Our men need to restore pride after Arsenal womens team were thrashed by Chelsea

Will the Arsenal men avenge Arsenal womens defeat to Chelsea’s women?

For those of us who have access to watch the women’s super league, what we saw between Arsenal women and Chelsea women, was something of a master class from Chelsea – and an embarrassment to Arsenal. I thought it was only the Chelsea mens team that knew how to score against Arsenal, but it seems the women team has also found a way of beating the Arsenal womens team without mercy.

Losing the game by 4 goals to 1 against Chelsea over the weekend reduced the point gap between us and Chelsea to one. We are now second in the league table after Manchester city leapfrogged us as well. Our loss against Chelsea was not unexpected though, as Chelsea had not lost a WSL away game since May 2017.

In all fairness, the Arsenal womens team have been doing well in their league; they are the current champions and there is nothing suggesting that they may not win the league again this season, despite the heavy loss to Chelsea.

Today, the Arsenal male team stands the chance to avenge the heavy thrashing we received against the Chelsea female team. If they think they can do the double over us, then they had better come prepared because we are not going to just roll over and allow them beat us. We are Arsenal and we need to show them that.

Apart from avenging the defeat our ladies suffered against Chelsea, the other reason why we need to beat Chelsea today is because we need to start dominating our league like how our ladies have been dominating theirs. I don’t know if both the male and female teams have meeting days where they discuss and help each other solve football-related problems, but I believe they should, as this will serve a way of motivating one another. Let me tell you a little story as I round up…

Some years ago, the national female team of my country lost scandalously to the women team of a strong European nation. After the match, a lot of the football fans in my country started calling on the male team of my country, to avenge the defeat of our female team. The same European team who beat our women, was due to play our male team in a FIFA World cup matches. The whole nation pleaded and charged our male team to do what the women could not do. Well, the male team played and lost just like the female team, but not scandalously. The men tried their best but it was not enough.

We find ourselves in this type of situation now; can we avenge the defeat for our women? We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. No comment. This is the same Arsenal women’s team that won the WSL on the same day the men lost at Leicester and started a bad run of form that ended with missing out on the CL. If anything the women are more able to get over damaging defeats, they’ve spent most of the past ten years winning more than the men ever did under Wenger

  2. I am not following the womens’ team but i do hope they will win the league.
    And we should avenge their loss and also the one we were robbed of.I also heard that tammy has said that he will take his anger of losing to newcastle on us,the team must be well aware of his comments….


  3. Strong and overly emotive word is “avenge”.

    I do not subscribe to the theory that ANY other team, other than Arsenal womens team themselves can actually “avenge” that heavy defeat. The mens and womens teams are two separate teams , with the emphasis on TWO and SEPARATE. The fact that both represent Arsenal, in vastly differing leagues though, is a red herring!

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