Ornstein reveals how much Everton will have to pay to land Iwobi

So far we know that Everton has bid £30 Million for Arsenal forward Alex Iwobi, we know that bid was turned down, we know Everton are expected to make another attempt but what we do not know is how much it will take to tempt Arsenal to sell or even if they want to.

Well, step in David Ornstein to bring some clarity.

£40 Million plus then and Ornstein also confirms that Iwobi is not agitating for a move but would go if a deal is agreed.

So the ball is firmly in Everton’s court, they either cough up in excess of £40 Million or Arsenal will not agree to the sale.

If the Toffees did offer the huge £70 Million that has been reported for Zaha then they clearly have the money, it is just a question if they believe that the 23-year-old winger is worth the valuation Arsenal have slapped on the player.

No doubt there will be more to this as the day unfolds and it could go down to the wire depending on how desperate Everton are to get this deal done.


  1. What a dream
    Iwobi to Everton and Ozil to DC.

    Come on Arsenal, if you need a few pennies to pay for their Taxis to the Airport then don’t hesitate to as us.

    Thank you.

    1. If Ozil leaves, this is gonna be the best transfer window for me. Even if Arsenal don’t sign any CB

    2. And the money goes straight to kroenke ‘s pocket, and lacazette and pepe get injured halfway d season and no replacement for them….. Wow I like ur thinking,you would make a good coach, why not apply for the Job when Emery got sacked….

      1. What a silly comment about where the money will go. It will go towards buying a CB, not in Kroenke’s pocket!

        1. Ur thinking is too linear. Do u really think Arsenal’s problems were money all this time? Look how spurs completed the stadium and started spending with in a year? Kreaonke hates spending. It’s not about being self sustaining, it’s about cutting the profit to hi pocket and then letting the rest of the dollars to Arsenal’s pockets… get real!

    3. I pray you’re right about Ozil, but I cannot see it happening. Given his performances, and wages, it would be one of the most surprising transfers of all time…if ANY club signed him!

  2. Will be sad to see him go, but if Everton bid 40mill for him that is impossible to pass up. Shame it takes this for us fans to realize what Iwobi brought. And clearly the rest of the league sees the value in Iwobi. Nobody would bid close to that much for our actual deadwood, so this really ends the debate that Iwobi is not good enough for the club. It’s Mustafi, Ozil, Miki, Elneny who are not, and whose transfer fees are low and Arsenal are much more desperate to get rid of. This money will go a long ways towards hopefully completing a deal for a CB and getting Tierney in. On the other hand, when we was the last time we actually sold any of our players for this much money??? Arsenal producing players other clubs want. Been a while!

    1. Spot on about the lack of interests in Ozil. I hope Phillip reads your comment and wakes up from his imaginary world

      Regarding your last sentence, we sold Walcott and the Ox for almost 60 M

      1. Phil can only resort to name-calling when I mention the truth about a certain player, so I won’t be engaging with him. And yes, forgot that we actually sold Theo for a decent amount of money. Ox for 30mill was also a great piece of business. This will have to be our club transfer record in terms of sales if it goes though?

      2. I’m awake PAL- I’m still working out how I can perform an inverted dribble without it running down my dead leg.

        1. Ha, very funny. Iwobi just never got his chance as an inverted midfielder or a reverse no.10, that’s all. Perhaps if he played as a false LB he would shine.

    2. Rest of the league? Think you mean Everton.

      Missed the part about Wolves, Newcastle, and other PL teams bidding.

      Iwobi open to move because he knows his spot on bench being challenged. He can start with Everton or ride the bench with Arsenal.

      People love Raul’s business, love Ozil rumored sale, but Raul is suddenly stupid when it comes to Iwobi?

      Raul’s trying to squeeze more from Everton, not saying Iwobi not for sale.

      1. Iwobi has been linked w/ other EPL clubs this summer. Ozil has been linked with Besiktas and DC United (lmao!). And I’m fine with this sale if we get 40mill. But people love the Ozil sale because sane fans realize he is horrible and needs to go, unlike Iwobi who has value and contributes to the team.

