Ornstein says “done deal” on Mudryk move – But he’s not signed for Chelsea yet, so……

I am completely and utterly flabberghasted by the latest news on Mykhailo Mudryk, with David Ornstein saying that Chelsea have managed to hijack Arsenal’s long-standing negotiations with Shakhtar Donetsk for Mudryk’s signature.

I simply cannot believe that Mudryk himself would agree to go to the other side of London after the months of pro-Arsenal posts he has been putting on social media, so I refuse to give up yet, despite all the evidence.

As you can see from David Prnstein’s post below, Chelsea have agreed terms with Shakhtar, but he makes it clear that nothing is signed yet.

Perhaps this is just a last ditch attempt to get Edu and Arteta to agree to match the price that Chelsea has promised Srna, and I am certain that Mudryk will surely have something to say about this…..

Let’s hope that it is not the “done deal” yet, even though it seems Fabrizio Romano has already confirmed it as well, but he also says that it is NOT a “done deal” until Mudryk has signed…

Fingers crossed!


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  1. Not too surprised to be honest if its true. Chelsea are absolutely desperate and have a ton of cash.

    Does this show we were after a pure mercenary? Surely some kind of viability of the player actually wanting to come to Arsenal should’ve been done.

    1. Am so pissed off with arsenal board, I watched Murdyk highlights, goals, speed, technique etc on YouTube and happy Arsenal are going for him but as usual with Hazzard, Drogba, Ronaldo, Kante etc we will discover a player others will buy them.

      1. We have previously missed Vlahovic, Locatelli, Lemar, fekir etc , all of them looked absolute capture by their respective club yet we improved in a good way by missing them. His price tag from Ukraine league is still hard to justify. So I am not too worried about missing this. It may be blessings in disguise as we may unlock other hidden gem. So let’s cheer our team and let go this Mudryk saga.

        1. Good one brother; you REMEMBERED Raphina case, but look at him in Baca color, a waste as far am concerned.. lets us move on…

      2. Doesn’t matter where a player under contract wants to go, it’s where the club that has the contract says of the price is right. If Chelsea want to spend £100m good for them. FFP comes into play now for sure if not then it’s a joke. This signing has gone for us and I’m happy it has at the 100m mark

      3. So watching highlights on a player unproven in any of the top leagues is an indication we have missed out. Let the greedy player go to a club that symbolizes greed, I would rather Arsenal get players who want to come here, besides we have two of the best wingers in Europe with Saka and Martinelli who both have over a hundred appearances for us. Be realistic about this he isn’t worth that amount of money, time will tell, just look at Dušan Vlahović at Juventus, who lost 5-1 the other night and are 10 points off the top of the table. We need some perspective on this. win today we go eight points clear

    2. I agree,had Mudrik said it’s Arsenal or nothing, they’d have no choice but to sell him to us or keep him until the summer and risk seeing his value decrease.nowadays players usually get their wish.

    3. Our fault again.
      Get the deal done early.
      Chelsea will ruin Mudryk.
      What is plan B for us.
      See what comes

    4. It’s sad as that kid will be ruined at Chelsea, they have an habit of destroying talented wingers, maybe we will never know how good he could get and am not being biased.

      Pulsic was once unplayable until he went to Chelsea, this is not a position that is pressing for them.

    5. I wonder what they are negotiating his name came up even before the transfer window opened two weeks later and they are still in the negotiations, if the deal is not working move on to other targets we deserve what we got, let them learn their lesson and move on, arsenal transfer deals takes ages to get completed unlike other clubs. We. Deserved what we got

  2. He should go wherever he pleases. Not in the least bothered. His choice.

    Chelsea definitely got nothing on us this Season.

    1. I liked him, but am not sad at all, bcos he has shown who he truely, he flirted all through out this January, immediately Chelsea offered him he jumped on it. Its either wasn’t really into us, he just wanted to get out of Ukraine or he is all about the money. Either way that’s not d kind of character we want in our team. How do you from saying u want d deal done to play in North London Derby to moving the other way next day.
      Goodluck to him

  3. The 70 M money spent on Mudryk could be used to sign Osimhen next week or in the summer, unless Martinelli is unwilling to extend his contract or has a ludicrous demand

    Liverpool paid 37 M for the tall Gakpo and Chelsea are paying 30 M for the homegrown Madueke. An inverted RW is rare and the good ones like Messi/ Salah/ Saka/ Madueke are even rarer, so Mudryk’s price tag doesn’t make sense

    Arsenal had better tell Darijo Srna to take 50 M + huge add-ons or leave it, if he is so sure that only Neymar, Mbappe and Vinicius Jr are better than Mudryk in this world on the left wing position

    1. There is no way we can get Osimhen in the winter. Napoli will win serie A. He would stay till season end. He is prolific.

      1. Yeah. We could also use a fraction of that money to sign Trossard, Saint-Maximin, Moukoko, Kudus or Madueke

        1. Mudryk is top quality. But 85m pounds is beyond ridiculous.

          The guy is very good really. Very pacey.
          I don’t want us to settle for lesser options. We need more goals upfront. We also need enforcement in midfield. Someone that can rotate with Partey. Savic or Douglas costa.

          ESR injuries are a concern. I would wish we go for Asensio now.

          Asensio can play on the right. To rotate with Saka.

          Douglas Costa

          3 signings that make more sense as far as squad depth is concerned

          1. Pacey attackers are good for counter-attacks, but we rarely park the bus to do such smash-and-grab tactic

            I guess Pulisic, Sterling and Aubameyang will be transfer-listed after Mudryk comes to Stamford Bridge

            I hope Mudryk will be happy playing with his future Russian teammate Arsen Zakharyan next season 😁

            1. Exactly. I wonder how it would feel…..playing alongside the Russian. He should do more to win his desired move……..
              Chelsea just intends trapping him…….for long!!!

