Ospina WILL fight for Arsenal place after Cech transfer

I must admit that I feel sorry for the Arsenal and Colombia international keeper David Ospina. The Arsenal fans seem to have taken the 26-year old to our hearts since he recovered from his World Cup injury problems and got the chance to play, but everyone else seems to see him as some sort of butter fingered clown.

THere has been little evidence of this and his mistake between the sticks against West Brom yesterday wwas probably his first real error in his 18 game Premier League career, but all we hear from the football media is how the Gunners need a top class keeper to have any chance of winning the league.

Well according to the Arsenal transfer rumours, Arsene Wenger agrees as we are supposedly on the brink of signing Petr Cech from Chelsea. According to a Metro report, however, this is not a concern to Ospina and he is happy to stay in north London and challenge the Czech Republic international for the Arsenal number one shirt.

He has been linked with a move away and a number of clubs in Italy are supposed to be very keen but Ospina has the confidence in his own ability to believe that he can continue to prove himself in the Premier League with Arsenal. Considering that he has a better record of clean sheets per game than Joe Hart who won the BPL Golden Gloves this season, who can blame him?

Ospina has also conceded fewer goals per game that any of the highly rated big name keepers in England and to highlight the fact that he has done this despite Arsenal being an attacking and open team rather than because, he has more saves for each goal as well.

So if anyone leaves the club it is likely to be Wojciech Szczesny but will Ospina really be able to hold off the challenge of Cech?

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      1. “I LIKE OSPINA, BUT IT WOULD BE NICE IF WE GOT CECH” ….. Such are the words of those who really hate ospina or want him relegated to 2nd choice keeper…. in their hearts

        1. Why do we need cech? Not all goalie is buffon, he might not be able to carry on for 3 year and do you want cheski second goalie to come to us and receive his last pay day when he flops like casillas?

  1. I like Ospina, but to me we do need a better goalkeeper. A goalkeeper shouldn’t just be a player that can save you points, if you’re looking to win the title, it should be a player that actively wins you points. Someone that makes saves beyond just what’s expected of them. To me that’s what both Ospina and Szczesny lack. Reliable, most of the time at least, but not special.

    1. Pretty much agree with that. Szez may make it but can’t be relied on at present and Ospina looks pretty good, but perhaps not exceptional. However I don’t know why cech is touted by everyone. If we had a fantastic kid waiting to take over then maybe, but we don’t so why would we go for someone who is already bettered at Chelsea by Courtous and has anything from 2-4 seasons before we have the problem all over again? Surely someone like lloris is a better option, he would cost more but he is one of the top keepers out there, proven in the prem….and with no good reason to want to stay at the spuds.

      1. Oh believe me I’d have Lloris in a heartbeat. But he’s Tottenham and tied down to a contract. He can’t leave unless they sell to us, and they wouldn’t sell to us at any price, that I’m sure of unfortunately. Lloris will probably replace De Gea at United. We could go for another keeper I suppose. I’ve heard good things about Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen. He’s only 22 and has a cheap release clause. Not seen much of him though so whether he’s what people say he is I’m not sure.

    2. I dont think we need Cech. Ospina’s good enough – he’s not world class, but neither is Cech. I dont say no thanks to Cech, but neither of them deserves to be backup.

  2. By the way. This Vidal rumour is everywhere, has something actually happened? I can’t see why he’d want to join us really. What do we offer that Juve don’t? Trophies? Juve win more than us. A bigger club? Not really. A nice new stadium? Juve’s is newer. Money? Juve seem to have plenty of that too.

    Beyond playing with Alexis Sanchez I don’t see what would draw him here, and playing with Alexis can’t be that big a draw, they already play together in the national team after all..

    Strange that he has such a low price tag of £25m too. Last season’s big link with United had him at £40m. Just seems a very strange rumour, especially since it’s so widespread.

    1. he is 28 so i think 25£ million seems fair. The value of the pounds has gone up so £25 million is almost 36 million euro so to the italians that is alot of money for a 28 years old. I guess is just basic ecomics if you look at it. I am not saying we have signed Vidal but am saying from the age of 29 the value of a footballer drops drastically as there is no re sale value. Except if you are Ronaldo where at 30 people will still pay 80 million for you. lol

      The vidal rumour is a strange one but u never know. I have seen ozil signed on the final day at the final hour. strange things have happened.

    2. The lure or the premier league might be why he wants to come to us instead of staying at juve

    3. Maybe to play with Alexis in the best league. A bigger challenge as Juve own Italy & will for years. Also, Juve need the money to attempt to keep Pogba whom Real, Celshit, PSG, etc will all be after this summer they need wages freed up.

