Ospina to be Arsenal´s cup keeper as Szczesny heads to Rome?

With the start of the Premier League season edging ever closer and with Arsenal fans getting ready for the Gunners to get off to a better start than last time and send out a message to our Premier League rivals like Chelsea and Man City, Arsene Wenger has been talking in a report on the Arsenal website about the transfer that many football experts think will make us challengers.

The signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea is still the only move made by Arsenal so far this summer but we are all hoping that the Cezech Republic number one helps to give our back four the extra confidence to give the creative side of the squad the solid platform to build on.

And while Wenger is clearly delighted that the Chelsea owner stuck to his promise and let Cech decide on his next club, our long serving manager accepted that his coming to north London also created a problem, with both Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina having to be accommodated somehow.

The Frenchman said, “The deal happened because of the special relationship that Petr Cech had with Roman Abramovich,” the manager said. “He had a promise from him that he could go out, no matter where, at a certain price, and that’s why it happened.

“It wasn’t a huge surprise for me because they couldn’t keep him forever, at 33 years of age, as a No 2.

“Goalkeepers have a special problem in the game. If you have to talk about being No 2, you are in trouble. The goalkeeper will say, ‘Yes I want to come but I want to play as well’. It’s such a problem, and it was for Barcelona last year.

“They played with one goalkeeper in the Champions League and one goalkeeper in the league. That shows you how much you need two goalkeepers, and how much you need to give them games as well.

“He can help us with the continuity of his performances and can help us to develop our keepers, who are top talents. He can strengthen the belief in the team as well because when you sit in the dressing room and look around you, you need some people who can give you confidence.”

From Wenger´s words I assume that Arsenal are going to use Cech for the Premier League and one of the others for the cups and with the Daily Mail reporting that Szczesny has agreed to spend a season on loan with the Serie A club Roma, it looks like Ospina has won the battle of the back-ups.

This would indicate that the Pole is still in the long term plans of Le Prof but how is he going to learn from Cech when he is in Italy?

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  1. Huge step up from ospina no.1 and szeczney no.2.
    Cech no.1 and ospina no.2 means we can be fully confident in our keeper no matter which one plays.
    Hope szeczney can get rid of those mistakes out in italy, he does have great potential.

    1. Personally, i think the difference between Cech and is 6 and half a dozen .
      Many arsenal fans are conjuring the image of the Cech of 10 years ago . That Cech ‘s gone . He is not as good as he used to be .
      I think szczeny should be sold . he lack good ball control . A pass back is always a disaster waiting to happen .

  2. Ospina can push Cech from time to time for the first team as well. It is fantastic to have two very good Goalkeepers. It’s a huge step up from Scez and Fab.

  3. That is why i said that it is not really about learning from Cech.It is about him telling himself that he wants to focus on his goalkeeping by identifying his mistakes and trying to solve them.You can solve your problems if you believe.I happy he is going on loan where will at most be playing.This would surely help him a lot that is if he intends to focus.He needs to develop the reliability of a top goalkeeper.It is mainly about him not only about learning from Cech.If he wants to change he will.I hope he does because if he develops the calmness and reliability of a top goalkeeper i think he can displace Cech.He would be so good to be honest.Wenger did the best thing he wants Szczesny to go on loan to get game time and most importantly focus on his goalkeeping and put it into practice.What a great move.If he changes for good he will not only be world class but be legendary just like Cech.I also have high hopes for Damian Martinez.

    1. @leo yh right.I dont even understand you at times.Keep writing him off.You speak without even analyzing players.There were several fans who wanted Ramsey sold when he started playing after his long term injury. But Wenger knew he had to keep him because he knew of his abilities.Trust me if I had to chose between Szczesny,Ospina and Martinez who i think is the best i would choose Szczesny because he is better than all of them only that he makes costly mistakes therefore he has to be dropped.I tell you if Szczesny was sold to Roma he would make anyone who thinks Ospina or Martinez are better than him look very stupid because i believe he wont be in this state forever.I wish he was soold so that he would make some look stupid those who talk without analyzing are being annoyingly ignorant.

  4. Krystian Bielik , Zelalem, Toral, Iwobi, Willock and Hayden took part in the U21 photocall today . Akpom isn’t, which hints at first-team

  5. In all Wengers 19 years how many First team regular Centre Halves or Strikers has he produced from Youths? 0.
    Adams & Campbell were the last

    1. by Campbell I mean kevin Campbell not sol otherwise some here will moan about that

      Funny how plenty of people complain about Mourinho for not bringing through Youth academy .

        1. Why only centre halves. Because you thought the answer is none, very small minded. Wenger brought plenty of defending and attacking players through the system but you just zero in on a position just to get an answer you thought you already know… its pathetic.

          He brought Upson & Hayden through and there is another large collective on the way so you may need to refine your question next time when you are again picking and choosing.

          1. At what age. If he played in under seventeens well then we are the ones polishing these players. Under fifteens and we are teaching boys how to become men. We are also teaching these youngsters how to play a very unique brand of football, something they would not have learned otherwise. The Arsenal way.