      2. The price on murdyk was outrageous he will be a brilliant player but not worth that much but non the less I’m still gutted as the dressing room could do with a bigger boast to push on to win league. Chelsea shouldn’t be aloud to spend like they are ffp shouldn’t that of been breached they spent over £400 million in 4 months flow is that fair Man Utd aswell spent a fortune they should be a spend cap like f1 coyg

        1. FFP doesn’t seem to apply to Chelsea. Hopefully the authorities will investigate their obscene deals

    2. Absolutely farcical at this point

      If he goes to Chelsea then good luck, he’s only out fur the bucks and his love for arsenal is so much horseshit, but we really need to look at our negotiation team on this as so much wasted time spent on the deal for nothing, again!

      1. I think Arsenal have just dodged a bullet as they did with Aouar and Lemar

        Any negotiation team from a team with a limited budget won’t be able to compete against a company with unlimited money

  4. It depends on Player now..
    Let’s see how much Mudryk wants Arsenal Move..
    This will test his character, we could see whether he really wants to come Arsenal or he is just another guy who can be tempted by Money…
    If we miss out the we should look for an alternate option like Mitoma or Solly March..
    We could get very good player and a DM from this €95 M…
    But I feel Mudryk has decided his mind to join Chelsea otherwise he wouldn’t have fly to London..
    As soon as Shakatar accept the offer from Chelsea, he decided to fly to London..
    We haven’t reached any agreement with Shakatar so in that situation he won’t be coming for medical to Arsenal…
    The only destination he is going, is Chelsea

    1. They probably offered him more money too. So he never really preferred Arsenal, he just wanted a premier league club and Arsenal was available and he decided to play along like he has a special likeness for Arteta and Arsenal.

      Good luck to him though.

      1. Absolutely…
        We could this huge money wisely on other players..
        Mitoma and Solly March looks real deal..
        We should try either one of them and McAllister..
        March and McAllister would great additions to this…

        1. McAllisters contract is until 2025 with a year extension option so Brighton don’t need to sell at all unfortunately.

          Solly March is a better chance but he is 29 at the end of the season.

          Mitoma would be perfect. Cheap but his contract is until 2025, would be a great option off the bench or if we have an injury.

          1. We need a quick fix this time around unlike long term plan…
            We need quality additions at the moment…
            So Solly March can be useful till end of season and also next couple of seasons..
            Till then we can create more younger and hungrier squad

    2. The fact that they already agreed to a 7-year deal with the player seems to say that this is in fact a done deal. He just needs to pass is physical and sign. It’s over.

      1. Yes… He is going to Chelsea because only Chelsea has reached an agreement with Shakatar..
        And no player will leave his current club for medical without there is an agreement in place between clubs..
        He just wanted PL move and he was behind Arsenal because AFC was only team trying to sign him from start

    3. The arsenal board is very stingy, so why not just pay the money and sign the contract than delay it up till this time

      1. The board don’t know what they are doing, I won’t be surprise if at the end of the season we are 3rd.

      2. James, have you ever run a business? The Arsenal Board have to manage the Club’s financial resources. They should not overpay on their valuation and should look at alternatives. “Stingy” doesn’t come into it; the Club going broke due to poor financial management does.


          1. Note Jon, there has been no response from James.
            Too many people in this world indicate the business accumen of a goldfish, in their criticisms of Club decisions. It does not pay to get too competitive or combative in a bidding war. Know when to fold them and walk away as “The Gambler” advises.

  5. Unfortunately this as always been the Arsenal way ,mess the selling club around and the player gets his head turned probably for more money and we are back at square 1 ,half way through the transfer window .

    TBF I have no idea how he was priced at that much anyway ,we will soon see if he’s that special .
    Maybe will could spend that money reinforcing more pressing positions ,seeing we was about to spend up to 80 million on him .

      1. I second that we should go for Kudus. No way Mudryk is that much worth. He is probably half the amount and that too with big risk involved.

    1. Yes… He is going to Chelsea because only Chelsea has reached an agreement with Shakatar..
      And no player will leave his current club for medical without there is an agreement in place between clubs..

  6. ffP is a mirage, and anyone saying it is real is a fool!

    Last season needed goals and a Partey backup, AFC did not pull the trigger and the team stumbled across the line.

    This year, one of the best starts to AFC’s season ever, world flop year, and we still do not have a backup for Partey or Xhaka, that plays, and no winger with 16 days to go in window.

    If the leadership fails to address these known issues, for 2 years, and craters at the finish line, than we have 3 blind mice leading our club!

    Injuries are going to come one way or another, Jesus at the wc, and I highly doubt it won’t be to one of our other stars in an important moment.

  7. I am not happy about this deal. I really want him to come to arsenal. Anyways, shaktar Donetsk are greedy. Chelsea are desperate and annoying. At the end of the season, Arsenal will be EPL Champions and Chelsea won’t make top 6

  8. Ukrainian Mudryk going to Putin’s puppy, Roman Abramovich’s former toy club, Chelsea. Morally 1 + 1 = Zero.
    We need players, I hope we don’t **** this January up like we ****** up last year’s January Window

  9. He litally got 1 fair season in ukrainian league, and should be worth 100m euro? He acheved nothing yet, absolutely ridiculous price!

    1. No guarantee he’ll succeed in pl

      To overpriced would rather spend that money on Rice !

