‘Our captain is Arsenal’ – not Arsene!

There is a very interesting interview with Laurent Koscielny that has just come out, and the acting Arsenal captain has some interesting thoughts on how the players are feeling about the uncertainty surrounding Arsene Wenger’s future. The French international was plucked from the French Second Division and turned into a star under Wenger, but Laurent is adamant that the players just need to concentrate on doing their job for Arsenal, not Arsene.

“It is a difficult situation, we don’t know what happens with the boss,” Koscielny was quoted as saying. “But we are professional, we are salaried to this club and we just want to have the best result for this club – not to think about other situations or this situation of the boss.

“We are all in the same boat and the captain is Arsenal. We need to fight for this club and don’t think about what is happening with the boss or the players. This is a situation, maybe some players don’t feel great, but you need to be focused on our job and have the best results for Arsenal.”

It seems that most Arsenal players have got over the uncertainty and have started playing as a team again (But just a tad too late?), but with no movement on any of the players contracts until Wenger’s future is decided then it is going to a nervous and perhaps interesting few months ahead.

Just remember, the captain is Arsenal – not Arsene!

Darren N


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We play Everton in our final match so we can help Alexis go past Lukaku in goals

    Premier league goals
    Alexis 23
    Lukaku 24

    Our defence will need to stop Lukaku from scoring and Alexis needs to repeat his performance today with a couple of goals

    1. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

      Amen to that!

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Arsenal is the Captain? ?? me thinks Koscielny is drunk. Surely he must have meant that Arsenal is the boat? and how the rats on board are seriously confused on whether to jump ship now or wait for some more sinking, before taking action?

    Talking of Captains and Boats,This article is as bad as that old TV advert for “Captain Birdseye’s Fish Fingers”…. An Old fishermen wearing a fancy dress captains uniform,on a boat full of kids, serving them fish fingers ?? and not a plate of chips in sight… Somebody call social services ffs!

  3. Robert Newton says:

    Nothing will change until Wenger is gone and we get some ambitious top quality manager, owner and DOF.

  4. 4th place junkies says:

    Why do players and Managers
    give interviews when they
    never actually say anything
    we don’t already know?
    So is Wenger gonna be captain next season?
    2 months ago an angry Wenger said he already knew his future
    but 2 weeks ago he said it was all a joke? Really?
    Watch that first interview back and tell me if you think he’s joking”
    Will 5th and beating the champions in the FA Cup be enough? Probably.
    Will 5th alone be enough? Maybe.
    So does he know? Do the players already know?
    We will know the last game results by 4am Monday morning.
    Can’t come soon enough 🙂

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Lets focus on winning the europa next season

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