Ospina to stay but Rosicky to leave Arsenal?

The Arsenal rumours for the last month or so have been adamant that when Petr Cech takes over as Number One at Arsenal, David Ospina will be moving on to pastures new. Meanwhile it has been assumed that Tomas Rosicky will be staying to keep his mate Cech company after Arsene Wenger exercised a one year option to keep him at the club despite Little Mozart being unhappy at lack of playing time.

Now these ideas have been turned on their head as Ospina has now stated that he is used to fighting for his place and expects to do the same at the Emirates. He was quoted as saying: “I have always had to fight for the title position at all of my clubs. You expect a big club like Arsenal to improve the squad but you must always impress the manager in training.”

With Wojciech Szczesny also making it clear hat he intends to stay at Arsenal for his whole career it will be interesting to see how Wenger deals with the situation. Surely he won’t pay the wages of all three next season?

As for Rosicky I have kept my opinion that he should be allowed to leave to get more games in the twilight of his career, and he is extremely lved at Sparta Prague, who are still keen to prise him away from Arsenal. The Sparta owner Daniel Kretinsky has made this very clear. “I’d love him to come and for it to happen soon,” he said.

“But I don’t want to put uncomfortable pressure on Tomas. It’s up to him, I understand that leaving Arsenal isn’t easy.”

It will not be easy for Arsenal to say goodbye to such a loyal legend either, but we have to understand that Tomas wants to play all this season so he can represent his country one last time at the Euros next summer. I don’t WANT him to leave but I think we should respect his wishes…

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  1. He was quoted as saying: “I have always had to fight for the title position at all of my clubs. You expect a big club like Arsenal to improve the squad but you must always impress the manager in training.”

    What else do you expect him to say? This doesn’t mean he isn’t leaving

    1. I don’t think ospina would stay .if he decides to stay shez would be our reserve teams gk. Just doesn’t sound right,one of them has to leave.I wish all the best for rosicky if he decides to move on as long as he doesn’t end up at Chelsea,lol. Rosicky needs to be playing on a regular basis to get into the Czech squad and he would definitely not be a regular here at arsenal. he can easily get in the starting eleven of teams like Newcastle, Sunderland, Norwich and palace….. I don’t think Sparta Prague would be a wise choice for him,he could join then in two years.rosicky still has 2-3 seasons in a top leauge left in him. Hes such a silky and smooth player, just love his style of play. He would be missed.if he does leave we will need a replacement for him.

        1. Yes they are both quicker than arteta, plz don’t compare two of the greatest midfielders with arteta. They are not on the same level.we don’t need arteta.we want to challenge for both bpl and UCL. With players like arteta we would never be able to do so.

    2. Instead of keeping usless flamini and slow arteta we should keep rosicky.just don’t know what Wenger sees in arteta,probably a backup to lecoq.this is just wrong.

      1. I won’t attempt to change your mind on Arteta – you seem sure enough of your assessment. But back in the real world of the Barclays Premier League – name the team with a better CDM reserve/back-up. Our issue at CDM is whether Wenger’s gamble (and it appears that is what is going to happen with no replacement CDM coming in) that Coquelin will quickly progress in to the player we need to compete at the top level will pay off or not. I haven’t got any concerns at all that Arteta can do a job for us in some of our games next year – particularly CC/FAC and some home games where we will be expected to dominate. And doubly so in the midst of our new found more stable and energetic defensive approach by the whole team – a luxury he has never enjoyed.

  2. typical Arsenal you wait many years for a decent goalkeeper and three turns up in one go,

    there seams to be a lot of shift about with goalkeepers this transfer window glad to say we don’t have to worry about that anymore but we seam to be waiting for something to happen but don’t know what and which department

    1. I think everything depends on whether DeGea leaves for Madrid and the Turan to Barca deal is sealed

  3. Scary to see Arteta sign a years contract. Rosicky still has the skill and mobility to add something for half a game and to be a winner. He can, as we have seen, be a game changer for the good. Arteta too can be a game changer, a losing game changer.

    1. i think everyone forgets if it wasn’t for Arteta few seasons ago we wouldn’t off been in the champions league and likes of Ozil and Sanchez would not be with us today, and i think its a good thing we have him weather he sits on the bench or plays a few easy games which will rest Coq or others

      1. Do we live in the past or do we move forward.Which ambitious top club would keep Arteta even for the bench.
        He would better be suited for a middle level club in the nice hot country of his where his old slow legs would not suffer much.

        1. @Grim Bling

          i think most people don’t know how hard it is to find a top player to sit on the bench majority of the season(s)

          Grim yes we do need to move forward but i think Arteta is a plus rather then a let down

      2. @Tas,
        I think you mean Theo Walcott.
        After RVP saved us and left, it was Walcott and then it was Ramsey the next season and last season it was Sanchez.
        I cannot remember a time when Arteta carried Arsenal on his back or helped us win our coveted 4th spot. We could have saved in wages and signed Schneiderlin.

