Ornstein speaks and it is good news for Arsenal fans

To some David Ornstein at the BBC is the oracle when it comes to Arsenal transfer news and they will be very pleased with what he has had to say today.

Ornstein has confirmed that Arsenal is set to see off Tottenham in the race to sign 18-year-old St Etienne defender William Saliba.

Arsenal will have to pay £27 Million for the teenager, however, the good news is that it is in instalments.

The bad news is that he will remain with the Ligue 1 outfit for another season but then we already kind of knew that.

There was no mention of the initial fee but regardless, it means that we will still have a healthy chuck of our transfer budget intact.

Additionally, Ornstein also confirmed that Arsenal is in talks with Real Madrid to bring Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos to the Emirates on loan next season, another Tottenham target.

Ceballos is seen as the ideal replacement for the position vacated by Aaron Ramsey.

Finally, he also stated that Arsenal has not given up on signing Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney and are continuing to pursue that deal as well.

So, all in all not a bad update from the oracle.


  1. So nothing on the Everton Soares rumour?

    I would rather have Everton than Zaha.
    He is younger, will be cheaper and with much higher potential performance ceiling and resale value.

    On Ceballos. If Madrid wouldn’t allow us have a sale to us at a fixed price clause at expiration of loan deal, then we should have a clause that would prevent Real Madrid from selling him to any of our top six EPL rivals at the end of his loan. It will be unfair for us to groom him only to be priced out of a potential deal by richer United, City or Chelsea.

    No news on Zaha again. That’s good for me. I was never a fan, especially for the ridiculous price being bandied about. Anything more than 35m for Zaha is waste of meagre resources, when there are better and cheaper options readily available.

    Still hopeful that we will have a successful transfer window. Because if we don’t, I will be having a serious mental breakdown. Don’t know how much longer I can keep up with the ridicule from rival fans friends, my support for Arsenal subject under.

    1. Everton Soares’ left leg is dead. Zaha’s dribbling skill is better than both Soares’s and Pepe’s, but Pepe is a better shooter:


      However, all of them cannot beat Dembele, the king of dribbling. Unlike those three wingers, Dembele is excellent with both feet, but sadly he often get injured:


      1. You keep saying Everton’s left leg is dead in every article, as if you were following the Brazilian Seria A before we all knew of Everton.
        I’d prefer Everton over any of those overpriced blokes you keep mentioning. Like Petit said, he’s younger and already has shown potential to be world class.
        We need a proper winger and Everton is a good one, who gives a phuck if he uses left leg or right leg as long as he does his job?
        You’ll prefer we get Chukwueze.. I have no problem with getting Chukwueze for the Right wing or other players but Everton is a player I’m yearning and excited to see, if you don’t know what he could offer us, don’t watch his YouTube skills, go watch all the matches he played in the COPA America. Rumour has it we’ve agreed a 27 million fee for him though, with bonuses and add-ons taking the deal to 40 million.
        I hope we get him.
        Following Emery’s statement, I’d like to think the four players we’re bringing in are Everton, Ceballos, KT, and any defender if Koscienly leaves. (Like I’ve said before in one of the previous posts support Kos) who knows if the club is fooling with us and have no intentions of bringing in any defender this summer so they’d rather do everything to make Kos stays until next season when Saliva returns to us? Who will buy 33 years old Koscienly for 13million pounds?

        1. Completly agree…Soares has better finishing and shot from distance than zaha…Zaha is stronger but o dont like him, he dont have the brain to be wc player

        1. ? Everton Soares will be an excellent signing.
          Hopefully Edu will uncover more gems in South America, before they are “hoovered up” by the Portuguese and Spanish clubs. If Arsenal break the chain it will get these players before their prices escalate.

          1. I hope you can start following one kid from flamengo called Bruno henrique a very good forward

  2. Poor Maitland-Niles will never get his chance in midfield if Ceballos comes

    Because Bellerin/ Tierney are still injured and Koscielny is leaving, ideally Arsenal buy another CB and here is a possible line-up for our first EPL game:

    Maitland-Niles . Konate . Sokratis . Kolasinac
    ……….Ceballos ………. Torreira
    ……Aubameyang …………… Iwobi

    1. I’m glad you don’t run the team, really really glad. How’s this squad any stronger or better than last season’s squad?

    2. You keep saying Everton’s left leg is dead, with this lineup I finally know which part of you is dead,

    3. I would play.leno… bellerin, holding, papa, tierney…Torreira, ceballos, xhaka….Everton, lacazette, auba

  3. Rumours that spurs are in for Tierney.
    If they get him after all our pissing about ………..?

  4. Why not offer up Bielek on Loan and potentially an other prospect for the year and take try and take him this year

    He would go straight in to first team contention

    Maybe even Mavropanos could go the other way for the year, could be good for his development

  5. Edu should be able to get the Everton deal done. Hopefully Cabellos, Tierney follows.

    Then we can have a starting line up of.

    ……………… Aubameyang …….. Lacazette ………….

    Everton …….. Cabellos ………… Torreira ………. Nelson

    Tierney ……… Holding …………… Sokratis ……… Bellerin

    ……………………………….. Leno …………………….

