Ornstein reckons Arsenal may have to sell but who are the candidates?

It is highly likely that Arsenal will need to offload some players before the transfer window shuts, especially if they are to make any further signings.

This was more or less the opinion of credible journalist David Ornstein, who told BBC Radio 5 Live

“I think the Arsenal transfer business after this could be very limited because this will take a significant chunk out of their budget,” “Of course we know they’re still interested in Kieran Tierney of Celtic.

“The clubs need to come to an agreement on the structure of payments if that’s going to happen.

“Arsenal are pretty much at the asking price but not in the structure that Celtic want.

“Many fans and commentators will point out that they need to strengthen in central defence.

“I think Arsenal might need to see some departures now, even if they’re not big-name departures, to free up some finance to allow that to happen.

The question is, who will Arsenal sell?

I think it is safe to say that none of the big-name players will be sold, either because they are integral to the club or no other club is willing to pay the high wages.

So it seems it will be what you would categorise as fringe players.

I think one of the most vulnerable players must be Alex Iwobi, with Gabriel Martinelli, Dani Ceballos and almost certainly Nicolas Pepe joining it is hard to see where he would fit in.

I would also suggest that Nacho Monreal, Calum Chambers, Carl Jenkinson, Mohamed Elneny and Shkodran Mustafi would be sold if a deal can be done and of course, Laurent Koscielny will most likely be jettisoned

It would be ideal if someone like Henrikh Mkhitaryan was shipped out but as with Ozil, his wages are just too high to attract clubs.

So there you have it, in my opinion, the most likely departures will come from Alex Iwobi, Nacho Monreal, Calum Chambers, Carl Jenkinson, Mohamed Elneny, Shkodran Mustafi and Laurent Koscielny.


  1. Iwobi is an excellent squad player. While we are getting excited about what our first 11 might look like with our signing of Pepe, let’s not forget that we still do not have a bench. The quality of your bench wins games. Which is why I’ll like to see another Winger come in so Auba and Laca compete for a spot in our attack while they are flanked by two wide players.

    Ideal Squad :

    Bellerin Sokratis Holding. Tierney

    Torriera Ceballos


    Soares Auba/Laca. Pepe

    Sub: Iwobi, Nelson, Maitland-Niles , Chambers, Mavaporanos, Willock, Kolasinac, Monreal, Mustafi, Martinez, Nketiah

    1. I agree with the writer’s most likely departures list and I hope they keep Iwobi. Iwobi might not be as popular as Ozil/ Mkhitaryan and his playing style is also not as fancy as those aging no 10s, but he contributed more than them last season

      Unlike other right-footed LWs in the squad, Iwobi’s weaker left leg is more adept and his close ball control is better. Those skills make him more unpredictable than Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nelson on the left side

      When an unpopular squad rotation player like Iwobi is more sought-after than the likes of Ozil and Mkhitaryan, we know that other clubs value his potentials and skills highly

  2. Xhaka for me, he should go before even mustafi I believe. He slows down our play, get beat his man and puts unnecessary pressure on the defense.

    1. Agree, because:

      – He cannot use his dead ball talent effectively
      – He wasted a lot of long shots
      – He cannot dictate the tempo like Cazorla
      – He is not visionary and fast thinking enough to produce perfect through balls
      – He can only produce safe forward passes like Jorginho
      – We already have many midfielders that can replace him

  3. Not ideal to have Sokratis in the team. Swap with Chambers or a new CB unless you want to finish games with less players than you started with.

  4. Spot on Declan I know its not ideal but I would rather player Mustafi than Sokratis. Beilek Chambers Holding should be first choice and hopefully one of them excels enough that they can partner Saliba next season. A loan with an option to buy on Rugani wpuld however be the most ideal option

    1. Nah !!!
      Bielik – Chambers – Holding
      is a risky and greenhorns partnerships. Too dangerous for EPL games, but good for few first rounds of FA cup and Carling Cup games.

      As for Iwobi, he is going nowhere. I see 2 of our exciting kids going on loan; and two or more of Holding, Chambers, Jekinson, Asano going permanently.

      My opinion anyway.

      1. Nah, Holding stays as he is still recovering from injury.

        Chambers goes only if Elneny stays, which is possible.

