Ouch! Greek star twists the knife on Arsenal keeper

I bet there is one thing that the Arsenal keeper David Ospina and the Olympiacos midfielder Kostas Fortounis will agree on; that they would both rather have had the second goal for Olympiacos at the Emirates stadium on Tuesday credited to the Greek player.

As it was the goal was put down as an Ospina own goal, further compounding the misery of the Colombian international. And if Ospina was looking for something to cheer him up after his howler became the talk of the football world this week, I would advise him not to read this Squawka.com report.

In it the Olympiacos player that took the corner that Ospina dropped into his own net has spoken about how that inswinging corner was not a fluke but a deliberate attempt to catch Arsenal out. He claims that he saw Ospina was in the wrong position and so took a gamble that he could take advantage.

Fortounis declared, “I saw Ospina a few steps away from his goal and I said to myself: ‘Why not try it?’

“I am very happy it turned out well. It is one of the biggest away victories ever for Olympiacos. We played very well, especially in the first half.”

So as well as handling the ball like it was a bar of soap and someone had greased his gloves, Ospina was in the wrong before the corner was even taken. We have to assume that he will not be between the posts when Bayern Munich come to London for gameweek three, but will this howler mean that Wenger drops him from domestic cup duties as well?

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  1. maybe we’re going to have to sacrifice this season to finally get rid of the wenger. he loved the money and/or power too much; overstayed his time. sad.

    1. Yep, i’m sure deep down Wenger doesn’t want this squad to win as many games as possible. To win as many trophies as possible.
      It’s more about Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger diving into a pool of money Scrooge McDuck style while they laugh at all the fans expecting us to win like peasants. Evil laughs as they drink Champagne and smoke cigars after a loss.

  2. If Arsenal beat Man United the AKB’s will come out the woodwork making noise while forgetting the real problems,we have so many shock defeats it’s not a shock anymore!

    1. To be fair, AKB’s don’t make that much noise. Its the general fans who are not AKBs or AOBs who express their opinion and delight when the team wins. Same goes with the loss.

    2. The same thing goes for if we win the next 6 league games. Or pull a miracle win vs Bayern.
      Some fans want to relish the joys after a win, others want to mope after losses..

      1. @Josh37 I wouldn’t call being realistic about our prospects as a club moping,in your heart of hearts do you honestly believe this squad and Wenger can win either the EPL or champions league?

        1. These ‘realistic’ predictions only seem relevant if we have a few bad games. Which every team has, look at City. People were quick to assume they were this indomitable force after they started the season in hot form only to be undone by Spurs and West Ham!
          Going from third place and consecutive F.A. Cups to deep in the CL was never going to happen in the space of a season. No.. Even if we hypothetically did progress to the latter stages of the CL I don’t think this squad has a hope at all of competing with Bayern, Barca or Real, unless they played a horrible game I don’t think any team in the premier league could.
          But for the league title. Yes, I think this squad (with a bit of luck with injuries) has the capabilities to go the distance. If you disagree that’s fine, but I’m not going to throw my opinion at you as though it’s factual.

          1. In order to do this “BIG lucky plan”, I strongly suggest AW to use his “not my favor” January window. At less for one CDM. Too much gap of defensive ability between Coquelin and his backup (Arteta & Flamini). It will make us suffer.

            1. Why are you using quotation marks around things not even close to resembling what I’ve actually said??
              Arteta and Flamini have performed really well when called upon this season. If you care to quote me any moments in matches they’ve let us down I’m all ears? They’re squad players.

  3. Of course we have to admit enjoying when winning.

    But to be a champions one should winning so much and losing as minimum it can.

    Not happening ATM huh?

  4. Well you’ve got to excuse me if I don’t share your blinded belief but there’s a reason Arsenal haven’t won the league since the 03/04 season,in all these years they’ve proven to not be good enough and it will be the same this season!

    1. You’re excused 🙂
      Shall we speak after the United game? Or will it only be relevant to you if we lose?
      Or some good ol’ Giroud bashing if he misses a chance or two?

    2. Even if we won the League you would whine about saying we are not strong enough to compete in Europe. The glass is always half empty with you lot.

  5. Many of us have mentioned persistent problems with confidence and concentration with Arsenal’s goalkeepers before. Not to mention that we see a lack of physical commitment and concentration from defensive players all too often, usually with Koscielny as the exception.

    Ospina is a good top-level goalkeeper, as is Fabianski now he’s playing elsewhere, and as is Szczesny when his mind is right. Our goalkeepers are never given proper protection consistently, and there seems (to an outsider) to be something very wrong behind the scenes creating such shaky confidence in our goalkeepers, and possibly our defenders too.

  6. “You know you are going to have spaces because they don’t want to defend. So our plan worked”
    Alfred Finnbogason, Olympiakos forward…

  7. Arsenal fans have very short memory. What’s the assurance that Cech would not have made a worst error? Everyone is always looking for excuses to lambast Wenger as though Arsenal were the only club in the world to lose to a lesser club. Barcelona recently lost 4-1 to celta figo with Messi and other stars in their team we did not read of any adverse reaction from their fans. Arsenal fans believe their coach must consult them on every decisions he makes and they behave as though buying players guarantees success. With all the money spent by the Manchester clubs this season they have both lost important matches to lesser teams. These are all part of the game.
    Ospina is a top keeper with better reflexes than Cech so I cant understand all the noise about his mistake against Olympiacos, Cech made worst ones against West Ham and Crystal Palace. Our prejudice against Wenger have beclouded our objectivity. Can someone tell me if the whole of the ball actually crossed the line? IT NEVER DID!!. Please watch a replay of the match and confirm. Our defence caused us the match not Ospina. If we didn’t concede the third goal we would have gotten at least a point from that match.

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