      Don’t need a LW player –
      Martinelli / Smith Rowe
      Saka / Nelson / Marquinos

  10. This has suprised me but will mudryk agree to sign for chelsea becouse he has been posting video and images in arsenal jersey. “But chelsea know that every player you hijack from other teams doesn’t play well” the likes of flexi&cuculara.

  11. We come 5th at end of season, than F the leadership and all that club building nonsense!

    Cuz all the oil refineries are going to pass us up in the near future and leave us on the side of the road.

    Been a fan a long time mate, and we aint done $h*tE in the league and CL in almost 20 years.

    How much longer are fans and you going to wait? Another 20…

    1. This is a prime example of what you get from the average “entitled fair weather fan”.

      If your only interest is “supporting” a club when they win things then you really don’t get it. Anyone can pick a top club and claim to be a supporter, but the real supporters are standing watching Reading, Port Vale and the likes because they have some genuine reason to do that.

      I don’t claim to be in the same league as Ken, Herr Drier and co, but I have a reason to support Arsenal that doesn’t necessarily involve winning things.

      But… if the “oil refineries” *don’t* pass us up then I will probably stop being a supporter. There’s more to life than football and I don’t sell out my personal values and beliefs in the cheap way these sportswashers want. If they buy in, I’ll bale out.

      1. IDKWIC, BRAVO !


        As for the Mudryk surprise development , many fairweather so called “supporters” are writing hysterical tosh on this thread, but I will keep a cool head and so will MA and Edu.

        IF he goes to Chelsea,then we move on to our next target and it may well prove a blessing in disguise.

        Even if it does not, I will remain a fan of the club , UNLESS it is bought out by lowlife scum , like City and Newcastle have been. MY GREATEST FEAR IN FOOTBALL.

      2. IDKWIC, it has happened before and it will happen again… but The Arsenal will always be here.

        Let’s remind ourselves that we have done the same thing, with players like Sol, Petit and, I believe, Bergkamp for example.

        If this young man decides to go to Chelsea, then so be it, but he will miss out on being part of a great club and supporters.

      3. Yeah mate, just a fair weather fan from the mid 70’s.

        Shut yer trap, you know not what you speak of.

        AFC have a real chance to get it over the line, so let’s not dither in the next two weeks, get some support for Saka, Mart, Xhaka and Partey or an injury will for sure derail the clubs ambitions.

        And if that happens we know the club has no real amibition under KSE ownership other than socialist super league garbage.

        1. Aaron, if that was directed at me, then please get your FACTS right.
          I started supporting The Arsenal in the 50’s….. in a time when snotty little kids who told others to “shut yer (can’t even spell correctly, it’s your ) trap” would have got a clip round the ear and sent to bed.

          1. Ken and John,

            My apologies, it was posted for Idontknowwhyicare, and then both of your posts showed up after I left my pc and posted later.

          2. Well said Ken, even though apparently Aarons ignorant and childishly rude post was directed at neither of us, as I also suspected it was.

            IDKWIC spoke sound truth but Aaron is plainly too young and foolish to recognise that fact!

            1. Yeah Ken,

              I offerered sincere apology, and telling you straight, but you childeshly ignore the truth.

              Too young and foolish, but people on here claim poverty for AFC when owned by Walmart heir scum.

              Get with the program…

  12. Well he was our top target. We put all our eggs in one basket and they broke. Hope this doesn’t end up like Hazard, it all has a bit of that in it. We were in for Hazard and went for a lesser player and paid for it.

      1. Si, Vlahovic, didn’t want Arsenal at all. I dont think that was the case here but who knows. A big gamble for Chelsea, i hope it doesn’t pay off.

          1. I don’t think Mudryk wanted to come to Arsenal..
            He just wanted a PL move..
            Arsenal was only chasing him so he also showed interest in AFC

    1. Yes and not the first time. Seems whoever does the viability analysis of our main targets seems to get it wrong quite often.

    2. This is my worry @Reggie
      We put in so much time and effort into this Mudryk guy. Made three reasonable bids and ended up being blown away in less than a day.
      Chelsea just moved into Poland today and the deal was done, same day! It’s annoying.
      Well, on the flip side, Ive been wondering how many 100m players have actually lived up to expectations.
      Many have flopped and are still flopping.
      We have to quickly move on to our next target. That Mudryk money can get us two good players.
      I hope Edu has a plan B. If not, I’d be gutted if we throw away this season’s opportunity, the way we did last season.

  13. “Not a done deal” really?
    -Fee agreed between the 2 clubs
    -personal terms agreed
    -why would he travel to London for a medical then?
    The only way it doesn’t happen is if he fails the medical.lastly if previous reports were true,we went back with an offer of 70M plus add-ons of 20M.which means we missed in the players due to the payments structure or 10M on add-ons.i still believe that if Mudryk had really(only) wanted to come to Arsenal and not looking for a move to a big PL team,he could have made it happened.

        1. But why, if a player is looking after his own interests, should we blame him?

          It seems to me that The Arsenal reached the maximum level it wanted to pay and chelsea gazumped us – Life goes on Siamois, as does The Arsenal.

          1. Ken, So cathartic to read such obvious life wisdom. Sadly it seems common, mostly in OUR generation, my friend!

            On a tangent but looking at the wider picture, I have long thought that football social media is a very mixed blessing.

            On the one hand it publicises and adds to football interest . On the other hand it fosters extreme impatience and intolerance.

            I have always far preferred face to face discussions and that is how friendships are made. Social media more often makes “enemies”!

          2. I couldn’t agree more@Ken,what I do not appreciate is all the flirting he’s done with us.liking many Arsenal fans posts/ mêmes…he even posted on his social media,a video of himself watching an Arsenal game.i might be old school but I believe that there are ways to do things even for self-interest!i even believe now that he flirted with us because we were the only realistic destination for him until Chelsea came in and that his priority was to leave Shaktar and go to the PL.