        Jenkinson should go, even if he have to give him for free due to his inflated salary (for a very mediocre RB).

        Xhaka should absolutely go now that Ceballos can partner Torreira as a CM. We can get enough for him and Mustafi combined that we could afford not only Tierney, but also a good CB.

  5. Let’s hope they can move those players on. Monreal is done at this level, Elneny doesn’t offer anything Willock can’t provide, and Mustafi is too error prone.

    As for Iwobi, he has become expendable with Pepe transfer and the youngsters coming up. Would anyone rather see youngsters stagnate because Iwobi continues to get chances?

    He’s a squad player and if we can get good money for him then club has to sell. Question is what could club reasonably get for him? £20 million from a German or Italian club?

    Only thing better than getting Tierney and Pepe would be selling Mustafi, Monreal, Iwobi, and Kos. That would be one hell of a transfer window.

    Club has opportunity to set the foundations for a bright future. Could set the defense for 5-8 years, and ensure the attack is sharp and deadly.

  6. @Declan, I know it’s your opinion but i really don’t get the hype about Chambers, in my humble opinion he should be a bench player at best I will never swap Chambers for sokratis, Sokratis will always be a better defender than Chambers though I agree about Chambers being a Dm but he’s just too slow to be our first choice center back. Am sure iwobi will be here next season because even emery knows that sometimes bench win matches like what iwobi showed against Liverpool last season, if am to choose between myki ozil and iwobi I will choose ozil and then add elneny jekinson koscieny but I will give monreal one more season because we will need his experience and he’s still good as a back up player.

    1. Chambers is overrated.The funny thing is Holding is no better than him but fans consider Holding good enough to start.
      I would’ve thought the match against Wolves(home & away) would’ve opened the eyes of many regarding our CB’s but I guess not

      1. Totally agree. Chambers and Holding are nowhere near the class we need to make us competitive. Problem is, nobody will pay a decent transfer fee for any of them, so we can’t even sell the two and get one good CB.

        1. But if noone will pay a decent fee for both of them what does that say about their quality??However, I believe if Arsenal wanted to sell Chambers we can get more than a decent fee because he’s homegrown and always impresses in his loan spells.Not sure about Holding who is nothing more than overrated at this point

          1. Chambers only makes sense as a homegrown DM-substitute alternative to Elneny. As a CB he was dropped by Fulham. Fulham.
            Not sure if Guendouzi is good enough defensively for a DM spot.

            Both Chambers and Holding suffer from concentration issues, which is not something players usually improve at their age.

            That said, Holding may be a good enough backup for a top 4 team. Not for potential champions for sure, but we’re miles off that.

            I just hope and pray he doesn’t start experimenting with first-time passes again because he’s just horrible at that.

      2. Interesting Kev, I don’t watch live games but I honestly feel Holding is already better than Chambers because:

        He’s young and can improve blah blah, Derby’s POTS when we bought him blah blah, made a greater impact on the team when he arrived.

  7. Poor Zaha..
    Been holding out for a move to His dream club, only to see his fellow countryman take his place.?
    Both are daylight robberies, both ain’t worth the fee but like others said, Pepe is younger.
    I’d love to see us get Everton Please!!
    Please!! Then we can forget about the attack for the next three this four seasons and focus on the defense and midfield.
    Iwobi shouldn’t be sold, he’s the perfect squad player who could add something from the bench.
    Elneny, Mhiki might probably get sold because there’s no way Emery will let Xhaka go, and I didn’t include any defender cuz like icw always stated, the club has no intention of bringing in a CB that’s why Kos is being forced to stay until Saliva returns.
    Now it will change only if we manage to sell Mustafi,Kos, or Sokratis.
    But we all know everyone’s running from Mustafi, Kos is too old, and no one’s interested in our Spartan fighter

  8. The first name should be Ozil. What a waste of our wage structure. Then Mkhi. Then Mustafi and Xhaka.
    First priority is to get rid of the biggest earners that are defrauding us with their p!ss poor performances season after season.

    If the Pepe talk is not April Fools prank in July then wow. Signed 2 players already and 2 more looking promising. OMFG. This can’t be serious.
    WTF ?

