Ornstein’s Arsenal rumours – Are they the players we need?

Are Arsenal’s transfer preferences going to move us forward? by Eddie Hoyte

So, Arsenal really want Adrien Rabiot, who I do think would be a great signing even though I believe he’s similar to Guendouzi with their style of play. I’d love to have the player, but one big problem will be his wage demands if we are to sign him on a free, I’m hoping the age of paying players what they are not worth at the club will come to an end. We could do with Rabiot to be honest, and after these revelations it would be worth taking this 50 quid bethard sign up offer and backing him to join us this summer. We obviously still need midfielders who could use and protect the ball. Our interest in him was confirmed by David Ornstein, who we all know as the Oracle when it comes to our transfer news.

He said a few things while speaking with Arsecast Extra this week concerning our choice of transfers, and some caught my attention and is really making me ponder about our ambitions towards getting new players in.

He said: “I’m told Unai Emery likes experienced players, he likes to go with players he knows and trusts,”

“That certainly explains the Nkunku interest, who he played far more than Thomas Tuchel has this season.

“It explains the pursuit of Denis Suarez, who I know a number of people in the game have reservations about, not just at Arsenal. And also [it explains] the reported interest, once again, in Adrien Rabiot, who Arsenal were keen on during Arsene Wenger’s time with his links to PSG and the French game.

“It seemed he’d be signing for Barcelona [on a free] but they’ve signed a player for that midfield position, Frankie de Jong. There are credible reports that Arsenal will come back in for Rabiot.

“There are people within Arsenal who are very keen that they sign Rabiot, or at least make a concerted effort. He’s very highly admired. There are some complications, around him, particularly around the people you have to deal with, and his salary demands. But that’s certainly one to keep an eye on.”

“That goes to indicate that he likes players he trusts, players he’s worked with at another club. And who have experience and can do a job immediately.”

I think now we all know the fans who are really questioning Emery’s choice of going for his former players were never stepping out of line and were never delusional. There’s nothing wrong in bringing in one or two players you know as a coach, Sarri brought in Jorginho (Who the English media is still failing to see what use he is to his club), and he has brought in Higuain who’s a top pick if you ask me.

Where the problem arrived from, is seeing us being linked with players like Nzonzi (Who we would’ve got if Sven never insisted on Torreira) and Banega keeps popping up, and add the Denis Suarez link and transfer saga to it.

It’s still too early to say, and I know a coach should have a say in the choice of players brought in and now reading Ornstein’s revelation about Denis Suarez is a worrying statement to me. If people at the club had reservations about Suarez coming in, then maybe he’s not really the player believed to be wanted at the club,
and he’s said it’s not just people at Arsenal alone. The soothing news is Suarez is only here on loan, we have nothing to lose, if he doesn’t cut it, he goes back to his parent club. One thing I keep failing to understand is how and why we keep going for midfielders when we clearly need defenders, Mustafi should move on, Koscielny though harsh as it may be should be a second choice.

Litchsteiner shouldn’t even be here, and we need a new LB, Monreal is 33 and getting passed it, even at his age he’s a better LB than Kolasinac who is only effective as a LWB. Yet all our genuine link and interest so far is towards midfielders.

I think in the end Emery should work with everyone at the club including whoever we get as head scout now, because everybody at the club wants what’s best for the club. Sven never believed Banega and N’zonzi are the answers to our problem, and we got better and younger players for it. I hate to see Sven leave but it happens.

There you have it, I hope whatever players we get in, they are the proper players we need.

Eddie Hoyte

Updated: February 8, 2019 — 1:49 pm


  1. Good if Arsenal could get Rabiot, but I’d prefer Tanguy Ndombele as he has a speedy box-to-box CM style that could complement our DMs

    What worries me is Arsenal have no link on any high profile winger currently, but linked to an LB like Alex Grimaldo instead. I wonder what happen to Joel Lopez, Cohen Bramall and other young fullbacks from the academy/ reserves

    1. Joel Lopez is just 16 years old.. And Dombele just transferred to Lyon so he would cost +40m easy..

      1. Yeah I just read that Ndombele was on loan last season

  2. Look at the age profile of players Arsenal are being linked to Konate 19, Kamara 19 and Ginter, 25 for CB. Grimaldo 23 for LB. Troussard 24 for the wing. Rabiot 23 for CM

    Players on way out – Cech, Kos, Litchsteiner ,Monreal, Ramsey, Welbeck, Elnenhy, Ozil? All 26/27 at youngest but mostly 30+

    What its looking like is the plan used by the Red Bull teams for player recruitment. Players from 19 to 24 who can push on and develop. Or players just out side that at 25/26 who have drifted/stagnated a little but they believe could come good.

