Our Arsenal Women are not only making history, they are influencing the future

Arsenal´s Leah & Lotte talk dreams, fame and holding the baton for women´s football by Michelle

This open chat with Leah and Lotte makes very interesting listening.  Thank you to Arsenal.com for sharing.

“You’ve gone from someone that nobody knows to everybody double takes.  For me, you know who I am.  You know who the girls are.  Like, that´s a start.” Leah Williamson

“I feel like we´ve probably taken the baton from like all the players that have come before us that would go unnoticed.  And I think it´s less about the fact that we get stopped and what not.  It´s more so the fact of what that means for the game and the people that are going to come after us.” Lotte Wubben-Moy

‘I was always scared to dream big but look where it’s got us. It’s possible.’ Leah Williamson

And the fans appreciate it too – Here is some fan feedback:

“Love the fact they want to connect with the fans. They did just that. They were so relatable n I think that’s why we all fell in love with the team ❤️”

“Anything is possible!”

“Teaching all the younger children it’s okay to dream big🙌. Respect them all massively! Can’t wait to watch the game tomorrow with my little boy! Xxx”

“Solid group of young women leading England’s top club. Humble, hungry, dedicated to growing the game. Love to see it.”

“I watched this video a few times on repeat and it’s so emotional esp the look on Leah’s face when she said “but look where it’s got us”

“Not just dreaming to be a player, showing kids and young girls you can be medical staff, coaches and sports scientists, the possibilities are endless.”

Our Arsenal Women are not only making history, they are hrlping others to believe in the future….

Michelle Maxwell

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