    1. Mik,Mustafi, Socratis, Monreal,Kocielney,Jenkinson,Ozil, Zhaka,not necessarily in that order.Chinese market seems alive again and could be the route for Mik and Ozil.In practical terms the first person out the door will probably be Elneny who at £5/10m represents decent value for money.Unfortunately I’m afraid we will be stuck with the majority of the players listed until their contracts expire because they are so mediocre or overpaid.

    2. Operative word here is “SHOULD” be moved on but honestly who is
      going to pay the astronomical wages that Ozil, Miki and Mustafi
      are on? Sadly they will remain Arsenal players unless the club
      decides to loan all three out and eat a healthy portion of there
      weekly wages.

      If there are interested suitors then Xhaka, Iwobi, El Neny,
      Monreal and Jenkinson should be sacrificed and could conceivably
      bring in around $65M to balance the book(MOST LIKELY) or used toward
      a CB addition.

      My dream ending to this window

      N. Pepe
      K. Tierney
      D. Sidibe
      Rugani (loan with OTB)


    3. We can’t get rid of our deadwood because they are on top money so they won’t want to go

  9. If bellerin comes back from injury and we also sign the tierny guy, what will that mean for Maintland Niles, I know some will say he’s not a defender but will you pick Maintland Niles ahead of Ceballos.

  10. I dont know why arsenal is going for pepe. The pepe i saw in the just concluded African nations cup can not command a starting shirt in westham united talk more of arsenal fc. Yes, his work rate is preety much but he is too direct and readable.

    Arsenal fc should be careful not to waste their limited fund in unproven players.

    1. Well who would you suggest then? And please dobt say zaha as he is no better and has chosen led once already in a big team and has a poor goal return.

  11. I dont know why arsenal is going for pepe. The pepe i saw in the just concluded African nations cup can not command a starting shirt in westham united talk more of arsenal fc. Yes, his work rate is preety much but he is too direct and readable.

    Arsenal fc should be careful not to waste their limited fund in unproven players…

  12. I’d say they have a sales target of £70m to £100m. That’s probably between 5-8 players. But who? The only one I’d bet on is Elneny. A clue might be in positions where we have youth coming through – so if Xhaka goes (unlikely imo) that opens up more time for Willock and Guendouzi. If Mhykitarian goes it opens up more time for Nelson and AMN. If Tierney comes in (please God) then that could spell the end of crime fighter Kolasinac as his resale value is probably greater than Montreal.

  13. I would say the majority of the squad should be up for sale, including Auba given he only has 2 years left on his contract. Whatever happens in this transfer window, I just never want to see Ozil, Mustafi, and Xhaka kick another ball in an Arsenal shirt ever again!

  14. Would be a great window if we could get rid of
    Iwobi-offers absolutely nothing not worth a place on the bench either ,3-4 youngsters who can do what he does and better .
    Mustafi -nuff said
    Elneny-never Arsenal quality
    Maybe Monreal if we manage to sign Tierney.
    Would love to see the back of Xhaka but for some odd reason it looks like Emery rates him .

    1. Second most assists in our team last season, but Iwobi offers nothing. Okay. Let’s look at Miki and Ozil’s seasons. They shuld 100% be gone before Iwobi. Miki and Ozil’s assists combined equals Iwobi’s. And we’re only talking about SIX here.

      1. And before I get accused of the usual, I am advocating for Iwobi being a squad/bench player. Not good enough to start, perfectly fine to change the game and have a good enough 15-20 minutes to give us a goal/assist.

        1. The article is about players that could be sold ,so I’ve answered ,ozil and miki won’t be going anywhere so that’s why I didn’t mention them ,as for Iwobi He’s one that could be moved on because Emery if you hadn’t noticed is trying to find a replacement winger ,one that does not trip over his own feet and like I said we have plenty of youngsters who can do we does and they can improve,iwobi won’t so I don t see the point of him being here .the article asked who could be sold iwobi could be one ,even admin used his pic for the article .

          1. Ozil and Mkhi won’t be going anywhere because demand for them at current salaries is almost zero.
            Iwobi,Ozil and Mkhitaryan are nowhere near good enough to continue start for us.Arsenal keep rewarding mediocrity well so we may very well see them in the starting line-up come next season

          2. For clarification, that image was used because was the first one in the file I came across to be honest

          3. Iwobi has not been linked with a single team this summer while Ozil has. And if Emery wanted to ship wingers, again, Miki would be out the door before Iwobi preferably.