  14. Very bitter moment if we beaten by rival. No bothered about the player but losing dignity in this style is absolutely heart welming.

  15. Just been nosing around on a couple of Chelsea sites and their fans are not happy with this deal as it’s not what they need. Also the amount paid for a non proven player and given a 7 year contract. Oh well, if he wants to sign for a team in 10th place with hardly any chance of European football, then good luck to him.

    1. I don’t get why a young player would sign a 7.5 years contract?? especially with the wages being paid these days(if the objective is to assure their financial future).

      1. Spot on Siamosis. A few knowledgeable people reckon the 7 yr contract is the reason mudryk chose the chavs. Though like you, I find mudryk’s decision quite puzzling it’s just too long for such a prospect.

        1. Like you I doubt that the length of the contract is the reason but if it is,it shows Mudrik priorities.as you said 7 years is a long time in football.it might come back to haunt him.if it works out well for him,Chelsea could price him out of his “dream” move or if it doesn’t work out, he’ll go out on loans because clubs will refuse to pay the fee asked or that Chelsea will want to make most of their money back.(look at Kane,had it not been for his contract he’d already be gone from the sp*d’s)

    2. The Chelsea fans deserve credit for their apparent wisdom. Arsenal fans should see this expenditure as funds not available for more needed players for Chelsea..

  16. €100m for untested local player is very absurd and disgusting. If Arsenal were to sell Bukayo, how much would they sell him? Murdryk has not play at the higher level to warrant paying so much for him. He confirmed it himself that he’s not worth so much in value. If Chelsea like, let them pay €200m for him. They have lots of cash to throw about. Arsenal should move on.

    1. Having listened to MA, I’m pretty sure that it is!having said that,it shouldn’t stop us trying to sign good players.

  17. I’m sure Chelsea gave him about 70,000 more reasons a week to sign with them.

    Disappointing but still 17 days left in the window and tbh as exciting as Mudryk is he is a gamble for 100m. Long term it might pay off but I think there are lots of cheaper options who are better fits if the aim is to win Prem this year (eg Trossard, Zaha).

    And even if we dont win it, CL football is likely which means we can use some of that Mudryk money on any number of exciting young players looking to make the next step.

    All good, especially if we are 8 points in front this time tomorrow night.

    1. Regardless of Mudryk…..this window was an opportunity to push on and add to a very thin squad that is 2 injuries away from disaster. I sincerely hope there is a plan B; coming out of this window with no additional players of sufficient quality can’t be seen as anything other than a failing on the clubs part

  18. Don’t know what to make of this latest news, was nervous about this high price deal, now with the rug pulled from under our feet maybe have moved from nervous to disappointment

    But the kid would be a massive rat if reports are true, he would have been worst than Vlohovic in my opinion.

    1. As usual we are leaving it late to sign players I’m not saying I know better than the arsenal board but surely it would be better to have had targets sorted out before the transfer window opened and bids put in early and then getting deals over the line so players can bed in so much quicker. I fear that our amateurish way of doing deals will bite us I the bottom this season as we have a fantastic chance of winning the league but we desperately need reinforcements now. Am I wrong?

      1. My biggest worry is that we’ll now overpay for any other target we’re going for after this. Clubs will be like “they were willing to pay 80 mil for mudryk, so let’s push our valuation up”. We might actually end up with no one ’cause all selling clubs would want a bigger part of the proposed mudryk action.

      2. We’ve been through the nob stage

        Money spoke loud and clear and good luck to Chelsea who look right now as though they need all the help they can get
        As for our target who decided the Chelsea grass was greener … I’ll let my pooch wee on it

  19. Typical Arsenal
    Remember the F@ck up we made trying to sign Suarez.. remember Douglas luiz and now this.. we needed 2 players before the Jesus’ injury and we are half way through the window without one!
    I’ve every respect for a club standing their ground and only paying what they believe a player to be worth, (our squad isn’t deep enough to do this though!) but the person responsible for negotiating for Arsenal is acting very amateurish and a big club with ambition doesn’t act this way.. I really feel that this club I’ve been supporting for over 30’years is very much going to run out of steam again and we will be lucky to finish in the top 4 with this current squad..!
    And all those thinking March amd Mitoma will improve our squad are delusional !
    The old adage is that you strengthen from a position of strength… as where we are now top by 5 pts .. you wonder if we will ever be here again.. ?

  20. Procrastination is a thief of time,if Mudryk has shown interest to the lucrative deal from Chelsea then Arsenal should opt for other options with similar qualities.

  21. If this is true then good riddance to Mudryk. Let’s not kid ourselves we NEED players. We need a midfielder more than a winger. Get two midfield players Sergej Milinković-Savić and Tielemans. Martinelli is better than Mudryk. We have a good defence, very shallow in the midfield, and need a CENTRAL striker.

  22. This is really painful but Shakhtar’s price is too much. Mudryk got talent from the videos that I’ve watched of him but €100m is too much. Let’s not blame the club for missing out on the player because Arsenal are dealing carefully in the transfer window and let’s not forget what happened with Pepe’s transfer. We agreed to pay crazy money then pepe didn’t turn out to be the player we all thought he was going to be. There’s no guarantee that Mudryk will be that player to win us the league. I really wanted to see him at Arsenal but also, if we can’t get him then we could go for Tielemans/Savic and Trossard/Kudus. Otherwise, we will do good this season. #COYG

  23. Mitoma or Saint Maximum, use some of that money for one of those players then go take a Gamble throw a big bid for Rice!

