Our legends should fight back at Rio Ferdinand’s laughable anti-Arsenal agenda

Saka, Arteta: Why Arsenal Legends Should Stand up to Rio Ferdinand by Jude

In recent times, former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand has been taking a dig and making comments more about Arsenal than his beloved Manchester United. One would have thought that such comments were made just for conversational purposes, but with them becoming a regular thing now, especially negatively, it will seem that Ferdinand is acting out a script to distract and ultimately derail Arsenal’s pursuit of glory this season.
With Manchester United struggling to make top four in the Premier League and Arsenal in the thick of becoming Champions this season, one should not be surprised that attack forces might have been unleashed on the club as an agenda to scuttle the progress made so far.
First, it was Bukayo Saka that Ferdinand needlessly described as not being world class. That’s a scathing to say about a lad with such prodigious bundle of talents at such a young age. For a lad as young as Saka, who is putting in his best for both country and club, it is a psychological blow that such a put-down statement could be coming from an ex-professional who was nothing near Saka when he was his age.
Ferdinand should know better but there seems to be an agenda! And that agenda seems to be gaining momentum among the anti-Arsenal populace. It’s either we are over-celebrating when we celebrate the exact same way our rivals do, or we whine too much when we complain, even far less than others, about how decisions have gone unfairly against us. The agenda is the same: shut them up; make them feel little about their abilities and ultimately derail their mission.
If not, Ferdinand would not be taking out his agenda on Arsenal by further saying that the Coach, Mikel Arteta would leave Arsenal 0ne hundred per cent if Manchester United came calling.
Really? That’s quite laughable to say the least.
That was absolutely unnecessary at this stage of the season; it’s not only unhealthy but also a direct assault on Arsenal. And it’s time Arsenal legends stood up for their own and begin to take Ferdinand and his likes to the cleaners.
Our legends can’t just sit idly by while Rio continues to deliberately talk down on Arsenal and their personnel, coaches and players alike. Arsenal is too big for a certain Rio to toy with. He won’t do that to other clubs without a befitting slapback from their legends. Ian Wright is already doing something about it by speaking back, but we need more of our legends to intervene and give Rio Ferdinand and his floundering Manchester United a deserving and relentless response until he and his likes get off our back.
Not a single player in Manchester United is as good as Saka. Their coach is nowhere near Arteta’s standards. Manchester United as a club is fast falling into mediocrity and obscurity, a near-mid table club. So, it is hypocritical for Rio Ferdinand to keep talking trash about Arsenal when his Manchester United club can’t be found anywhere near the top of the EPL log – except with the use of a telescope!
Jude Ndukwe
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  1. Rio is trolling Arsenal. Simple as that, and you know what they say about not feeding them.
    Just leave him to stew in his hatred. He’s not worth bothering with and will get over it soon enough, along with Neville, Carragher, Keys and the rest.

  2. I think Saka is not a world class and he still has a long way to get there.

    And I completely agree Man utd and Liverpool legends are biased twats who should be banned from punditry.

  3. Yeah, absolutely! Rio should indeed be taken to the cleaners for his incessant ‘verbal diarrhea’ he keeps spewing against this noble club.

    It’s crystal clear that these anti-Arsenal figures have no class whatsoever, and they can’t hide their loathsome dispositions against the Gunners. Their hatred is so visible, even to the blind.

  4. It’s called “free speech”. He’s got a right to talk (whatever trash) as he sees fit. As long as it doesn’t impact out results on the pitch, then it’s okay to talk

    1. Exactly! It’s how he earns his living, and as long as he stays within the law and doesn’t slander or libel let him be.
      He’s actually not too bad a pundit when commenting on games etc.

  5. RFerdinand should be ignored and be made to eat his words on Arsenal players. How? Beat United at old Trafford and finish Epl in strong position or win the league. No one agues with success and results.

  6. Bless him, he just a bit slow. Sorry, i meant Mentally Challenged.
    I think he is one of those pundits that are p–sed off with Arsenal over celebrating, and has joined the Liverpool Manu bias pundit team along with the Refs/VAR community that just hates Arsenal.
    The TV and media loves controversy, so they will always amplify such bias stupid comments and decisions as it create news and gives them something to talk about.
    It’s like when you get a group of bullies in the school playground always picking on the same kid, because they are mentally challenged and it gives them pleasure to do so.

