Ornstein reveals asking price for Arsenal target

David Ornstein has told Arsenal that it will cost them £30 million to sign Aaron Ramsdale from Sheffield United.

The Gunners have made the England international a new transfer target as they look to bolster their options in that position.

Bernd Leno has been inconsistent for the Gunners in the last year and his long-term future is likely away from the club.

Arsenal is desperate to become a top club again and the Gunners want to sign quality players who can help them achieve that.

Ramsdale has been relegated from the Premier League in the last two seasons, but he is one of the best goalkeepers in England.

He is now set to leave Sheffield United after their relegation from the English top flight.

However, any club that eventually signs him will pay top dollar even if it’s Arsenal.

Ornstein was speaking about his future transfer recently and claimed that the Blades will ask for £30 million, but he insists that signing him would be a good piece of business by the Gunners.

“I think Sheffield United want around £30 million,” Ornstein told Sky Sports. “There will be a little bit of a reluctance, from Arsenal’s perspective, to stretch that far.

“However, he is clearly their number one target, he’s 23-years-old. If you look at his performances, if you speak to people who know goalkeeping… they speak very highly of him”

“I think it would be a welcome signing from a footballing and a character point of view – he’s home-grown as well.

“There’s an alternative option Arsenal could go with as well in Sam Johnstone. But he’s older at 28-year-old – although the fee would be much lower.

“Bernd Leno is under contract until 2023. Whether he wants to leave or not, I’m not sure there’s a market there. I think this would be to compete with Leno, before a potential departure in one or two year’s time.”

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  1. Ornstein reveals. Dear gid I hate this stupid slavish devotion for Oraldene.!
    He reveals?! Yes and so did half a dozen other sources

  2. Should hang up the phone when you hear “£30 million.”

    May need to alert the authorities, sounds like an attempted mugging is in progress.

    I would suggest returning to their “list” as this seems poor business.

    1. Yeah, go for the cheap option as usual. We could of course stick with Leno and hope he doesn’t make too many howlers.

    2. A very good goal keeper, I would sign him for sure.
      It is not about big spending, it is about spending right.
      Paying 72M for Pepe does not make him Messi, though he is a good player regardless.

  3. If Leno is staying put, I don’t understand why we did not sign Ryan on a permanent basis.He is a very capable keeper and impressed me every time he played last season.

    1. Exactly my thought too. The kind of business they do its almost as if they are planning to defraud the club. Since the scandal about the business Raul did with the Pepe deal these big money deals are beginning to scare me. Ryan would hav been sealed for less than 5mil.

      1. Yet a well performing Martinez that won FA was thrown out for £20 million. The Board and MA are definitely not getting it right. Soon they’ll throw away because Chelsea flop Tammy Abraham. We are watching.

  4. Neves at a reported asking price of “£40 mil and now this nonsense of being interested in this vastly over rated keeper at , get this, a ludicrous “£30 mill”!

    Both are too regularly reported to be false rumours, though I pray both are!

    1. Jon, as a person who bases opinion on facts, you shouldn’t be having a caps lock aneurysm over spurious rumours.


        FYI, I choose to EMPHASISE certain phrases and sentences and that is my choice, not yours . Get that?

  5. This clown has relegated his two previous clubs and is now an Arsenal target. Yourself can guess what next. What an insult!! If there are no other goalkeepers in the world 😂😂😆we had better stuck with Mr Mickey mouse than sanction the purchase of such a useless keeper. And did i see 30mil!!! Total rubbish. Hope these are only useless rumours and nothing substantial in them.

  6. Selling homegrown Emi for less than 20 and signing this guy for 30 is absolute defintion of stupidity.

  7. Spot on. I believe there clowns are defrauding KSE. Started with pepe, Willian, Cedric, selling Martinez for a song, etc. Now they want to buy a central defender for more than 50M. He has being playing for a lowly premier league club and can’t even make bench for England. He is not worth more than 20M. Don’t forget they chased Mavropanos away so that they can buy Ben White. Now there is talk of 30M goalkeeper whose speciality is getting teams relegated. They refused to buy Matt Ryan fir approx. 5M. I hope everyone especially the Kronkes see a pattern.

