Ornstein promises Arsenal fans many more transfer deals (not Maddison)

The greatest Arsenal oracle around at the moment is the Athletic’s David Ornstein, and he usually seems to be the most knowledgable journalist when it comes to Arsenal transfers every summer.

The Gunners have signed the promising looking pair of 21 year-olds, Lokonga and Tavares, and we have been promised the imminent arrival of Ben White from Brighton.

Understandably, Arsenal fans worry that this could be the end of our transfer business, but Ornstein assures us that we still have a busy time to come ahead. Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “It’s going to be busy at Arsenal until the end of the transfer window.

“They’re still looking for a goalkeeper [and] a number 10 player. We’ve talked many times about Martin Odegaard…

“There have been rumours around James Maddison. That’s [not] one I can see developing. It would be a huge stretch of Arsenal’s finances. I don’t think it’s realistic with Smith Rowe signing a new contract.

“There is reported interested on The Athletic in [Tammy] Abraham from Chelsea as a potential loan option. I don’t know if that would need a departure to facilitate.

“They might need a new right-back if Hector Bellerin leaves. There is [also] an interest in a deep-lying midfield like Ruben Neves like a lot of us have reported.”

So, it seems like there is stoill lots for Arsenal fans to look forward to, but with just two weeks until the Gunners play their season opener, we could see our preparations disruped while waiting for new arrivals.

Fingers crossed we will see some more business very shorthy…

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  1. Wow! Some real specifics from Ornstein then. NOT! Who could have guessed we were linked to his “surprising” new names. Some oracle then. NOT!
    To be serious, I agree that Ornstein is generally in the know but this whole article says nothing at all, as neither has Ornstein on this occasion.
    Which means there is no story, though as so often on JA, one was created out of nothing !

    1. I, Like many others believe Ornstein is drip fed information by people inside the club.
      The very fact he says anything Arsenal wise is news worthy because it is usually what the club want us fans to hear. Now whether that is good or bad is another debate entirely.

  2. Every site is like this, piggybacking off each other and not actually saying anything. Arsenal ‘could, ‘might’, are ‘interested’. It’s extremely lazy journalism if you can call it that at all!

    1. Slates At one time sports journalism was a noble profession which attracted people who could really write and say something of import.
      To regard THIS site as journalism is not correct. I agree and am glad that ordinary fans have a platform on which to air their views but to regard it in any sense as a platform for real sports journalists is very wide of the mark.

      Until such as Ornstein contribute themselves, directly, and are not simply “reported” to have said something, that will remain the case.

      I say this even though a small section of our fans can and do write very well indeed.

        1. When was what? If you mean when was sports journalism a noble profession , it still IS with a small minority of serious and ethical British journos, though not with most of the rest.

          Perhaps you dont read the quality press in Britain, as I do?

          Older press readers can name you many top level journos of both today, the recent past and long ago, but now deceased.

          I expect you are very young, as you have asked that question.

      1. Jon, while agreeing with the thrust of your post, JA has never claimed to be a site for journalists/journalism has it.

        It is a site that allows every view point from any fan who wants to participate in anything to do with The Arsenal… as long as it is done within the framework of said site.

        I’m currently watching our friendly and expect JA to give their opinion at the end and then ask fans for theirs.
        . They also report on anything to do with the club, no matter what it is…. up to each individual to read and comment if he/she so wishes.

        Long may this site continue to flourish and I am waiting with baited breath to see if Xhaka leaves!!!!!

          1. Ad Pat Even IF you are proven right about XHAKA, it will have been no more than just a lucky guess.

            When you first wrote your “he will stay opinion”, no one, not even the club, could have possibly known FOR SURE which way things will go. IMO they still don’t, even today.

            Toss of a coin then PAT , both when you wrote you piece and right now too.
            Gloating is not wise, esp for an Admin, I’d suggest in all seriousness, as It makes you seem immature.

            1. Old? … Yes I am
              Mature? … debatable
              Grown up? Never in a million years!

              Nah! Nah! haha Told you so! lol

          2. Ad Pat,Well now we know! Don’t know how you or any sensible Gooner canpossibly be so happy at the now strong likelihood that XHAKA WILL REMAIN AT OUR CLUB.


  3. Ornstein says
    “Arsenal might sign one or two of the 276 players we have being “linked” to.”
    Really? He is a genius…not.
    You sure his name is not Ornstein but Einstein?
    Well here are some of my amazing predictions.
    Arsenal will sign some players .
    Arsenal will loan some players.
    Arsenal will sell some players.
    Here are some more incredible predictions.
    Arsenal will win some games.
    Arsenal wll draw some games.
    Arsenal will lose some games.
    And the clincher.
    Arsenal will finish somewhere between
    1st and 15th .
    Bet nobody predicted that.