        1. Iwobi has not been seriously linked with any club nor has Ozil. This is the first offer for any of them.

          But in Ozil’s case is not his quality, it’s his 350.000 salary. If Ozil and Iwobi had the same salary, every club will rather bid for Ozil than Iwobi, much as his quality slid in the last couple of years.

  3. Omg this really did come from nowhere… now I’m having cold sweats thinking if Everton do come back with a better offer & we turn that down (& the time of this happening is 16.56pm tomorrow) ??

  4. I guess the Toffees liked our Walcott’s performances and decided to get another attacker of our youth products

    After all, Iwobi is one of few EPL right-footed LWs that have adept left leg, along with Pulisic and Zaha

    If Arsenal sell Iwobi, they need to replace him with another inverted LW with decent weaker foot. The only available inverted LWs in EPL with such capability are Zaha and Hudson-Odoi

    1. stop this crap of LW with dead left leg, not every player can use both foot, simple as that. I’m tired of reading these same words from you every time, don’t you get tired bro?

    2. What is your obsession with inverted wingers? i will prefer a direct left footer on the left,someone that that can whip in dangerous crosses to give us width.

    3. I like iwobi, but his shooting skill is average with his right foot, let alone His left. The same with zaha

  5. Anyone know if Iwobi has actually talked to Everton? Interested to know what position they’re thinking of playing him.

  6. ol and yet some football expert on justarsenal said he will end up at brentford, the same thing they said about Ramsey ” Wenger boy” they say, Ramsey will end up in an average team because no serious top team will come for him, the same was said about oxlade chamberlain which if I remember correctly he rejected Chelsea to go to Liverpool, Giroud they say only plays because of wenger now he’s a World Cup winner and an Europa cup winner, thank goodness the fans are not the ones making the decision. I said it in one of the countless iwobi articles that if he will be sold it won’t be less than 40million, the boy clearly have talent only a biased fan will say otherwise the only issue I have with him is his finishing which am very sure he will improve on, am French and have seen some great midfielders, the way iwobi controls the ball and go past players is pure genius,for a 23 year old player who has more assists than zaha is not an easy task, even though last season was his full season as a First team player, I really wish they sell him to Everton and see him play as an attacking midfielder it will bring out the best in him.

    1. You just copied and pasted this from
      The last article it was boring to read then now you want me to read it again !!!

    2. Leno I’m not his biggest fan bit I’ll keep him instead and find a way to shift Mhiki from the team.
      Iwobi can still contribute even if he’s not a starter for us.
      It’s just frustrating that after these years, he still hasn’t improved on his end product.

  7. Goal keeper and I think they want a refund for Walcott (not as described on the tin is the complaint) 😀

  8. 30m … would take 30 quid and an all expenses paid weekend for the team at butlin`s in blackpool … would have thought they`d worked out the ineptitude of wenger`s so-called wingers when they bought the whippet but if we dont sell him at this price and invest in a quality defender we are mental

  9. Wooow, these rumors..! Make it a even 35 and never look back!

    If Iwobi is worth 40 million then Zaha really is worth 70.

  10. ozil and mkhitaryan are stuck with us since their age,wage and the low number of teams using a number 10 has made it difficult to sell either of them. mustafi and xhaka don’t want to leave so we are left with iwobi to sell.
    i am no fan of iwobi but he does contribute more than the other players named above and age makes him a better prospect for buyers. if he doesn’t improve he is still good for everton level and if he improve they can sell him for a profit.

  11. Hallelujah! ? £40M for Iwobi wonders never cease. Now there are rumours about El Neny joining Galatasaray? This is amazing! The deadwood clearout is gonna be lit.

  12. Why is arsenal even considering selling iwobi and keeping mikitaryan. That’s bad business/football decision for me

    1. Read some comments here sometimes and you will understand the basics of transfers.

      Mkhi and Ozil are on salaries which are much higher than their actual worth, so even though teams would still want them, they wouldn’t on their Arsenal salaries, which they have guaranteed for another 2 years.

      A similar situation is Kolasinac, but in his case it was a free transfer and in those cases salaries virtually always compensate for the lack of the transfer fee. Or do you think Ramsey is better than Modric?