      2. Mkhitaryan and Ozil are stealing a living at Arsenal.I guess demand for them at their current salary is almost zero so we have got to find a way to play them.
        Arsenal should find a way to sell both players.Iwobi can also escort them on their way out

    2. Though I’d have Iwobi on the bench for next season I’m not against selling him for good money.
      What I can’t understand is people still rate Ozil and still believe he is the player he used to be.He along with Mustafi,Xhaka,Jenkinson and the like are stealing a living at Arsenal.Cant wait for the day he gets out of our club.He can even take Iwobi along with him.

      1. he can’t shoot ,he can’t pass ,he trips over his own feet ,not very good at tracking back despite what people say .
        So he offers nothing to the team -absolutely nothing !!

    3. Emery rates Xhaka because he is the coach and knows his quality. The judgement of fans is not always the best technically. Fans often magnify small things and ignore the big picture. It is the coach’s duty to objectively assess his players and determine which ones to retain and which ones to sell. Those who are against Xhaka will be greatly disappointed because he isn’t going a anywhere.

  15. Well who would you suggest then? And please dont say zaha as he is no better and has choked once already in a big team and has a poor goal return.

    1. For the price we are signing Pepe for anything other than “Sanchez” like seasons for Arsenal is a failure

      1. Yeah I get you mate, but it’s just the market we live in now unfortunately, and considering we bid 93 mill on lemar last season I’m happy enough to pay 72 mill for pepe in installments!!

        1. More like €80m + €10m.Im not being negative but when you see the player I think we’ve made a big big mistake.
          I don’t buy the hype at all.Probably because of stats

  16. Completely off topic I know but I’m sure all Arsenal Fans across the world were deeply upset after hearing Ryan Shawcross suffered a bad broken leg playing in a pre-season game today.Im sure you will all join me in wishing him a very long and painful recovery.

    1. Ramsey earns mega money with Juve and in the same month Shawcross breaks a leg.

      Someone up there has a sense of humour.

    2. Phil, I am equally sure that we ALL will NOT join you in your spiteful and apparently self revealing wish. Any human who wishes physical harm on any other human, in all seriousness, as your post APPEARS to say, has character problems. I have often posted that I wished Walcott was in the middle of the ocean or anywhere as far from AFC as possible but never wished him physical pain and actual harm. I refuse to seriously believe you actually wish him physical harm, though like most Gooners I share your obvious antipathy to him, but honestly Phil, for your own reputations sake , you would be well advised to issue a clarification of this horrible wish for him. Since I cannot find it in my heart to wish even Kroenke actual physical pain or death , I certainly will not share the fate you,surely mistakenly, have said you wish for merely Shawcross. This is a step too far, as some will surely think it’s for real and you are not that sort of a person , I am nearly certain. Only trying to help, Phil.

      1. Ramsey rejected a call from Shawcross at the time which is why many Stoke fans kind of hated him.
        The other thing is that Shawcross was in tears when he hurt Ramsey but many people ignore that fact
        He also didn’t intend to hurt Ramsey and I’ve watched Shawcross and in general I can say he isn’t as dirty as people make him look.Even Shawcross is nothing compared to Sergio Ramos.I feel very sorry for him and hope he makes a speedy recovery.He’s quite old now and it will be better if he didnt sustain these kind of injuries for the good of his own career

      2. Jon-while I understand what you are saying,and respect your view,I will not be shedding a tear for a player that deliberately went out to hit Ramsey as hard as he could.Did he mean to inflict the damage he did?No I don’t believe he did.But THAT tackle had no place on a football pitch.I blame his Manager as much as the player as there is no doubt Pullis sent his players out to rough all Arsenal players up.He did this EVERY SINGLE GAME.Remember Arnoutvich (wrong spelling but can’t be arsed to look it up) taking out Sagna with a deliberate shove after the ball had gone out of play? Typical Pullis.Typical Stoke City.
        I honestly hope Shawcross is out for 15 months like Ramsey was.If he never played again it would be even better,because THAT tackle could just have ended Ramsey’s career.

