Ospina to stay as Arsenal near agreement over Szczesny ?

There has been much discussion on the pages of JustArsenal about the merits of bringing Wojcieh Szczesny back to the Emirates this summer, as it seemed certain that David Ospina would be going off to Fenerbahce after he publicly stated that he was open to a move to Turkey.

The Turkish club must have thought it was a shoe-in and offered a derisory amount for a World Class keeper which was dismissed out of hand by Arsenal. There has not been one more mention of the deal in the Turkish or English papers since so we can assume that the move is dead in the water and Ospina will be expected to honour his contract with Arsenal.

But it seems there has been movement on the deal with Juventus to buy Szczesny as a future replacement for Gigi Buffon, who is expected to have just one more season at the Italian Champions before retiring, while the Pole is eased into his role.

According to Calciomercarto in Italy, Juve have taken on board Arsenal dismissal of their opening (derisory) bid and Wenger has put a € 15 million price tag on the table. Although Jueventus don’t want to pay quite that much, they are confident of coming to an agreement with Arsenal after selling their current backup keeper, Neto, to Valencia for a reported € 9 million.

They wouldn’t have sold him unless they were confident of getting Szczesny so a deal is expected to be announced in the coming week…



  1. off topic. Chelsea has reportedly made an €80million bid for Aubamenyang. If they get him then i can’t wait for the competition in EPL this coming season. Gunners!!! (spartans) this season we dine in hell

  2. The article hardly mentions reasons why he will stay
    Its still plenty of time before the window closes and its still possible he may want to leave to play more
    He has been linked with Nantes, Fernabache and LA Galaxy

    I hope he does stay
    Im glad Wenger put up price to £15 million
    The £4 million bid was insulting

      1. Not really

        We bid £35 million for Mahrez which is reasonable bid and what he is realistically worth
        We didn’t bid lower than that to get him cheap

        We offerred £75 million for Mappe which was a decent starting offer
        Not insulting in anyway

        the Suarez £40 million +£1 was bad but mostly Wenger is good with bids

        1. is it Wenger or Gazidis who makes the bids ?! i think articulation of this would help fans understand where the issues lie re transfer bids…

      2. Juve is bit like Spurs in transfers, selling high but buying always ends up in penny pinching. We do the same when buying, but we are reasonable when selling, time to adapt to market and sell only if price is met (L’pool Benteke)

  3. He was called average though he was clearly better than Ospina.If I was Szczesny I wouldn’t look back.Ospina was also given a fair chance and failed.When Ospina came I couldn’t mention one thing he was better at than Szczesny except for the fact that he hardly made mistakes.That was the only thing where Ospina beat him at.It’s a shame really because all he had to do was stop the mistakes .Now at Juve he can be a legend so I urge him to move.

    1. I agree. Read an article that even Cech went to look for help outside to assist him with gk trainingLast season if I remember correctly. If we improved getting a better gk coach in previous seasons, he could’ve been our next Seaman imo.

  4. We seems to be strengthening the team in every position except in goalkeeping. I think there is need to do a wholesome changes once and for all rather than wait until it start hurting us.

  5. One will be leaving for sure. Possibilities that both may depart. Wenger i prepared to make martinez his number 2 if szczesny doesnt stay. Most likely that ospina will depart.
    Huge news on lemar.
    LEMAR will join arsenal for 45m euro plus 5m euro add on wages are agreed to be 95k euro a week four year deal!!
    Rudiger to chelsea is a done deal!

  6. Dude is like P. No one was kind enough to appreciate him until it was too late. Now all of a sudden everyone that mocked him says he is good.

  7. If Szcz is good enough to take over from the legendary Buffon im sure he is good enough to be our number 2. i cant see why we would let him go unless a massive offer was to come in. Diesnt he also count as homegrown? something that is priceless right now. even if we sood him for £20m he will cost more to replace if we went for a young english keeper. Keep him, we know he has ability and seems to have matured at Roma.

    1. He’ll be back up to Buffon next season. And Juve will likely get the Italian no1 when Buffon is finished.

  8. It’s too funny to see the fans talking bad about Ospina and what about Cech? do you think he brings something good to the team? two seasons an arsenal did really bad or look now are they in Champions? why fans judge Ospina? because of few bad games and what about Cech?. I would like somebody that really given me the main reason that Cech in this 2 seasons was better than Ospina.

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