  6. I want wenger to win the title they guy deserves it especially for what he has done for us but each season he leaves the squad short result we don’t make it

    I hope this season it changes a striker + cdm we have another chance else I think it’s time for arsenal to bring in klopp/simmeone etc (please don’t bring how bvb finished 7th) he has done well against Bayern & even in europe

    1. theres no hope of Wenger leaving any time soon. You’ll just have to wait for a new manager and for EPL title. Wenger is going to muck up the transfer market for the billionth time again.

  7. The brigades are out again. People who think players like Dzeko,Chicharito,Evans,Lukaku,Austin,Benteke(if signed) can win us BPL and UCL, they are actually not better managers than Wenger.

    1. Aye, seems like they are.

      I’m not panicking, still like 6 weeks left. Although I wish we would get our players as early as possible so they can integrate to our existing team. And leave maximum one signing for the deadline day.

      Sergi Samper, don’t know what to think about him. Firstly he is EXTREMELY talented, everyone knows this. But then again he might not be ready. Downside with him being his Barca DNA (don’t want another Fabrecash situation).

      Come on Wenger, play it safe and go for Krychowiak. This lad broke to Liga’s team of the season (ahead of Buesquets?) on his debut season!

          1. The difference was that Wenger wasn’t doing the negotiations in the transfer market back then. Keep Wenger out of the transfers, bring back David Dein, then we stand a good chance.

  8. Adding players for the sake of it is not the answer. Adding EXCEPTIONAL talent is what we need.

    I would be happy with one more player if he was to genuinely improve us, with two we could start looking at winning that damn title.

  9. I hope all Arsenal fans give as much support to Ospina as Chez had. He his a major upgrade at No2.

  10. i see there is someone else on twitter atm, who has taken on the mantle of the resident arsenal itk, stand up and take a bow mr memzi dogi no doubt you will serve your club proudly. with bits of rumors and transfer gossip like you know something wenger doesn’t lol. poor old muzzi ozcan has fallen right of the radar atm, much like our flavor of the month players, we all like to be linked with mega lol. its good to see leo back though i must say though he is a bit edgy reggy atm. please come back to us as you were, i prefer the old you as the transfer go to man.

  11. very suprised wenger not in for draxler, if the agent quoted price is right of 25 million euros that’s not bad considering he is a very highly rated talent across european scene. but maybe wenger knows something we dont about his injuries, as forsthye would have worked with draxler in the national team and he would know the ins and outs of his injury record. maybe he has warned wenger agaisnt long term injury problems in draxler, could be a great bullet dodged is so and shad is right

  12. on topic, glad cech and ospina are going to battle for 1 and 2 spot, its for the best next season we next top competition in the squad, if we want to stay competitive in the title race.

  13. just read a tweet from mr dogi just now he seems to believe that the benzema deal is getting moving in the right direction/resolved/or something along those lines.
    what does he know that our on leo doesn’t know. i would rather have to hear what leo has to say on this massive matter, (you shouldnt be one step behind, you always seem one step ahead leo). if he concludes that this i somewhat correct then. it could be on maybe, no breath held just yet lol.

  14. Since Martinez will be available as a cover for the duo of Cech and Ospina, Szczesny may have to be allowed to go on loan because of the 25 man first team registration with the FA. But I think Martinez ought to be the keeper to go on loan instead of Szczesny. Szczesny needs to be under the watchful eyes of the Boss to continue to mentor him to desist from smoking and inhaling the laughing gas. If Szczesny goes to Roma, he could have unlimited freedom to be more heavily involved in those anti-football intake.

  15. Off topic:
    Diaby having medical at West Brom!
    Whats the bet his injury situation gets resolved at WB.

    1. I hope it does, he deserves this.

      I will cherish the memory of the day he destroyed Liverpool.

      1. Would have liked to see Southampton take a gamble and replace Schneiderlin with the much more talented Diaby, and for it to work out well.

  16. Also Diaby ‘having medical’ that in itself is a crazy statement.
    I stand more chance of becoming the pope than Diaby passing that surely!
    On a serious note good on Pullis and good luck to Abou I hope it works out for him.

  17. @Samuel Akinsola Adebosin.
    If the ill advised path is the one Scez chooses to follow so be it, he’s not a kid anymore and a change of scene may make or break him. Wenger shouldnt need to keep him under a watchful eye.
    I notice the jokers of the pack are slowly dispursing first Poldi, now Scez, Jack next?

  18. Delighted that Wenger has chosen Ospina to deputise and a loan for Szcz. That one save alone from Cech v Eve immediately reminded me of how we couldn’t get a first goal against Che before they’d suckerpunch us. The deftest of fingertip touch and the ball hits the crossbar. Love this signing and I am almost certain that we will see atleast one more new face. Don’t have any idea who or where but I would say its about 92% sure.

  19. Good move for Scheszny. But all I care is this SIGN A WORLD-CLASS STRIKER for Ozil, Santi, Walcott and Sanchez…. And watch these guys tear any team apart. What’s hard in this?????

    1. Hahaha what’s hard? Finding him…convincing him….convincing his club….agree on wages….agree on a formation or to replace giroud…then the good environment in the dressing room..

      I mean…again…I hope we get one but it IS hard

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