  24. With all my respect for the player, anything more than 40-50 million is too much.

    I guess Chelsea’s people are trying to get the fans’ attention with those big signings and probably build a team for the future.

    All the best to him; I wanted him to be here.

    1. I agree. I like the Maxi guy at the Magpies. 100 million is just too much. Look at the 100 million disaster from Aston Villa at Man! City. Pay 40 million for Maxi and get the irrepressible Amrabat from Fiorentina for 50 million. Much better deal.

  25. Lol… for weeks this was supposed to be a done deal, just negotiations on the installments. 🤣

    If reports are true and Edu is in Poland. I bet he feels like a right prat at the moment.

    Also, I reckon Mudryk feels a bit of a dick if he signs for the Chavs seeing that he’s been actively salivating for the Arsenal move on social media since the summer.

    I think this is the end of our January transfer business as historically we always put our eggs in one basket and it always goes tits up with no alternative.

    As they say… you never miss what you never had and and 3pts against the spuds tomorrow then you will probably forget the name Mudryk.

  26. Cool down mate! The great Halaand returned a big fat zero today. Gapko was silent, Allison was beaten thrice, Joao Felix made a joke of himself, so let’s leave this fella and the blues to their own. Mikel will do what’s best for the club. I’d support Nelson and Eddie to shine, money cannot buy you victories, team cohesion does.

  27. Chelsea FC have always been an utterly classless bunch of desperates who will go to any lengths to buy success. How much more money will they waste?
    There is no way that Mudryk is worth anywhere near £85m it’s a ridiculous sum for a player untested at the top level.
    They are wasting obscene amounts of money in trying to buy instant success that is doing more to bring English football into disrepute than anything.

  28. You peeps should stop suggesting St maximin he isn’t better than R nelson…
    Edu should bring in W zaha instead. Savic is available on loan, vlahovic would solidify the fire power up front and a DM much better than investing on a winger IMO

    1. You want to bring in a player that’s over 30 that’s proven oven many many years to be bang average and a diving cheat 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Agree, he barely plays for the barcodes.

      I think the Zaha ship has sailed, I can’t see him coming to rotate with Martinelli when Jesus is fit.

      If anything needs to be done NOW is to get Saka, Martinelli and Saliba to sign new contracts, I would also throw one in for Nelson for good measures and leave the powder dry for the summer instead of panic buying to appease us natives

  29. It’s embarrassing but the price was making me very uneasy.
    Lets beat Spuds tomorrow and all will be fine.

  30. There is no need to blame Chelsea. We have always behaved like this – failing to sign key targets last minute.

    Unfortunately the result is that if we fail to win the leagued we are bound to lose our key players – Saka et al

  31. If Arsenal goes on to lose out on the title this season, much will be made of this Mudryk saga.
    Just hoping Edu has a plan B, if not…..

  32. We can go for Jr thuram and he will cost about £15 million. He is strong, 25, an international and can play both on wing & CF.

      1. Surely Chelsea won’t be able to register every single player for their squad.the club are making GP job much harder, imagine when all the players are back from injuries (10/11 players) plus the new signings. it’ll be impossible to keep everyone happy and to play them.

  33. So after all said and not done let’s just approach West Ham and pay up for Declan rice and let him complete the season with them, he is a far better player than this one season wonder that just got chealsea mugged

  34. But apparently weve bid €95 and Chelsea €100, the obvious would be for Arsenal to offer another 5€ and let the player decide where he wants to go? Very disappointed, to me it looks like the Hazard to Chelsea transfer year back 🙁

    1. Nope Hazard was on another level, plus £5 million or £10milliom on top is not the thing. We should not get into bidding war when it gets that silly. Ppl forget the base amount of millions they just look at 5-10 million ontop amount. Mudryk is over rated and his stats don’t justify that price tag.

    2. @Stav It’s not just the 5Mil! It all comes down to what the chavs are offering straightforward, then how the add-ons will be paid!Probably they gave more upfront then offered very easily achievable targets for add-ons!Top that with a 7 yr contract likely worth 100+ and we have no chance.

  35. I am not that bothered, he is well over rated for the price tag. He is good player with potential but no way he is £80 million player. I would not have given shaktar more then £50million. We can get other more proven player with less money. If we spend that amount of money I would rather we go for a DM. Edu did right not to give in to greedy Shaktar.

    1. +1

      Watching his CL highlights I really wasn’t impressed. He loses possession a lot, many of his runs look good for a while then he just gives it away.

      MA/Edu must see something they can work with and make into a great player, but he doesn’t look PL-ready to me.

  36. WOW another twist just occurred now as shakter denies any agreement with Chelsea that’s according to Fabrizio Romano. Both Chelsea n arsenal bids are similar so it’s up to the player who’s on his way to London for medicals but no confirmation it’s chelsea cos it could be arsenal medicals that’s according to Fabrizio Romano so it’s still ups for grabs

    1. Ugh that’s bad news.

      At the prices being talked about now I want him to go to Chelsea (or stay in Ukraine).

  37. All I know is that if we come out of this window empty handed, I don’t see us winning the PL. Our lack of depth will expose us. Losing Jesus was bad enough. We don’t have reliable cover for some players like Partey and I don’t think Nketiah is good enough up front

    I apologize for being negative while we are at the top of PL but we MUST sign 1 or 2 quality, experienced players

    City have a better bench than we do

    That said I believe Arteta will do so. I believe that he believes that winning the PL Title this year is a priority and he will do whatever is possible to do so.

