Ospina to save Arsenal season again after Cech injury?

The Arsenal and Colombian international keeper David Ospina has not exactly had his greatest of seasons so far, but Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans are now left hoping that the second choice Gunners stopper can step up and save our season from going right down the pan after the news that we are going to be without Petr Cech for next four weeks or so, as reported by the Evening Standard.

The good news for Arsenal is that the Colombian has been there before and bought the T-shirt. After signing for Arsenal following an impressive 2014 World Cup campaign, Ospina was left on the bench until a calamitous performance by Wojciech Szczesny in Southampton last new years day was compounded by the Polish international being caught having a crafty smoke in the showers.

At that point our season was looking in deep trouble but Ospina stepped up in style and helped us to go on a great run which saw us improve on the usual fourth place and win a second FA cup in a row. Another good thing to remember is that Ospina is used to pressure and has proved himself before.

Yes he had that nightmare against Olympiacos in the Champions League but Wenger was right back then to point out that all keepers make mistakes, just like Cech did against Swansea and against West Ham in the season opener. Ospina has not played much since then but he has played in the FA cup and would surely have been set to do so again on Tuesday. And even though he is set to be thrown into a massive game against the spuds on Saturday, Ospina hit the ground running last season with clean sheets in his first four games after replacing Szczesny.

So while the loss of Cech is another blow we do have reason to believe that Ospina will prove to be an effective deputy. But will he be able to save another season for Arsenal?

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  1. Our back four needs to be focus and keep their shape at the back, no matter what! This game is crucial there is no room for complacency!

    1. I hope we will not play 4 back. I hope we will play with 3 at the back and winger fullbacks (Campbell and Gibbs) and two strikers. You will of course ask, why not Bellerin? Because Bellerin was dead average in 2016 and there is footage to prove it. Anyway,time will prove if I was right or wrong

  2. First Ramsey was supposed to save us after Cazorla’s injury, then Walcott was supposed to save us after Sanchez injury, then Gabriel was supposed to save us after Mert’s injury and now Ospina. LOL he may be saving the shots but he won’t be saving our season with our manager’s inability to use right tactics and players.

  3. The Laziest player in the Arsenal squad squad says ‘work rate will be key’ ahead of tomorrows game.

    Incase you still don’t know who It is, it’s Walcott

    1. I was shocked when I read Walcott’s comments,
      What a cheek!.. From Mr anonymous! ??

    2. And he’s only willing to work hard after a run of terrible losses. When we beat United it was after we had a shocking game against West Ham

  4. Save our season if we WIN but he will not solely be responsible of that!! If we win it’ll be as a team!
    HUGE HUGE game tomorrow…as an Arsenal fan I’m really frustrated by what’s going on: the lack of heart & setback we’ve suffered in our title chasing season (something both Sanchez & Cech have spoken about)!! But we should be behind the team tomorrow & encourage them for as long they allow us to with what they will show on the pitch! They should remember that we push them but when they play well & win they push us even more to push them more if that makes sense.
    I fancy a good start similar to the Swansea game or Man U & Man C earlier in the season!! Hopefully the 2 players mentioned above will have something inspiring to say before the game in the locker room as they know what it takes, not that they will need extra motivation for probably the biggest derby in the last 10 years (Campbell & Keown mentioned as much)! And please don’t let Per intervene as his quote about:”it’s not the end of the world” it’s just not something to say. Not when your the “captain”, not when we had arguably our best XI with the players available against a Swansea B team that you allow to make a comeback and win at home specially when your other direct rivals had negative outcomes!
    That right there is the mentally of some of the players within the squad (who settle & say:it’s OK) & that’s why when it gets tough there is no heart!! As a competitor you should’ve been mad & felt like it’s the end of the world…Sanchez probably felt that way!

  5. Trust me, Ospina isn’t the worry for us! ?
    It’s Wenger’s team selection, tactics and substitutions that’s worring! … I just hope that wenger shows the same amount of fighting spirit against the spuds, as he showed to all the media, pundits and even Henry, in last few days! ?
    If he does then we will mash those pesky spuds!

  6. only AW and the strikers will save our season..no matter how many will be put past ospina,if tactics are right our strikers should be in a position to put more past the opp end.

  7. In a way most of you have put your finger on one of the many problems with the Arse.Walcott has not been pulling his weight for many a season. A long time ago I said it’s like playing with a man short when he’s on the pitch and the other players are getting p***** off with his lack of effort. It’s effecting Bellerins game trying to do 2 jobs. He’s better with Campbell infront of him or helping him defend.Me,Walcott on the bench.Permanently.

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