        1. I was there when Ryan Shawcross snapped Aaron Ramseys leg in half. I heard the crack of Ramseys leg from the bench. I heard the screaming. Stoke manager Tony Pulis absolutely despised Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, hated the way he played. All week I had never seen a manager so desperate to win a game of football, it was bordering on out of control. It was just horrendous. I distinctly remember Wenger turning around in the technical area absolutely horrified by it. The first person he looked at when he turned around was me on the bench because I was in line with him. Even though it wasnt me who broke his leg, I was on that bench, part of that team. Wenger gave me this look of complete and utter disappointment, the kind of look your dad gives you when youve messed up, when hes gone beyond anger. In that moment, I thought I dont want to be here, I dont want to play like this and I dont want to be a part of it. – Dave Kitson

        2. Phil, all fair comment until your final sentence. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I have said my piece so if you still want vengeance then you will reap in life what you sow. At your age you should long ago have learned that at least. Most of us, me included, are tempted by horrible thoughts at times but those with morals and a brain resist them in general. Your loss if you choose not to resist.

          1. Jon Fox, will you call it wrong for me to wish the same tackles given by our players to the opposition on our players??I’m asking because that seems to be the logic here.I remember a dangerous tackle from Wilshere on Jermaine Pennant in the 10/11 season that could have also caused him a serious injury.Why didn’t fans apply the same logic and hope the same was done to Wilshere in the match??Or is the tackle only bad of it results in a player’s leg breaking?It’s so disgusting to think the same tackle many criticized Shawcross for was being wished on him.From now on I’ll be watching to see which dangerous tackle will be coming in from an Arsenal player and I’ll then see the narrative unless the consensus is that the tackle is only dangerous when it results in a player’s leg being broken.

      3. How is wishing for someone to be in the middle of the ocean any better lol? They would be psychologically tortured by that and probably die, but that’s fine because there’s no physical violence \ pain? Makes no sense… YOU dont get to be everyone’s moral compass or to judge someone elses for being different to yours.

      4. Jon, what a hypocrite you are sir.

        Have you forgotten your stated wish that you wanted Arsene Wenger to have an accident that would force him out of The Arsenal?
        I do hope you are not going to deny this Jon, so what makes you different to Phil?

        As for Shawcross, I say “what comes around” etc.

        What would be justice would be he suffers the same time out of the game, the same painful recovery period and then have “fans” turn on him as he recovered.

        1. KEN I WILL NOT DIGNIFY THIS SLUR WITH A SERIOUS REBUTTAL SAVE TO SAY THAT WE ARE IN REAL DANGER OF REGRESSING TO OUR PREVIOUS FEUD. You may care to read my reply to you on the Zaha article, which follows this thread. As for me being a hypocrite , of course I am and so are you and all normal people everywhere. It is a crucial part of the human condition we all share, as I have often said on this site. I could, but choose not to, list many hypocritical comments of yours(and many other folk too whose comments I read regularly). I am honest enough to admit being a hypocrite. Are you? After all being foolish in judgement is IMO far more of a “crime” than mere common everyday hypocrisy!

  17. Why do ppl jump on iwobi easily each time. They want a player out my bet come this season is iwobi nailing the lw pepe rw with auba central

    1. Don’t think so PAL.Not only will he not make the starting eleven he will have a figh5 on his hands to make the bench

  18. Sell these duds:Kos,Jecks,Iwobi,Mikhi,Ozil,Mustafi,Monreal,Xhaka,Chambers,Elnney,Lacazette a complete 11.

  19. I thought exactly the same kev about Shawcross, he’s not has bad as people make him out to be and I also remember he was crying that day, though I never really like him as a player but I will never wish him bad. Get well soon Shawcross.

    1. @Leno-I will respect your view.You obviously have more compassion for the player than I do and I have no issue with someone having a different opinion.
      I was at the ground that game and the sound was heard in the Away end over half a pitch length away from the incident.THAT tackle,in my opinion, was an assault by one professional footballer on another.Players were openly sickened by the extent of the injury.And yes Shawcross was in tears.But does that make it forgivable?Not in my book it doesn’t.
      Getting out of the Shithouse that is Stoke is never easy and we in the car tuned in to the local radio station on the way out while stuck in traffic.Supporters were ringing in suggesting Ramsey was too weak to withstand what they described as a good old fashion tackle.That sums those scum up.Hate the Team.Hate their supporters.Hate Shawcross.And in my mind if he never played again it would be poetic justice.