    1. Stephanie
      How disappointing to read your negative thoughts
      Possibly losing out on one players turns you opinion from a positive to a negative.
      There is still over a fortnight b4 the window closes
      It seems we had a valuation and set a ceiling offer and stuck to it and whilst we might have lost out for now I am sure we have other irons in the fire
      I said b4 that the January window always offers overrated players at over inflated prices
      Not saying MM is over rated but I am saying the price wanted for him is over inflated
      I know we are in a position of strength and sit top but the priority at the start of the season was to qualify for top 4. Winning the league is a bonus at this stage of the process bit will take it all day long
      Keep the faith
      Onwards and upwards

      1. All the top teams are moving forward on talent, including the bar codes, brigthon, chavs, manure and $h*tY, always.

        Either change AFC’s approach to adding talent in all windows or forget about with the league in our lifetimes.

  38. Great news!

    Mudryk at £40m yes (his Transfermarkt value). £85m+ no way.

    Now get a good striker and get the midfield covered instead of wasting a ton of cash on some unproven guy who’s played nowhere but the Ukrainian leagues.

    I cannot understand the people saying this is embarrassing for the club – it really isn’t. Making offers for a player is fine, being outbid and knowing when to walk away is also fine.

    Even better is when your involvement makes a rival overpay. It looks to me, from what we know now, as if Chelsea are about to exactly that.

    1. IDKWIC, I have come to admire your sound and deep intellect greatly over the time you have been on JA .

      Your regularly wise and mature posts are a great antidote to the large amount of childish tosh on JA.

      Your post above is a perfect example and needless to say, I see it as you do. We do not always agree on everything; that would be odd, but I ADMIRE HOW YOU THINK FIRST, before posting. I only wish MORE GOONERS would do likewise.

        1. Sue, I still constantly THINK it! TBH, Sue, it is the wisdom of our older fans that is the prime reason I stay on JA.

          Sorting through the chaff to find the wheat can be a tedious task But rewarding when you find wheat!

  39. It’s funny that the people saying he’s overrated will soon change their tune if we sign him

    Like me. I wanted Arteta OUT last summer. I was absolutely wrong and glad I was wrong

  40. It seems like Arsenal and January are a bad combination. When not being able to close a deal we are inviting other clubs to finish the business. It’s not the first time and I wonder if we have been learning anything?

  41. Price of players doesn’t define thier worth i.e quality, if our scouts can go out there do there research well they can get us some quality players in with a cheap price like the way we do secure martinelli, kolo, and some of our quality cheap sign. Imagine Napoli sign khvicha kvaraskhelia at €3m look at what his playing worth this season. All we need is quality players if dey can do that I hv no problem with my club the vibe is going high spurs next 3point and we are 8point ahead ♥️ coyg

  42. Ivan Toney and let Jesus rotate with all three of the front line. Toney is a goal scoring machine has good hold up and link up play and best of all is a big game player. After securing Toney throw the rest at declan rice. I think the supposed rumour of the big player agreeing to join us if we get champions league is declan and with west ham struggling a deal could be struck early.

  43. The SD management don’t want MM @Arsenal, That’s why….. My fellow arsenal fan let’s be patient. Time Will Tell.

  44. Slander Chelsea all you want, their decisiveness in the transfer market is why they have two champions league and we have none. All those time wasted😔☹️. Take it or leave it, money is everything

  45. Money talks, let him go to Chelsea, he won’t improve them, an unproven player that no one else wanted him, only Arsenal and Chelsea were interested in him, 100 million let the scum from West London have him, the team is in complete disarray, it is a mess, they won’t make CL or EL, so f..k them

  46. I do not expect ANY Arsenal fan to be surprised at our being gazumped by Chelsea for Mudryk.

    The last I read was that he would be ready to play for us against Man Utd nest weekend.

    Is this as bad as Wenger’s offer of @40m + 1 penny for Liverpool’s Suarez.

    Do not forget, Arsenal is a club who still cannot sign three of their best players to new contracts.

    Half of the Transfer window has already passed, and we still have signed no one!!!

    Again, TOP FOUR will become a struggle this season, if we lose to Spurs tomorrow

    (Please God No)

  47. The story of Mudryk is quite un-Arsenal in many ways. Would be happy if it doesn’t happen with him and move on to other options.

    What Donesk wants for him is a little insane

    1. The story of Mudryk is becoming quite un-Arsenal in many ways. Would be happy if it doesn’t happen at all with him and move on to other options.

      What Donesk wants for him is a little insane

  48. The story of Mudryk is becoming quite un-Arsenal in many ways. Would be happy if it doesn’t happen with him and move on to other options.

    What Donesk wants for him is a little insane

  49. The transfer fee these thieves want is crazy but
    we should have either come up with a serious offer right away instead of 3 versions of it.
    It opened up the window for Chelsea to move in
    In addition the signing of Mudryk would tell Saka?Martinelli and co that they need to sign their contracts or replacements can be found.
    Very short sided transfer police we have going after players. We are about to also lose out on Tielemsn who would be a terrific addition at midfield where if we suffer an injury or abscence it would catastrophic.
    Now we absolutely need to win vs Spurs and United and hope the next 2 weeks can find some reinforcements and maybe the boeard wil get their thumb out of their a…..

  50. Lost out on someone who could be a player of his generation and those optimists or seriously in denial above are willing to settle for Toney or some other scrap floating around. Disappointed because it reminds me of how we lost our on Eden Hazard with all the similar excuses coming out from Wegner and co. We ended up settling for his team mate, the man with the giant forehead. We all know how that panned out. Sometimes, you have to splash the cash and be in it to win it.

    1. How did you come to conclusion that he can be player of generation, at his age Martinelli is proving more then him and is far better player then him even then I won’t call Martinelli player of generation. Everyone look fab on YouTube. No one had any interest in him until we turned up and Chelsea are a bit desperate at the moment relying on other team scouting talents.

