Ornstein details Arsenal’s “impressive project to potential recruits”

Arsenal have made proposals to ‘very attractive’ players: Ornstein

David Ornstein has told Sky Sports that Arsenal are selling an exciting project to potential signings.

It is believed that the Gunners are trying to put behind a dismal season with strong activity in the transfer market this summer.

Many reports, which was later confirmed by Mikel Arteta himself, already suggested that Arsenal’s plan for the upcoming show window had already been done.

Those plans involved three possibilities: 1) Qualifying for the Champions League via Europa League.

This would have been the easiest and most effective way out for Arsenal’s summer rebuild.

The club would have been able to attract higher profile players due to the charm of Europe’s elite competition. They also would have added finances to make many alterations to the current squad. But it is known to all that Arsenal came short after an insipid defeat to Villarreal in the semis of EL.

2) Qualifying for Europa League via the league.

The North London outfit still would have been able to attract players, but not of the same caliber if they had qualified for Europe’s second tier competition. But being in Europa League would have been better than no continental football at all, in financial terms.

3) Being completely out of Europe was the last possibility and which now looks like the most likely one.

But it is worth pointing out that qualification to the UEFA Conference league would not dramatically increase the North London outfit’s transfer kitty.

Without continental football, it would be extremely difficult to make Arsenal a compelling destination. But if the club has done a good groundwork on their transfer targets, the deficiency of no European football can be covered.

Leicester are a good example of that team. The Foxes gradually improved the quality of the team by selling a project to their prospective players, rather than being an attractive destination who played European football.

Arsenal have no chance but to sell a good project to the players who would have otherwise moved to Champions League clubs. They might also have a slight advantage by being a “big name” across Europe.

Raul Sanllehi, the former Chief Executive of Arsenal, wasn’t exaggerating by any means when he said two years back, “When Arsenal knock on a player’s door, it is a different knock.”

David Ornstein confirmed that Arsenal are indeed selling ‘an impressive project’ to their transfer targets.

“Edu & Arteta are selling an impressive project to potential recruits but many of those players have ambitions to play in the Champions League or at least the Europa League so they are not considering those proposals at this point,” The Athletic writer Ornstein said.

“I know of a number of players Arsenal have made proposals to, very attractive, and they do have a plan to get back into the big time.”

He continued, “I know with Arsenal they [the transfer plans] have already been submitted by Edu and Mikel Arteta to the board of directors and they are very clear in what they want to do.

“Whether they will be able to do it will depend on the finance which is made available by the owners and whether they will be able to attract players.”

That would be a bit of positive news for the Arsenal faithful after what has been an uninspiring campaign. But the reliable journalist did mention the impact no European football next season might have on their operations.

With the addition of Richard Garlick at the boardroom level, Edu will get added support in terms of the piled up contracts at the Emirates Stadium.

Garlick will be expected to shift from first gear to fifth rather quickly as 20 first-team members are either out on loan or have a contract until 2023. All of their futures needs tending to.

This summer can be make or break of Arteta’s career as an Arsenal manager. If they don’t get it right, the simplest way the club will try to steady the ship would be to sack Arteta as soon as it looks like we are wasting another season.

And he could not have any arguments to make if the club do decide to go that way. Because partly it will be down to him not making the best of the squad that he will inherit from the commencement of next season.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Only really good players we can attract will be mercenaries now.

    I can’t think of any other reason why any top players would want to join us now.

    1. Why couldn’t we attract the next tielemans? We are looking for hungry players who want the platform of the EPL to make a name for themselves. Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be in it for the long haul, provided we continued to improve our squad and showed ambition.
      Difficulties in getting these kinds of players are simply 1) identifying the right ones, and 2) competition from teams like Leicester who have a better recent track record. But don’t forget that Brighton bought bissouma, Fulham got Anguissa (not sure the name), Norwich got buendia, and there are plenty more examples of decent signings by lesser clubs than Leicester.

      1. The next Tielemans? Whats great about him?

        You must know Arsenal by now Davi, come now. Any “unknown” prospect we want to buy goes like this:

        – tell the planet we’ve got such a good recruitment team we’ve uncovered an unknown gem
        – player value is relatively low
        – then do nothing and let transfer rumours fly
        – talk about the player again and reaffirm your interest
        – Youtube videos start appearing saying new Arsenal star
        – player value increases
        – do nothing for a bit longer
        – other clubs inrease interest
        – put low bid in in the last week of transfer window based on player original value before we talked them up
        – bid rejected
        – complain about how expensive player is
        – put in last ditch bid 6 hours before window closes and if we get the player we usually end up paying too much

        What do other teams do? Identify relatively unknown players, don’t tslk about it, bid and buy player earlybin the window.

        The way we go about things always increases price so no we will struggle to get any well priced players. Look at Buendia for example, how long has there been talking with no action?

        1. Tielemans would walk into our side surely?
          You’re right about what has happened and unfortunately what will likely happen – just saying there’s nothing stopping us signing quality players if we’re smart about it.
          I’d want us to be looking for the”next buendia” at this point rather than focusing on players who have already raised their value – we’re not in a position to be chasing those players because I couldn’t see us spending 40m on multiple signings, and we need multiple signings

          1. Yes it’s very frustrating the way we go about signing players. If we really identify a player we need just get it done as soon as possible.

