Ornstein speaks out on Arsenal takeover bid

It seems like the world has gone mad lately, with Covid quietly killing millions in the background, and the proposed European Super League causing uproar in the footballing community. It may seem to trivialise the problems we are having at Arsenal, but it is a well-known fact that most Gooners would love to see the Kroenkes driven out of our boardroom.

But is it really posible? Daniel Ek can certainly handle a buyout, and hopefully our protests may give Kroenke something to think about, but according to the Arsenal oracle David Ornstein, it is unlikely to persuade Kroenke one way or the other.

Ornstein said on The Athletic’s podcast: “What if the protests which are at the highest they’ve ever been among the Arsenal fan base right now, added to by the presence of legends, which has built some real momentum continues to gather momentum? What if those issues in the USA can take even more of their focus away from Arsenal,”

“Now, my hunch, from speaking to a number of people is that events of recent weeks – the protests and the Super League that never was – has actually emboldened or is likely to embolden and strengthen Kroenke’s resolve to keep hold of Arsenal.

“You wouldn’t imagine he would sell now, you might imagine he would have sold a couple of years ago when he took full ownership or he might sell in better times.

“What we’re hearing from Daniel Ek is that he’s here to stay, he’s not going anywhere despite the statement.”

But the fact is that us Gooners are now clutching at straws. We have seen our beloved club plummet from being a force in European football, to a mid-table team that doesn’t look like we’ll be challenging for any big trophies for a very long time.

We must do everything we can to get the Kroenkes out of our club, and never give up!

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  1. Kroenke bought Arsenal legally, he’s the one who has to pay for everything in the end and he’s been losing money as the sole owner of Arsenal. He’ll eventually sell the club once he can’t take more financial damage, so we don’t need to sweat over the sale

    1. How is knronke lossing money? Arsenal is running on self sustainable model. Kronke neither takes money out or pours money into the club. What planet are you guys living on. For him Arsenal is like an investment (shares) when the price will reach the level he has in mind then he will sell it to make huge profit. He is rich enough to sit and wait for club price to reach that point. Arsenal is a small part of his investment portfolio. Even now if someone comes with the right price no matter how high that would be he will take it but he won’t sell Arsenal without making huge profit on it no matter what us fans, ex players or any one say/do.

      1. Exactly. Despite the poor form on the pitch and the transfer market, KSE is not losing money. The stock are stable all things considering.
        gotanidea has a long wait coming.

      2. If Arsenal is so lucrative and financially safe in the pandemic time, we wouldn’t have to borrow money from the bank and wouldn’t need to join ESL to pay our debts

        The sole owner of a company must pay for everything in the end, including the loans, player transfer installments and wages

        1. Exactly right. You cant expect huge profits when you sell if you mismanage the asset you intend to sell (Arsenal) under kronke ownership Arsenal went from Invincible to a mediocre midtable team. That cant possibly help valuation

    2. In the meantime we who are old already are running out of time to ever see our club win the title, which we all know will never happen under Kroenke! I want this appalling sham owner out this instant! I have not got time to wait. HAVE YOU?

      1. Jon, 60 or 70 years old isn’t old these days. You could be a centenarian if you become a vegan and exercise like Jack LaLanne

        If the pandemic still exists next season, nobody can buy the ticket and Kroenke will have to suffer more losses. He has to sell soon, because the situation isn’t getting any better

    3. Exactly

      if the club is bleeding money…

      then not many would like to purchase a high risk club like Arsenal

  2. Ornstein never says anything we can’t figure out ourself.
    Ek saying he is not going away is what Dangote has been saying for 5 years.
    Uzmanov wanted to buy the club but after ten years gave up and went to Everton. Ek will just stay long enough to get dome cheap publicity for his failing business then go and buy into some other venture.
    Stan will never contemplate selling till the club is a permanent Champions League side again and the worlds financial markets have recovered post covid.
    So think ten years at the earliest.
    But remember Stan has never sold any of his sports franchises.
    In fact just move on from blaming the owner when the team and the coaching staff are at fault for the poor league position.
    Just enjoy the EL run and the last few league games.
    Oh and be thankful we have a great club owner.