  13. I hope this is true he will have improve very well playing in his preferred position which is the midfield, ESPN just siad Everton are preparing 42million for him, this is a player which some “genius “said will not go for more than 10million lol, I can imagine how stupid they look now.

    1. maaaaan if they bid 42million I’ll say let him go, let him go play his dream position.
      Use the money and get Everton Soares as his replacement, young, faster and more tricky than Iwobi

  14. @Dan, I know it is boring for you to read am sorry, but you really don’t have to read it my friend.

  15. If Everton comes in with £40m bid, sell him!

    I think he’s a decent squad player but who wouldn’t want squad player to be sold for 40m?!

    + Fraser will be available for free next summer and probably at cut price deal.

    ++ Jarrod Bowen at 12m could replace Iwobi quite easily IMO

    After all Iwobi is a squad player.

  16. Happy to see all the iwobi lovers become everton fans and leave when he is sold. wishing ozil is also sold and takes his lovers with him. They make justarsenal toxic

      1. F mkhi too, the fact that i didn’t include him is because nobody really care about him. he’s the invisible man.

    1. Let’s see if the fans follow Iwobi out of the Club.When it comes to the choice I doubt too many will start following Everton just because Iwobi has left and fit those that do then simple-F**k Off and good riddance I would say.Do you follow Arsenal Football Club?Obviously not. So
      if you feel your loyalty is with the player and not the Club then you are not an Arsenal fan are you?

  17. Phil, come out of your hiding and react to that. The boy gets destroyed here everyday for bring rubbish, yet arsenal thinks 30million is not enough for him. Now am wondering how much for ozil and kolasinac mediocre players on big wages.

    1. PAL-If those mugs want to pay us more than £30m for Iwobi then why would I argue.The player is worth exactly what any buying Club is prepared to pay.I think it’s fair to describe Everton as very much a second tier team.They are in the small group of Clubs whose aspirations is to get into the Top 6.So exactly how many other Ckubs have bid for him?NONE.How many of the other Top 5 Clubs?NINE.Which to be fair is no surprise.What is a surprise to me is that a Club with the ambitions of improving believe Iwobi can help then do this.They were after Zaha but Palace are not budging.Do they honestly believe Iwobi is as good as Zaha?God knows.But the sooner he is gone the better for me.Tell you something – this site will never be short of the fortunes of Iwobi even if he leaves.I just hope those scouse mugs sign him and we are shot of him for good

  18. I now remember that we offered Sanchez for Sterling and City said we would have to do cash plus Sanchez for the deal to happen. Oh how we all had a good laugh then. Fast forward to today, all is for all to know. Iwobi the same? Maybe we should ask for Keane plus cash from The Toffies.

    1. Arsenal couldn’t finish top 4 with Iwobi contributions from the bench, but he’ll propel Everton and Leicester above us? Stop smoking crack, it’s rotting your brain.

      Walcott miles better than Iwobi if goals matter, and he couldn’t help Everton. Yet somehow Iwobi will?

      Haha, thanks for the laugh, keep them coming.

  19. 30M sounds good to me, if Raul thinks he can and does get 40 i would have to pinch myself,is this really happening.

  20. Regardless of this news, am looking for a man who sold a calculator to my grandma, lying to her that it was a phone

    1. This probably has nothing to do with the article but I have kept it because it made me fall over laughing.

  21. No disrespect to Iwobi, he had been a great servant to our club thus far. Anyhow 30M+ bid is too good to be turn down. If he goes we could promote Nelson or Smith Rowe to a more prominent role this season.

    1. @tardigrade that just the thing .I dont think NElson is as good as Iwobi ,the more i see nelson play the more i get confused about his positional play . I am hopeful for Saka though.
      MArtenelli needs to adapt to this league as we dont need another Ryo Miyachi or Wellingtonkind of player .
      I hope we replace IWobi when his gone . Now get rid of Miki ,Xhaka ,Elneny ,Mustafi and Ozil .

  22. @ gotanidea , so does that mean as soon as Iwobi switches to Everton or any other club you would be following him to support that club.
    Of course I am saying this all your comments circles around Owing rather than Arsenal FC.

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