Ornstein reveals Aston Villa bid for Smith-Rowe has been rejected

Arsenal reject bid for Emile Smith Rowe

Arsenal have rejected an opening offer for their young midfielder Emile Smith Rowe from Aston Villa, according to David Ornstein.

The fee is understood to be around £25m, but clearly Arsenal don’t have any plans of offloading their talented playmaker.

The 20-year-old was a regular fixture in the squad after making his breakthrough in a 3-1 win against London rivals Chelsea on Boxing Day last season.

The England under 21 international finished the season with an impressive four goals and seven assists. His prominence led to Arsenal opening talks with the player’s camp regarding a new deal.

Smith-Rowe’s current deal only runs up until the summer of 2023. Even though it has been months since the talks started, Arsenal and Smith-Rowe have not yet reached an agreement.

However, reports have already suggested that there is confidence at London Colney that a contract extension until 2026 can be wrapped up imminently.

Aston Villa, who finished 11th in the Premier League, have already spent huge bucks on players since getting promoted to the Premier League.

The Claret and Blues have already beaten Arsenal to the signature of sort after midfielder Emi Buendia.

In Smith Rowe’s case, it is still unclear whether they come back with an improved bid.

But it is an indication of the ambition of the club’s owners, a case which cannot be compared to the owners of Arsenal, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

With a meagre bid of around £25m, Arsenal fans can come up with their very own: ‘What are they smoking at Villa Park?’

Yash Bisht


  1. Aston Villa think they can just bid for any player they want. Smith Rowe is not for sale at any price. Arsenal should show ambition for once by buying top players this window. We need to sell the players that are surplus to requirement and buy Top quality players ASAP.

    1. Cmon skills – it’s not like we aren’t doing exactly the same thing. We are getting comments of “insulting” for some of the speculative offers we are making for players.

      1. @ guy, you are right. I just want us to do the right thing as a club and bring in top quality players. Arsenal should pay the right amount for top quality players. We need a team that can compete for the League title next season.

  2. OT Brighton reject £40m bid from Arsenal for Ben white. Talks ongoing. Arsenal expected to go back in. #Darmesh Shesh #skysports

    That offer is more than fair, we should end our Interest right there

    1. ‘Expected to go back in’…… with £1? 😄
      You’re right – 40m should be ample! Can’t imagine we’ll offer much more.

      And what about James Maddison! Where the hell have those rumours come from??

      1. @ Sue, the suarez deal still comes to mind. I hope Arteta and Edu bring in the right players that can make us contenders next season.

        1. @ 03 gooner,

          Madison, Grealish and Sterling, who do you prefer?

          We need to score more goals.
          I would want a situation where we pay 50m pounds for Sterling and get Odegaard on another loan deal from Madrid.



          1. @skills1000 can’t see us getting any of them but in an ideal world I would like grealish personally but would be almost impossible to sign at £80-100m. I think maddison would be the more realistic signing at £50-60m, not really keen on sterling tbh.
            In: onana(gk) Romero(back up gk) mazroui(rb) white(cb) duig(lb) lokonga(dm) locotelli(cm) perreira(am) Andre silva(ST)

    2. Fancy that! I thought that big transfer fees were going to be a thing of the past – depending on who you listen to. £40 million not enough!

      I wonder how that would impact the ins and outs then

      1. SueP, the official bids for lokonga and white plus the maddison interest makes me think arteta and edu must be confident of offloading a lot of players to raise big funds

        1. We’ve set a 7m asking price for Mavropanos and are in advanced talks with Stuttgart apparently…

          1. Very disappointed to hear that news sue, for me, dinos has all attributes to be a top quality cb, although he picks up a few injuries. On the positive side maybe that indicates saliba will be part of the first team. We can only hope eh?

          2. Yes, he’s a unit alright – good luck to him. I’ve not seen Saliba’s name on the for sale list, so yay, will be good to see him given a chance!!

        2. 03 gooner
          For all the negativity surrounding Arteta and Edu then all the latest news coming out today suggests to me at least that they have a plan.

          It maybe good or the exact opposite but it’s obviously a plan

  3. How the mighty have fallen. Now even Aston Villa feel emboldened against going head to head with Arsenal on and off the pitch.

    1. Edu is not good
      His specialty is Brazilian and Portuguese players
      The only player he bought for value is Martinelli, aside, he’s brought in Luiz, Willian, Cedrac who are waste of resources. Partey is Arteta player

  4. Can somebody explain to me: why is simply making an offer for a player considered so insulting? All we have to do is refuse, as many clubs are doing to us…

  5. What is at least slightly worrisome, if this article is true, is that a competent club doesn’t put in an initial offer without at least an inkling that the player is interested. Otherwise they just look like amateurs.

  6. if this club had any care or concern for the fanbase, as they so often profess, why wouldn’t they be a tad more transparent about their supposed definitive plans moving forward…some on here talk ad nauseum about how they comprehend Arteta’s tactical vision, which is absolute horsesh**, as I’ve watched every single minute of football this season and I’ve yet to witness anything remotely close to a consistently viable plan…if our base formation is the underwhelming 4-2-3-1, then we better find players who can help facilitate some semblance of a counter-attack, which was overwhelmingly non-existent this season, as this formation is a second tier scheme for teams attempting to avoid relegation without it….if our plan was to use this formation to establish some sort of defensive cohesion and/or accountability, then shift into a more offensive-minded 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1 or even a 3-5-2, during phase 2, then we best be finding recruits that can help facilitate this transition…fact is no one has offered up any real insight into these types of particulars, which usually means those in charge haven’t got a clue…it’s not like other clubs live under a veil of secrecy when it comes to tactics, minus minor adjustments depending on their respective opponents, so why can’t our club engage in a meaningful and enlightening conversation in this regards…maybe then we could understand their specific moves and/or potential interests in specific players…it just makes me worry whenever you have a manager with a propensity to flap his gums yet he never seems to offer-up anything of footballing substance, from a strategic standpoint…seems very disrespectful to those learned fans who have religiously followed this team and this game for so many years…I wonder whom he learned that from? it certainly wasn’t Pep

  7. If Villa want to behave like a banter club then Arsenal should counter with a £15m bid for Grealish.

  8. Can’t Blame Villa for trying, but that was lowball. Throw a few things against the wall and some sticks. And with our management you just never know…

    Perhaps the lowball was fishing to see the response. A fast rejection means “no chance” or a lot more money. I hope that I am mistaken but back-channels may have indicated that there was a chance to move this…

  9. I have read about so many transfer rumors. The one I like is Nabil Fekir. He would be great acquisition. He could keep Tierney company in the treatment room.

    As for ESR, I will repeat my advice to him. Wait and see who Arsenal bring in this summer. If any of the new players threaten your position in the team, then submit a transfer request. Despite what Arteta tells you about playing time next season, the proof will be reflected in who they buy. Your career is short in Football, and if another team (like Villa) really want you, think of yourself!!

    1. When Foden was at his age and Man city bought many players, why he didn’t submit transfer request? sometimes I don’t understand you guys thinking

        1. Yes Pep keeps his word, MA doesn’t.

          Remember MA’s clean slate he promised everyone at the start of last season? That fallacy lasted about 4 days.

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