    1. I don’t know how you got the idea Spotify is a failing business, but you’re right in saying Kroenke isn’t selling anytime soon. Unfortunate reality, but hopefully the protests push the board to at least make better decisions for the club’s future. Based on past experiences, I’m not holding my breath to see that last sentiment come to fruition, so I’ll just have to make do with reminiscing better times as the club falls into perpetual midtable mediocrity.

    2. must be incredibly frustrating now that less and less people are taking your all-too-familiar BAIT…stop wasting your obvious talents on this whole pro-Kroenke bollocks…the jig is up Lex Luthor

  3. Let’s just hit him in the pockets and he will give up; no more buying season tickets and Arsenal merchandise until we get our club back where it belongs another protest tomorrow 🤔 #kroenkeout

    1. Definitely the bullet. Hit his pocket and watch the American crooked capitalist slug off back to his den. HIT HIM HARD. #noseasonticket.

    2. Kroneke has billions to burn…..

      he has money and time to burn….

      he can let the club wind up tooo if its badly in debt

  4. Well PAT, a fair summation of where we are right now with the ownership business But all it says really is that in Ornsteins informed opinion he thinks Kroenke will not be selling in the foreseeable future. A number of us fans on here have been saying precisely the same this last week or so. It is obvious, if you think about it.

    I am fairly sure that Eks supposed interest is no more serious than a clever publicity stunt to promote Spotify. His supposed tie up with Dennis, Thierry and Patrick amounts. IMO, to nothing tangible, APART FROM, a clever ruse to get the fans onside. He may well be a true Gooner -or he may be a tactical one only – but that will not be a decisive factor , either way.
    As I and several others have already said on JA, a serious billionaire who intends to wrest control from Kroenke does NOT first announce his intention on Twitter.

    But let us suppose , for arguments sake, that he IS serious and that he actually succeeds. What then? We woud still be owned by a billionaire with his own agenda and one less wealthy than Kroenke.

    UNLESS we canget a dedicated ultra, mega, superdoopa rich billionaire even richer than Kroenke, who is also a REAL Gooner, we are no better off. Are we! Even if Ek is serious, his wealth is tied up in Spotify shares and after buying out Kroenke, which will never be at the supposed “£1.8 billion and nowhere near it, how much spare cash would HE have to invest in the team! It aint gonna happen folks and that is the realistic position.
    Our best longer term chance of removing the poisonous Kroenke and Son is in new government regulation, backed up by all football authorities, which would limit and hamper KROENKES ABILITY to continue leeching off OUR club. AND all other scummy billionaire owners of our rivals too.

  5. Don’t worry guys we are nearly there, our managers and players past and present have been working on a big plan to get rid of Kroenke by keeping us mid table and if that don’t work then relegation will do the trick

    Your all probably thinking yea that makes sense now 😜

    1. Seems like you want the club to become the new PSG….

      do you think EKs will spend at least 200million every season?

  6. At Tas
    That’s funny I think the Arteta backers could pick this line up.

  7. To be perfectly honest, the team is pretty rubbish at the present time and our new(ish) manager doesn’t really seem to be that smart tactics wise. kroenke isn’t hugely interested in investing in a big way so the likely scenario is that Arsenal will remain mid table unless someone (either the Kroenkes or a new owner who has the money to do so), invests significantly and we replace the current manager with someone who is better tactically equipped to propel us towards the top of the Prem. If nothing changes then we can kiss goodbye to the good times and expect to stagnate for a few years.

  8. The administration of the club is based on a franchise model i.e. it does not matter where they finish as long as they remain in the EPL, Stan K is guaranteed an income, hence the ploy to employ an inexperienced coach with shocking talent, it comes cheap so Stan K does not need to fork out, Arteta just needs to avoid relegation & Stan is ok, I think if the club became a public listing, we the fans could own shares & elect a proper board who would have our interest at since it will be our cash that pays their salaries, with a sole owner, our cash (earned through ticket sales, events, merchandise etc) is making the fat cat obese.

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