Ornstein gives Arsenal fans hope that Szoboszlai is still a target

There have been many rumours linking Arsenal with the Salzburg midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai since the summer, but recently those rumours have been surpassed by many German and English outlets saying that the Hungarian international is actually set to join RB Leipzig in the transfer window on a 5-year deal at a reasonable price of €25m (£22.9m).

But that reported deal is yet to be officially announced, and the Arsenal oracle David Ornstein is unaware that it is in the pipeline, and says that Arsenal are still in the race for the 20 year-old.

Ornstein said in the Ornstein and Chapman podcast: “There have been reports that he has opted to join RB Leipzig, which wouldn’t surprise anybody given the path from Salzburg to Leipzig.

“But personally, I’ve not heard that, and very recently, I’ve heard that Arsenal still are interested in him, but they do have reservations, which is understandable for a player of his age and stage of development.”

So could we still be in with a chance. Szoboszlai has been moted as Arsenal’s main target after the Aouar deal fell through in the summer, and with Arsenal desperately in need of a new creative midfielder, surely it is worth taking a chance on matching Salazburg’s release clause as soon as possible?

Szoboszlai has already managed to score 8 goals and provide 10 assists for Salzburg so far this season, so he surely must be better than anyone we have at the moment…

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  1. I think the club and Manager are overly cautious when it comes to young players, look at Saliba.

    And then you look at Chelsea with Havertz, Pulisic and Werner, all young players brought in and just played, yes they will make mistakes, they are still learning their game but if they have the talent they will come good given time.

    No more of this sign a great young player and loan him out BS, just sign them and play them!

    I cant see us signing DS, I wish we would as I really do believe he is top draw!

  2. No to another CAM, since we’ve got too many players who can play that role. If a World Cup winner and an Real Madrid playmaker like Ozil can only recycle passes like a carousel, what can a young player do?

    Unless he’s good in the air like Bergkamp and has double-lung stamina like Okazaki. Otherwise we’d better get the types of attackers we don’t have

    1. GAI- besides ozil who is clearly done at arsenal, who do we have in the middle of
      The park who can create? Ceballos is on loan and not good good enough.. ESR is interesting but clearly isn’t rated enough to get a chance. I would say this is the largest need in the team

      1. Ceballos just played twice as a CAM at Arsenal and he played very well there. The problem is he’s forced to play as a deep-lying playmaker

        1. He’s not forced. That seems to be where he’s comfortable. He’s not like ozil where he finds that Space between the opponents defense and midfield. He’s not good enough. If he was, Madrid would be using him.

          1. I saw him play very well in that position and it’s been a very long time since Ozil made an incisive through ball. Guendouzi, Elneny and Ceballos made more defense-splitting through balls than Ozil, from the deep midfield area

  3. If we really wanna compete with elites, we can’t be missing out on players like Aouar and szoboszlai.
    We can’t be recruiting pensioners like David luiz, sokratis and willian etc and expect to compete.

      1. I’ve watched some games with Sob and wasn’t impressed. He’s tidy but nothing more. The key thing for me is looking at whether his teammates are always trying to find him. They don’t. I think we have equally good young players already at the club. Just my two pennorth.

  4. Unless Arsenal can get rid of Edu, we are not going to see players like Dominik Szoboszlai and Houssem Aouar join, because Edu, is the one closing the door on these non-brazilian players. Arteta must also trust young talents and give them the opportunity to play. Nobody is perfect,so ,they will make mistakes, but, they have great potential and need time in matches to improve their quality,confidence and experience. Szoboszlai is very skilful creative attacking midfielder that scores goals and provides assist, that Arsenal needs. To have questions about his defensive weakness and not sign him because of that, would be a huge mistake. Once again, Arteta is not focused on the need of the team, which is improving the attack. Arsenal need goals. The fact is Arsenal needs two creative and attacking midfielders.

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