Ornstein speaks – Two Arsenal transfer deals to be completed this week

When BBC reporter David Ornstein tweets, writes or speaks with certainty it pays to listen and he has just done that this evening.

According to Ornstein, Arsenal will complete two transfer deals this week.

Deal one – Arsenal has reached an agreement with Real Madrid to loan Dani Ceballos for the upcoming season.

Deal two – William Saliba will complete his transfer to Arsenal and then be loaned back to St Etienne for one season.

Both these deals have been expected but with no official announcement, there was always a worry that a last-minute hitch would occur. That now seems very unlikely and it is just a question of timing.

Neither transfer is ideal, it would have been nice to have had Saliba straight away and Ceballos on a permanent deal but as they say, beggars cannot be choosers.

The one good thing about both these deals is that they will not impact the transfer budget too significantly which means there will be at least one if not two more transfers before the window shuts.

Hopefully one of them will be the big name we have been promised.


  1. Good News, Ceballios and Saliba done.Tierney, CB and Zaha/Soares next. COYG, please make it happen Edu

  2. Ornstein, my master,is once again late?.Told you guys Ceballos was close but now my master has confirmed it.Saliba was agreed ages ago but Arsenal tried to make Saint Etienne change their stance to loan him back hence why the deal took time.

    Tierney should be completed soon.We will then look at Zaha,Everton Soares or Fraser.My guess is Everton Soares or Fraser because I don’t see us going all out for Zaha.

    1. It isn’t like we won’t going all out, we just cannot
      With our war chest more like peanuts can

    2. Ornstein speaks, what a joke, can’t ever remembering him getting a prediction right, as for you Kev, you’re even a bigger joker, apparently, the done deal you were talking about around three weeks ago, Tierney, terms agreed, medical tomorrow, signing this week, doesn’t even look like it’s going to happen and as for Ceballos and Saliba are concerned, “Told you guys” told us what? Every sports media channel and newspaper have been talking about these deals for weeks. Keep spouting your fake news, you’ll get one right sooner or later, the law of averages will see to that

  3. Perhaps some have noticed Ceballos is a wages only loan and Saliba is a loan back pay later deal. That means an outlay of £8 mill on Gabriel Martinelli. Cheapskates or Cheapskates? Sickening isn’t it. They better come up with Zaha, Tierney and a CB or it’s pure negligence. Our defence is shite….right now. Kroenke is a tight assed, self-serving multi-billionaire.

    1. With Sky reporting that we’re not giving up on Zaha, there must be some truth in it! No doubt this will carry on until the final day (make that hour!) of the window though.. maybe they all will!

      1. I can see a Luise Suarez scenario going on with Zaha last mnt let down but as much as I like Zaha I think palace have overpriced him by 25M but who knows what rediculous decision some clubs make and pay the asking price if they haven’t already

      2. I say one last Zaha bid then leave it alone. It seems CP want a ridiculous amount and I just don’t see why we should spend all of that on him. If we get Everton/Fraser instead I’d be perfectly happy. Just please get Tierney in Arsenal… this isn’t a deal that should be so difficult…

        1. This is Arsenal, RSH.. we make everything difficult!
          In all fairness, Zaha should be our player by now, imo 40m was ample.. I can’t see it happening if I’m honest

      3. I’ve got a feeling Sue we’ll take this to a couple days before the transfer window closes, then make a massive offer that Palace will find hard to reject. They don’t want an unhappy player on their books, Zaha has told them he wants to leave and join Arsenal. It’s quite obvious that Unai has told the board “get me Zaha”, but if, and I don’t expect this to happen, Palace refuse, Everton Soares will be on the first plane from Brazil to London. Whatever happens, I think we’ll be signing an outstanding wide man.

  4. Good news but only Ceballos Would affect us this coming season.

    We still need an experienced and reliable CB for this season if we want any chance of a Top 4 finish. Mustafi is just horrible and Koscielny is probably leaving. We also get injuries
    Last season Holding and Bellerin had long term injuries

  5. Celtic is making it difficult for us to sign Teirney thanks to all the external influences of some of Celtic explayers, some pundits and tabloids. Now that we are agreeing to pay the 25m, they’re asking for much of the money to be paid upfront. I don’t how rich I will be if I get a $ for every time I read arsenal is skint and has 45m transfer fund. The pundits telling Celtic indirectly they are selling far too cheap because United overpaid for AWB. Maybe we should move on from the deal. Though we also don’t help our situation

  6. Everyone soares has gone quite. I hope that’s because it’s done and clubs want to announce it after he has had his deserved break after winning the copa.

    Although, it shows good ambition to try and spend, zaha was meant to be a ready made solution, but I’m cool with a Brazil’s kid who could be Brazil’s next big thing!

  7. Why can’t Arsenal sum up courage and be financially audacious to sing the quartet of: Kieran Tierney, wilfred Zaha, Everton Soares and Dani Ceballos all on permanent deals this summer transfer window to challenge for the Premier League title win next season. Instead of to sign one or two out of the quartet which could limit the club to only making a top-four place finish next season.