            I don’t think Tielemans is bad at all but he’s not fantastic either. I’d take ESR over him any day

        2. Exactly my shout, there is no need looking at players abroad, that will waste our whole transfer period on our scouting system has to receive wisdom. Players like maddison, mahrez, Kante, Robinson, Bowen, eze, lamptey, benrhama, etc were there for team improvement but we preferred wasting time with ones overseas, then end up selling for a transfer, now bissouma, and buendia are linked; that’s when we start playing Russian roulette.

  2. Arsenal is indeed very attractive:Partey left a Champions League club to come to us….Ozil did the same (and he wasn’t a reject)…But if you dont capitalize on this prestige you’ll you will slowly sink in mediocrity……

    1. I believe we were in UCL when Ozil signed and Partey signed for a large fee just after we won the FA Cup and we were very confident of UCL and some even talking up winning the EPL.

      We have none of that now.

  3. Good article. Poor last sentence. Assuming a busy summer, the squad Arteta has at the commencement of next season is not one he has simply “inherited”.

    While perhaps not fully formed in his vision, his fingerprints will be all over the squad and, like you point out, there will be no where to hide if performances go south.

    I’m sure Arteta knows this and here’s hoping the plans they’ve made this summer come to fruition. My money is still on him.

  4. Ornstein stating the bleeding obvious again. This guy’s insider dope is as valid as the made up nonsense by the women’s magazine royal ” insiders”.

    1. I think he just tells us what he is told! Maybe it tells more about the club rather than the journalist. Maybe Arsenal nervously try various things.

  5. More action less talk should be edu and Artetas motto ,we have had 18 months of constant talk how we are moving forward and the great vision Arteta as but I’ve seen nothing at all to suggest what comes out of their mouths to be true .
    Imagine a player we want to sign and he’s just witnessed us getting pummelled for 90mins against Chelsea he must be chomping at the bit to come and join us .
    We all know how the transfer window will go but fans fall for it every season .
    For me it will just be wasting money giving players to Arteta we should be actively searching for a new manager having wasted 3 seasons on 2 bog standard managers ,looks like Stan won’t be happy until he’s driven the club into the ground then he will probably sell up .

    1. Dan, we have been talked to death; now we need Arsenal to “walk the walk” and perform on the football field.
      I’m still waiting to be “very excited”.

  6. I get the frustration, but he took over a fractured, demoralised and badly unbalanced squad. His first full season was the weirdest in football history. I think next season will give us a fairer idea of Arteta’s abilities. And I think he will go on to be a great manager. I’m very excited about the off-season and next season. I think we’ll come banging out of the blocks. I’d much prefer not to be in the Europa Conference, though. I season without the distraction of Europe might just be the best thing in the world for us.

    1. This person doesn’t play Martinelli and Saliba. And then you complain about fractured, demoralised and badly unbalanced squad? What he has done to Saliba and Guendouzi is pure amateurish.

  7. WHAT PROJECT? Project mid table obscurity! I wonder what players will buy into that? Has Willian any mates?

  8. It’s a familiar refrain, same jive talk different manager. Reminds me of the project and hype of moving to the Emirates.

    Waiting for Arteta to say “we’ll buy if player improves the team”

    Kronke’s pull this stunt every year so sorry if I’m not buying what they’re selling. Time to put up or shut up.

  9. The whole thing seems so amateur hour, everyone knows that the only way, without a proper scouting staff, we’re bringing in talent is through the offering of obscene wages and giving assurances about significant minutes

    now of course the EPL will natural draw some who want to ply their trade in what most consider to be the preeminent footballing League and being in London has traditionally been a desired location for many, but it’s likewise incredibly expensive to reside within the city proper and the ramifications of covid have prompted a bit of a rethink for some when it comes to the proposition of big city living

    in a similar negative vain, why would anyone who’s watched even a handful of games, under our current manager, want to jump on this slowly sinking ship that consistently plays unattractive negative football…maybe if you’re an aspiring DM or CB you might see this as a logical destination, if Willian-like assurances were given, but even so this would likely only be the case if you saw this as a logical jumping-off point to something bigger and better

    overall, especially without “real” European football possibilities I see this club as a tough sell under Arteta, which was made even more difficult after his failure to start the rebuilding process at the start of this season and his ill-advised attempt to deploy such naïve tactics instead of playing to the strengths of the very expensive roster at his disposal

  10. I am not quite sure what this article is about! It seems to be nothing more than stating the obvious. I think we all know that nobody of any standing would come to Arsenal unless they got bucket loads of money. This leaves us with trying to find nuggets in the lower leagues. I think you might need a scouting department to find them, so that option might already be a dead-end.
    I just read that Bissouma of Brighton, who I thought we might have made a move for, has already said no, while making eyes at Liverpool.
    Perhaps the dog and pony show Edu and Arteta have devised isn’t as good as they thought.
    It might just be he doesn’t like the smell of Garlick, and that is what turned him off of Arsenal.
    I am also worried who “the boys in the back room” will sell during this window. Who they sell could be more damaging than who they buy!!!
    Seriously though, I have my fingers crossed that we might see common sense prevail, but I shan’t hold my breath

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