  3. Rabiot would be a fantastic signing. We need a bit of height in midfield but that being said, isn’t he real similar to guendozi? Wouldn’t complain a b out getting him for free though

    1. I think he’s more of Ramsey type, box to box, but taller and tackles more.

      1. I’d love to see Guendouzi and Rabiot, both tall, athletic, can see a pass, and don’t mind putting a foot in. Possession stats would improve with added quality central, it would be a great start to the transfer window if we pulled this one off. More money for wingers, and Rabiot is a first target type of player, and would cost a fortune otherwise.

  4. The Elephant in the Room that so many fans see but do not SUFFICIENTLY allow for, is the absolute lack of ambition by our owner, who is ultimately the one who is preventing our club from making anything but tiny steps forward, at very optimistic best. This site in recent weeks has been deluged with devoted and usually wise fans comments deeply blaming , or at least seriously questioning, Emery’s suitability to manage. I am known for straight talking and true to type I say they are barking up the wrong tree and failing to ADEQUATELY recognise WHO is the real problem. It is not Iwobi, Lich, Ozil, Mustafi etc etc( though all of them are sub standard at the level we need) and it is certainly NOT Emery. IT IS KROENKE and please, please, PLEASE can my fellow devoted and usually wise and fair minded Gooners realise that if we do not fully support this new manager who has barely got his feet under the table so far, we are betraying our club! We owe this fine manager with a top and RECENT pedigree our loyalty and support. Is that not what fans should always do, until and unless he proves incompetant. IT TOOK 22 YEARS for Wenger to prove his incompetance which I for one clearly saw a full decade before he finally LEFT. In my view the clear and rather sudden “Jekyll to Hyde change” in Wengers former managerial brilliance to one of boardroom protecting abandoning all the successful methods that had made Arsenal so great stemmed from the day David Dein was shafted and Gazidis and Kroenke took control. In short Wenger sold his soul for the corporate shiling and for protecting the corruption of both Gazidis and Kroenke , along with the other betraying directors who has sold their souls and our birthright for Kroenkes filthy lucre. I will not deny that even my great hero DD introduced the Kroenke creature to our board. What ever happened to Hill-Woods ” We don’t want his type here”! Ah Peter, if you never said anything of honour after this, you certainly spoke truth and the whole truth right there and then. Even though you then betrayed your own comments by your money grabbing deceitful share selling to the “creature”.

    I mention this SPECIFICALLY for true perspective and so that the hasty and overreactive Emery critics can regain some level of perspective and remember WHERE the true blame lies.

    Now, it would be naive and a lie to deny -which I do not – that Emery has not made mistakes. We all have the right to question any decision BUT I firmly stand up for the decency that Gooners have over the many decades have shown to a succession of our former managers and given them FAIR CHANCE TO SHOW THEIR MANAGERIAL ABILITY. That being ssaid , a deal of the Emery criticism has been, in my own life experienced view, little short of hysterical , not properly considered and the worst sort of reactionary nonense. Sadly, and though certainly not from ALL, much has been forthcoming even from older highly experienced , usually decent and wise Gooners who FRANKLY ought to know better. You know who you are! I say to you be considered in your comments, try deeper thinking than of late and FULLY recognise (not just say “yes I know” but actually FULLY take on board) where the true blame lies; who is the one we REALLY need to pressure to go and who is doing his best under almost impossible handicaps of tsunami like injuries, a squad full of misfits who we cannot easily shift and a paucity of even one universally recognised TOP defender at the club. (NB Torreira is a DM, not a defender as such). Intelligence, fairness and even a little honour, is surely not to much to ask. IS IT?

    1. I mention Ozil as sub standard NOT because he lacks huge talent. He clearly does NOT Lack that. But he lacks effectiveness on aregular basis which canonly EVER come from those who give 100% weekly , He does not!

      1. I was talking with another fan the other day, and we agreed that, if we had any ambition in our owner or board members then we would’ve pushed on when we were in those CL places. It is an absolute joke that they try after we fall out of them, we spend more after falling from them. We had a great platform to try and push on but they took it for granted and tried to stay there with minimum effort.