        1. @k-ool no mate it was Arteta who was the true playmaker yes obviously RVP and Walcott was equally helpful

        2. Arteta was signed for 10 mil on deadline day.he has played his part already.I don’t think he should stay on for another year.Wenger keeps on delaying our DM signing due to the availability of arteta.we need him out asap

  4. so man utd have strengthened thieir defence with darmian an option i would have liked to see at arsenal and splashing out to do so…if wenger thinks he can win the epl and cl on the cheap or be retaining services of players well past their sell by date he is even more dilussional than i thought…. wirhout world class DM and attacking options it will be another frustrating season for gunners

    1. I believe so my friend and then next year (2016) around this time on the site when we crash out of the CL at the round of 16 and lose the EPL by November, you will see the same people still standing behind some of the average players that start for us and can never start for our rivals…telling us how good they are with their back to goal plus holdup play and I will be there once again to remind them that they said the same garbage a year ago (NOW) which they also said in 2014 and in 2013 and we still have never won the CL and its been 12 years since we won the EPL.
      Its like some people erase their memory every year.

      1. There was never a lack of doom prophets at Arsenal FC. What makes you think you can get the job above all others?

        1. I am not a doom prophet. In fact, I was a pretty hopeful lad myself like you are budd. I used to buzz with hope. Predictably, at some point I was called ‘buzz hope-yeah?’ So I have been on that side of the ropes…you know. Its not new.
          I see myself as more of a saviour than a doom prophet. I am always here for enlightenment…to save the brainwashed Arsenal fans from the plight of living in delusion and unrealistic hope they feed on every season that ends up in dissapointment.
          I am here to inject reality and not necessarily diminish hope. Next season, winning the FA cup for a 3rd successive year will not be as satisfying unless it is accompanied by something bigger like the EPL and CL. I would trade the two FA Cups to win the EPL again or the CL for the first time. Now I feel what Di Maria felt. Bless his heart.
          However, lads and ladies…it doesn’t require a prophet of doom to draw this conclusion:
          if you believe that Giroud is good enough to start for Arsenal and want to see him start then HOPE for 4th place and an elimination at the round of 16 in the champions league. Do not sit there and keep HOPING that he will suddenly turn into Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Thierry Henry and lead us to the EPL or CL.
          That is just the true reality. You have the right to support Giroud as our first choice ST/CF but by default you are supporting another underachieving campaign where we don’t win the EPL or CL.

            1. because its our football club but not a football cult …though for too many people on this site wenger is the football equivalent of david miscavige…sad really

          1. There is only one “true reality” that everyone can agree upon – that ultimately your opinion on Giroud has no effect or meaning in the real world. The same goes for those that are supportive of him and are less swayed by dumb arguments that x can never happen because of y. So why are you directing your anger at other supporters who disagree with you – it isn’t their fault and what they think doesn’t change anything about the prospects of our club. You, and others, talk as if by not-slagging players off we are directly responsible for our club’s failings. How do you figure that out? I mean really – how does that work?

            Can you offer some words of wisdom for the lesser beings amongst us – what if we agree with your sharp analysis and don’t believe Giroud is good enough to start for Arsenal but wish to support the club – what is the correct way of doing that? Please enlighten – are you desperate for validation? Are you just wishing for people to slap you on the back and sing your praises? Or are you suggesting we can do something about it? If so what? Come on here and chat s&&t are hurl personal abuse?

            Don’t know how old you are but here is a life tip, free and on the house: Don’t waste energy on anger about things you cannot change.

            If you have no control or influence over the decisions of a third party multi-national business and they are making decisions you don’t like then get wise to the fact, make your point then either do something about it yourself or at least stop slagging off those who are in a similar position with no control but choose to behave differently.

      2. Why thumbs down for his comment? Is he not right? I don’t seem to understand you guys. Oh! Just because of two FA cups trophy win back2back you think we have arrived, when we all know how dominant Arsenal should have being in EPL under Wenger, “IF” the squad had been or is being strengthened in every department. With the emergence of Coq we have been vindicated from Wengers flappy decisions/policy in not signing a proper DM all these years; now it is not a hard ball play, get another quality DM to help with what Coq is doing and a MONSTERlike Striker with 25 to 30 goal average/season in the league. Is that difficult to do?

        1. Because he is talking nonsense. Like you – who the f**k outside of Messi and Ronaldo averages 25-30 league goals a season? Is that difficult to do you ask – well if you don’t know then no point explaining.

  5. Totally agree he is waiting to see what other clubs do but i think we should be careful of Liverpool and start to take note they are already in training and will start the season strong. This current team with Arteta and flamini will be fighting with United for 4 th place.

