Our fans respect Arsenal less than Jurgen Klopp does….

If you read all the comments on JustArsenal lately, including our own tipster Dan Smith, you would see that very few of our fans believe that Arsenal have very little chance of getting anything out of our game at Anfield this evening.

Obviously I was a little more positive in my Liverpool v Arsenal Preview but if there is one person who does think that the Gunners can cause the Reds problems it is the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp! He told the official club website: “Unai is one of Europe’s top coaching talents and it is zero surprise to anyone who knows his quality that he has imposed himself so quickly on the club. The team already plays in a manner that reflects what he looks for: organised and adventurous, with quick, clever and skilful players all over the pitch.

“This is a team that can and will punish you if you drop even 0.01 per cent of your focus. Our game against them in London was exhausting to watch because of the pace of it and the intensity. They have proved they can strike back in big matches when they fall behind and they have proved they can dominate an opponent also.

“I know a number of their players, some better than others, and I know they are winners. Arsenal has it all and I know they have big belief in what they are doing and what they achieve themselves this season.”

We all know how well we played that day at the Emirates when we came back to draw with Liverpool, but more importantly Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool players know it, and they will be aware that we can perform when we are in the mood. We raised our game that day, and hopefully we will do the same today!

Come on you Gunners! We can do this! Let us give out positive vibes to the players and cheer them to victory.

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  1. jon fox says:

    You sure are rattling through the topics today Mr Admin. I can hardly keep up and still wonder what they are left up so briefly before being changed. My take today agree with Dans prediction even down to actual score. I cannot see us scoring or failing to conced several and have had a huge bet on us losing. i always separate my betting from my heart and this is why I win so often. Rather like with the team selection which ALWAYS should be head over heart every time. Of course Ozil has just another of his long line of injuries that always coincide with tough away games and mysteriously clear up as soon as we have a lower team at home. Some of us were not born yesterday but I will leave it at that, for fear of further upsetting his fan club; a fan club that , it seems to me, wants to put “worship” of this gifted but non performing pkayer, above the welfare of our club. No doubt I will be fiercely attacked from that fan club. I will answer in kind if you do, as I loathe self delusion and fooling yourselves. A year or less from now, when he is gone from our club, you will concede that I was right .

    1. Phil says:

      Jon-I don’t for one second consider myself delusional but you really do seem to have developed a hatred for a player that borders on an extreme excessive obsession.There is no doubt there is an issue with Emery and Ozil.Do you seriously believe that Mesut Ozil would not rather be playing at Anfield than sitting at home nursing his newly acquired “Knee Injury”?I am at present in a Cafe 100 yards from Anfield with pals that all have differing opinions on Mesut Ozil but not a single one would prefer to see Ozil sold rather than this Manager finding a way to make the player fit into the system.If Emery fails to find the solution then I would blame him every bit as much as you seem only to quickly to blame Ozil.
      Let’s get one thing clear-Ozil was at the Club before Emery arrived.His contract was signed under Gazidis and Wenger.Therefore Emery inherited a player that was likely to be here for at least three seasons.As the Clubs most high profile player I would have thought Emery would have wanted Ozil close to him.But it seems as though Emery realised from the start that Ozil was a player that would not fit his style of play.
      You have written countless personal comments on Ozil that I disagree with but recognise your right to comment how you wish.But I wonder how much of an issue you are now beginning to make for yourself.You continually state on this site that Emery MUST be given time.You have praised his work so far.But what you have not done is point out the very many failings he has overseen and been solely responsible for.Brighton Away highlights many of Emery’s failings.
      Ridiculous substitution of BOTH Ozil and Lacazette.Allowed a Brighton side to completely outplay and dominate us during a second half performance as bad as witnessed under Wenger.You yourself wrote it was the worst performance since you started watching the Club in 1907-08 season.But have you called out Emery on this?I don’t believe you have.You are very quick to put all the blame on Ozil and yet again we were dominating a game when Ozil was on the pitch despite the player not being necessarily effective.
      The Defence was decimated and yet was not proven to be in your mind a reason for this performance.Instead you are only to pleased to have Ozil as the sole reason for an inept and unacceptable performance.
      Was Ozil really responsible for the goal being conceded.For a side that had THREE CDM’s playing do you not feel at least ONE of them should have covering a break from our own corner kick?Why must this have been Ozils responsibility?And turn the calendar back a season.Would Neymar have chased that ball back if that was Brighton v PSG?Or Cavani?It was Lichstiener who made the mistake that put us in trouble but what was we doing with such limited defensive cover from our own corner.Brighton had done their homework.Had Emery?For a side now recognised as having such a poor defence why had the Manager not instructed the team on how NOT TO CONCEDE A GOAL FROM OUR OWN CORNER.But you feel correct in laying everything on Ozil because it suits your position on a player you would rather not have at the Club.
      And a# for Ozil not being here next season-I will donate £100 to the Willow Foundation (not your wallet) if Ozil is not here next season.I would expect you to do the same if he is here.Somehow I believe I will not be paying out as Emery has very limited funds and paying off Ozils contract will prevent him buying anyone.
      Yes I am one of the Ozil “Fan Girls”.At the moment I am giving Emery as much support as I can.He had an impossible task taking over a squad that was totally imbalanced and with too many average players.But not finding a way to have our best player in the side is ultimately down to Emery.And trust me when I say that he will NOT be getting too long from the board to get things right.He is on a Two year contract.Thers a good chance that Ozil will outlast Emery.