    4. The Vidal rumor is everywhere because it gets repeated by media outlets citing previous reports. Not because there is a credible original source.

  3. I hate when transfer rumours are discussed during an ongoing season. But now since its done (bar FA cup final), I say bring on the transfer rumours from all the sites (yes, useless, sh*t sites included) about Arsenal from all around the world. I NEED ENTERTAINMENT 🙂 since Arsenal wont be playing anymore

  4. Dont even bother reading the Metro, they have linked us to over 20 players in the last month! someone new every day!

    1. We will buy them all, you wait and see!

      56 man squad next year with two managers: Wenger & George Graham. Best of both worlds. We may even do well in Europe!

      1. Remember some random website i used to scroll through some years ago would link Arsenal to atleast 150 players during a season. They did get players like Giroud and Podolski correct though, but it’s kind of hard not to when you “spray and pray” like they did ^^

  5. Cech, Vidal, Pedro and lacazette would be an ideal summer 4 me.

    If not Vidal, then Schneiderli or Kondogbia
    if not Pedro then Reus or Fekir
    if not lacazette then Martinez or Cavani

    1. What do you want with pedro when you have Ox Sanchez Theo Welbeck and Ngraby? That for me is greed son. We have money now but we should get what we need and not what we want. You act like a kid in a sweet shop with such demads.
      A striker and Dm will be great. But people asking for CB Wingers Goalkeepers and number 10’s are a lil childish for my liking.

      ——————–Ospina/Sir szcseney——————





      Extra Mozart Wellington silva Ngraby hayden Jekingson etc

      I think that is 2 quality player per position. All those asking for 5 signings are in dreamland. Dm and striker and we are good to go.

      Lacazette. I chose him over martinez bc he is different from giroud. he is quick and mobile.

      Morgan schiniderlin has premier league experience and his all round technical qualities are good . he also adds height and power to our tem

      1. Thats not greed wanting four or five players its what we need to win the league you plonker! Cech is must for me as hes world class. Mertesacker has to be replaced as hes a liability, welbeck isn’t exactly prolific either
        We need a
        Gk: cech
        Cb: varane or stones
        Dm: videl or kondogbia
        Striker: lacazette

        1. I have a connection who assures me Zlatan is coming this summer.

          He also went on to say he would arrive on a UFO claiming he was the second coming whilst wearing a SS uniform.

          And on a side note Kevin Campbell urged Arsenal to go sign him or Cavani.

  6. I’ve wanted Peter Cech at Arsenal for years now. Easily one of the top two keepers in the Premiership and still very young in goalkeeper terms.

    He will give us at least an extra 10 points over the course of a season because he stays sharp, is very able, very agile, very experienced and will give the defence great confidence. He sees defensive mistakes in the making and is ready for them.

    What keeper in the whole world other than the Chelsea no.1 would you want? Obviously the only keeper almost as good as the Chelsea no.1 with 10 years plus experience in the Premiership.

    I will have Ospina over Szezcny, but I cannot see any better choice other than the Chelsea no.1 or Petr Cech. Of course Ospina has to cost us points first before Petr Cech gets his chance.

    Man Utd are definitely losing De Gea this Summer so they will be in for Petr Cech too. We can easily afford the player and we do need him. He will improve our chance for siverware.

  7. i think this vidal rumour has no legs in it and juve will probably come out in the next few days and say he is going no where this season, i think the papers are trying to give it legs and letting the worried fans make it run.
    but if we are patient wenger will get who we need vidal is an area of the pitch where we are well stacked in, the c/m and box to box ramsey and wilshere and even corzola(who has been dropped back there to fit him in the team)are all in this position.
    so i think this is not a major need its the d/m where we need the player in for i just hope wenger doesn’t try and pass of walcott as a new c/f that we so badly need that would suck big time.

  8. All we really need, is for our players to grow some “ballz”and start gettin “lethal” out there. Van Gaal was right. We do have the best team in the EPL, but we lack that predator killer instinct to go out and just run through mufukas.
    We have 4 cold crush killers in our squad. Kos, Le Coq, Alexis and Rosicky and maybe Ox. The rest are fkn pushovers…
    Would love havin Vidal join us, because he’s a killer.

  9. dreaming is allowed but not much.enough of this metro sh*t about cech to arsenal, well it won’t happen coz moreen can not allow it, it is his nature remember demba ba. he has absolute jelousy even with what he does not use.

  10. Wenger is king of complacency and will not buy another GK. Cech could walk up to Wengers door and beg on his knees and Wenger would say no.

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