    1. Thank goodness those are your opinions and you are not on the board of the club/ownership. Willian was a sure starter for CFC and was likely to get a 2 year deal, we offered him a 3 year deal. Still he returned 1 goal & 5 assists as compared to the “playmaker” Ozil 1 goal &2 assists in his last “playing” season. Cedric was a backup for either flank, good buisness for a backup. Emi had to be gone to balance the books – remember the non playing player had to be paid his wages of some 18million a year? If you recollect Gary Cahill played for Bolton before becoming a CFC mainstay for some 7 years. John Stones payed for Everton before becoming a MC regular. So please welcom Ben White.Top players start from humble beginings, they just don’t drop from the Reals and Barcas – even there they fight their way up from the reserves. Never look down at any Club, however low they may be. We signed Kos from Lorient and he was a pretty decent player. Matty wanted to be the number 1 choice and not a backup, so he opted out and joined Sociedad. Everyone takes the liberty to belittle our manager when he his hell bound in improving the squad.

    2. Your views on Ben White are harsh in the extreme and display a measure of ignorance concerning the quality of the player.

    3. mate what a load of WAFFLE!!

      Ben White is one of the most sought after English Cb’s right now and has been for a number of years – massive, massive upgrade on Holding – who flaps around like a headless chicken when he needs to pass out from the back.

      Willian was at CFC a key player, they even offered him a new deal for him to stay, if he was deemed to be past it by them at the time they wouldnt have offered him that 2 yr deal in the first place.

      Matt Ryan, he wants regular game time, not to be no2 at a club that only has domestic football to play which limits his potential playing time.

      Ramsdale may have been relegated with 2 clubs, but look how dire those 2 clubs were?
      how you can call him a relegation specialist is beyond me

  8. Sam Johnstone is much better at a lower price. I dont understand what MA and Edu are thinking.

  9. Those who keep saying Matt Ryan, are you sure he refused to be the second choice after Leno? Again to thise blaming Ramsdale as having the specialty to relegate the teams, Emi Buendia whom everyone was crying to buy, wasn’t he part of the team that relegated with Norwich? Remember he is just 23 yrs of age, he still has the future ahead of him. And again people should forget about the mistake in selling Emi Martinez to Villa, this has happened, now the team should look forward to good business. Those suggesting Johnstone, watch very well the way he punches the ball then you will tell me how many goals we can concede with him in the team. If the price is too high I can rather suggest to go for Onana

  10. Look everyone needs to get over Martinez, geeze wtf is it seriously going to achieve by keep bring him up on here?? sod all is what!

    We as fans cant have everything, we want the club to stop going after ” pensioners” at 30

    So we go after young talented players and yet you lot still moan.

    Ramsdale is 23, he is by no means the finished article at all, but i would say as a keeper, he has a larger potential base than what Leno has / had.

    Ruben neves – imo is an upgrade on Xhaka.
    I would take him 100%

    I would say to you all, just be patient, let the club work on getting these players in.

    In regards to transfer fees being mooted etc
    Again we cant have it all, 99% of ppl have wanted the club to spend money, now they are you moan they pay too much, he’s not worth that, all that rubbish.

    Seriously what the hell do you guys want?

    A lot of clubs are strapped for cash, like seriously strapped. So when a club wants one of your players ( when you don’t want to sell ) its going to be for the largest price possible, we would all do the same thing, so don’t lie to yourselves there.

    Yes 30m for Ramsdale seems a bit much but as we can see with a lot of players we are linked with, like White, Ramsdale, Maddison, even earlier in the window with DCL, all young Englishmen with big futures.

    Taveres and Lokonga are both young and talented and will add strength in depth.

  11. Truth be told arteta style is problematic..

    We know he play his first choice keeper in all competitions.. For all I know he wants to be pep, by all means necessary.

    So Ryan see this knows his time will be very limited..

    Selling Martinez for 20,buying an unknown for 30 million. Hmmm

    For those blaming Martinez.. Personally watching from TV and few games, i saw his potential after his loan move to Charlton.. Martinez was ready since Wenger era.. But Once areta make up his mind, its sealed.. Arteta you may be a brilliant coach, your too new to be this obstinate.. Learn to be flexible Mr

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