      1. Midkemma says:

        “If Emery fails to find the solution then I would blame him”

        Well said Phil.
        Emery has had his honeymoon period, he is supposed to be meticulous with his coaching and tactics…

        Emery needs to find a way to get the best out of not only Ozil but also Mkhi and Laca.

      2. ken1945 says:

        Excellent post Phil and I await Jon’s response with interest.
        The only variant I would put in is that it was gazidis, huss and sven who gave Ozil the money, as they had taken over the transfer/contract negotiations we were reliably told.
        It seems he has an issue with Lacs as well doesn’t it?
        Why he is on the bench is another mystery to me, but then again I’m not the manager.

        I might add Jon, that I STILL HAVEN’T RECEIVED YOUR PROMISED REPLY to our debate aerlier concerning Ozil and Emery despite you saying it was sent!!
        Any ideas where it is?

      3. jon fox says:

        Phil, A subtle but distinct altering of what I did ACTUALLY write. On Ozil, I have always said he is gifted and also said he is lazy I have never said, as you say, that all our problems are caused by Ozil. Indeed, I have constantly slated our joke defending, going back a decade in all, as our most obvious malaise. Lets cut to the chase on OZIL Phil. You want him to stay , to play centrally and still believe he is a key player. I used to agree with all of that but no longer do. HIS SHEER LACK OF EFFORT HAS FORCED ME SO ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT MY EYES CONSTANTLY SEE. I accept your Willow Foundation bet with eagerness. I agree with much else you say in your post: about the two years only from the club for Emery to succeed, which under this owner is a near impossible task. Unlike Wenger – who wasted countless millions on way sub standard players and also on keeping some of the useless ones like the idle Walcott here for a wasted decade and the talented but perennially crocked Diaby too – Emery has been engaged as head coach and has not Wengers say on things or influence on long term team planning. Due to the pittance allowed by Kreonke, he had to shop in Poundland for Sokratis and Licht , rather than in a proper shop for decent players. The reason I defend Emery is that some on here have not given him a chance. He has had, partly through the paucity of defenders here at all and mostly through the injury crisis, esp in defence, to overplay and play players out of position. He would not CHOOSE this but has no choice. IF Kroenke had allowed him, he would surely have shopped along with Huss, Raul and Sven in a bigger richer pool of talent. But despite that he had averaged, before yesterday, 2 points per game with NO defence to speak of and we all know how different that would have been had Wenger stayed. Phil, in life I crave truth, direct speaking, reality and taking action when things need to change. If you think I am hard on Ozil, Walcott and many fans on here well that is nothing when compared to how I drive myself. I also only respect talent when it is accompanied by will to use it to its utmost through dedication and hard work. More so when that talent is rewarded with obscenely unearned salaries , as ALL Prem players are, some more than others. I think we fans who pay for these players salaries and lifestyles have the RIGHT to demand that 100% and I am personally repelled by those who openly refuse , as OZIL DOES and as Walcott did too. Lastly, on your “why has he not instructed the defence” question I do not believe a man with his record has not tried his best. But as I often say, it is unreasonable to expect ANY manger to make a silk purse from nothing but several sows ears! I gave Wenger at least two more years than I actually WANTED before I properly started calling for him to go. I wanted him out by the end of the GALLAS SULK SEASON AT BIRMINGHAM but only seriously started calling for it back in 2010, as I am impatient but not unfair. AND BACK IN 2010 VIRTUALLY NO ONE ELSE WANTED HIM OUT AND NONE AT ALL, AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBER, IN 2008. I did though and was proved right, EVENTUALLY! Had the club had my foresight we would have avoided those last several years of stale and unmotivated dross.

    2. Xxnofx says:

      I’ve gone for a cheeky BTTS and arsenal win 10/1.abit of enjoyment while I watch
      Head says 3-1 to Liverpool though

    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I must say Jon, I’m with Phil on this one, even if you don’t get too much chasing back from him, I mean, how much chasing did the great Dennis Bergkamp do, in my opinion the greatest player Arsenal has ever had. What’s the point of having a great frontman like Aubameyang if he gets no service which is precisely what happened in the second half at Brighton. Sorry but if we’re going to be a half decent team for the rest of the campaign then Auba, Laca and Ozil must all start and Unai’s got to find a way of playing them or maybe you prefer Iwobi, Ramsey and Mkhitarian

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        One other thing Jon, you stick this Oliver as our best referee but he’s certainly never done us any favours. Two debatable penalties against us today which he took no time to give and one nailed on penalty on Laca that he turned down. This has been pretty much the norm where Arsenal’s concerned, ever since he’s been a referee we’ve never got nothing from him, not one 50/50 decision ever.

  2. yun says:

    arsenal will win 2-1

  3. Durand says:

    Really depends on which Arsenal show up. The languid, dull, and insipid squad that played against Brighton, or the fiery, inspired, and passionate squad we saw against Liverpool earlier this season.

    I’m hoping the latter; Emery needs to get tactics and selections right today, because Liverpool will punish mistakes.

  4. ramterta says:

    Harry Kane my word that guy is phenomenal.
    love him or hate him his better than every arsenal player in the last ten years

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Abit much lol

      1. ken1945 says:

        ramtarta, heis better at diving than Brian Phelps in his heyday, I’ll give you that!
        Mind you, he has a terrific teacher in Son doesn’t he?

    2. Akinzo says:

      If that includes RVP, Hleb, Rosicky and co..then you’re an obvious joke

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