      1. Time will tell Logic, but a reality check shows that Arsenal are undermanned and the alternatives being mentioned don’t look like much. Arsenal should have gone after the best and not the scraps. Twenty million gets you Sambi, thirty five gets you Viera any further upgrade will cost. Hoping to find another cut another cut price price gem like Martinellii is a long shot. Arsenal are in a title race. Whatever happens tonight it’s important we stop Man. U’s run because I feel they will be on the up and up and are now the dark horse to take out the title.

  51. I didn’t expect it to happen. Have witnessed this time and time again with Arsenal and Kroenke. Unless it happens fast it doesn’t happen. Let him go to the losers, money doesn’t build a club, Chelsea must me up for an ffp investigation now.

  52. Inasmuch as I really wanted Mudryk to sign for us and I still do want, I had some reservations about him for weeks now:
    1. Continually flirting with Arsenal and Arteta online reminded me of Cesc Fabregas when he wanted leaving for Barcelona. Very unprofessional for Mudryk to be doing all these things he did to force a move, in my opinion, and I was a bit worried if he really did this cos he wants arsenal or this is just who he is? If this is who he is, that means when the likes of Barca and Real Madrid come knocking, it means he will do same and starts flirting with them too.

    2. If after flirting with Arsenal for the past few weeks, Chelsea came calling and he immediately agreed a fee, without standing his ground that he wants to go to arsenal where his heart is, doesn’t it show that he was just about moving to a bigger club and since it was only arsenal who showed genuine interest then, he acted like he’s head over heel in love with arsenal meanwhile it wasn’t the case.

    If he has chosen to go to Chelsea after professing his love for arsenal and Arteta, then I think we have just dodged a bullet. Let him leave. I’m gutted, yes, but I won’t loose any sleep over this.

  53. You are right Mr Jon fox but u can’t call owners ‘lowlife scums’ just cos they are rich or cos they are Arabs

    1. J.O.A why do you think I believe Arabs are “lowlife scums”! I did not metion Arabs, though YOU did.

      Ethnicity has always been of no interest or importance whatsoever to me, nor any other “perceived” physical or emotional difference between all good humans.

      I only call out BAD humans of whichever country, creed, religion or no religion they come. And I believe in only ONE race; our shared human race And I will continue to do so.

      I hope that helps puts right your obvious misconceptions about me!

  54. He was only inviting competition to drive the price up. Him and the scumbug Srna are made of the same cloth. Best revenge is for us to win the league and we need to move fast to secure cover for midfield/cf

  55. I am amazed how a signing of one unproven youngster has made few fans so negative and has pushed them to doom n gloom situation lol!. Come on guys it’s not like we almost signed Mbappe hahaha. All examples given of suarez n Hazard, it happens to every club we are not unique plus he is no where proven n world class as the two examples given time n time again. Why would you spend £80 million om such a player. Thank GOD we did not.

  56. What turned him? MONEY/GREED!!
    I’ve gone right off of Mudryk. All that JESUS tattoo on his neck is bull. Pure greed.
    Truth is we need midfielders and now we can get them. Mudryk will never be up to Saka/Martinelli/Gabriel Jesus…..ever. Look at Chelsea’s Karma after Abramovich….and it’s not finished.

  57. Vlahovic= jesus
    Mudryk? We’ll get a better player…we are the gunners…8 points clear tonight coyg

  58. First and foremost, it’s a financial transaction between two clubs. While the player has personal terms that need to be met. A sale will generally not go through to a club that has offered less. Therefore the situation can’t be placed on the shoulders of Mudryk, it has more to do with the dealings of Chelsea and Shaktar. While it feels disappointing, spending that amount of money on an unproven player seems ludicrous. Pepe anyone ??

  59. Top clubs don’t spend that sort of money on unproven players, Not Real Madrid, Man City , Barcelona or even Liverpool

  60. None sense Gunsmoke, they do and will. I know that like many you are trying to put a a brave face on, but this one hurts. Thus the strong reaction on this site after our recent apathy.

    1. Joe.S, Honestly it doesn’t feels good and the kid is a little rat if reports are true.

      A don’t think Madrid and other top club would pay that type of money for him

      A must admit I was a nervous wreck about our deal to hire this kid, having gone through all of this for months, it hurts, but this would have made Vlohovic and Raphinha looks mild in comparison if the lad really heads to the bridge.

      Maybe we should go in back for proven Raphinha to cushion the blow.

      1. Raphinio would do mainly because there are few remaining options, but wouldn’t he be taking Martinelli’s role?

        1. No we are talking about squad depth, he’s top quality addition on both wings, what would happen now if either wingers should develop an injury.

          The drop off in quality going to the bench is massive.

          Raphinha and Savic would restore respectability to our January transfer dealings

  61. No thought has gone into Todd Boehly’s transfer strategy, he’s just thought that Mudryk must be good because Arsenal want him., even though he’s not what Chelsea need. Hopefully they will end up with a transfer ban for breaching FFP, and the whole thing will not improve their position in the league.

  62. We shouldn’t waste any time…
    We can try Mitoma..
    He has release clause in his contract with Brighton which is only for €11 M which £9.6 M..
    He is very good but for this price..

  63. Agree that Mitoma would settle into the squad quickly and be a bargain but doubt that it would happen this year. Actually after this latest setback, I’m feeling pretty flat. The idea that few players of worth want to join us despite being top of the league is a downer which is not easy to shrug off.

  64. I am disappointed we aren’t getting mudryk but the player shown his true colors so good riddance. If he really loved arsenal he would have made it clear and refused Chelsea. Our bid was very high and surely S.donesk would have accepted it in the end. He just wanted out of Ukraine and jumped on the 1st flight available.

