“Our bid is still on the table” Arsenal boost as transfer target is reluctant to sign a contract extension

Dusan Vlahovic is one of Arsenal’s top attacking targets and they could get their man, eventually.

As he continues to score goals in Serie A, more clubs are attempting to sign him and Fiorentina also wants to keep him.

Although they are facing a losing battle in their bid to make him stay, they are not giving up.

In a recent interview, a director of the Florence club, Joe Barone revealed they have offered him the biggest contract in the club’s history, but he isn’t accepting their offer yet.

He told Repubblica: ‘We’ve offered Vlahovic the highest contract ever in the history of Fiorentina, several times.

‘Both Dusan and his agent made us realise that they do not want to accept. Our bid is still on the table.’

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This development comes as a big boost to Arsenal’s chances of signing him, but the competition from other clubs is fierce.

There are several reasons he wouldn’t want to stay in Fiorentina and some could affect Arsenal.

La Viola is not playing in Europe, just like Arsenal and the Gunners might need to secure European football before they can sign him.

It is unclear how much the current offer on the table is worth, but any club that eventually signs him already knows he would demand a huge salary if he is rejecting one at his present club.

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  1. “Gunners might need to secure European football before they can sign him.”

    Let’s be clear, this means Champions League and not Europa or Conference.

    1. Since he has shown no interest in joining
      Arsenal,the gunners shd focus on other
      strikers instead of wasting time

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