“Other clubs would do the same thing” Pundit defends Arsenal over postponed match

Micah Richards has defended Arsenal following their request to postpone the match against Tottenham.

Calling off matches has become controversial recently, with the Premier League failing to become as transparent as most clubs would want them to be.

Some Arsenal fans mocked Liverpool on social media when the Reds had their Carabao Cup semi-final first leg postponed because they didn’t have enough players.

Now it’s their turn to get some stick from fans and pundits, but Richard says any other club would have done the same thing if they were in a similar position.

He said on Sky Sports: “In my opinion, they’ve done nothing wrong. Let’s be honest, other clubs would do the same thing, it’s not an Arsenal thing. Every team in the Premier League would look after themselves & if they say they wouldn’t then they’re lying.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal has never run away from playing their matches when they actually could, and they don’t deserve the criticism they are getting for asking for the game to be postponed.

However, the uproar is expected, considering that most people are already tired of matches getting called off every other day.

Hopefully, we will have enough players to face Liverpool and secure passage to the Carabao Cup final this week.

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  1. The broader picture which few fans can see is that potponements are better than having a complete shut down like in 2020 and so avoid extending the season into world cup season.
    As for Richards comment “Other clubs would do the same thing” Truthfully “Other clubs already did the same thing” ​Yes the original intention was to only apply the postponement because of covid cases. The truth is that clubs very quickly expanded the criteria and added illness and injury. By late December clubs also incorporated fixture congestion and the AFCONS to the equation. So by the time Arsenal applied for a postponement 17 other clubs had been given a break from fixture congestion and the chance to rest and recuperate. So it is totally hypocritical for other clubs to critcise Arsenal when they all had a priceless time out rest period. Utterly ridiculous. What has been overlooked is that Arsenal suffered terribly with Covid illness and injury at the start of the season going 0-3. But because the new system did not apply then Arsenal unfairly had to play these games. It was only when the omicron virus surged the league introduced the new system. Liverpool being granted a postponement for the Carabao cup 1st leg was clearly fraudulent and deliberately to avoid fixture congestion and rest and recover players injured and tired. So any criticism of Arsenal is totally illogical when all the facts are considered.

    1. I’ll tell you what’s illogical my little click-baiting troll, you’re seemingly incessant need to propagate the notion that covid was a major reason why we went 0-3 to start the season…furthermore, the fact that you attacked Pool once again for supposedly doing exactly what we did reeks of hypocrisy…I really don’t know why I even bother, except that I feel it’s necessary to combat your endless nonsensical blather that has been on display long before Wyoming went dark and this new and even more delusional namesake reared it’s ugly head

  2. If other games are postponded why not the one for Arsenal i found refrees, & VAR are one of our problems in england

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