        1. Gopod comments! An intelligent and deeply wise, humane and prope human being of age around 70 , as Kroenke is, and who alreadt has more money than he and his loved oneds will ever need, would be sreiously thinking aboiut leaving a legacy of affection and achievement behind him. Instead this empty shell of a human thinks only of more and yet more dollars. Imagine all the room it will need in Hell when he takes all his money with him. He will be remembered as despots and tyrants are remembered ; the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Putin, Trump. With utter revulsion! UGH!!!

          1. Yes, Kroenke will be remembed with the same revulsion as the Stalins and the Hitlers of the world lmao what???? Good post until you signed off w this nonsense.

          2. No Drayton. Not nonsense at all. I specifically did NOT say that KROENKE WAS AS BAD AS THEM. I said, choosing my words carefully, as is my custom, that he “would be remembered with utter revulsion”. I equated the revulsion of his memory with them, but NOT his deeds This keen though important distinction is clearly too delicate a nuanced opinion for SOME to accept and even , sadly, to properly understand. PLEASE JUDGE ME ON PRECISELY WHAT I SAY AND NOT ON YOUR MISUNDERSTANDING OF WHAT I SAY. Words are precious. THAT IS WHY I USE MINE WITH GREAT PRECISION.

          3. When Kroenke dies how will he answer these questions, for all his millions:
            “Did you have joy in your life?”
            “Did you bring joy to others?”
            He certainly hasn’t brought joy to St Louis or Arsenal.

          4. Drayton didn’t say that you said they was as bad..

            He said (and I quote):
            “Kroenke will be remembed with the same revulsion as…”

            You said (and I quote):
            “He will be remembered as despots and tyrants are remembered”

            Tyrants are remembered with a sense of disgust right? Revulsion could be used for tyrants?

            Drayton is right.

          5. Thanks, Midkemma. It’s really not that important, but I get a little upset when people equate football figures with murderous tyrants and can justify seeing that comparison to themselves. I love Arsenal. I love football, but come on! And Jon, I know you weren’t saying he is as bad as them, I clearly didn’t say that, so don’t put words in MY mouth. But what was stated by you and was reiterated in your response is that Kroenke’s memory will live on and people will remember him with utter revulsion (due to his poor performance as owner of Arsenal FC), and you equated this revulsion with the same feelings of revulsion that we feel when we hear of or remember the wicked, murderous, evil deeds of tyrants you listed. Sorry, but these feelings of revulsion don’t equate whatsoever and you are doing an injustice to those who were affected by these tyrants by comparing that with a freaking sport. If you DO SINCERELY FEEL THIS WAY, please mate, find another pastime. You shouldn’t be as disgusted with a sports figure as you are with a murderous tyrant.

        2. This is our greatest sin. Being comfortable with 4th place position. Comfortable with Wenger. Comfortable with Kroenke. Took us far too long to realize the manager was past it, and now the rest of our competitors have caught up to us and UCL is far from guaranteed anymore. If taking down AW seemed insurmountable, Kroenke will be even tougher. Seriously, it would take massive protests to get rid of him, but I’m afraid too many fans are still upset about AW being sacked and want to blame Emery for our problems.

          1. RSH, I find your post puzzling.
            One minute you say that it took us far to long to realise the manager was past it for years and then go on to say that the CL is far from guaranteed anymore.
            If he was past it, how come we kept qualifiying for the CL?

            Then you say our competitors have caught up with us.
            So does that mean, although he was past it, he was still ahead of our competitors?
            I thought the concensus on here was he should have gone ten years ago?

            Finally, on this part of my reply, the dross weedy etc etc players that some so easily condemn won the fa cup just two years ago and qualified for the CL ( you know, the one that was guaranteed ) three years ago. They have now been strenthgened by, mostly, very astute signings, so shouldn’t we question why we are where we are under UE?

            The cry was “we’ve got our Arsenal back” when AW resigned and there was much backslapping and congratulations on a job well done.

            Now it seems, the Arsenal youv’e got back hasn’t gone as well as planned’ so let’s hit the Wenger/kronkie/gazidis bandwagon again:
            Was creating four chances in the game against City their fault?
            Was bringing on suarez with 10 minutes left their fault?
            Was making Ozil captain one week then ignoring him the next their fault?
            Was playing Lichs and Iwobi down the right their fault?
            It was ALWAYS SAID that on the field decisions were only down to the manager…so doesn’t that now apply to Unai Eery as it did Arsene Wenger?