    Well, it has severally been said in the media before and during this summer transfer window that Arsenal has a limited incoming signings transfer budget of £45m. But out of which the club has committed £8m to bring in the Brazilian teenage striker, Gabriele Martinelle who obviously the club will keep in the club’s PL2 team squad. But he can be played in the PL matches by Arsenal whenever they want to play him there. Arsenal have recoup £3.5m from selling David Ospina to Napoli this summer according to reports to thus have a balance of £40.5m in their summer transfer kitty. But haven seen Petr Cech left the club but Martinez has apparently replaced him. But the trio of Lichtsteiner, Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck who all left Arsenal at the end of last season are yet to be replaced this summer window. Loan deals doesn’t appear to be Arsenal strong point in new player signings as Kim Kalistrom and Denis Suarez all failed miserably for Arsenal when they were signed on loan. Therefore, Arsenal should endeavour to negotiate with Real Madrid to sign their Dani Ceballos on a permanent deal so that he’ll play his 100% in matches for Arsenal next season, instead of him to be playing for the club with the handbreak on as he’ll be thinking of avoiding picking injury before returning to RM after completing his loan deal at Arsenal.

    1. Because a self sustaining club, who claimed to have 200m in bank, spent on laca, auba and fat ozil salary, but lost UCL from that time on.

    2. I prefer Everton over Zaha. He’s cheaper, younger, and higher potential. I don’t think we need both. Agree that we need to get Tierney deal done and sign a CB. Real Madrid aren’t willing to sell that’s why we are loaning Ceballos from my understanding. Would be great if we can insert a buy option in that deal. A few more deals and this is a really successful summer in my opinion. Sure hope a couple of our youngsters break out this year. I think Nketiah and Willock have the best chances. Who do you think will break through?

  8. After these ceballos Saliba deals, I think we should dump the Tierney deal and go for balanta or another young left back. we should also just forget the zaha pursuit and complete Everton’s purchase. the Negotiating team should immediately negotiate with Ryan Fraser towards joining us on a free next season and get a £3m pounds sign on fee plus 90k a week. Arsenal should then go for Another central defender maybe 2 days to OR on the last transfer day, either on loan or buy on the cheap with a sale on value. This to me is how to properly plan a team to compete and achieve. Here’s to hoping though

  9. Why dont you read me more?

    I confirmed Saliba & Ceballos both complètent médical test this week, so does Tierney, all done deals.

    First is out for a year on Loan and second here for 1 year Loan.

    Tierney will help on LB which is only position badly needed we get from these 2, Saliba comes next year…

    RB is even more so of an emergency and even more so, desperately, urgently need not one beast CD but two players in CD position considering our best one “Kos” is leaving.

    Koulibaly and experience of Cahill will help replace some of what Kos brings, as helping Koulibaly to settle faster. Cahill is displined good on set pieces, one on one…

    Pitiful to ruin Kos legacy this way for 2M when he would be a free transfer anyone will give his wage to and a 5M bonus to sign him 2 years deal. Dumb move as usual.

    His experience helps Koulibaly settle who will make sure to back him. We have Holding to play and grow as Bielik and Chambers who both can play CD.

    Sell mustafi transfer-valued at 25M, Sokratis 20M, Xhaka 45M. That’s 90M but sell them for 80M to facilitate process.

    Sign KOULIBALY would be made up that way but focus should be on Kouli first, Cahill for Kos…

    Then focus on second priority after CB which is RB. How come no name has surfaced on right flank when we have bellerin still not available and Jerkinson as only option. Sidibe is a top RB, still young, Monaco could have sold him 50M as Mendy but refused After selling MBappe Bakayoko, Leimar, 4 main players.

    He is available for 20M but Westham will get him, Spurs getting Sessegnon i pointed while back for same amount, cheaper than Tierney we got instead…

    So that’s it; Koulibaly, Sidibe and Cahill since we losing captain Kos.

    Sidibe- Koulibaly- Cahill – Tierney.

    Niles – Willock – Toreira – Nelson.


    Auba Laca

    Make some rotation and bring from bench:

    Bielik for Willock&Cahill.

    Holding or Mav for Cahill.

    Chambers for Cahill&Willock.

    We have Kolas & Tierney

    Sidibe to compete Bellerin.

    Ceballos for Ozil

    Gendouzi & iwobi in the middle.

    Nkhetia for Auba & Laca, Matinelli who i also see lounge attacks from behind. Fast. I see him blow up as Nelson and Willock will; real Big!

    Please get this message to Edu! We need 2 additions Kouli& Sidibé. Then we can get back to Top4.

    1. Eh-You do realise 4/4/1/2 system that you propose means we actually have TWELVE PLAYERS on the pitch.

  10. That’s all great but if they don’t sign another CB, they can wave goodbye to top 4. One of the three decent CBs we have (Holding, Sokratis, Monreal) gets injured and it’s over. Mustafi plays, legless footballers start scoring and all of a sudden, Norwich is a tough opposition. I honestly hope Arsenal sees this problem and works on addressing it.

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