        1. I always blamed Tony Pulis for that incident, because it was well known at the time that he incited the overly aggressive behaviour to kick the Arsenal players. “They don’t like it up ’em.”

    2. Simply put,why would any fan call Shawcross dirty and then wish the same on him and call themselves better people?Even if Shawcross meant it which he didnt I still wouldn’t wish the same on him because it even makes me just as bad.Everyone can have their opinion but one thing I know for sure is that there are far more important things than just kicking a mere ball and I know for sure that being a decent human which is part of a person’s legacy is far more important than uncontrollable hatred for another

      1. Well Kev-If there’s far more important things than kicking a ball,Aaron Ramsey COULD have what was left of his career to find out do you not believe?Same as Taylor at Birmingham on Eduardo.Thought he would give him a little taster and finished the player at the top level.Do you condone those sort of actions?
        Let’s just say those who tried to steal off Ozil the other days had actually killed someone.Would you feel that was ok?Same thing.A premeditated assault.
        I say again,if Shawcross never played another game of professional football I would be pleased.And his injury could not have happened to a nicer bloke as far as I’m concerned.

        1. No, I don’t condone such things but I would not wish the same on them.It makes me just as bad as them which is a fact.There is no justification of the tackles that came in from Taylor and Shawcross but wishing the same on both shows that some fans are no better than both players.Its disgusting and sickening to think fans would wish the same on them and the same will look themselves in the mirror and see themselves as classy and better people.Ive seen several Arsenal players over the years give bone crunching tackles that hasn’t yet resulted in any leg being broken.But I wonder the narrative if the same tackles were to be returned to our players.But I guess it’s not that bad until the opposition’s player leg gets broken right??To me it’s disgusting to call myself a decent person and wish Shawcross the same because it contradicts the character of being decent.I wish Shawcross a speedy recovery and hope his career is back on track after he recovers.

      2. Well said kev. I have tried, just as you have, telling Phil not to have vengeance but he will not listen. I now view him in a completely different and poorer light than before. You and I ARE RIGHT AND PHIL IS WRONG, SO VERY WRONG, ON THIS VITAL LIFE PRINCIPLE. Shawcross will of course know nothing of Phils vengeance and all it will do is make Phil a more bitter and less wholesome person. HATE CONSUMES THE HATER MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. He knows this deep down but his hurt pride will not let him publicly admit it. THIS IS A SHAME, AS MOST OF US RESPECT AND EVEN ADMIRE SOMEONE WITH THE GUTS TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG. BUT THE OPPOSITE IS ALSO TRUE, AS WE MANY FANS WHO KNOW ABOUT HOW LIFE WORKS LIFE FULLY REALISE.

        1. Jon Fox, what I don’t get is why don’t the same Arsenal fans wish the same dangerous tackles that Arsenal players give to the opposition on our players??Or are they saying the tackle is only dangerous when it results in someone else’s leg breaking??
          Surely that would have been a more appropriate and unbiased logic since its about equalization rather than justice.Or unless noone here has seen a disgusting tackle from our player?

        2. Now let’s hang on a second here-You are right in your minds.But I am right in mine.First I have @Kev suggesting I am a “ discusting and sickening” because I just happen to have a different view to him.Next I have @Jon Fox who feels that he is a self possessed judge and jury on my differing views.Which coming from someone who has gone to great lengths to to offer character assassinations on a previous manager and both former and existing players.Now I call that “sickening and disgusting”,which is a little contradictory bearing in mind I shared the same views on a certain Mr Wenger.
          So gentlemen,disagree with my views as much as you like but don’t feel for one single second your self righteous views that differ from mine make you both look any better in anyone’s eyes other than your own.

          1. I said it’s disgusting and sickening to think some fans would wish the same on Shawcross.The idea is what disgusts me not you the person else I’d never reply to you or even read your posts

          2. Phil, As my post on judge Jon regarding piously telling others what is wrong in my post above.

            How many times has shawcross broken another player’s leg kev?

            As a stats lover, please let me know and regarding Ramseys refusal…as he has stated, HE bekieved it was deliberate and when have you seen two worst tackles than those mentioned on Ramsey and Eduardo by any Arsenal player.