  7. He seems to forget that when Ferguson announced his first retirement, united went after AW and he turned them down flat!!
    Fast forward to today and I believe MA would do EXACTLY the same thing.
    Let’s remember that, in Wenger’s day, united were a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the pitch, whereas today, they are just a shadow of that club.

    I do agree that our ex players should challenge Ferdinand though, as he’s disrespecting our club.

    Good article by the way.

  8. The best way to reply him back is for the club to win the league this season and I’m sure that’ll shut him up. Replying him on social media and what have you would only be dignifying his stupidity, bias and hatred

  9. Don’t bite, the plebs a massive troll, he’s only drawing attention away from Manure. I’m quite happy we’re living rent free in simple minds.

  10. Oh dear Rio, just made our clash with his beloved United an encounter for them to forget. some serious mauling loading at old toilet. i’m sure Mikel would’nt find it complimentry at all, forget about his cool headed response when quized at the press conference. Such level of disrespect, not funny at all.

  11. A lot of fans still think they are Man Utd fans. They are actually not. They are infact Alex Ferguson fans. The successful Scot was keeping Man Utd on top for so long that most people think that was natural. Well, it’s obviously not as nature brought down their belief system.

  12. Clearly of all the anti Arsenal lot, the Manure fans would be the least gracious were we to win the title. There is a lot of bitterness and envy. But looking at it from this Arsenal fan’s perspective, apart from an Arsenal victory, is there anything sweeter in football than hearing that Manchester United have just lost, ( hopefully again). I remember how good it felt a few years ago watching Xhavi Ienesta, Messi and co tear them to pieces in the Champions League final.

    1. I saw this write-up somewhere and felt it goes with the article written above. Please, enjoy.

      Ferguson needed 4 years to win his first trophy with Man United and almost 6 to win his first league. Arteta won his first in less than a year.

      Klopp has been in the PL for almost 9 years and in that period he has managed to win only ONE PL title (thanks to corona) despite the many attempts yet Arteta gets harshly criticized for falling short in his first attempt after 3 years in management WITHOUT EXPERIENCE.

      He even get criticized by likes of Neville who terribly failed as a manager and Rio who can’t even handle a presser.

      They hate Mikel because he has potential, greater than Rooney, Gerrard, Lamp ard, Kompany etc.

      They must be wondering how the hell he is succeding at a top club like gargantuan Arsenal ,playing champagne football without the much needed experience .

      Mikel can’t even celebrate wins passionately in peace man, he MUST be called names… but Klopp can even lose his wedding ring while celebrating and that is okay. 😖

      They have big mouth, microphones , empty heads.

      By God’s grace,Arteta will win this league and UCL to shame them.
      Come on You Gunners♥️🔴✊🏿

  13. I will advise that us the Arsenal supporters leave the ex Man Utd’s ace defender Rio Ferdinand rant of, Saka is not world class. And Arteta the Gunners gaffer will say YES immediately to his Man Utd support big club side. If they come calling for him to take charge of the Red Devils top coaching job all aside. And not allow his anti–Arsenal rant to bother us. Neither should us take his rant serious.
    But let us focus totally in the interim on our next Epl match away to Sheff Utd next Monday night.
    So that the Gunners will wallop the Blades resoundingly well in the match. And thus continue in their wallop of teams run in the Epl. And as a power having by the Arsenal. Build an unassailable goals difference on the goals scored chart table. As they continue to win winning all their remaining 12 matches to season’s end.
    This is the important as far as Arsenal is concerned. And that’s what Rio Ferdinand and the anti-Arsenal brigade do not want to see happen.

  14. I agree 💯% bros. Some times I wonder if arsenal have some kind of qualms with the team that made them watch the likes of Gary Neville, Caragher, and Rio tongue lash the team, players and the coach on weekly basis without a justified reply. To them we win matches because the team is not strong. And we lose, because we are not good enough. Our legends apart from this Wright, who been up and doing, should rise up and put these arsenal haters to their rightful places.

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