    1. Excluding Xhaka in the first team would be highly improbable, because he would most likely be the captain

      We are also not gonna see Tierney, Holding and Bellerin at the beginning of the season, because they are still unfit

    2. One of the main reason we conceded so much goals is to play auba and laca in the same squad. Playing both means no place for a winger so result to expose our defence

      1. Everton Soares and Nelson will give Arsenal those wide options. Saka may continue to improve further and is a good option in Cup games.

  6. Ornstein knows nothing..

    He is just an interest generating media type whose job it is to keep us reeling.

    1. Your talking rubbish Ornstein has often given the right transfer news and rarely gets it wrong when it comes to Arsenal news so let’s hope hes spot on again!!

  7. I can’t wait any longer to see Everton Soares in Arsenal. That guy will fit into our starting line up.

  8. Well if it’s true than great news.

    However, if Saliba won’t be with us this season then we will have no alternative but to sign a CB on a free transfer (ie Cahill, Daniel Schwaab, Jonas Ramalho) because Mustafi sucks and Koscielny is probably leaving. Plus injuries we have every year.

    If we are exposed at the back again this season, we will probably finish 6th place this time.

    1. Signing Cahill is a no-brainer. His experience would help Holding And Mavrapanos and he would be so useful in the Europa league

      1. Let’s hope Arsenal has another iron in the fire regarding a CB. I can’t understand Arsenal not trying to get Lewis Dunk, or other young EPL/Championship experienced CB’s.

  9. Kieran Trippier is worth €25m, yet Kieran Tierney is worth £25m?

    One is proven at top level, the other is still a prospect who may or may not live up to potential.

    Celtic must really think Gooners are goons

    1. Is he definitely a better player or maybe a better player?

      Sure there’s more upside, but also downside, if he doesn’t turn out as we hope.

      Let’s not forget, Mustafi, Xhaka and Kolasinac all seemed like good prospects once upon a time, until they were put to the test at top level. The risks are similar for Tierney

  10. Team when we get the players were after and everyone fit..
    Bellerin. Sok. Holding tierney
    Toreer. Xakai

    AubA. Lacca. Everton

  11. Lacazette
    Aubameyang Iwobi Everton
    Ceballos Torreira
    Tierney Kimpembe Holding Bellerin

  12. I know it’s only a friendly, but it’ll be great if we beat Bayern…be about time ?
    Gnabry will be up for it!
    I’m aiming to get up for the 2nd half just to see Rapinoe, oops I mean Mesut.. ? COYG ?

    1. Sue, if we make all these signings, we could sell our tickets for a fortune outside the ground!!!

        1. Ken, it’s a long trip down from Scotland to sell your ticket! Hopefully you’ll have some better football to watch. ???

  13. would be good to see the lad and ceballos come, but still think we need a new cb this season and if no club wants ozil, is a cb not needed next season? If so why don’t we sell one of auba or laca to fund the purchase of a quality cb who actually wants to be at the club, like manolas and get the cash for that soares and/or zyech at ajax? Its interesting Ornstein hasn’t mentioned either of them when we are crying out for a winger. If we can get an 70m offer for either of them we could line up as:
    bellerin manolas(32m) sokratis tierny(27m)?
    canallos (loan) torreira
    zyech (22m) Soares (35m)
    auba/laca (eddie as back up)
    as you can see the total cost for that would be 115m if we didn’t do the deal in installments which is 5m over the 70 + 40m we have, the other option is not to buy one of soares or zyech and play that martinelli and or nelson, still giving us plenty for that saliba to come in.

  14. Glad to see Saliba sign. Looks very likely as his team sign Palencia from Barca.

    Saliba staying at St. Etienne is also good. He played 16 games and most when covering for Dubuchy…who I am sure put in a good word for us I am sure. So it’s good to see a football club still willing to keep developing a player because it’s their duty for one of their young players. He comes good, it’s St. Etienne stock as well as ours that looks good.
    It’s these sorts of moments of wise choices that keeps arsenal smarter then spuds. We have men who are influential.

    If Callebos comes on loan then I am happy to see what the lad could give. Gendouz needs to challenge xhaka for his spot. Callebos and Torriera in front could make it all seem every interesting.
    IF pogba can stay another season, it might be that madrid buy him next season, and we help by buying Callebos (if he shows enough).

    Add Tierney and for the Kos fee get a bargain or back bielk chambers or mavo.

    Add Everton and generation change is in swing. Leno gendouzi torierra, rise of holding, resurgences of bellerin and laca auba enjoying playing together it is starting to look good.

    But caution is required as we have a lot of players not available straight up!

    1. Debuchy, now there’s a name I’d forgotten about. He was alright when he played for us, wasn’t he ??’s 2nd choice RB behind Sagna at the time??

      Heres a pub quiz question:

      Who was the player that pushed Debuchy needlessly in the back, when he’d just returned from a lengthy spell on the sidelines?

      This same player got an elbow to the face by Gabriel about a year later.

      I think it was a Stoke player.

  15. Soares, Ceballios, Tierney plus a CB if Koscielny leaves and we’d be ready for the new season. Add the youngsters waiting to be blooded. Suddenly I am feeling some excitement.

  16. 2019-2020 starting line-up:

    Alves, Sokratis, Cahill, Monreal
    …………Aubameyang/ or

  17. Looking good with the possible new additions of Everton, Caballos and Tierney. I think our overall squad would be good. I can see now why they wanted Kos to stay one more year- experience! We’ll have a very young squad. A centre back which could be an options is Walter Kannemann. cheap, a bit older and a fighter.

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