          3. Ramsey believed it was deliberate but that doesn’t mean it was deliberate.Also Arsenal players in the past gave delivered some dangerous tackles but I guess it’s only that bad only if it breaks a payers leg.Going by the logic employed here fans should also be wishing the same dangerous tackles on our players as we hate opposition players doing the same to ours.

  20. At this level I wouldn’t care if Iwobi leaves. But what I don’t understand is why people make Iwobi appear as our biggest problem,when our underperforming high earners are there for all to see.

  21. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves because neither lille or arsenal have confirmed any agreement is in place.

    Apparently arsenal bidded for someone earlier in the window, and that appeared not to be the case.

    So if the transfer doesnt happen, it doesnt happen. Move on to the next.

    As the headline ‘arsenal bid €80million…’ is not something we associate with arsenal, I will take it all with a pinch of salt until the club mention something critical.

    If this deal, or zaha or Everton or another happens, then the sale list of forwards is still short but the competition is high.
    Ozil, Auba, Laca, Mhkit, Nelson, Eddie, Iwobi and New Signing.

    I expect ozil and Mhkit have another season in them, ESR should go on loan. Sell next season who we need to and for now sell Eleny Jenkinson

  22. I agree with the names put forward but not sure if Arsenal will sell Iwobi because he’s an academy graduate, I think a loan might be more likely or else some youngsters will get loaned.

    I’d prefer to keep CC at the club but I think he could be one of the ones to leave. I would’ve said Kolasinac too only recent events will make him very popular, a trench buddy, if he can be trained better and bring that aggression to field of play then every LCB will want him to his left.

    I would’ve said Kolasinac to be sold and Monreal kept as back up for a season, but not sure now. Emery might like how many chances Kolasinac sets up and then thinking he’ll get better defensive awareness with some more training. I don’t want us to keep Monreal on as a CB option, really really don’t want that.

    Mkhitaryan could be one of the ones on the move, before he came to England he was in demand, I can see someone taking a gamble on him if the price is right.

    1. B-O-T, I am near certain that Iwobi will not be loaned this season and certain he will not be sold. I do not especially rate him but he is far more worth keeping than Ozil and Mkhi, who are both bone idle and conning wages for such little effort.

      1. That is a sickening and discusting view on two players of a club you are supposed to support.What gives you the right to say this?Why Do you feel you are right with this comment?I disagree.So that makes me right and you wrong.Why? Because I said so.
        There-that is how you respond to comments you don’t agree with.Pretty pathetic is it not?For someone who supposedly has such a fine use of the English language you are not that good at offering words that are anything other than a rant.And it’s noticable. how you seem to have appointed yourself all things right at all times.Now Wengers gone you seem to have shifted your angst onto any player who fails to run head first through brick walls.I prefer players who play football.Thetecis a difference.And when mentioning my age earlier it is more than apparent that as football has changed over the decades you still seen stuck in the time-warp of the sixties and seventies.Thankfully I have moved with the game as it has undoubtedly progressed.Try it sometime.There is a new world out there you seem to be missing

      2. Jon, just as certain as you were about Ozil,?

        Funny how this new manager you rate so highly, would have lost you£100 and actually made him captain the other day!!!

        Remind me, did you witness the chants for Ozil when at the Emirates?

  23. If this Pepe deal does happen, and we get in another couple of players for other positions, on top of the business that we done. We also have young players like Saka, Nelson, Niles, Bielik, Medley, Mavro and more. Then I think the fans just need to support the team this season, hold off on that Kroenke demonstration. Bringing in players to help us get back up that table, that part ..after the money is spent, will be up to Emery, Freddie, the players and the other coaches, as well as the fans.

  24. Over the course of the next 2 years sell:

    1. Mustafi
    2. Sokratis
    3. Ozil
    4. Mkhitaryan
    5. Iwobi
    6. Xhaka
    7. Elneny
    8. Jenkinson
    9. Chambers
    10. Asano
    11. Koscielny (he wants to leave)

    1. Winger L
    2. Winger R
    3. CAM
    4. CB
    5. CB
    6. Deep lying CM
    7. RB
    8. LB
    9. DM
    Pepe if true

    Reiss Nelson
    Smith Rowe


  25. Tony Pulis’ Stoke were known for their aggressive style of football and Arsenal had a reputation for ‘not liking it up em’. The match in question was a feisty, ill-tempered affair. Pulis hated Arsene for being able to play attractive football.