            Was anything UE’s fault?
            Tactics, team selection, substitutions, inability to see Lichs and Iwobi was a complete disaster from the first 48 seconds for instance?

            These are the questions that are being asked by some of us on here and suddenly our loyalty and wisdom is being questioned??

            It has nothing whatsoever to do with our ex manager, but everything to do with our current manager.

            The few posts on here that have actually said they want UE to go are so few, it’s not even a bakers dozen.
            They have been contested by nearly every other poster as a ridiculous knee jerk reaction that sensible supporters do not entertain.

            Thank goodness we haven’t seen anyone actually stating they didn’t want us to win games, or wish harm to the manager, as happened previously they know who they are.

            Everyone acknowledges the terrible injuries that Unai has had to cope with and the players responded with the unbeaten run.
            We have to give him time to recover from these defensive set backs in order for him to be able to select a defence that he feels is strong enough…we certainly have got the players, next season will see that UE’s defensive skills will finally stop the rot of AW’s neglect in this area over the last two seasons ( more if you so perceive it to be, it doesn’t matter because it’s past and can’t be changed ).

            So please don’t start trying to pigeon hole people YET AGAIN for wanting to ask questions.
            There are plenty of fans on here who wanted AW out, but are questioning UE’s tactics, team selection, favourite players etc etc,
            Just don’t make things up to suit your argument…one of AW’s fiercest critics was Phil…just ask him for his thoughts on UE and his team selections.
            I could name MANY MORE, but I hope the point has sunk in?

            You do your fellow gooners a dis-service by trying to insinuate otherwise and what do you hope to achieve from this I fail to understand.

            Just because I admire AW for his legacy, doesn’t mean I want UE to fail….I’ll leave that kind of negativity and BS to those that wished for that to happen under AW, they know who they are and should be ashamed of themselves.

            I want Arsenal to thrash Huddersfield, I want UE to build another team of Invincibles, win more than seven fa cups and three trebles.
            I want him to be the most successful manager in the history of our club, but I don’t OWE HIM (?) enough to not question his failings AS I SEE THEM.

            I believe others are trying to make this an issue about whether one is supporting Unai Emery or not, but that’s simply not the case.
            Every single Arsenal fan… IF THEY ARE ONE… absolutely wants him to succeed.
            What this seems to be about, is whether we are allowed to question other fans beliefs about players, style of play and UE’s tactics.

            As for kronkie being the problem, that’s not a sudden revelation is it?
            I thought we all knew this and come the summer, as someone else has said, let’s see exactly what he has planned for the club.

            I said in a previous post, the slow steady decline began when David Dein was sacked, kronkie was introduced to the club and the board sold us and the club out!!!
            I’m really pleased that others see it in exactly the same way.

          2. Thank you Tristan.
            All I look for is an even playing field, no double standards, a sense of reality and the opportunity to use this great site to give one’s views without fear of prejudice, ridicule and/or name calling.
            UE, I really do believe,will be a success, but not to query his decisions is like someone telling you to wear blinkers and conform to the opposite view otherwise expect the consequences.
            Good to know you see my point of view.

          3. 👍The unfortunate thing Ken, is that all the Emery knockers, provide no alternative should he walk. And he will walk if he does not receive the support of Kroenke and the board, as Emery is young enough and well respected enough to attract interest else where.

    2. Jon what a sincere post from you my friend. I hope you do not consider me to be in the “hysterical” group that questions Emery. I truly want Emery to succeed at Arsenal; he has brought a fight back to our guys, a work ethic that gets lumped with “running around”, and a standard of performance that most of the players adhere to.

      He is limited by the injuries he has, and by an owner who lacks the ambition shown by himself and most of the players. He must have a say in the incoming players, and a manager needs to have the players required to run his system. However, he should not have free reign when it comes to this, and I would cite Torreira as an example over Nonzi as a prime example. Otherwise I do support Emery and what he is trying to achieve with our club.

      I think your post was insightful and explained clearly your thoughts on the matter, and I applaud the post. Excellent my friend, and look forward to more of the same.