    1. as things stand heres how i rate the top 6 squads based on the best 25 from who they have signed/got

      1st chelsea 90.2/100
      they have the second best x11 plus a great squad due to players who are back from loan and falqao>drogba= cech>begovic so they havent decreased much.

      2nd arsenal 89.92/100 (could get =better st or rw,dm)
      cech is a massive upgrade meaning currently we have the best gk collective.our numbers in terms of first team players is what sets us apart from the teams behind.

      3rd man utd 89.80/100 (could get = deep playmaker,cb,st)
      there could be some big departures including rvp,valencia,hernandez,raffael,degea,di maria?

      4th man city 89.20/100 (need cm,am or wing,cb)
      best starting 11 but need to strengthen their squad with home grown players possibly
      dzeko,nasri,jovetic could also leave and whoever they get will cost allot or may not be as good as those in current abbility.

      5th spurs 88.38/100 (need st,wng,cm,dm,gk?)
      overall not good enough to break into top 4 and once liverpool gell they will overtake them
      soldado,ade,lennon,khuomalo,LLoris could all go

      6th liverpool 88.32/100 (cm,rw+ anyone to imprve xll)
      they`ve signed allot of players but none would start in top 4 teams so doubt they are better team than those above they could overtake the sinking spuds thou.

      1. Jermaine: Nice to see some grounded thought and perhaps instructive to some who think it is plain sailing for everyone else – whilst we angst over our CDM/CF conundrum others have fundamental problems to deal with.

  6. My prediction if Giroud is our main striker next season, we will be the 4th again. With Walcott, we may hit 3rd or 2nd.

    Me not a Giroud hater, just feel with our creative midfielder with Giroud on top, me just don’t feel the wow effect. When seeing Giroud with ball, don’t make you feel getting off your seat, feel that something great going to happen.

    1. Me think we need a world class striker or winger who can pop up with goal.me right????

  7. id raather have an old klose than giroud…what a waster!!!!!…I know what u are thinking but before you type anything, try to remember the number of times that he pulls his hair in a match after missing sitters…chelsea, man city, man utd, tottenham, liverpool, everton have better front men than we have…our midfield bails us out season in season out and i now think that its time to repay it by getting them someone worth passing the ball forward to

    1. @trophyhungry gooner
      Or always putting his hands on his head or covering his mouth or punches the ground like against Monaco.
      Or just lays there on the ground with his tongue out and just makes me want to smash my TV…lol. We don’t see Ibrahimovic, Aguero and strikers who score goals doing all that nonsense in every game because they score goals.
      I cannot remember the last time I saw Aguero or other world class strikers get angry and violently punch an innocent football pitch several times. No, because world class strikers like Aguero don’t hold up play a lot…they forward play and score goals.

    1. @cboy
      don’t forget AW don’t believe in buying players in January and its then we need every men available in the team and if we are OK with injuries then sell him at a better price as we all know that’s when teams get desperate for players

  8. If u ask me, I think Giroud may not be among the best but he is getting there…it will be unwise for Wenger to depend on OG next season but get a stronger finisher to play ahead of him – OG is an important part in the build-up of the arsenal team and is needed..his 20+ goals can come in handy.

  9. The issue is, the Boss can only name 18 Gunners out of his 25 man first team squad to play and leaves the rest 7 out. He starts his 11 preferred Gunners for a game and leaves another 7 on the bench as substitutes. And only 3 of the 7 could be played as Subs, leaving 4 out of the game entirely. I’m sure Rosicky knows this very well, so too are the rest of the Gunners. Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini must have known that they are no longer in their prime. Thus their game must be declining as they aged. But they should have wealth of experience to enabled them sparingly play and teach the younger Gunners the art of the game. Consequently, those trio are not expected to complain of not regularly playing. How can they complain when they themselves know that they will not be able to cope with the pace and power of playing the games regularly? They can only ask to be given games sparingly as they fight in training for their inclusion in the 18 man match day team of the Boss. I think Rosicky was clever as he never wanted to leave but stay another year rather than to leave which could make things more difficult for him. I believe the Boss will not sell Ospina neither will he sells Szczesny this Summer at least. I don’t see him allowing any of them to go out on loan as the long hard fought season could make him to call on their Services at any time. I think what the Boss will do is, he will re loan out: Martinez and Macey, and keeps his 3 top keepers. Now that the sale of Podolski has freed up another space in the formal 25 man Gunners’ team, I am expecting the Boss to make a top quality signing soon, either for his left back or his right wing. One out of the 2 signings will happen before another space is freed up to complete the 2 signings. I think the release of Abuo Diaby has freed up the space Petr Cech has now occupied.

  10. Thats the spirit Ospina boy!!!!!
    Listen to that Wenger, thats exactly the attitude we need to win.

  11. It seems reasonable that either Ospina or Szcesny will leave. Which one? Wenger certainly has his preference and we will all find out the outcome in due time. Patience.

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