    1. I like that “fairfan”. You describe everything about the Arsenal in one shot. Journalists……….. Yawn yawn yawn
      Arsenal, just get rid of the deadwood, and bring in an experienced number 10 and a number 9 to support Laca.

    1. John this is becoming boring.
      I have not removed any of your posts for quite a while surprisingly, but from my knowledge of PCs, I suggest you empty your “cache” often, and refesh your browser after you add comments…

    2. Ad PAT can you please explain how and why my longer post further up this thread which I posted well before the one line post immediately above THIS post and timed at 11.05, has now reappeared, having initially not appeared, and is timed at 11.14.
      ODD OR WHAT!


      1. Ad PAT plainly does NOT wish to share an explanation for this significant odd timing of my posts. So I have drawn my own conclusions why he has not done so.

        1. AGAIN JON!

          There is HONESTLY nothing happening on JA to cause your delays, and I DID respond and told you what I would do…

          (Or maybe my post was delayed as well)


          1. PAT do you really think I have not already done that!!

            You STILL have not addressed the odd post TIMING issue I MENTIONED, WHERE ONE POST APPEARED, TIMED AT 11.05 but a previously written one initially appeared, then disappeared and finally reappeared, but timed at 11.14.

            Why can you not understand and address the specific point I make? . Please answer that specific point and I’d appreciate if you don’t duck THAT point.

            1. I CAN understand the Question Jon, but i simply CANNOT explain it. I don’t sit here timing 500 comments from everyone all day. I have better things to do.

              Again, all I can do is assure you AGAIN that there is no skullduggery from me or JA causing any glitches. Whether you believe me or not i cannot affect….

  4. So far, a month into the transfer window and 16 days before Brentford, we have addressed non of our main issues –
    1. Signing players that would dramatically improve us
    2. Getting rid of deadwood and cutting our wage bill
    It’s seriously troubling me how we still have Torriera, Willian, Runarsson, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Xhaka, Nketieh/Laca (at least one has to go) in our team.
    The whole Leno (out) and Willock (stay!) has to be sorted as well.
    Sooooo much work to be done i don’t get why we aren’t getting it done already.
    And sign White before he changes his mind!

    1. Perhaps MA doesn’t see your list of “deadwood” in the same way?
      I believe we have been one of the most active PL clubs (if not the most) so far this window, so why not wait until the end of deadline day to see who has come and gone?

    2. Spot on Nivo. So, we are on the sinking titanic; the ship is rocking; waves are getting taller; passengers are getting worried (some are even preparing to jump); the iceberg is fast approaching; and concerned workers are complaining incessantly to the pilot about changing the course. At the same time some amongst us are telling us to keep quiet and just wait for the iceberg to hit….at the end of deadline day.

      1. Hey, I’m thinking you may as well just jump overboard now rather than waiting.

        The way I see it we haven’t even left the port yet and you are a doom-monger!

        1. You were not on my titanic, Admin Pat. You didn’t make the journey. Clearly, you are not reading what your the fans are writing. Nivo’s observations are in fact very real.

          1. Lol I read every comment mate, but I still insist there is 5 weeks until we hit deadline day cum iceberg.

            Lots of time to turn this titanic around mate….

          2. RFrancis, If you are really a regular watcher of how the summer windows work (and widely right across the sport)you would have spotted the FACT that most REAL business is done in the last few frantic days or even hours of the window and far less at this still early stage!


  5. Surprising he did not mention our latest interest Martinez of Inter Milan. Looking forward to the Watford game, lets see if Lokonga gets some minutes.

  6. With number of players we been linked to nobody ever predict where is arsenal heading to this new season.As a fan I know the area of arsenal problems ever before the end of the season so that I can have them play together,and I make sure I get at least 80/100percent interest of the player I want for the next season instead of linking,linking and keep linking till the beginning of a season,then you’ll lose some point at the start of the season had it been you have gotten yourself together it won’t be by doing the right. Imagine just few hours ago arsenal linking up with lautaro Martinez so its just come to there knowledge that a player Martinez can be contacted doing the right thing at the wrong time by this time you should have stop your linking and buying of player/s and they should be playing together and fully settle so that you coaches will have a rest and preparefully well for another season.I will not be surprise if eventually we did not sign Martine or Tammy ,why linking with Martinez when you want Tammy?

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