      1. The reply was regarding your lengthy post, not the one regarding tyrants and despots.

        1. Thank you Durand. May I respectfully ask that , on my latter post, you digest my reply to Drayton. As a wordsmith I am used to writing quite nuanced commentaries on general life matters in other areas than on this site. It is usually well understood that my precise use of words should be read with great care. I do say what I mean. Sometimes I deliberately leave ambiguous comments , in order to provoke thought. At other times, like the one above, I stick exactly to what is read even to the exact phrase. I am not used to being misunderstood by those folk who have a keen understanding of correct language. My mistake if any, is to presume a widespead similar ease of reading and ease of keen language distinction on this site, as I successfully do on others. I am not given to “Oh I hope we win against so snd so” type comments, as some on here are. You, being the man you are, will not have read into that last sentence that I am decrying those who DO so write. I am not and IF I were, then I would have said so. I DO ADMIT TO SOMETIMES TESTING INTELLIGENCE BY MY PHRASING, as I do not often wish to waste time discussing what to me are less important matters. Each to their own though and there is room for all.

          If I mat take you a litle further down this road, it is very common on TV and also on some radio discussion programmes for the participants to b emanipulated into polarised discussioins , even where there is actually far mor meeting of minds than the programme planners wish for. I detest this dishonesty, made mostly for ratings sake. LANGUAGE, rather like the internet is a great tool for both good and ill. It entirely depends on whether or NOT what is written is accurate and well understood or whether it is , as is common, a tissue of lies and deliberate misunderstandings.

          1. I understood your posting about tyrants and despots and that in no way were you EQUATING him or his deeds with those vile people.

            I read your reply, and I think one quickly reading rather than thoughtfully digesting your comments would miss the subtle point; moreso if English is not their primary language.

            I’m familiar enough with your posts to KNOW you oppose any racism, bigotry, or hate of any kind. You choose your words carefully and with specific intent; to ensure a vigorous debate or defend a point made.

            Brave decision because even a perceived slight is equated with an actual slight with some fellow gooners here. Stay well my friend, I for one like your rapier wit and opinion, and make time to digest your comments.

        2. Also regarding your lengthy post, I think you got it spot on Jon. I also said to friends as far back as 2007 that we’ll never win The Premier League again under Arsene Wenger and purely for the reasons you set out. I honestly think it’s mostly the younger fans that suddenly want Emery out, it’s more a modern trait to write people off to early, it’s the speed we live at these days unfortunately If they could only remember the days when we gave the likes of Billy Wright four years to prove himself even though we we’re finishing mid table every year, bit similar to this era, great attack with Strong and Baker banging in over fifty goal a season between them but awful defence. I can still remember being glued to the old teleprinter the BBC used for the results service at the end of games in the 60’s, (no match reports in them days until the final whistle). Click, click click went the teleprinter, Blackburn Rovers 5, Oh no I shouted, click, click click, Arsenal 5, typical of the day.

          1. Having said that, I still regarded Arsene Wenger as an absolute visionary and a coach so far in front of any other in his first ten years at Arsenal. A man that completely changed the English game for the better and one of, if not the greatest manager Arsenal ever. The biggest compliment I can give him is, “he was up there with Chapman”.

          2. kenny, I find myself, once again, in complete agreement with your post describing the man as a vsionary.
            The only point I will make is this though:
            Not having been around to witness Herbert Chapman in the flesh, as it were, I cannot compare him to anyone, let alone AW.
            The history books tell us of his successes both at Arsenal and Huddersfield and I would love to be able to go back and listen to his thoughts on the game and our club in particular.
            His DNA at the club is still visible today, the clock, the underground, the numbered shirts, the Arsenal colours.
            What an inspiration he must have been to the game of football.
            Our club has been so lucky to have had two men of vision as these two were and if you look at two of the other big clubs there is a similarity.
            Utd = Busby and Ferguson
            Pool = Shankly and Paisley

            You talking about the teleprinter…what about the pink and blue saturday newspapers? Have I got the colours right?

          3. Unfortunately we will never know what Herbert Chapman and Arsenal could have achieved except for his untimely death.
            It amuses me when people on this site believe that Arsenal have only been a “top club” in the last 23 years. They appear to be unaware of events such as “the battle of Highbury” in 1934 where England fielding a then record 7 players from the one club, Arsenal FC, defeated the then world champions Italy 3-2.

