the last year of his contract and would not sign if he was not promised first team football.
        What was Arsenal supposed to do; make him a promise of first team football, that they could not possibly keep? Let him play out his contract and leave on a free?
        £9.5 million with a 35% sell on clause for Bielik is good business.

    2. apangu iddi amin says:

      Idont see us doing business with totenham because they are the one causing us problem in hiking the prizes of our targets in order to let us down, so do you think they will accept to sell for us a player?

  10. Break-on-through says:

    I like that we’re looking at future potential as well as filling a need, hopefully it continues and we blitz this transfer window

  11. Timie says:

    My guess, Ruben Diaz

    1. Alee says:

      I would be overthe moon with this signing, i would prefer diop though.

  12. Neil Fitt says:

    Why not a double swoop for Aulderweirld and Rose! (They are already comfortable with each other.Then go back for Tierney when he is fit in January!

    1. Websurfer says:

      Seconded. They could be good signings.

  13. Websurfer says:

    I agree – no foreign player, who should have time to adapt.
    I think we should go for players like Lewis Dunk, Shane Duffy and James Tarkowski. But the time is short, and it would be difficult to get one of these on deadline day. We have to act very soon.

  14. Websurfer says:

    If we don’t get Thierny then I think we should sign Danny Rose. He’s a high quality defender. I do know some people don’t like the idea of signing players from Spurs, but Rose beyond dispute is a very good player and is available in this window.

  15. lol says:

    Please give Mr Dunk a shot.

    Really like to see how a good old-fashion CB would fare in our team

    1. RSH says:

      He’s a lot of money apparently. Arsenal won’t go for him. or anybody domestic probably when they really should.

      1. lol says:

        Then let’s hope any foreign inbetweeners we get won’t turn out like another Mustafi

    2. Mohsan says:

      Problem is English players are over hyped and over priced. The reason we go out of epl and do our shopping is because you can find better value for money. Dun is not world class but an ok defender would you pay £40 million for him. That is the sort of money they will ask for specially when they know we are short on that defensive front plus he is not a ball playing defender so does not fit in with our style of play. You want to become a joke like man u who payed 80 million for avg defender like Maguire lol!

      1. towny254 says:

        We can only sign one more non-English it that is Tireney then it must be English unless we get rid of foreign deadwood

    3. ozziegunner says:

      Isn’t Dunk already being chased by Leicester City for ~£45 million?

  16. Innit says:

    We need a Premier league experienced CB

    The Premier league is more demanding (faster and more physical) than other leagues. It’s very risky getting a foreign player. You may get a Koscielny/Vermaelen or you may get Mustafi/Gabriel/Cygan/Senderos

    1. Diogenes says:

      Unless you get a foreign player who is both fast and physical, like an experienced version of Mavropanos. There are quite a few of them, especially in Ligue 1 – players of Western African descent.

      I mean, Vidic played in the Russian (!) league, but every scout saw his physical potential even if playing against mediocre opposition.

      But for a loan? No, in that case it has to be EPL-proven so he can hit the ground running. And most of those are British.

  17. ken1945 says:

    To date, we have the following players who have left / leaving:

    wellbeck-Cech-Lichstinier-Bielik-Kos-Ramsey-Ospina-Asano as far as I can remember:

    That means we have released the combined salaries of those eight players…so from that point of view, the need to release players isn’t as acute as would first seem.

    We have signed four new players, one of whom has gone straight back to his old club.
    So if we sign Tierney and a CB, we are still three players “light” versus the beginning of the season.

    Of course many of us would like to see the back of players we, as individuals, personally view as “deadwood”, ranging across practically every player on our books!!!

    From the clubs point of view then, there is no need to panic sell and it actually puts them in a strong position when negotiating with other clubs.
    The Kos situation proves that, where The Arsenal are simply refusing to give into the players demands and are ensuring that the club gets what it believes is right for them and not the player.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  18. D b says:

    Get rid of kos and mustafi, get a good center back and give Gary Cahill a year contract…

    1. Mohsan says:

      Gary Cahill??? Are you for real? A finished article and even at his peak an avg defender. Arsenal is not an old age home for all crap players. Why ppl want us to sign Gary Cahill is beyond me. I dont want him to be any way near our club. You are crying for quality and then you ask for Cahill.

  19. Emali says:

    tobby is the best suggestion so far, lets just swallow our pride and go for him

  20. Ryan says:

    Transfer checker on twitter just posted this
    Raul Sanllehi set to meet with Barcelona officials tomorrow. Arsenal want to take Samuel Umtiti on a season long loan with an option to buy for €60million next season
    He been pretty reliable so far got the Maguire deal 3 days before sky so we can all hope might have some truth

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Ryan, I hope you are right and the story about Coutinho was only a smoke screen. Hopefully Umtiti’s good mate Lacazette will have a word in his ear. Also Umtiti has been having disagreements with Barcelona over management of his knee injury and he may be pleased for a change of environment.

  21. towny254 says:

    Wait and See the board have done us very well so far Trust them to get it right

  22. Petit says:

    Blocks – Maguire 18, Mustafi 17
    Interceptions – Maguire 37, Mustafi 58
    Tackles – Maguire 31, Mustafi 62
    Tackles won – Maguire 17, Mustafi 45
    Percentage of tackles won – Maguire 55%, Mustafi 73%
    Clearances – Maguire 152, Mustafi 161
    Headed clearances – Maguire 77, Mustafi 106
    Aerial duels won – Maguire 118, Mustafi 123

    Interesting stats comparing Mustafi to McGuire. Maybe Mustafi isn’t as bad as we are making him out to be, or maybe the stats don’t tell the true picture.

    1. gooner4life says:

      You don’t compare mistakes made by both players is that because Mustafi makes so many no body can count them.

  23. Henry says:

    Nathan Ake should replace Koscielny if not then Tarkoski can do

  24. Austin 3:16 says:

    Amazing stats shows mustafi bettered maguire last season in
    Blocks,interceptions,headers won, tackles,clearance,tackles won and aerial duels won etc…. Probably needs to stay to fight for his place or better yet decent squad player to have behind sokratis and holding…hmmm

  25. Vlajko says:

    Why swallow the pride? Remember Sol Campbell?

  26. Chuma Ikeazor 1 says:

    Let good things continue to happen, the not-so-good ones should stay away. Let the good guys come, the not-so-good ones should go. The “HOUSE” must be cleaned very well for fresh air to be fresh again. Hola Gooners!

  27. ArseOverTit says:

    Ramsey wasn’t good enough for Arsenal someone said above!?;)

    Yeh, only good enough for Juventus who are like it or not a bigger team and club than AFC.

    Watch him fly this season.

    As for Tierney, get it over the bloody line already before we all die of old age!

    Someone must be foolish enough to get Mustafi at a discounted price, which he should be offered at considering his shambolic performances on th field.

  28. Yeancah says:

    I really think what arsenal need is to bring in defenders because we have enough fire power going forward, also we need to offload some players too since they have no positive impact to the team.

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