    Unless he does a willian and shows up at the Emirates…..highly unlikely though

    1. Yeah.. he wanted a PL move…
      And Arsenal was only party who wanted Mudryk..
      So he was praying us to buy him…
      But now he has an option..
      We can try Mitoma…
      He Has release clause in his Brighton contract and that clause is for just €11 M…
      Such a cheap price for such decent player

  65. Chelsea gave 200k a week you will take if you are Mydrick

    Further looks like Daniel James now in Leeds. Move on.Arsenal is a useless club when it come to transfer.They don’t sign in Jan.

    It’s time to remove these owners

  66. Arsenal fans and emotion. Y’all need to calm down. Apparently his claim for loving Arsenal was not a sincere one after all. I’m glad that one is gone. We need players who really want to play for Arsenal, not money merchants.

  67. A blessing In disguise. Sergej Milinković-Savić and Youri Tielemans and maybe Tammy Abrahams. Strength and creativity in midfield, ànd a goalscorer. Arsenal need to find a pair. To throw in the towel……. 5 points clear would be the biggest surrender, fan letdown and wimp-out in football history

  68. Hear hear. Forget this “umble we are not worthy” nonsense and will settle for Champions League. The title is there for the taking and I’m certain Arteta and his players would also see anything less as a consolidation prize.

  69. Some on here claim will will get this signing as a fact. Well how this could throw a spanner in the works for their so called level of intellect.

    I for one think if we sign the player for 100m then it should be a pass we can fill two roles with that money and have a stronger squad.

    If we do pull it off I think the money spent was too much but will support the club in their decision.

    We are not an oil club and can’t throw money around, we need to be prudent in our transfer decisions.

    1. You are dead right my friend. Why should Arsenal pay a 100million pound for a player that has not proved himself in strong league. Check out what has happened to the Juventus and V that turned down Arsenal. Look, this transfer would have had a negative effect in our locker room spirit.

  70. This whole story looks very odd. So Arsenal wanted this player for long time but couldn’t agree a fee and kept negotiating up until midway of the transfer window and when they were close Chelsea enters and pay more !!! I thought Arsenal has professionals for this job ?
    The Arsenal person responsible for player negotiations should resign if this is true.

  71. If say arsenal board are not fool what are dey waiting for since dis days and will call Arsenal big club don’t you see how those big club do business

  72. Remember even Man City walked away from the Cucurella deal when Chelsea came in. This shows that clubs have values for players. And look how that worked 😂

  73. I think he will be a big success. Too bad we miss out on him. I think we are too slow in the transfer market. We wasted most of a window on a player we could not sign. However, we are way too thin as a squad so we needed reinforcements. Like last year, when a striker signed in Jan window could have gotten us CL football. This year’s failure to add some forward(s) and a replacement for Partey, leaves us at great risk of dropping down the table if some of our key players get injured.

    I love what Arteta does with the squad, but I still have great doubts about the way in which we bring new players in. It seems we have one negotiation method and it involves haggling a deal to death.

    I guess there is still time to sign Tielemans or another striker but by now it would seem reactive rather than planned.

    It should be obvious that if we lose Nketia. Martinelli or Saka for some time, we will drop down the table quickly and the Manchester teams are not that far behind and Newcastle is also a threat.

    Not strengthening last Jan cost us top 4, not adding depth this Jan would be criminal.

    1. No, he will not be a success. He can’t develop more than he is now in Chelsea. Check your records on players who leave/sign for money rather than reaching their height. Am not worried because i saw it coming. Agents and clubs does not care for player’s growth but their pockets. LET US WATCH AND SEE.

  74. Funny I have mixed feelings about today’s game. In the end it’s down to our players and how badly they want to win. It’s not going to be easy because the Spuds players and Conti have a point to prove. Should the almost unthinkable happen, I won’t be too distraught. For me it’s all about the following game and how Arsenal deal with a Manchester United team loaded with squad depth and self belief.

  75. A must win tonight. Will be interesting in what tactics Conte uses. It would be an ideal situation for Arsenal to try and kill this match off early. My simple reason is that it’s crucial that Saliba and Saka avoid yellow cards. Can’t afford one or both of them to be suspended for the home match against Manchester United. 3 nil at half time would be great. The Tottenham supporters turning against their beloved Spudlets would be excellent. Put the game out of reach early in the second half with a 4th goal. Obviously that won’t unfold like that. Get the win and no suspensions would be a great outcome

  76. Just another money man at the Chavs – don’t they realise that’s why they are 10th? Why would a player with any ambition sign a 7 year contract?

  77. Disappointed to read some comments on here
    Understand the frustration on not getting the deal done after it has been suggested that it was a done deal but if a player who I believe has a price that is over inflated doesn’t want to come a d goes to another club for money that we have swerved a bullet
    By the way. The guy is only human and why would you rethink your plan if someone is silly enough to over you the earth
    Saw a comment from NM
    “It’s time to remove these owners”
    Get real
    I have never been a fan of the Kroenke and board but hats off to them in recent seasons. They have dug up the cash to support the manager
    1 – 3 and mind the gap you spuds
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Alanball08 My sympathy and total agreement. The frustration at reading some of the clearly childish posts is so irritating.

      Thankfully , there are a number of mature posts too, yours among them, from folk who, in the main, are older Gooners and have seen how life works and who do not panic, nor write hysterical tosh at one unexpected non signing.


  79. Arsenal should use EDUs contacts and shop in South America. This gives us the advantage over Chelsea and other top teams to buy a quality player from the Brazil or Argentine league. Do not look to europe at this time because their players are all over priced.

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