  5. Even Kroenke’s plan for making Arsenal a profit making machine is failing after we fell further behind City, United and now Liverpool.
    All the more reason for him to sell while the share values are high…

  6. good article eddie, but even though i’m the first person to admit our coach is great at improving players he’s not a great scout, he shouldn’t sign players for the club that’s why we had/have a recruitment team set in place! i repeat he’s not a good judge of potential talent, he’s good at improving what he has, let’s not make the mistake of giving him more power than he can handle 🙂

    ex: he only wanted one player from Sevilla to come with him at PSG and that’s Grzegorz Krychowiak, huge fail worth loads of money, PSG can waste money we can’t…happy that the suarez deal was done as a loan, is all i can say as that’s another one of Emery’s buys! don’t let him recruit, let him stick to training that’s already alot of work!

  7. The problem with the head scout having too much power is that it is not his job to find balance, for players to compliment one another. He just looks for similar players to ones he had success with, mostly stats related with Sven. But you have to have a managers input, talent is great but they need top be a top partner for someone too, and does Sven look at these things, I’d say not. Monchi had good success with Emery and I’d imagine he’s used to working other people. Sven, as great an eye as he seems to have, he doesn’t seem to be a great people person, or at the least he’s beginning to get that reputation. I’m still gutted we’re losing him so soon, he can find good young players which he’s proved in a short space of time. Maybe a bigger club than us could benefit from it more as we seem to be too reliant on a scout right now. I hope he doesn’t go to Spu, it might be that he chooses to stay in London or goes to Liv.

  8. CM next season:


    Kola at LB feels to risky still but there is no denying that he can muscle players off the ball and provide a threat going forward with his powerful charges, he could easily hold players off with his bulk so as long as he can work on his passing…

    I suppose I could have said Xhaka instead of Kola… Another option? Or funds from sale towards a new LB?

    I disagree with many about Ozil, I do rate him. Putting my personal bias to one side, the above CM would mean we can offload; Ozil, Xhaka and Elneny. Losing Ramsey as well, this is a massive wage reduction which would allow for Rabiot to be paid a bit more due to his free agent status… Although I’d like to see him given a wage that fits a team structure but give him a big signing on bonus to compensate. If he plays well and earns a pay rise then we would see the benefits and we are building for the future right?

  9. I like the idea of holding and Mavro as our centre backs. If today they were at City, they would be on their bench. But sometimes we gooners forget the value of what we have. In a year I could most definitely see them being first teamers there.
    If we can set me up with either kos or sokratis and they stay fit and learn, we have 2 young starters and 2 experience standbys.

    Saying that, full back is an issue. Most notable is left back. We need a strong yet quick chap.

    If rabiot can join because he too wants to come, I would pursue it. There is a few chaps going. If rabiot genduzoui xhaka torriera and a proven sanchez makes our CM if it be a flat 3 or 2 just in front of 1.

    And then what we do as a club is another question.

    I would take a lb cm and see if nelson is ready.

    1. You said Sanchez, did you mean Suarez?

  10. Could those who keep saying why did Arsenal only take Denis Suarez, a midfielder on loan and not try to improve the defense, please inform me of any CB’s, LB’s or RB’s available in the last window for transfer, let alone loan?

    1. You asking for examples is like how you ask people about who should replace Emery when moaning about Emery. If we had asked who would replace Rioch all those years ago then I do not think a single gooner would have said Wenger.

      Just to throw out a couple CB names for loan…
      Cahill and Oxford. I’m no Sven though and I do think we could have asked Sven for better names, not like Mavrop cost us £30 million is it? (I did say could have, not can ask, I recognise we lost a good guy here)

  11. To Ken, not forgetting the floodlights was Chapman’s idea but arrived 20 years later, shows you how far he was in front of his time.Like you Ken I also obviously was not around to witness Chapman’s achievements but read so many books on the great man I felt like I knew him. Regarding the classified newspapers, me and my two brothers would be waiting in the hall for them to be delivered and fight over them as soon as they came through the letter box. It would be the first glimpse of the tables with the old Grandstand programme finishing after the teleprinter results. By the time the “Old Man” got them they’d be ripped to shreds. To Ozziegunner, absolutely right my friend, feels like 90% of youngsters on this site think that our great history started with Arsene, if only they would Google “The Battle of Highbury” and read what a great story it was and very much typical of Arsenal’s great history.

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