    His teams seemed to play that little bit harder against Arsenal and Shawcross has history.

    He broke Jeffer’s ankle in 2007
    He injured Adebayor who was off the field at the time in 2009.
    He broke Ramsey’s leg, unintentionally, in 2010.

    Shawcross certainly is an aggressive player, so if you tackle hard, is it not likely that you or the other player will get injured?

    While I won’t wish injury on him, I think karma has an excellent sense of humour and for this who say he isn’t that kind of player, I say this:

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer lad!!

  26. Think of it more as ….The Shawcross Redemption !……………paid in full !

    Personally I dont wish him any harm, just a long painfull recovery.

  27. I am monitoring the comments now on this thread and ask that when you discuss the totally off-topic Ryan Shawcross broken leg that you try not to insult each other.

    I will also say as a personal opinion that those pleased that Shawcross got a broken leg because of what he did to Ramsey must surely then be pleased if the roles were reversed onto an Arsenal player because I am positive you would not want to be branded hypocrites.

    I mean, when Ian Wright broke the jaw of that Spurs player off the ball, can’t remember his name, will I am sure be just as pleased if that happened to Wright.

    That appears to be your logic here.

    1. It’s not ideal to have ‘an eye for an eye’ mentality but you have to admit it’s the sense of justice being finally done that makes it humourous, well to Arsenal fans anyway.

      Schadenfreude at its best.

      1. I have no issue with any individual having that attitude, that is their own moral issue to deal with. All I am saying is that if you have that attitude then pure logic means you would think exactly the same if it was an Arsenal player in the same situation and I gave a specific example. Now, that I would find strange.

        1. AdminMartin, why do you find it strange?
          If I witnessed any Arsenal player, following his manager’s orders to get stuck in, then commit the kind of horrendous damage caused by such a despicable player (with previous) I would want him out of the club I support and hope that he gets his just desserts in the future.
          Why do you think that is strange?

          1. So Ian Wright breaking the Spurs players jaw off the ball you would have wanted Wright shipped out then? Or would someone breaking Wrights jaw be satisfactory?

          2. Admin Martin,no Arsenal fan who wishes the same on Shawcross will be able to answer your question directly.Its because it will expose their flawed logic.
            We at using the “an eye for an eye” mentality.If Wright could have done that then I guess based on the logic employed here the same should’ve been done to him and it would have been deserved.From what you’re saying I’m confident there could have been worse medical complications for the player other than a broken jaw.They forget he also had a family to take care of

    2. AdMart-I remember Paul Davis broke the jaw of Glen Cockerill of Southampton with an absolute peach of a right hook.This was totally out of character but he got a ban of around 9 games I seem to recall.Cockerill used fascist insults to Davis.Did he get pulled on this by the Football League?I recall that when the facts come out I was pleased Davis reacted as he did.But a broken jaw is not career threatening.What Shawcross and Taylor did to Ramsey and Eduardo were.

        1. So if Spurs player does that to an Arsenal player, lets say Pepe in his fourth game for the club, you would then say ah well, Spurs fans are right to say it was fully deserved?

            1. Come on Dan, you are not the only one, I make one simple request, no personal attacks that is all. It is bloody hard work keeping up with you all, 336 comments in the bin as of now. I know you are all passionate but just do it without personal attacks.

          1. It was a tongue in cheek comment AdMart-hencecthe smiley.Knowing Wrighty he would have taken him out clubbing after the game

  28. No disrespect but of the oldies in this forum, only Jon Fox talks like a truly old man who has vast experience about life and only speaks facts, Phil is the exact opposite

      1. I like reading your comment because of the good content most of the time but it’s not just OK when you can’t accept that it’s wrong to wish a fellow human bad.
        You’re too proud to take correction mister….You can’t always be 100% right.

  29. Lets put it this way……….who did the first damage ?………..Shawcross !…………ok, not wanting him to die, but there`s a thing called ……….Karma !……………..what goes around comes around !

  30. I love this idea please we Gooners fans we are not happy the way things is going on with Arsenal mr Emery we believe in you please help our teem we need better and quality player in Arsenal we know u can do it Please ofload poor players and buy good players Up Gunners

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