Ospina relaxed and expected to play for Arsenal tonight

It was rumoured that the new Arsenal Number One was injured after the weekend’s game at Palace, but Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he is ready to lay. Wenger was asked about Szczesny at the pre-game press conference.

He said: “I worry about every single player in my squad and I want every single player to be happy but at the end of the day only 11 players can start the game. That’s the same for every single player. We have competition for places and that’s part of our job. I don’t think that’s a special worry.”

And David Ospina? “He’s fit. He trained.”

A typical Wenger non-committal response, but I think that quite clearly means that Ospina will be on the pitch tonight. In a separate post, Ospina himself has been talking about the battle for the starting spot. He said: “As a team, we do have a strong and healthy competition between myself, Wojciech and Emiliano so that is something that inspires us all to always be there and giving it 100 per cent in training sessions.

“In a team like Arsenal and this level, you need to have very good goalkeepers like you have in all the major football teams. Both goalkeepers really need to be ready to react very well. You need to be that prepared and committed so you can continue to play.”

I must admit that I personally am relieved that Ospina will be playing as I have lost confidence in Szczesny for the moment. I am sure he will get some more chances to impress but Wenger does not seem to be sensitive when it comes to his goalkeepers. Once he’s made a decision he sticks to it unless they make a seris of gaffes (like Szczesny did!)

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  1. I wish the press would shut up and stop putting thoughts in Wenger’s head. LoL

    Ospina MUST start in all PL and CL matches until Szczesny proves himself and Ospina’s form deteriorates. Realistically that won’t happen this season.

    Honestly, I was impressed with Ospina during the World Cup. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Ospina conceded the least number of goals in the World Cup. So, I was ecstatic when we signed him. He is much better than Fabianski and honestly I knew he would replace Szczesny. I think the best signing behind Sanchez last year.

    So yes Ospina first.

  2. oh! as certain as mortal man to sin,
    will be tonight our win,
    which will take away my grin,
    ‘coz sadness engulfes me whenever wenger gets a win!
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. He worked for it and szczesny helped him sealed it, so I think the XI keeper is meant to be him. Another position is fullbacks, R.B bellerin is far better than chambers, LB they are both at near same level now but monreal should keep his place as he is doing alright. Walcott for Welbeck is the last key selection. I will go for walcott as he is more productive.

    1. I totally agree with you on all 4 points
      1. Ospina earned it. Szczesny made mistakes (he let in 2 goals against Brighton)
      2. Bellerin is better at RB
      3. Monreal has been doing good job at LB.
      4. Walcott over Welbeck

      Walcott overall is a better RW . He is also scores goals when he is on. A few years ago he was our leading goal scorer. He needs to play to get back into form but he scored in first or second match Je started since injury.

      1. Gibbs for Monreal….Gibbs also hasn’t done bad on last game he was on…plus monreal should get the rest cos he played wknd….also Gibbs will offer abit more in attack..as his dribbling skills have improved a lot – Gibbs + Sanchez same wing…good combination…

  4. Agree Muda, as much as Welbz had a good game Saturday, Theo has a point to prove and his superior goal tally could be vital
    clean sheet is a minimum

  5. Agree with the rest of you guys. Walcott should start over Welbeck. We need goals today and Theo is by far more threatening.

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